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Your story gets its own Google-optimized front page, a download option, visitor statistics, and social features. Readers can follow you, observe your progress, and send feedback!

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The Bhooks robot converts your stories into various formats, sends them to Kindle, calculates feathers for your feedback, reminds of Critique deadlines, and much more.

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Bhooks is 100% GDPR compliant. All your works and data belong to you. And when you delete your account, it's gone without a trace.

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Bhooks simplifies the exchange between readers and writers. You can...

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Exchange Critiques with other writers and gain feathers for every Critique!

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With Bhooks, I can read my latest story drafts on my e-reader. No effort required, I just click "download". It's a great way to take a step back and evaluate my progress!

I've used Bhooks' Critique system for quite a while now, and I love it! It's straight forward, keeps you updated, and its points system seems well balanced!

I use Bhooks to get some free e-books and leave feedback on what I read. It’s cool, I like the concept! I also love meeting new people in the community forum. They always give me useful advice!

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