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I am a geeky, Christian, homeschooler-turned-college-student whose love of reading fantasy worlds is match only by my obsession with writing them. As much as I love epic fantasies like The Lord of the Rings, my own writing tends to be character-based and smaller in scope. You won't find any giant war sequences or evil overlords but you will find lots of character-driven plots, enemies who make it personal, a good romance or two, and lots and lots of magical explosions (what can I say? I like what I like). Some of my favorite books and series are The Lord of the Rings, The Tales of Goldstone Wood (cannot recommend this enough), The Chronicles of Narnia (except for the Last Battle... Don't get me started on the Last Battle!), Peter Pan (this is my childhood), Pride and Prejudice, Ella Enchanted, and Guards, Guards by Terry Pratchett. In addition to fantasy, I find writing and book review blogs extremely entertaining and love a good romantic subplot (or just plot) as much as the next girl. Please check out my work if you get the chance! Have a nice day! Or night, depending on when you're reading this.