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[font=Lucida Calligraphy]I’ve been a writer for decades, but never an author.  Without a care, I began writing for my own fulfillment.  I’ve had no formal training.  I just took to writing as an art form, painting pictures with words.  Eventually, my desire to be published grew.[/font] [font=Lucida Calligraphy] [/font] [font=Lucida Calligraphy]My chosen genres are science fiction and fantasy, with a focus on dark post-apocalyptic subject matter.  I’ve been told to write about what you know.  When speculating on the future or realms of fantasy, who’s to say you’re wrong?[/font] [font=Lucida Calligraphy] [/font] [font=Lucida Calligraphy]My mantra is a simple one.  Changing one vital thing about the world . . . changes the world.  In this way, science fiction is simplified.  Beyond this, I strongly adhere to “shades of gray”.  In the worlds I create, black and white don’t exist.  There is no one utterly holy or irredeemably evil.  All that exist are motivations and flaws.  Everyone is damaged to some degree.[/font] [font=Lucida Calligraphy] [/font] [font=Lucida Calligraphy]It’s also important to note that I don’t shy from depictions of a graphic nature when they apply.  In the heat of the moment, it would seem out of place for a character not to swear.  In the heat of the moment, violence is not repressed.  In the heat of the moment, passions flair.  Emotions are what drive a story.[/font]

The Chronicles of Shard
The Chronicles of Shard
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