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[color=#272727][size=3][font=.SF UI][font=.SFUI-Regular]My name is Elena sometimes called guttz or blood and guttz. I am a thirty two years I am an artist, songwriter, musician, author for Amazon, novel cat and Webnovel. I am also skilled artist and piercer. I mainly do yakuza romances but I sometimes stray away from the way martial arts and yakuza world . I am also a guitarist, and I have a Spotify name karma Tempa. May pen name is elena scully. I have ptsd and Asperger's I also have a wattpad account call @ptsdwarrior. I was born in Bucharest Romania during the revolution in 1989 and was adopted at age 2 was diagnosed with PTSD plain old PTSD at the age of 20 and then I figured out that I had comorbidities and complex PTSD as well as a mild case of dissociative identity disorder. I do find that writing in words and reading help me a lot to keep me less stressed in the world. I am a human rights activist. I am hoping to be a best-selling author and a tattoo artist at some point in my life but right now I'm doing odd jobs around the town just got tattoos on my body. I also do writing and art and I sell things that I don't need anymore. That's basically yet other than that I'm not gonna tell you when I go to the bathroom but I will tell you this I have a pet beta fish. I I am mixed race and I am multicultural as well as two years ago so I had my DNA tested and they keep returning with new results. I have nine facial piercing seven ear piercings and three earlobes. My favourite holiday is Halloween.[/font][/font][/size][/color]

Karate Rivals = Karate Lovers
Karate Rivals = Karate Lovers
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