The Tale of Elluria

by zkbabb

Elluria, Switch, and Talissa are happily settled in to their lives in Lost Lake when a fire is set on their sacred Elden Tree. The conflagration spurs flight from the the three. Shortly after leaving their home they run into a world-traveling bard named Drake.

Together the four travel the roads of Denmica and find themselves needing to rid the towns of a scourge of undead brought about by the nefarious ruler Rugal. Through these adventures they come to learn that they're part of a much larger story, one that will take them on a quest to find the source of an ancient power. Only they have the power to protect the artifact from falling into the wrong hands, or letting its power loose unto the world.

The Tale of Elluria features a lot of combat, and if you like quests that unfold at a breakneck speed this is just the book for you.

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