The Internal Loop

by triciajohansson

The story of an autistic child who became an autistic adult in a world not built for her. Short stories, Poetry, and Memoirs from life as well as my own philosophical thoughts that I have developed. This book is still an ongoing story.

She was different, and not in the way anyone in the little village could understand. She was the sunshine everyone tried to cover up, the gemstone who was too rough to be loved. The girl nobody wanted near. Except him. The first person to take her in, the first person to abuse and use her, and one of the hundred people guilty of making her condition worse.

This is the story of one autistic child who became an autistic teenager, and then finally an autistic adult. It’s a dark story as well as a story of hope. A story of anger and grief as well as love and compassion. This is her story and she won’t let anyone tell her she can’t express herself anymore. This is the story of one forgotten child who refuses to be silenced anymore.

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