The Gate keepers

by Queenisdemilo

In a war like this, a war never before seen, there are only two choices. Side one: you fight alongside Da Kenshi, one of the most feared Blood Benders in history with the Blood Order. Side two: you fight with Hamado in the Gate Keepers and risk loosing everything you ever loved. What will happen when, Elizabeth Harmon- a young mutant that had never really gotten involved in either side- is dragged into the Gate Keepers and is surrounded by a truth that she never knew. What will happen when, after all this time, the war is coming to a violent close. We all knew it would end eventually. But the question is not when, but who's side will come out alive. Loosing would mean death for the Gate Keepers, and living hell for those that the Order chose to let live.
Murder is said to be horrible, unthinkable! But what would you do if everything was taken from you? Your family, your future. What would you do to protect it? What would you do to avenge it?

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