The Day My Life Changed

by RandomFanficGuy

Hey there. I’m Jake. Or more accurately, Jacob Blakesley. I’m technically an orphan, after an incident that killed my parents, but my father’s will left me with a large sum of money that I don’t know how to live with, so I’ve been living alone in my family apartment for the past five years.

The worst thing in my life is the extreme panic attack episodes I’ve been having continuously since then and there’s no treatment for it. So I secluded myself from society for a few years, until I finally stepped out again.

However, there are two things that were about to turn my life upside down in this world I had slowly returned to - the arrival of two young, worn-out kitsune girls arriving on my doorstep was the major one. And that’s not the least of my problems I’m worrying about…

...Emylia’s girlfriend, Ruella, seems to have signed me up to a dating agency without me knowing.

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