Selinis Melody

by ArkeLuna

Deep down in your heart reverberates a familiar song that you have ignored for so long.
A story that has long been begging for you to discover.
What could it all mean and what could it all lead up to?
How dominant are your delusions and how sure are you of your place in this world? Do you even know who you are and do you care enough to find out?
Or are you satisfied with just being the conglomeration of hundreds of surging individual thoughts all vying for attention?
Dazed and unsure of who you are, convincing yourself that the uncertainty is your truth.
Where all does this lead to and will you ever see it through to the end?
Currently a work in progress so this is a bit hard to describe so I figured it might be better to give a sort of preview of my writing style. I might not 100% replicate this in the actual writing but it's the thought process I go through when trying to convert my ideas to written form.

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