Bhooks informs about news & future plans in the Roadmap!


Google Docs import

Bhooks now features a Google Docs direct import. As Google Docs is quite popular, this might help plenty of people to get started with Bhooks.

Import of 50'000 books from Project Gutenberg!

We are thrilled to announce that Bhooks started to import almost 50'000 ebooks from Project Gutenberg. For us, this is a huge deal. Not only because we are fans of the project, but also because this will test the project's scalability. As a result, within following weeks Bhooks will be under quite some load. We therefore apologize for any lag or other inconveniences which might appear during this intense time.

Images in the cloud

Bhooks made one large step towards scalability: We now host most of our images in the cloud, including those of your books. Next, we'll bring the cached downloads into cloud, in order to have all of Bhooks scale-ready.

Friends & Followers

Bhooks now features followers, being followed, and friends!

Statistics dashboard

You can now follow your views and downloads in a statistics dashboard, showing your book's dowloads per month and country!

Isbn, Country & Mail

If you have an Isbn number for your book, now puts that into your book downloads. Further, every download is now logged with the country it was downloaded to, laying the foundation for future analyes. And lastly, now has secured email and makes more use of it for notifications, e.g. for when you get a new Critique handed in.

Plenty of imports & custom CSS styling
15.03.2019 now supports a wide range of imports (epub, mobi, docx, and many more)! And you can now style your book in any way you want, with custom CSS!

New domain, new server

We are now! And we also moved to a new and stronger server. We're very happy about this step, as having such a short .com domain so closely related to this website's purpose is a significant boost in SEO and often user trust.

Landing page overhaul

Updated the landing page, added "Why Bhooks?", and some other minor changes.

100% SEO

With the latest structured data update, your Book now scores 100% on all SEO scores!

Critique system, Awards & complete overhaul

Introducing the long awaited Critique system!

Book embedding

Embed your book into your own website! Very cool feature, just click on "Embed" e.g. here, then put it into your website like you would embed a YouTube video!

Imports, new editor

Introduced the new import system - books can now be imported from various sources. Further, replaced the existing text editor with a new one.

Messages, bugfixes

Messaging system introduced. Fixed profile picture & book card display.

Read online, chapter ratings

Improved the "read online" feature for mobile experience. Added a first draft for rating chapters inside ebooks. Plenty of bugfixes.

Text comments

Added basic support for comments. This new feature allows commenting on text read online. When you're signed in, mark a text and click the comment button on top of the screen!

Basic SEO

Until now, the site had zero optimizations for search engines like Google. With this basic support, your books should now also be able to achieve great ranks in searches.

TODO items:

Completed TODO items