My real life

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the beginning

give thanks to someone who takes care of me

It all started when me and my siblings were put in the care of my aunt . I am the youngest born in August

I did not know why we were put there. We had first went to my aunt Sarah for 6 months because Dss gave my mom 6 months to straighten out her life but she did not so we were place in our first foster home . . .

Chapter 2 : where to next

we went to lots of homes lots of schools we were always in some what trouble I got in trouble everyday at school I just wanted to stay in one place but no never happened. But when I had got to go to my own house with my mom, sister , and brother and I was glad but something happened that changed it all that nobody likes to talk about but it had to happen to me out of anybody .

Chapter 3: (same oh same oh)

When something had gone wrong we moved again so that had went on for a very long time but no to the present time