A harsh past

---The wide-open window allows the wind to come into the principal's office. It's been only two months since Yoso went to Melyndor for his training. Laure is doing his daily paperwork as the principal of Dinsfurd's Academy. The wind starts blowing stronger and one paper falls from his desk.


"Huh...? I think I should close the window," says Laure picking the paper from the ground


"This is...? Shimada Kein's files? Now that I think of it, I don't know anything about this guy. His past isn't even written there, neither the names of his parents."


*Knock Knock


---Someone starts knocking at the principal office door.


"Enter!" says Laure while putting Kein's files on the desk.


Kein and his team enter the office. They came to announce the principal that their patrolling tour is over.


"Good... I have a new job for you Shimada. The final exams will begin in a week. I want you to inform all the students that will take it to write a new file with information and bringing it there. It should contain everything about the person, even his past and family. You do it and bring it to me!"


"Isn't this kinda like stalking?" says Kein


"I said do it! And leave before I throw this desk at you!"


"Yes sir!"


The day was already over so Kein's team couldn't do the mission that day. All of them go to their homes and start thinking about what they should write on the paper.


"My past huh...? This gorilla really annoys me," says Kein while thinking what he should write.


---Kein starts remembering about the old days... When he wasn't living such a peaceful life.


"I was living with my mother and my bigger brother in the countryside of Dinsfurd. We were a poor family that didn't even know what we would get to eat every day. Our mother was working on the fields for the rich people and being paid by the day. My big brother was really intelligent and could use the life force from a very young age. He always stayed by my side and protected me by the rich people's children.


He would even use his power to hurt them if they were mean to me. But that only made our mother be punished by the richer people that were giving her to work.


That meant we wouldn't get to eat every day but our mother wasn't mad at my brother since she knew that he was doing this for protecting me. She was always teaching us to protect each other since we are brothers, and no one could take this bond away from us. Or this is what we thought...


The place we were living in was just at the edge of the country. One day Authorania attacked through that part and all the people in our zone were taken as slaves. One day, our mother tried to protect us because a weird person in that country tried to take us as his slaves. Our mother died while protecting us at that moment. After seeing her death, my brother awoke his true potential and started wreaking havoc in the place where we were being captive. We made an escape plan and tried to run but the Authorania's army came to stop my brother. He told me to leave and do everything according to that plan. He started opposing force and the only thing that I could do in that moment was to run and never look back.


I don't know if he escaped alive or if he was killed back then. I did everything according to my brother's plan and at the age of seven, I escaped Authorania sneaking into a ship that was going to Dinsfurd. After the ship reached its destination, I waited until the Authorania's soldiers went down and then sneaked out of the ship and ran away into the nearest city.


I knew I should earn money so I could live, so I ate from the trash bins of the restaurants and started begging on the streets. After I turned 10 I got a job at that restaurant I was eating from the trash bins. My powers already started to manifest and it looked like that I had an affinity for the same element as my brother so it was easy for me to understand and use it. My dexterity was really good as well so the people at the restaurant liked me and hired me on the spot.


Even though I started earning some real money, I didn't have enough for a roof on top of my head. After a few days, I met Shouko on the streets. She wasn't in very good condition. She had wounds everywhere and didn't know what happened to her family. She was like me so I searched everywhere and found a family that wanted to adopt her. Shouko started following me everywhere and even brought me food for when I finished the work at the restaurant. After not much time I found out that I could take revenge if I became stronger, so along with Shouko, I signed up at the Dinsfurd's military academy where I met someone almost as sarcastic as me, Shizuo.


The three of us were pretty talented so we skipped a few years and got at the final exam at the age of just 12."


---After writing all his past on the paper, Kein realized that a few good hours have passed and that he should go sleep since tomorrow he will have a lot of work to do.