World Of Destiny

Chapter I

"Beep, Beep, Beep!" Beeped the alarm clock. A light-skinned hand came out of the lump which was the main character, who was very groggy. Eric Johnson, 13 years old, light skinned and possessing short red hair, got out of his bed and tripped on his own feet and fell to the floor with a THUD! Getting up while mumbling something about "Beating his alarm clock", he put on his favorite shirt, an orange shirt with blue stripes, and a set of blue jeans. Without realizing, Eric put on his shirt backward. 

With that, He went to the top of the stairs and slid down the small stair rail and landed on both feet….. before falling to the ground on his rump. Eric got to his knees, and while kneeling, balled his hands into fists and screamed to no one in particular “I HATE MONDAYS!” 

His Mom, who was in the kitchen making breakfast, was used to the sound of AEO (Angry Eric Outrages), especially in the mornings on Mondays. She casually slides a plate of bacon and eggs on the counter. Eric stopped screaming and in a single bound was eating those delicious eggs and bacon. After Eric finished inhaling his breakfast, he grabbed his backpack, said goodbye to his Mom and headed off to school. 

As he made his way down the driveway to the school bus, he made eye contact with The Bus Driver. The Bus Driver can only be explained as frightening. He only wears dark clothing and some people say that he’s run over a few kids, though the school kids are too scared to ask. The Bus Driver, also for some odd reason, hates Eric. The Bus Driver, seeing Eric, went to close the doors. But Eric, used to this kind of stuff, rushed at the bus, and wedged the doors open with sheer desperation. 

Climbing into the bus, while avoiding the dark stare of The Bus Driver, he looked for a seat. Schoolmates avoided his hopeful stares and responded with “This seat is taken.” Moving to a seat all the way to the back, he closed his eyes and prepared himself for the torture which is called the school. 

When the bus got to the school, Champion Middle School,  Eric got out and headed to his locker, which was locker 103. Popping open his locker, he stepped back in surprise as a wave of papers, school supplies, and artwork flew out of his locker. As Eric struggled to put his stuff back into his locker, A voice behind him said, “Why don’t you clean out your locker like the rest of us? Eric spun around to face Dexter Lang, one of Eric’s very few friends. 

Dexter Lang is a very interesting person. He came to CMS at the same time Eric did. He sported a laid back attitude and an aura of coolness just sorta radiated from him. Dexter had the potential to be with some really popular kids. He was athletic, strong, and charismatic. But out of all the classmates in 7th grade, he chose Eric. Why it was Eric, no one knows. Some say he felt sorry for him for Eric’s constant misfortunes. Others say that Eric did something for Dexter and now Dexter is just paying him back. 

Dexter eyed Eric’s backward shirt and was about to tell him, but decided not to because you gotta let a person fall sometime so they can get back up. He ran a hair through his spiky orange hair and continued saying “It’s been a month since you cleaned your locker.” Eric struck a dramatic pose and blurted out, “This locker holds millions of memories and I will NEVER EVER give them up!” Classmates passing stopped for a second to look at him strangely, then went on their merry way. 

Dexter immediately saw through his words and said: “You’re just too lazy to clean it out, aren’t you?” Eric froze for a quick second, quickly regained his composure and said with a stupid expression on his face, “I have no idea what you’re talking about!” “I would never stoop down to much of a high LL like that!” (LL stands for Lazy Level. Eric is the king when it comes to LL.)Then how come half of your ‘memories’ are ripped or torn then?” “Um, poor management?” said Eric, shrugging his shoulders. 

“Anyway, if we hurry over to Homeroom, we’ll have some extra time to hang out.” called out Dexter, already heading for it. “Wait up, Dexter!” Eric called out, running after Dexter. When they got to their Homeroom, Mrs. Polyberg’s room, Eric looked at the clock. “We have made it 10 minutes before the bell!” he shouted triumphantly. The class, used to Eric’s outbursts, just ignored him. Eric went to his seat, the one kinda in the back next to Dexter’s seat. As he sat down, Dexter said: “Do you have any money to go to a movie after school?” “Nah, I’m broke.” said Eric. As Dexter went into a lecture about saving money, Eric felt a twang on his head. He turned around to see a dark-skinned girl with black hair flinging rubber bands at him. “Stop it, Rita, Those rubber bands really hurt!” Eric complained. 

This girl is Rita Livingston. She lives with her dad after her mom died. Besides Dexter, Rita is another friend that Eric has. Full of laughter and joy, she puts a smile on everyone she meets. Still, she is extremely smart and calculating. 

Rita put on a devilish grin and said: “Who is this Rita you are speaking of?” “For I am The Spooky BANDit,” She said, letting out a rumbling laugh. Eric groaned “You know how I feel about those puns!” Dexter slid beside Eric and quickly responded with “That’s quite a PUNishment there eh?” Eric let out a terrifying roar and stretched his arms at Dexter. Dexter dodged the attack and started running around the classroom with Eric chasing him. 

Rita approached the swarm of classmates, who seemed to be watching the chase. “Place your bets, people!”  She said, gesturing to them. “Eric Johnson Or Dexter Lang!” Writing down the various numbers that the students called out (Students here at CMS love a good cage match, especially when it comes to the death of a fellow student even though they know that betting isn’t allowed at school), she looked over at the clock. “3 minutes left, still have enough time to make some more cash!” 

Eric has finally caught up to Dexter, both of them were surrounded by a large circle of students. The two friends circled each other, eyeing them up and down. “You’re supposed to be my friend, but instead you’re making these horrible puns!” Eric murmured. “Can’t a boy be allowed to crack a joke?” Dexter said in response. “Yes, but you made the same joke yesterday!” Eric said, pounding a fist into his hand for effect. “I guess you could say that I wore out the PUNch line.” Dexter said, giving a cheeky smile to Eric. With a single leap, Eric rushed Dexter. “You got this Eric!” said a person from the crowd. “Beat the boy up, Dexter!” Another boy cheered.

  At that moment, A woman came through the classroom door. She had short purple hair, red high heels, and a bluish dress. This woman is Mrs. Rose Polyberg. She has been a math teacher of 7th grade and now the homeroom of Class 107 for over 5 years. She now has the unfortunate job of constantly trying to get her classmates under control. For that, she uses martial arts. Confused? Don't worry, you’ll see. 

“Quiet down children!” Mrs. Polyberg shouted over the throng of children. “What’s with all this commotion?” continued Mrs. Polyberg. “Eric and Dexter are fighting over puns!” a classmate responded, digging his bet paper in his pocket. “Eric, can you please let go of Dexter now?” Mrs. Pollyberg said calmly. “Why? He expects this kind of retaliation whenever he overuses a pun!” exclaimed Eric, still holding on to Dexter’s neck with a death grip. “If you don’t let go of Dexter, I will karate-chop you in the back!” The teacher said, striking a karate pose. “Won’t that get you fired?” said Eric, a bead of sweat trickling down his forehead. “The principal said I can use any method to keep you from trouble!” the teacher said gleefully. 

Eric dropped Dexter, who collapsed to the floor. “Rita, please take Dexter to the nurse please.” Mrs. Polyberg commanded. “Yes, Ma'am!” answered Rita, who dragged Dexter’s still body out the door. “Good, class is now in session!” Mrs. Polyberg said, acting as if nothing happened. “So Eric, did you do your homework?” Dexter said, suddenly appearing in his seat. Eric looked over at Rita, who made a thumbs up at him. “What are you doing here?” “You’re supposed to be in the nurse's office!” cried out Eric, receiving a death glare from Mrs. Polyberg in her desk. “I recover extremely fast!” said Dexter with a thumbs up. 

“So, did you do your homework?” Dexter repeated. “Of course I did, it’s right here!” said Eric, pointing to an empty spot on his desk. “Wait, where did it go?” whispered Eric, desperately looking around his desk. “Did you leave it at home?” Dexter pondered. “No, my backpacks right here!” Eric said, pointing to the back of his shirt. “Are you serious?” Eric hissed. “I must have left it in my locker!” he groaned. “Get out your homework so I can collect it, children.” Mrs. Polyberg said, getting up from her desk. “I’m dead, I’m so dead!” thought Eric. 

Mrs. Polyberg approached a student, who in response shrugged his shoulders and said “Sorry teacher, I didn’t do it!” Ms. Polyberg nodded her head, her face still smiling. She then proceeded to karate chop the boy in the back of the neck. The boy collapsed on his desk, as Eric looked in horror. As Mrs. Polyberg approached him, Eric looked over at Dexter. Dexter gave him a ‘“farewell soldier” salute. Rita started writing down Eric’s will. With tears in his eyes, Eric looked at the teacher standing over him that was about to ask him for his paper when the intercom made a ringing noise. 


“I’m not dead, I’m not dead!” thought Eric, pumping his fist into the air and silently crying tears of joy. Students nearby questioned Eric’s sanity like everyone else in the school. “Now time to find my backpack!” Eric said, wiping the tears from his eyes and slipping out the door as the students lined up. Rita and Dexter wished a silent “good luck” to Eric, before lining up with the rest of the students.