Wing Girl and Prince

Jack O'Brien

September 24, 2020

Prologue (Draft)

    Screams ripped through the small village center. They decided a public example would be best, it would show those that wished to defy the laws would be punished. He didn’t beg for them to stop, didn’t beg for mercy. He accepted his punishment with cries escaping his lips only when they started, really started to apply pressure to his wing joints. 

    “For crimes of bringing forbidden scrolls of the outside into this village, Percival Brothers is hereby sentenced to have the removal of his wings at the joints. Thus rendering him incapable of flight. For those that see Percival as a martyr, let this be a warning to you. Anyone caught with books or scrolls about anything outside of this village, or those not approved by NEW LIBRARY PERSON/GOVERNMENT RUN LIBRARY will be severely punished.” The Chief explained to those that had gathered. Most of the village was there, those that were not were too old or young to be of witness or understand what was happening.

    Knowledge of any form had been outlawed not long ago by Chief Kaiser when he usurped the chiefdom from the former Chief Kasa. He felt that anything outside the realms of their cliffside village, and those few close Nephilim villages were not only dangerous and evil but could not provide anything useful to them as a society. After all, humans had done nothing but ridicule the Nephilim for their isolationist ways for as long as he could remember.

    They had dragged the blond-haired man from his bed, someone had told the Chief they had seen Percival sneaking back into the village with what looked like a scroll of some sort. The few guards the chief had stormed into his room They broke his wings with a sickening crack right at the elbow joint, rendering him unable to fly for the rest of his life. Twisting and pulling at the joint until it was hanging by a few tendons. The one healer the village had had no choice but to tend to the broken man. He had to sever the joint completely, leaving the humerus attached to the shoulder sockets. By this point, Percival had passed out from the pain. 

    “You will tend to him here Healer.” Chief Kaiser spat angrily, furthering the punishment the man received by not getting proper treatment in the healer's home. The healer nodded sadly, is one of the few members that knew what Percival had risked by going outside their village. Healer tended to him best he could, bandaging what was left of the broken and severed wings. Once done the Chief allowed Percival to be brought to the healer's home. He felt the man had suffered enough for his crimes, that he had been made an adequate example out of, and that no one would dare try to do anything like what Percival had done since the consequences were so dire.

    “Let this be a warning to all! Those that try to influence us into thinking the world outside these walls is anything but dangerous will be given the punishment of de-winging. Those that are caught with books, scrolls or anything of the like that are not SANCTION APPROVED will suffer the same. For those that find the fact that they no longer have their wings to be not a severe enough punishment, those that are found to be repeat offenders will be put to death, via the cliffs.” Chief Kaiser meant that they would be thrown off the cliffs and since they could no longer fly they would plummet to their deaths.

    Thus began a two hundred year period of isolation by the Nephilim. They kept to themselves, focusing on their small village and the closest neighboring Nephilim village. They killed any human that came near the village, word spread of the village of winged people who would kill you if you got near them. Thus they were left alone to do as they wanted. They spent two hundred years flying above the sea, feeling the wind over their bodies, collecting fish for food and trade with the acceptable village near by.

    While basic reading and writing skills were kept up with, the desire to experience the outside world rapidly diminished as a few more Nephilim were made an example of for trying to bring back knowledge of the outside world. Some had their wings ripped from them, while a few others were thrown off the cliffs.

    There were those that refused to let Chief Kaiser turn their race into a bunch of simple-minded creatures who were content with catching fish, making baskets and flying above the sea, riding the air currents, those who were content with only congregating with their own kind. This secret society was comprised of those who had their wings ripped from their bodies, a price they were more then willing to pay if it could keep their books and scrolls safe, and to show that the world outside their village is full of wonder. There were also a few winged people that had joined the ranks of those that wanted knowledge to advance their village. 

    One hundred more years would pass before one young Nephilim who had an insatiable thirst for knowledge would undergo a journey of her own to restore the desire for knowledge to her people, to show them that although there were dangers in the world, not all had to be feared.





    “I forbid it Philip, absolutely forbid it.” King Thaddeus growled, a furious expression on his face. “Too many men have already lost their lives in this useless endeavor. I’ve allowed you to continue this crusade for two years. At some point you have to accept that she’s gone, that she belongs to that black firebreather.”  He had tried everything to get through to his son, that it was useless to try anymore to get the princess back. They had spent two years, and countless men fighting the black dragon that lived in the mountains to the north of their kingdom. 

    The creature demanded every five to ten years that the most beautiful woman of the village be presented to him as a sacrifice. They met this without fail, for the first year they did not give into his demands the dragon burned their crops and some of the village. They never made the mistake of denying Griven again. They made sure he had his tribute on time, no matter who it was. 

    Even if it was the princess, who had just married Prince Philip the year before she had been selected. Philip was ready to go to war over the fact that he was losing the his love. The king managed to convince him that they could mount a crusade to bring her back, as having to incur the dragon's wrath again was not something anyone wanted.

    For two years and countless men, the kingdom fought the Griven the black dragon of the north. Desperately trying to get back the princess. 

    “You can’t stop me father. I will defeat that beast so we wil never have to pay tribute to him again.” Philip fiercely defended, slamming a fist on the table. The King could force his son to stay home, he could lock him in the dungeon until he calmed down, saw reason, how fruitless an effort it would be for him to try and fight Griven. Ultimitely it didn’t matter how badly the king wanted his son to stay home, nothing he could say would stop the young man from pursuing the black dragon.

    A sigh escaped the kings lips, admitting defeat with a single breath. “If you must least take my sword. It has been in our family for generations and it has been said to have slain the great dragon Okina.” The king said, undoing the large belt holding the sheathed sword. He placed it on the table, looking his son in the eye. 

    “Do what you must son. Let this be your guide. It has never steered me wrong.” The king told his son, pulling him into a hug. He wasn’t the most affectionate person in the world but it may be one of the alst times he sees his son. He didn’t want to miss an opportunity to express his love as he didn’t do it very often as he thought it could be a sign of weakness or something silly like that. But he realized how silly that was, and that he was always proud of his son.

    Philip smiled warmly as his father hugged in, all anger melting away. He’d bring her back and kill the dragon so they would never have to sacrifice another soul ever again. 


The Prince (Draft)

    Philip didn't want to risk anyone else's life by having them go with him to face the black dragon Griven. So he would go alone. He rose early the morning after his father gave him his sword. There was no point in delaying the inevitable. The sooner he ventured first to the base of the mountain, then made the journey to confront the black dragon the better. The sooner he could get his love back. 

    The sky was tinged a bloody pink color as he left the castle,  having packed only the bare minimum needed to make the journey. He was fully prepared to lay down his life if it meant getting his love back from the dragon. He had stayed up the night before penning his goodbyes to those that were closest to him. His father and mother and his best friend George. They had begged him not to go, to accept that the princess was gone and to move on with his life, but he could not do so, he would not accept it, not until he saw her again, even if it was just her corpse. 

    No one knew what happened to the girls the dragon took, of course, it was assumed they were killed and eaten, as the dragon had a preference for pretty human girls. Philip could not accept that, at least when it came to his princess. He knew she was alive. Felt it deep in his soul. Which was why he was making this journey, through the narrow pass at the base of the mountain, to the mouth of the dragon's cave.

    It took him a week or two to get there on foot. It would have taken longer, but the crusades and battles that had taken place over the last two years had carved out a path that was relatively easy to navigate. Still, traversing up the mountain was no easy task. He had decided to go in the summer when the mountain was most easily traversable. The snow was only visible at the peak of the mountain as opposed to being at the base as well. 

    Before confronting the feared black dragon, he camped a fair bit away from the mouth of the cave. He knew the dragon already knew he was there and was there alone. Dragons were very smart, cunning, crafty and knowledgeable creatures. There were four main dragons that each "ruled" the four corners of their known world. Each main dragon had lesser dragons that "served" under one of the four. There weren't a lot of dragons and they didn't wreak havoc often, at least Griven the black dragon, and those few that were under him. Philip had heard tales of the southern dragon causing a lot of trouble for those that lived there. For this dragon was a known collector of all things beautiful, creatures and people alike. The dragon that ruled the western lands, including CONTINENTS LARGEST DESERT, was a creature that kept largely to himself. He had even fewer dragons under him then Griven did. Some said he may not have any and preferred to be entirely alone. Or at least not associated with any lesser dragons.

    It was known that each of the four dragons was "famous" for collecting something in particular. The western dragon who lived in the desert sands and had an endless thirst for knowledge so he collected books, scrolls, maps and anything of the sort. The east Dragon was generally left alone, and as such there wasn't much information about him, except that he lived in the sea. Not many people had seen him, although those that had traversed the sea told tales of seeing a large dragon-shaped creature just under the surface of the water. The dragon that lived on top of the mountains in the northernmost regions of the known world was thought to be the most terrifying and fiercest dragon of the four. He collected jewels, coins, and any other shiny things that the lesser/common dragons collected, but also collected people from the royal family/court. This set him apart from the south dragon, who had her 'people zoo' whom she allowed to live outside the waterfall, as well as rare animals that were also kept in her caves inside the falls or roamed close to the village/falls. 

    There were smaller dragons of course, who each answered to one of the four chief dragons. No one was sure how many dragons existed, they were fairly uncommon to see, with sightings every few months or so. And they all generally kept to themselves. There had been wars centuries before where there were armies of dragons against humans, but peace had been made when the four dragons came together with the mecca city council. The fighting had been going on for long enough and no one knew what the cause of it was anymore. No one believed in the fighting, not the dragons or humans. They resolved to leave each other alone, allowing the dragons to feast/eat a set number of livestock a year/season if they could not find any food. And to stop burning crops.     Of course, every once in awhile crops still burned or more livestock went missing than normal, but no one did much about it.

    Things had been peaceful for the last 150 years since the black dragon had ended his feud with the northern kingdom. It was part of the larger dragon war that mostly the north and south dragon participated in. The west and eastern dragons had kept to themselves, only aiding the other two when necessary. Griven the fierce black dragon had struck a deal with the northern kingdom. He demanded tribute** every x** amount of years, usually five to ten, in the form of one of the royal family members or court. Not even the stable boys were safe from the possibility of being chosen. No one knew the requirements for what the dragon looked for when choosing a tribute, it seemed completely random at first until someone in the court figured out that the dragon was only taking court/royal members. He never chose from the commoners. Griven also wasn't picky about the sex of who he took, boy or girl it didn't matter to him, although he did have an age range. Anywhere from 13-25 years of age were chosen.

    Only when Prince Philip's new wife was taken did the relationship between the black dragon and the northern kingdom start to deteriorate. It took a year of dedicated training to get the first group ready to mount an assault against the black dragon. They may have been the most successful of the group because they had gotten the most training and were the most well trained to begin with as Prince Philip wanted to send the best and bravest warriors first, to have the best chance at success. As more time passed, two years tickled to three, the assaults became more desperate and less coordinated. Until finally after three and a half years the king put an end to it. Philip was not allowed to use any more resources, money, troops, etc. on more failed missions to get his wife back. Everyone was convinced she was dead, so what was the point in trying anymore.  Philip had been distraught. Even if she was dead he wanted to bring her body home for a proper burial. But he couldn't even do that and that made him feel like a failure. Hence why he was going on one last-ditch attempt to get her back himself. This time wasn't about slaying the black dragon as that proved impossible. He would talk to the dragon himself, see if the beast could see reason. 

    He didn't have that part completely figured out yet, how was he supposed to reason with a creature that was most definitely smarter and wiser than him. Philip had wracked his brain the night before he left, wondering if there was some way he could convince the dragon to part with his princess. Maybe he could offer the dragon someone else in exchange, even if it was a few years too early for the dragon to need a new tribute. AS well as offer all the money, jewels, and rare artifacts the kingdom hat to offer. That seemed to be the best choice in his mind. No way any dragon could resist a new tribute and all the riches the kingdom had to offer. And if it came down to it he would offer himself up to the dragon, to let him stay there with his princess, even if she was dead and a rotting corpse in his caves, that would be enough for him. to be close to her body.


    There was no point in delaying the inevitable. Dawn was fast approaching, and the sooner he confronted the dragon the sooner the ordeal would be over with. There was nothing left to do but try to eat a bit of cheese and bread, so there would be something in his stomach for the day although he would probably just throw it up later from anxiety and dread. Depending on the scene he found at the dragon's lair. Dousing the fire with some dirt, Philip buckled his sword to his waist, put on his armor and left. The young man left his helmet and pack behind, figuring he'd come back for it later. And if he didn't it would be a marker for those that came looking for him, that he had been there.

    Philip could feel his stomach churning with anxiety as he approached the dragon's cave. He could feel bile rising in his throat as he came to the mouth of the cavern. Through sheer force of will he didn't get sick, though he wanted to. He also wanted nothing more than for all of this to be a bad dream. Yet the ground felt too solid under his feet, and the acrid smell of sulfur told him it was all too real.

    Taking a large breath in, he shouted at the top of his lungs for the dragon. "GRIVEN!!!! Come out at once!" He wasn't sure what else to say to the beast. He couldn't command or order the thing to exit its cave, as if he was one of his soldiers to command, or a dog he had trained. Philip couldn't recall a time when someone confronted a dragon head on and lived to tell the tale. He was praying that the fierieceome black dragon wouldn't kill him on the spot by engulfing the area in flames.

    Philip closed his eyes for a few moments, waiting to feel the heat come rushing out of the cave entrance. "WIFE I will join you soon." He said aloud convinced death was imminent. It was only after a few minutes had passed and there was still breath in his lungs that he opened his eyes. It was then he felt a rumble through the ground, and he knew Griven was coming out of his cave. It took the beast a few moments to come to the mouth of the cave but soon there he was standing before Philip. The great black dragon of the North Griven. The beast knew why he was there, and had decided he would hear what the human had to say. He waited for Philip to say something, a look of boredom crossing his face.

    Philip was dumbfounded that the dragon had not killed him on the spot. Perhaps he was in a good mood that day, willing to entertain the whims of a mere human. Griven stood there waiting for him to say something, Philip was finding it hard to breath for a moment, but took a deep breath and spoke, trying to keep his voice clear and strong. "I have come to get my wife back! And I hope to do so without much trouble, but I will fight you if I must." Philip declared, feeling himself shake from fear standing in front of the dragon. He thought that he would be braver than he felt in that moment. 

    The dragon let out a gravelly laugh at the human begging for his wife back. He sounded desperate to the great creature as if a mere human was worth the trouble. He sighed a puff of black smoke escaping his nostrils. Not many had challenged him one on one before, and not one with such conviction. This human would truly lay down his life and sacrifice himself for the princess Griven had taken. "I would give you back your princess, in exchange for another of course. But she is no longer here."

    "What do you mean 'no longer here'!? What did you do to her, your monster!" Philip shouted, overcome with emotion that the creature would give him back his beloved, but not understanding why she wasn't there. Had he killed her and only meant to tease him with the fact that she was no longer here.

    "SOUTH DRAGON took her from me. I will not bother a mere human with dragon politics but you may get her back if you wish. You need to journey south to the SOUTH DRAGONS territory. I can not help you much beyond that, you will be on your own once you leave my territory." Griven explained, "She is alive, that much I can assure you. SOUTH DRAGON has an affinity for keeping beautiful living things, human or beast. It makes no difference to her as long as they catch her eye." He told the human that much, giving him hope for the long difficult journey that he would have ahead of him. Griven would not go into detail as to how SOUTH DRAGON had taken her from him. It was the first and last time he would allow such a thing to happen. To lower his guard and allow something precious to him to be taken away from him. "I'm sorry I could not prevent this," Griven said with sorrow tinging his words. He was truly sorry she had been taken from him. 

    Philip looked confused for a moment that such a creature could feel such emotions as sadness. He always thought them to be angry, jealous, vain beasts. That they were incapable of showing such deep emotions as sorrow, joy or even love. He always thought that they were just intelligent beasts that got primal joy out of burning crops, eating live stock and collecting jewels, gems, diamonds, coins and any other thing that caught their eye.

    "Why send me to get her back? Wouldn't it be faster and easier for a dragon such as yourself to travel there and tell SOUTH DRAGON to give her back to you?" Philip asked, looking up at the dragon a bit curiously, no longer fearful for his life. Griven chuckled slightly at the humans' preposterous words. He shifted his weight a bit to get more comfortable before answering him.

    "If I wanted to start another war, then I would happily make the journey myself. But that is something no one on this continent/country/land wants to experience again. If it can be helped. So you are the most logical choice to retrieve her. It is doubtful she will start a war if PRINCESS beloved comes to SOUTH DRAGON LAND to get her back. Whether or not you will survive your interaction with her, or whether she will allow the princess to be released is another matter. SOUTH DRAGON is not completely unreasonable, I'm sure if you offer something in exchange for PRINCESS you'll get her back. But what SOUTH DRAGON would want one can only guess. She has an affinity for collecting beasts and humans alike that appeal to her particular tastes." Griven explained, which was why she had taken him from him in the first place. But SOUTH DRAGON also liked to stir up trouble and make the North Dragon as miserable as possible. They had never gotten along even when they were younger. Some things never changed, Griven now kept mostly to himself in his own territory. 

    Philip had to agree what the dragon said made sense, it would be easier for him a human to get into the South Dragons territory to get his love back then Griven. "How will I know when I'm in her region?" Philip asked, wondering how he was going to make the journey by himself and just how long it would take. If it was for his love he would gladly travel the ends of the known world for her. 

    "Her territory starts at the JUNGLE REGION OF BLAH BLAH. Or there abouts." Griven explained. Dragon territories were not always set in stone, dragons could sense what territory they were in, it was like a pull, or a feeling in the mind. Similar how birds know migration patterns, or currents in the air. "From what I have gathered, she resides with the PEOPLE OF BLAH BLAH acting as their queen/ruler. There should be a few well-traveled roads that will lead you to the outskirts of the JUNGLE REGION. You may have to ask people at the MECCA CITY IN THE CENTER OF THE COUNTRY, to get a clearer direction of where to go. I do not know the Southern region well at all, especially regarding how civilized it is as compared to the North or East." Griven explained, half wondering to himself why he was helping this human so much. It made him shudder slightly to think that he was going soft as time went on. He would have to burn down some crops when all this was over.

    "Thank you Griven." Philip said earnestly, grateful that the Dragon had taken the time to talk with him and was willing to help him get his love back. He didn't focus too much on the 'why' aspect of why Griven helping him, there was no point in asking. He wasn't sure he wanted to know the reason for it, it was probably a selfish one of the dragons part.

    "Good luck." Griven said before turning back around to enter his caves. There was nothing more to be said, and the Prince had a lot of preparations to do now that he was making a journey to SOUTH REGION.

    "THANK YOU!" Philip shouted as the black dragon lumbered off into the darkness that was the mouth of his cave.

Wing Chief Backstory (Draft)

    The new chief has gone to such great lengths to keep knowledge out of the reach of the wings, because he was from another town initially where he saw that humans and wings constantly fought one another and no one could get along. They fought over the proper way customs were done, or what law said what. So the chief found it best to leave his village and get a new start in one of the neighboring ones, where he knew that the wings kept to themselves. He always saw humans as detestable 'land' creatures, who were not even blessed by the gods to have wings. He was pushed out of his old village because he wanted more radical ways then what they wanted.

    There were two types of wing towns. One where they mostly got along with humans, and interacted on a more trade/business relationship, but were friendly/cordial with each other. This was the more rare form of town, as most wings liked to keep to themselves and their own kind. SO the chief found a village that kept to themselves and didn't like dealing with humans. He was a young man when he left, and spent time in wing girls village, gaining the trust of the people and sowing seeds of discord to eventually overthrow the current chief. Took him about 5 years to plot and plan and gain a good enough standing in the community to do so. Why did he want to do this? Because he had a lust for power.

wing Girl Information (Draft)

    The new chief has gone to such great lengths to keep knowledge out of the reach of the wings, because he was from another town initially where he saw that humans and wings constantly fought one another and no one could get along. They fought over the proper way customs were done, or what law said what. So the chief found it best to leave his village and get a new start in one of the neighboring ones, where he knew that the wings kept to themsevles.

    There were two types of wing towns. One where they mostly got along with humans, and interacted on a more trade/business relationship, but were friendly/coridal with each other. This was the more rare form of town, as most wings liked to keep to themselves and their own kind. SO the chief found a village that kept to themselves and didn't like dealing with humans. He was a young man when he left, and spent time in wing girls village, gaining the trust of the people and sowing seeds of discord to eventually overthrow the current chief. Took him about 5 years to plot and plan and gain a good enough standing in the community to do so.

    **Predjucies that she has/what makes her angry. = Despite having a thirst for knowledge she is still fearful, or at least in different to humans. She has a base fear/dislike for them. But never covered herself with them much because she rarely if ever saw a human. **Add in a scene where she sees her first human. in a book when she was younger, the propaganda that Cheif Kaiser instituted to make sure everyone would always hate humans and be fearful of them.

  1. Define your character’s personal growth arc in terms of “Start Point” and “End Point.” This gives you a general sense of what your arc looks like.
  2. Write out ONLY the major events that must take place to get your character from “Start Point” to “End Point” in terms of personal growth. These are the points you know you absolutely cannot compromise on without compromising the integrity of your story structure. Stick only to the MAJOR events, the truly life-changing ones. This will give you a loose structure that will guide your overall story but leave you with some wiggle-room to play in.
  3. Write out some ideas that you can explore between the Major Events. These ideas will give you fodder for writing scenes between the Major Events, which will flesh out your character(s) and really let you play with your story, without writing yourself into a hole.

     Notes for Chapters (Draft)

    Leavingg town chapter:  Chaperone, or 'guarded' safe area outside the village. Or surrounding area where guards could see. Where would these guards be? It's technically an old sea 'town' so they could have built stone walls with guard towers. Cleared a bit of land for the kids to play in while still being safe


    South dragon takes the princess. So Prince and Wing Girl go to south dragon to get her back. South Dragon will only give her back if they get a spell/tome/scroll of transformation. A better one/more powerful then the one she had been using. Go to the West to get the spell. What does the west dragon want in return? Maybe they have to go back to the wing town? Or the WG has to make a sacrifice of some of her feathers to him. SO he can study them? Maybe the East dragon is more "scientist" and thats why he is left alone most of the time. 

    First WG chapter: -1st chapter after the prologue, the backstory of wings since new chief entered the scene? Opens up with xxx amount of years passing and WG is born. She's always been a curious child, always asking questions and wanting to learn, especially the history of how her village came to be. Her parents tell her to not bother with it, that there are more important things to worry about. like the currents and fish and flowers. - leaves off with the old man not being feeble as she thought. Old man wasn't allowed near the library for years, but as his mental state declined, people took pity on him and allowed him near it, then he could go into the front main room. They wanted him to be comfortable. The only people still saw him as a threat was the Chief, but he was always paranoid. The other villagers forgot/didn't care what he had done as it was "many" years ago. And they only cared about living in the present. Most people still thought he was odd because he was old, and one of the few wingless members in the town.

Currency, what do wing people use, compared to every human. Is there one type of currency that the known world uses? or is it broken up by kingdom? Wing people didn’t really need currency because they bartered for everything and were self sufficient.


Meeting in the secret library and afterwords (Draft)

    Before she leaves town she meets with the old guy and a few other resistors that have a secret base under the library, or its a secret room in the library. They tell her what she needs to do. They had given her the low down initially but wanted to give her time to think over if she wanted to leave the town and embark on such a journey.

    "If you want to make this village better then it ever was meet me at the library tonight when the moon shines bright." (change up wording to make it flow better, little more cryptic)

    She was perplexed as to why the old man had wanted her to meet him so late at the library. Of course, she knew it was closed by then. The few shops and government buildings TOWN NAME had all closed at sundown. Minus the tavern/bar/pub which seemed to never close. 

    She was about to knock on the door when it opened in front of her, causing her heart rate to spike slightly with nervousness. Relief flooded through her when she saw it was the old man offering her a soft smile he opened the door for her to come in. 

    "I'm glad you decided to come girl. You've always been a seeker of answers, of always wanting to know the why behind things." He told her as he shut and locked the door behind her. WING GIRL couldn't help but swallow hard, wondering why the door had to be locked. "And now you will know 'the why'. Why I look the way I do, what happened all those years. How Chief Kaiser came to power. The REAL story." OLD MAN explained



    // - this paragraph is after the meeting in the library when she decides to go. WING GIRL had taken a few days to think about what the old man had said. Never before in her wildest dreams would she think it possible that not only was the wingless old man in her village not as feeble-minded or decrepit as he seemed but that there was also a handful of WINGS that supported him and wanted to keep knowledge and the accurate history of their people accessible for everyone in the village. OLD MAN had told her to meet her in the library at sundown, that he had something to show her that would convince/prepare her for the journey ahead. ***Wingless man tells her how to gain the knowledge, first go to the mecca city to the east/in the center of the known world, then head west and talk to the locals in the desert, rumoured a dragon lives there.***

Leaving Wing Town (Draft)

    She had never been far from the walled sea village in which her people resided in. The Chief had allowed a section of land to be cleared within view of the guard towers so the children would have somewhere outside the town square to play while still being under the watchful eye of the town guards. Very rarely did any of the teens try to slip out into the area beyond the clearing. Today she would have to leave the confines of her town, the only place she had ever known. She had visited the neighboring wing village a few times to see her boyfriend if she could call him that. They had meet a few times at mandatory functions set up by the council and chief to ensure that WING SPECIES lived on, and inbreeding didn't occur. It also helped to keep the relationship between the WING TOWNS from deteriorating.

    Wing towns generally kept to themselves, although some were more friendly with humans than others. GIRL WING VILLAGE was one of the more secluded towns, doing whatever they could to keep humans away. MAGIC. Including having a rotating guard at the entrance to the village.            


My mind was racing as I double checked my pack to make sure I had everything I would need for the long journey that lay ahead of me. WINGLESS MAN had given me some money he had collected/saved that could be used to buy the things I would need as most of those out in the world didn’t use the barter system like we did. I  was given some time to prepare //MONTHS? TO LEARN ABOUT THE OUTSIDE WORLD// so that when I encountered those outside of our village/community I would not be terror struck, unable to function in society. OLD WINGLESS MAN allowed me access to the hidden part of the library where I could read up on what the world was like outside our area of the world.

        It was beyond fascinating to find out just how much of the world was hidden from us, and made to be a horrid place, when in fact it was the opposite. Sure there was violence and atrocity, but that wasn’t all that was in the world. There were races I had never heard of or seen before, flowers, plants and animals that were beyond my comprehension. I wanted to see them all, as much as I was able. Seeing how much of the world was unknown to me, to us WING PEOPLE, especially our village by the sea, made me want to overthrow Chief Kaiser even more. I knew it would be hard work, especially because there were only a handful of us that knew about the secret of the library, and even fewer that knew how corrupt Kaiser was. WINGLESS MAN explained that getting this tome from the West Dragon would ensure that the secrets of Kaiser would be made known, and the village would once again be part of the world.

        There were other WING PEOPLE villages near ours, those were the only ones we had any consistent contact with. On rare occasions a party of older WINGS would venture outside the village bounds to trade with one of the closest human villages, but those occurrences were few and far between as the humans didn’t produce anything we saw of any value.

        I had said goodbye to my parents the night before, and was a little taken aback on how disinterested they seemed to be in my leaving. When I first told them I would be taking a journey to see my “boyfriend” they had been skeptical because I had not mentioned anything to them before.  “I didn’t think you would want to hear about it.” I told them, knowing how little they cared about my day to day life. WING PEOPLE were a bit self centered to say the least. Their parental instincts faded away after the child turned 12. By then WING PEOPLE were pretty much self sufficient. They could fly above the sea, hunt for fish themselves, and then cook their meals. Once they turned 16, they were given whichever roles they seemed most fit for by the elders. Some became guards in training, others hunter-gathers, or farmers. There was a small staff at the local tavern, which doubled as a small inn for the few WING PEOPLE that traveled the country throughout the year.

WG: First Chapter (Draft)

    A few hundred years passed since the now old man had his wings ripped out and the village had tightened its borders and security even further. Long forgotten were the days when winged explorers would venture out into the world and come back with tomes full of what they had seen, learned and experienced. Now the towns small library was a fraction of what it once was. The once bright observatory/aviary/sun room area was now boarded up. Gone were the days when some of the more scholarly WINGS would bask in the sun and read or write. Most of the books had been burned in a display of power by Chief Kaiser the first night he had made an example of THE WINGS and ripped Percivells from his body. Luckily a few of the books had been saved and kept hidden from those that would want to see them destroyed. The only books left that were available to the public were a few history books of their villages and race, and a few that had been written shortly after Kaiser became Chief, detailing his rise to power, as well as the horrible things he had seen on his journey to the village. There were a few children's books to teach them to read and write, but everything had to be approved by the LIBRARY MAGISTRATE who worked directly with the Chief to ensure no illegal/unapproved tomes got into the library. 

    Chief Kasier thought books/tomes and learning was a waste of time and energy, that WINGS didn't and shouldn't have to waste time on such trivial things, when there were more important things to be done. WINGS shouldn't concern themselves with book when there was the entire sea to fly above and explore, where they were safe from humans and anyone else that wanted to bother them. Kaiser even wasn't fond of some of the more "liberal" WINGS that chose to trade and deal with humans. He made sure to only interact with those WINGS whose views aligned with his, those that also held a hatred for humans. There was a neighboring village to the NORTH of them that he got along with well. And allowed those WINGS to congregate with those from his own village.

    It took some getting used to for WING PEOPLE VILLAGE to accept the new Chief when Kaiser first usurped the "throne."  A majority of the people in the village didn't care much for politics and so they didn't put up much of a fight when stricter laws were enacted. Most of them preferred it that way, as they shared the same sentiment as the new Chief which was that humans and others creatures besides their own kind were detrimental to WING PEOPLE and were nothing but trouble. As Chief Kaiser, and their books of history told.


    *Maybe put all this backstory into a seperate chapter??? And start wing girl off waking up and going to the library.**


    -WG BIRTH, and childhood

    =meeting the old man, thinking him feeble and dumb, he shows her he's not as dumb as he looks. Offers her a secret book about the chief really came to power. 


    She loved the sound of the seagulls calling to eac other and the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the cliffsides. It was her alarm clock every morning, as the birds seemed to start making a lot of noise just before dawn. Not that she minded getting up early, she was used to it but sometimes it'd be nice to sleep in just once. Not having to worry about chores or the other gossiping WINGS. She wished life were more complex, that there was more to do, see and learn then what her small village offered. 

WG: Meeting the slave girl and prince for the first time (Draft)


She had finally reached the mecca city the old man had told her about. From there she would journey to the Western deserts to find the dragon that resided there. Or at least that's what the old man had told her.  The first thing she had to do was find some place to stay. In all her travels she had never seen a city this big before She had seen villages bigger than hers, and small towns, but this place was something else entirely, it was almost too big for her to come to terms with. While most, if not all of the towns she had seen in her travels had one or two streets, this mecca city had countless number of streets, along with alleyways, numerous shops, inns and taverns, along with things WING GIRL didn’t understand. She could feel her head spinning from the size of it all and thought she was going to pass out. Taking a few deep breaths she steadied herself and passed through the city gates. WING GIRL had seen the mecca town nestled in the valley as she exited the forest road. She could see most if not all of the large city below her, with major roads stretching out in the four main directions. Roads leading to the west, north, south and east, where she had journeyed from. She would need to take the road leading westward, as she had to keep going that direction until she found the Great Desert, where the West Dragon lived.

Find lodging was proving to be more difficult than she anticipated, as the city was much larger then she could have ever dreamed of. There were multiple market squares, ghettos, brothels, store fronts, inns and more. WING GIRL had a hard time keeping track of where she was, and got lost a few times.

It took a bit to figure out that this mecca city ,where various races lived, were for the most part sectioned off according to their race.. There were a few WING PEOPLE in one of the market squares she had passed through, along with humans and //Shiel, who she learned were part Dragon, based on their leathery wings and scales that covered various parts of their bodies.// Along with a few races she had never seen or heard of before. There was so much she didn’t understand or know, she could feel her head swimming. WING GIRL also realized it had been a while since she had broken her fast, and decided the first inn she saw would be the one she stayed at and got something to eat.

She had wandered into a mostly human district, and found the closest inn. INN NAME, looked nice enough, not run down like some of the others she had passed in the poorer districts. Entering she took a big breath of air, tasting the stale beer and wine that lingered in the air as well as some spices from the food being prepared.

//mention that she got robbed before, and almost assaulted. in this chapter? or a filler chapter? to flush out her character more. she had already come so far from her home, and had such a long ways to go. Everything was so new to her still, she felt so naive and lost all the time making such a long journey by herself.//



Town description: Library, blacksmith (who also did other labor like stone work and maintenance for the small town. Possibly employed one or two other people if he needed it.) Some farmers, foragers/hunters. Guards.

**She’d be terrified to have to go out into the “real world”. The Chief said all humans were bad and wanted them dead, or to see them suffer. This was only true for the near by human towns/villages, whom the Chief purposely soured the relationship with so they would become isolate, only interacting with the other wing villages.

The Ending (Draft)

    -Travel back to the south dragon after getting the tome from the west dragon.

    -princess is given back to him

    -she tells him they have to see the north dragon asap.

    -she holds a pearl sized egg in her hand, showing them that its from a union of the north dragon and her. He had transformed into a male human to be with her.

    =when the egg hatches it'll be twins? Dragon male and human girl. Dragon male eventually can change into a human. And the girl has some dragon aspects? maybe sharper canines, breaths some fire? hotter ot the touch?

Princes Starting Journey (Draft)

    -Goes back to his father and tells him princess is a live.

    -Father belives him, dragons may be cunning and crafty, but they don't really lie.

    -gives him necessary funds to travel, and a big bag of food/supplies

    -maybe a horse


  • ?Shiel:  Humanoids with dragon wings, 50-75 years longer in life, normal Shiel only have scaly dragon wings, those who are products of those who mated with dragons have scaly skin as well that resembles the dragon they came from.
  • Drakon:  Those dragons who have their wings torn or are descendant from the original dragons.  They turn to Human form with scales and no wings.
  • Mages?:  Although Human, they are the holders of magic and the betrayers of the West Dragon.  They live in a towered city built into the mountains, between north and west, between the desert and the mountains
  • The race of sentient Griffins. They are noted for their use of widespread semaphore systems and gambling houses. Their magical practices tend to focus on water magic. They practice some forms of spiritual discipline, but some would debate if it is an actual religion. Their government is inefficient. They barely control a country
  • The race of Hippogriff-people. They are exceptionally good at elemental magic. Their gods are said to be dead or have fled this world. Their government is functional. They completely control a desert kingdom that is known for its incredible beauty.

WINGLESS MAN explained that getting this tome from the West Dragon would ensure that the secrets of Kaiser would fall away and all would be revealed. //EXPLAIN THAT THE TOME/BOOK WAS WRITTEN IN SECRET WHEN KAISER CAME TO POWER. AND WINGLESS MAN WENT TO THE DRAGON AND DELIVERED IT TO HIM. WHEN HE CAME BACK HE HAD HIS WINGS WRIPPED FROM HIM.//