Virgin Love

Amongst emulated sex acts in the orgasmic gyration of flesh and thumping bass of the DJ’s latest playlist, I stand drinking the toxic mix of who knows what in my red Solo cup. I coast on a nice buzz from it and feel turned-on. Of course, I do as I rub my neck. What normal twenty-something male wouldn’t be viewing so much exposed flesh hanging out of clingy dresses and short shorts of the most unbelievably attractive women of every world nation at one kick-ass party?

My excuse for not joining in besides not knowing how to dance with my two left feet? My ever-present social awkwardness in being the shy guy presents itself like a thorn prickling me underfoot. Perhaps it stems from my lack of experience with women? Don’t ask me why because there has been plenty of opportunities. I wish I know what hinders me from visiting the promised land of muff. 

It isn’t from any lack of female attention. The girls at this party are smoking hot and plenty friendly. Maybe too much so and I find that intimidating? Lots of them lead guys to back rooms like puppies to engage in all sorts of debauchery. It is just the kind I want, yet I keep holding back. Maybe I'm too picky?

In fact, my friends, who insist we come to this party where we are guaranteed to score big and often, finally get the invite to take full advantage. The guy responsible for the monthly shindig is our boss’ son, Russell. He's the type of man we all want to be on the outside. Tall, buff, nice skin, and trust fund rich.

On the inside Russell is a regular douche to my friends Dave, Bert, Mike and I. He even goes so far as to take credit for our work and dumps his work on us on a daily basis. The dangling carrot he always holds over us in allowing him to treat us like shit is the fact that he throws some of the most off-the-hook parties. All but demanding an invite to participate in the fun on the unusually warm October night is everything we always think it should be.

Bert, the kiss-ass of our tight group since middle school, at least believes he has arrived at nirvana as he squeals like a girl looking at diamonds. He puffs on a joint nodding with contentment and passes it down to the pretty black-haired girl seated to the side of him in an orange dress. Fat Mike engages in some tongue hockey with a sandy blonde in a gold minidress in the corner. Ugly Dave even finds some recreation for himself dancing with two girls. The one with curly green hair wore ripped skinny jeans and the other with silver-hair in a super short cut wore a bright pink bandage dress. And then there's me; Shy Rob watching and not partaking in the party antics as usual.

Shaking my head, I finish the contents of my cup and decide to head home. Who am I kidding? I can’t do this! What am I doing here? I feel uncomfortable seeing a guy getting sucked off right in front of me! Being a home-body, I love sitting in front of the TV or visiting my favorite multiplayer online video game world where I can lose myself in pretending to be someone else. Jacking off in the privacy of my own home sounds like a much safer bet tonight, too. All my roommates are here. 

All thoughts of leaving vanish though in the blink of an eye when I see the most striking girl I have ever seen. She walks into the house wearing a flowing red halter dress that moves with her. Shorter than me even in her red stilettoes, this girl walks with graceful command and sways in time to the music. 

All stands still like my heart especially when her green eyes meet my hazel. Everything falls away except her, I, and my jaw. She gives me a warm, seductive smile as she approaches me with her long dark hair combed back away from her heart-shaped face.

“You aren’t leaving yet, are you? The party’s just starting.” Her eyebrow arches at me. I am left speechless when she slips her warm little hand into mine. “Come with me,” she orders.

I follow behind the sway of her hips admiring the criss-cross straps revealing her gorgeous backside as if I have no will of my own. My heart thuds in my ears and heat rushes all over me from where her flesh touches mine. Outside the house, I feel the warm breeze ruffle my nutbrown hair, but it does nothing to cool me down or the blood boiling in my veins. Stepping out onto the faintly lit patio feels romantic in its vacancy. We can hear the music from inside although muted. My heart still beats in time to the bass at a faster tempo. 

I nervously look around us when the girl in red suddenly turns to me. What faint light there is strung on wires over the pool reflects dimly in flickers of blue along its waters. The sexy girl still stares up at me, smiling her seductive smile. She urges me to lower onto a lounge chair. Discreetly tucking her red dress between her legs, she proceeds to straddle me. 

I grunt at the discomfort of my trapped dick expanding beneath her warmth. Coming to my rescue, I do not suffer long. The strange woman boldly unzips me so that I may grow in comfort.

“Better?” knowingly she asks while staring down into my face.

Far too stunned to speak with my face turning as red as her dress, I respond with a nod.

“Breathe silly before you pass out,” she urges, cupping my stubbled face in her hands.

I release the breath I hold and pant rapidly. I can’t help how excited I am since nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

She arches one of her beautiful eyebrows at me. “You are one of Russ’s friends?”

“No.” I shake my head. “I work for him like my other friends.”

“Russ is such a slacking asshole.” She glances back at the house with disgust.

I laugh at that feeling my anxiety melting away by the moment. I like this girl. This unusual situation feels normal. For whatever reason, she feels like a friend I have known for ages. 

“If you think so why are you here?”

She shrugs with a scratch on her head and then laughs. “Good question.”

“Are you dating Russell?” I wonder and can’t believe I’m asking such a question. I would never have any real chance with a girl this hot. 

She really laughs at me then, and the sound and sight of it makes my cock harder than it already is. “I’d rather die than let that evil piece of shit touch me.”

I blink at the malice I hear in her tone. She’s still sitting astride me as if she does this all the time. “So why come?” I ask because that reply is an odd one and not what I expect to hear.

Lifting and lowering her shoulders, she answers, “Nothing better to do. Bored as hell.”

“I know the feeling.”

She taps my nose before caressing my chin. “Russ does throw a pretty awesome bash.”

I nod in agreement. “Yes, he does.”

“But you were about to leave before I came weren’t you?”

I shrug with a sigh. “I don't feel like I fit in here.”

“I'll tell you a secret,” she says as she leans in close, “I feel that way everywhere I go except at home snuggled on the couch watching a favorite movie.”

I frown at her. “What's different about tonight, if anything?”

“I don't want to be alone tonight. You know?”

I do not have any clear understanding how this girl leaves me awestruck. She took the words right out of my mouth. The real reason I'm here is because I don't want to be alone either. “You’re different from the others here.”

Her green eyes swell at me. “Am I?”

I nod. “Not fake.”

This response from me summons the biggest smile from her, and I feel myself melt inside. “I’m Miranda by the way.”

I venture to reach my trembling hand on her bare arm and caress it in surprise that she let me do it. In fact, she lifts my other hand to do the same to her other arm tracing the swirling lines of the intricate black tattoos. She’s so soft and warm. “Rob. Uh-mmm, that’s my name.” I clear my throat and put out my right hand between us. “I’m so glad to meet you, Miranda.”

She gives me a little handshake before she smiles down at me amused. Miranda’s hands return to my chest. Her index finger traces my nipple. She nibbles her red bottom lip.

I’m also glad I wore my best shirt tonight that others have told me brings out the color of my hazel eyes and of course clean underwear. That’s a given. I can still hear Ma every time I go out asking if I put on clean underpants. I shake my head because the last thing I want to think about right now is my mother. Geez!

“Of course, you are.” Miranda leans down and brushes her lips against mine with the hint of her tongue tasting me at the same time.

I blink up at her and feel the flutter low in my belly. This beauty is stealing my heart. I hope like hell this isn’t some dream. “Why did you do that?”

“You’re so damn cute, Robby, and I want to feel the fire burn in me again. To be as alive as you feel under me.”

I frown at the shadows in her green eyes. I want to speak, but her index finger drops over my lips to shush me before I can ask my question. When she moves her finger aside, her mouth visits mine again. I hold her close so that she doesn’t leave. I don’t want this to be goodbye, but I see it in her eyes.

I moan into her mouth as she does the same against mine. This kiss of tantalizing brushes and clinging lips feels like an exchange of sweetness until I sit up. Miranda secures her arms around me. The feeling that engulfs me is an inferno for sure, and I’m burning inside my clothes. I also hate them. They keep me from feeling all of her softness.

Miranda brings such strange emotions to surface in me. They affect my cock in ways that are most uncomfortable even as she grinds herself against me. She breaks our kiss to breathe heavily. I match her in my excitement while we stare into each other's eyes. Miranda rubs her crotch with more force against my hard-on. I hiss at how good this also feels, and I do not want her to stop fulfilling my desire. I see the fire in her eyes matching mine. Then she shudders and kisses me deep.

When Miranda pulls away from my mouth, she lifts off me entirely and kicks off her shoes. I follow her to my feet because I don’t want to let her go. The sexy girl slips out of my hands though, and I watch her leap into the pool fully clothed. Near the middle of it, she surfaces with her red dress floating around her.

Staring at her stunned by her beauty and daring act, I kick off my shoes and pull off my socks, too. I cannonball with all my clothes on into the pool. Glad that it's warm as I wade my way to the beauty swimming before me, I smile the way she is now so big and bright that it reaches her green eyes. Miranda floats into my arms. We drink each other in, and I don’t doubt for a minute how I want more of her molding to me. I can feel the hard wet buds poking out of her chest, crushing against me. 

Now I comprehend what all those love songs speak of when they say how captivated one can be in meeting someone for the first time. Love at first sight, so it’s called. Miranda impels this in me. I know at that precise moment that I love her. Maybe at the party, she was whom I sought? Regardless, I'm ecstatic that I hadn’t tried to leave sooner, or I would have missed her.

We drift over to the side of the pool, and I can feel her unbuttoning my jeans and freeing my cock from my underwear. Her legs wrap around me, and she is the one who settles herself on the end of my virgin cock. If I thought my hand for the last 25 years was great, feeling the heated walls of this incredible woman blows my mind. I nearly come right then.

“Oh my God,” I whisper against her full lips that taste of sweets.

“Breathe, Robby.” Slowly Miranda inhales and exhales as she moves up and down my cock while I stand and support her. The blood runs so red to my face, and the heat of it makes me dizzy. I do as she suggests though and breathe in time to her. 

My God! My heart beats so fast in my ears! Nothing like this in my dreams ever feels so extraordinary. Every single book on sex could not prepare me for the euphoria I encounter. Miranda works to take my entire cock inside her. 

I want more of these sensations and so try to help. I press her against the pool's concrete wall and move my hips to meet her efforts. The explosion of pleasure firing off where we are joined groin to groin causes us to cry out together. Her green eyes stare me down, and I am not just caught in her world of heat and flames. I drown in them. 

“Oh, oh, oh!” Miranda pants with each thrust inside her.

The pool’s warm water sloshes about us faster and faster in our journey. Far greater than any sensations produced by my hand, each delightful thrust builds on the newborn pleasures I discover inside this woman. I grunt with my effort until I feel the familiar tickle. It grows into a burn of cum reaching down in my balls and flushes hard along my shaft that strikes bottom. 

“Oh, cum for me, Robby! Cum!” Miranda cries and clutches on to me for dear life when my cum explodes out of the tip. I cry out with her. She also shakes violently now up and down my cock until all she does is grind on me with less energy.

Both of us pant between our satisfied kisses when we eventually decide to get out of the pool. I carry Miranda out and return to the lounge chair where I laid before. Satiated, I cuddle her close to my heart.

“Thank you, Robby. Thank you so much for loving me,” Miranda says as she closes her eyes and smiles.

Someone kicks my chair, and I fall out of it. I squint up at the hazy morning sun. My buddy Bert stands near appearing stoned with blood-shot eyes but more irritated than usual. “What the fuck, dude? We’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

I rub my head as I look around the vacant patio. Miranda is nowhere to be found. “Where’s Miranda?”

“Who?” Bert asks as he looks around, too.

“The girl I hung out with last night. The girl in red.”

He gestures around him. “What girl, dude? You disappeared on us last night, and we thought you went home as usual.”

Bert lends a hand which I take. I stand up and sigh while brushing off my jeans. “I’m telling you there was this girl!”

Across the way, an older guy’s white head appears at the fence bordering Russell's property. “Yeah, the girl in red.”

“Right!” I say glaring right at the older guy. “Did you see her?”

“Every night since the day she drowned in that pool a year ago,” the guy says while pointing at it.

Feeling the blood drain out of my face, I question with disbelief, “Drowned?”

The guy’s white head bobs. “Some around the neighborhood say it was suicide. Others think she got the wrong drug that made her trippy. So sad either way. She was such a pretty green-eyed girl. Russ didn’t have any of his parties for a while and when he did several months later, no more pool parties ever.” The guy walks away from the fence and back into his house.

“See?” Bert smacks me on the back of the head. “No girl, dude. Let’s go.”

I shake my head.

“Suit yourself, but I’m leaving,” he says and walks away, shaking his head.

I stare gut-punched at the pool with my head falling into my hands. Miranda felt so real. I held her in my arms. I made love for the first time, and it was with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. 

I shake my head in denial. My dream girl was just that but more. Miranda’s ghost haunts the place of her death never finding peace. The things she said make sense now. It makes me so sad tears surface in my eyes.

I sit down in the same lounge chair I fell asleep on, feeling confused. I do not know what to think. 

Again, I look at the pool. Like magic, she materializes there as she was last night. Rubbing my eyes, I stand in shock to my feet. Miranda still floats before me in the pool wearing her sexy red halter dress. 

“Please don’t cry for me, Robby,” she says with her beautiful smile. “Thanks to you I can leave this place. Know this... a time will come when you've reached the end of your days. When you do, we’ll meet again.”

The morning sun hits the pool with tiny shimmers of gold and the girl in red vanishes from view as if she were never there. As I leave the patio with an ache in my heart, I trip over a red stiletto. It's the same Miranda wore last night. I smile through my tears knowing that it was all real and take the shoe as my only proof.


© Copyright 2020 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.