Victor's Journey

The sun in his Raven hair

" come and race with the Devil!" I heard him yell out as I was bandaging my broken leg, I had casually got into a fight with someone they broke my left leg I was sitting in my motel bandaging it myself he sounded really close

"my fucking legggggggggggggggggggggggg" I started crying finally finishing up the bandaging, not the best but it will have to make do , I looked at my watch, midnight I needed to sleep crashing into my bed I dreamed

the dream was as follows

“Since you won’t make a wife for me,” the creature hissed close to my ear, “I have another proposal.”

“I care nothing for your ‘proposals’,” I snarled.

“You will care about this one. For if you refuse, your friend will die.”

“Coeval?” No! He should have stayed far away.

“Yes, that one. Be my wife, and he lives.”

I blinked. “What do you mean?”

He pressed his lips to my ear, fingers trailing down my back, large hands coming to rest at my hips. “That your life will be mine, and mine will be yours.”

A perversion! “No,” I spat.

In the dream he took off my tie throwing aside all my other clothes too

" perhaps this will change your mind" he said he was completely naked no clothing on whatsoever his cock entered into my gaping mouth, I tried to pull away but he said

" the more you struggle, the more I will do this to you until you beg for me to be your husband!" he kept on sliding in and out but for some reason I liked it, five minutes in the dream I started cumming he already was and he was quite pleased that i finally starting to cum

I woke up I started moaning from pleasure

it was 8 in the morning, I got up and I remembered my leg was broken

it still hurt to move it I looked at my makeshift bandages surprising if they were fixed what's a note beside my bed the penmanship was very familiar yet I did not recognize it the letter said

' I saw that your leg was broken it will take two or three weeks for this to fully recover I fixed up your Band-Aid please get all the rest you need, sincerely; Anonymous' I was shocked I could have sworn I have no Neighbors maybe a doctor visit me in my sleep

and then I noticed it obvious elbow mark,of my creation he was the one who fixed it up while I was sleeping every time he has yelled it I was instantly started chasing him but when I not giving any reaction, he knew something must have been odd

don't make me fall in love with you

and perseverance!I ever-so-gently it traced stitches holding my creation together with great care, sympathy and tenderness, ever so gently pulling the creation of pants down to observe phallus I started licking it I was enjoying it when he ripped off my shirt we did intercourse then I woke up it was just a dream but it felt so real just one more week in my leg would be fully healed, with my eyes still adjusting the light started pouring in grabbing one of my crutches I stood myself up and grab the other with great difficulty, I managed to get myself down the motel keeper and his wife was dead I was perfectly innocent, right?

" excuse me sir,Yes you the one with the crutches,You were the last one to checked in here, where were you last night at 10" one of the police officers questioned me

" good officers of the law, at 10 I remember falling asleep in my bed, nothing more nothing less" I said they nodded knowing that it would be a hassle for me to get back up to the stairs to the bedrooms one of them offered to carry me while the other one held my crutches I agreed, I showed you that my room and they asked if I was okay to which I replied

" well, I had too much to drink one night it was about two weeks ago, a man and I got into a fight, something about politics, he broke my leg, I managed to bandage it up" I said

" c'est la vie" one of them said I looked upon him with confusion

" he means that's life" the other said departing which reminded me of something of the night that I fell in love with my creation the night he came to life

It was already one in the morning. The rain pattered dismally against the panes, and my candle was nearly burnt out, when, by the glimmer of the half-extinguished light, I saw the dull yellow eyes of the creature open.

Those eyes locked onto me, and I trembled in response. How can I describe my emotions at this moment? I had taken such infinite pains to shape him, had put such care into his form! His limbs were in proportion; his hair was lustrous black and his teeth of a pearly whiteness. Even his phallus had been selected … Great God! Why?! I had wanted him to be beautiful! He should have been beautiful!

The creature breathed hard, and a convulsive motion agitated his limbs. He broke free of his restraints, and I could see the workings of muscles and arteries beneath the yellow skin which covered them. His shrivel led complexion contorted, his black lips curling. Was he trying to smile? At me? Horror filled my heart, and I stumbled backwards, fearful, tripped over a low stool, and fell to the ground.

He was on me in a trice, huge and heavy, those two hands with their long, artistic fingers tearing remorselessly at my clothes. Ah, he meant to expose me! He moaned, wordless, guttural, strained, vocal cords unused to their new throat, and he moaned again louder when at last his bare yellow skin brushed against mine. He had never felt the touch of another before, and so of course he was captivated.

And he obviously wanted more. A distant part of me was pleased to see the phallus I had given him in proper working order, twitching as it became engorged. It was unbearably lovely, the tip ripe and rosy where the foreskin had retracted, and I felt myself hardening in response, just as I had whenever I had previously handled it, when I had applied it so lovingly to the creature’s inert body …

He knew. Somehow, he knew, and he wanted me, not as a son wants his father but as a man wants his lover. And oh, how it pains me to say it, I was already rampant between the legs; yes, I wanted him too the same.

Bent almost in half at the waist, I felt him mount me. He was not gentle; he had not been taught tenderness or mercy. He took me right there on my laboratory floor as I gazed up into his yellow eyes, as he tore me open forthright and rutted against me, rough as a dumb beast, a heinous monster of night brought to light. If I’d entertained the notion that it would be quick, that this first occasion of his lust would burn bright and brief and then extinguish itself, I was wrong. He pounded into me with a fury until he climaxed, his seed mixed with my blood, and he did not cease. He kept right on going until he climaxed again.

The fuck was agony, and it was ecstasy. The unholy stench of our copulation rose in the cold air all around us. I was terrified — of myself or the creature I knew not. No, I knew nothing but the plunge of that giant cock, feeling myself stretched and overfilled, unbearable loss as he withdrew. I did not touch myself, and I did not touch him. I did not encourage romance. Yet I soiled our bellies with my semen at least thrice whilst he continued laboring above me. Eventually I passed out, and when I awoke with the dawn some hours later, enveloped in a monstrous embrace, the creature’s cock was still hard as stone and still buried inside me.

Alas, alack! Woe was unto me, for I perceived no escape from this nightmare.

But I didn't want to I wanted to touch his phallus I wanted to make him love me but now I realize, he had to have been some sort of witch, he probably cast ed a love spell upon me! Like the bandages around my leg at some magical enchantment upon them and the more I wore them the more hard the enchantment will be to break, who am I kidding that's obviously not how it could be! Although I was in love with him I would die for him

please make it stop

I had gotten better I could finally walk by myself without the crutches, and I no longer needed the leg rapping, I continued on my journey, to no man's land, I knew I might die but, if it was to put an end to that creature then so be it, I managed to dictate my will, if I were to die all of my stuff we go to Lily my only daughter, my only hope, the last ray of sunshine in my life, the dogs pulled me along on my sled they wouldn't stop, but I could finally breathe at least,All of the layers of clothing made me feel a little bit cold inside my mind went to a dark place,Perhaps I could end the chase right now. I looked in my inventory for something to do deed with I saw a tree in the distance, I had a knife, a rope, a shotgun, and other stuff that could you not be used to eliminate me, I was thinking and I wondered how it would go maybe this is how it might be

Perhaps I could go like this

  • tie the rope
  • cut my wrists
  • eliminate the dog sled team
  • tie the rope to a branch of a tree
  • make a snow pile
  • insert the Rope around my neck
  • kick down the snow 
  • wait for the sweet release of death

therefore when I got to the tree I stopped the team and I checked each branches break ability

finally I found a sturdy one one that wouldn't break so I tied it while I still have the strength, I picked up the knife my hands were trembling, but not from Fear from the coldness to see my veins I bent back my hand, when in the distance a solid shape was I hallucinating, only one way to find out I approached the ship, sure enough it was real, only no one was on it except for a young man freezing and emaciated, when I approached him he had pain in his eyes she was crying

"p- please make it stop!" young man cried his voice was hoarse I helped him to his feet

" what is your name my good sir?" I asked him putting my jacket on him

" Robert, my name is Robert Tho mason Walton but, you can call me Robert I just going to die out here anyway I'm glad you found me I have a daughter at home, Caroline is her name" he said looking at me, gasping for air with each word, he looks like he was going through agony he noticed my bag, I placed it down beside him and I want to go get something for him, when I was about ready to get him something I have a loud


cleaning him up there for I made sure he was truly dead then I remembered in college Years, we went to the same high school and University that's when it really hit me I cried


"... do not leave me. " I shouted every last part of him was except in my heart


I left him a sad and lonely man I went out and almost immediately collapsed into the snow , and making a deep cut in my rain collapsed there was a deep Haze above my eyes I couldn't see everything what does Spirit sound like

a blizzard showed up and I smiled

I have been hunting him for so long and have seen such terrible things, the blizzard is almost a relief. In the wind’s mad roar, it seems as if everything could be reduced to nil.

How I long for it. Let him be wiped away with my sins, I plead.

A great and terrible shadow looms out of the snow – yes here, now, we are to meet our fate. I close icy arms around him to ensure he goes with me.

Instead he holds me, forces warmth upon me, and I yearn for it, even as my soul cries out.

And then I passed out

he can't be that hot!

I woke up in a igloo, I couldn't remember anything I knew who I was but where was I, why is it so dark, why can't I see anything?! I tried to scream but sound would not come out my hands were bound together , along with my feet I felt something in my mouth Something Told Me

it's vodka

Whoever did this to me was trying to make me drunk, so my mind would be more easier for suggestions, cruel But I had no other choice I took a deep swallow it tasted like heaven, when all of a sudden some lights came on

is there he was my creation It can't be that hot, yet again I did not I did not mean for him to be ugly, yet here he was I noticed now what was in my mouth, I was bound and gagged my worst nightmare he undid my restraint and took his T-shirt out of my mouth, it tasted great I never been able to get that taste out of my mouth

Every breath he took from me turned my body colder and in return made me cling to the warm corpse even more.
The soft thudding of his heart could be heard as if it were a watch keeping perfect time. Long slender hands held onto my waist as I took in the sight of the thing I created before me. I had made this being and it was my irresponsibility that made it what it is today. My first thought was why I made it so tall. I had to sit on a table to even try to meet it face to face.
It is a he....and I think he is wonderful. My hands can’t stop fluttering over my creation, they dance to and fro from the chest I had to carry in the middle of the night, to the arms I took from a musician. Hearing him speak for the first time made my heart stop and I thought I would die. I never knew what voice box he carried. I remember choosing his face, it haunted my sleep since the first time I saw it on a young man who I happened upon in the hospital. I had to make a few stiches here and there to help support the muscles, but I made them as small as possible. It won’t stop staring at me. This is the first time we truly met. The first time It met me I ran, I was afraid. I had done the impossible and created life that was not God's creation, it was mine.
It is a he...and he is now touching my face.
He has lived a full year without me. I remember his skin being more yellow but now I notice it almost like he is bruised. He is gentle which is a surprise, these same hands now caressing my skin are the same that killed William. It’s a distant thought now and my anger cannot rise above the other emotions that are swirling through my head.
It..He..It takes its time, like a topographer creating a map. Fingers making delicate patterns down my neck and touching the rough cotton of my shirt. I wish I could think of a conversation to have with him. I try to compose a sentence in my head but my mouth is too dry to speak.
I give up in many failed attempts and I think it noticed. Did it just laugh? How much more capable is this being?
Not only can it be angry but it can be happy. It has known sadness, joy, heart ache, the simple times of a sunny afternoon. Could it know love? It certainly knew hatred but then again so did I. If it wanted to murder me he would have done so by now. He, for his gender is male and not an It. He, at the moment, holds me close. My face is I crying? Should I feel that sorry for this miserable being? Or do I feel sorry for both he and I, for the choice I made in creating him. A sob escapes my dry mouth and I cling to him more.
I wish I could apologize but I can't. He wanted companionship, to be recognized by man. I rejected him and yet he stands before me. I don't dare reject it...him again
I can feel the inner turmoil inside of him. Hatred being replaced by the new feeling. The same feeling that is bubbling inside of me. Is it Peace? Relief? I hear him sigh and find myself looking into the yellow eyes I ran away from on the first day. How does he feel to know that his creator, his giver of life, can fall so low. It is said in the Holy Bible that the All Mighty Infinite Father does cry for our being, but I do not think he ever cried because of himself.
What was I to expect when I felt the brush of his cracked lips against my soft human flesh. It was just my cheek, my body burns as if I have a fever. He does it a second time, on my forehead. Does he want me to do the same to him? His eyes are wide as a barn owls when my quivering lips rest upon the side of his chin. For that was where I could reach. He takes the hint and bends a little lower, again my cursed quivering lips tremble as they touch his face. This is beyond nerves.
I pray he does not kiss my lips.
His fingers intertwine with mine and he holds my hands, almost like one holds fine china. Am I that breakable? Does he really feel like he could end my life with one snap of his wrists?
Oh no. He kisses my hands like a gentleman does for a lady. Slowly, as if he's draining the life from my body. I cannot take those yellow eyes upon me. Dam my beating heart. I feel as if I have fallen into his trap. No do not come closer. No do not caress my soft skin with your rough yet beautiful fingers. Do not play idly with my hair that I refuse to cut for idiotic purposes. How dare you inspire a moan to slip from my lips while knowing full well you were the one who played it out of me. You kiss my palm lightly and I feel as if I am melting. I do not care how gentle this creature can be, he is still a killing machine.
Should I turn the tables? Let my hands run through his raven hair? As if moving on their own my hands feel the silkiness of his hair and I am surprised. Now it is my turn. He growls and I shudder. The chill down my spine excites me and scares me at the same time. Taking one hand, I kiss all five of his fingers. Heat is returning to my face. Stop looking at me. I wish to hide, like the game of my childhood. Hide and never be found. And if I am found I wish he wouldn't be there. Is he leaning towards me? Are my prayers being unanswered? Afraid I do not close my eyes and any breath I am about to take is gone. It started as a light brush, leading into a gentle push that slowly grew into a raging desire. I grasped for anything I could hold, I could feel my nails digging into the back of his neck. The heat radiating from the hands on my back urged me forward in both body and emotion. In this single moment I felt I could touch the stars. I was left panting for breath and yet he was fit as a horse.
Again the reaction occurred. He moans and the sound vibrates throughout my whole body.
I accidentally bite his lip and he mumbled something into my mouth. I could taste his words and had to laugh. "That's not polite," I whisper and can feel him smile. We rest once more, our foreheads touching, my short breaths hit his skin and I swore left a small red mark somewhere in the mixes of purples, yellows, blues. I can feel the question lingering between us. Slowly forming like a thought and ready to take the shape of a few letters to make words. Those words need to be spoken aloud, else I will wake up tomorrow with a broken heart, his more shattered than mine.
Our mouths open at the same time but my words are faster than his. "You cannot leave".
Followed quickly with "I need you."
To in which replied, "I will die if I lose you." And was rebutted, "You will die if you had me." Shocked words said. "All the more to stay with me." A gasp entered the conversation. A second ticked by. "I am hated."
"One learns to love." Silence stands between us. Questioning eyes flutter back and forth on me. "Can it be done?" A loaded question. He might as well be pointing a gun to my head. One wrong word and we return to the normal state of creature and creator, forever loathing the other for our pains and misery. My word decides all. "It" I pause for a minute as my brain tries to think of all outcomes. It is blank as a white wall. "Can" I finally say? I do not know if the weight of the world is off my shoulders or if I am being chained to a doomed fate. As he kisses me for the last time I can feel his happiness. The relief of finally being accepted, to have something of his own.
I wonder what he tastes from me

he cannot be this cute, he simply cannot be but the more I stared into the spectacular why the more it made sense to me, reason why he bound and gagged me because he wanted me all to himself, it was my job to give him what he wanted I was his creator but he was my master,i will obey!

Memories are coming back

I now remember why I made him, he was the man I held all those years ago, senior year High School Henry

it was summertime it was time for the dance, I was alone when he approached me

------------------------( senior year High School summer,6 p.m.,2014)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

" hi I'm Henry, want to dance?" he had said someone wanted to dance with me I agreed happily, me and him danced 4 hours here are some questions he asked me

  • what's your name
  • how old are you 
  • do you have a phone
  • what's your number
  • did you come here alone?
  • Can I drive you home?
  • Where do you live
  • you look cold, want me to loan you my jacket?
  • What college are you studying at and what is your major?( going to the same as me)

And here are my replies

  • Victor
  • 18
  • yes
  • 410-392-6166
  • yeah
  • sure why not
  • a couple miles away
  • thank you
  • the University of Inconstant Alchemy

------------------------------------------------------( present day)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The creature was outside somewhere it was just me to my memories, when all of a sudden I heard him come by me, I smiled waiting for him all of a sudden I heard

"These hands, How I fear for these hands. How I wonder if ever had these hands been held with compassion,Could they do what they'vie done,These hands? What of these eyes? Blind with hate are these eyes. Could it once be that someone gazed into these eyes with affection, And saw good deep within These eyes? And why, Having tasted of vengeance, Do these lips curl with madness and pain, crying in vain? A soul that could love is now helplessly chained to these hands! And these ears still hear him crying, And will never know laughter or song, ever so long As blood of the innocent runs red upon these hands! These detestable hands! And this terrible hide, with its poison inside, Hated limbs and foul heart, I would tear them apart,If I only could feel what I felt when I held him within These hands! Unforgiving, unmerciful hands!These unfeeling, contemptible hands! And our end will not come 'Till justice is done, By this man!" he said out loud I smiled he came in seeing me ready for him he got up close to me 

he had questions and I was going to give him answers he clenched in his hand, something, he gave it to me and I instantly remembered it, the picture of Henry the last picture ever the picture I took of him before they took him away to fulfill his death sentence, he was crying, the prison uniform on him the blue t-shirt and orange pants he was crying he knew his fate his hair was already shaved, Harper he was wearing his own hair as a wig I had made it for him so at least I would get to see him in his hair one last time,I cried my creature wiped the tears out of my eyes with his luscious black hair then he bent down to ask me

" who is this man in the picture, I found his picture in one of your pockets why is he so sad? Things really that bad" I couldn't hide behind tears anymore I had to tell him the truth

"he, used to be a boy friend of mine He had the same passion as me, however me and him got caught one day I was found innocent, and left off with only a warning, however he was that so fortunate,it was unfair however me and him had made a promise I would use part of him to build you!'' I said giving my creation a big hug crying steel he was shocked pointing out the parts that used to be to a part of Henry his torso and his hair at first he was shocked knowing that part of him have been related to me. He let me rest that's when I realize, it was no love enchantment, it was rather the sensation for Henry

I had a nightmare...............

" Adam, I had a nightmare" I said, he look at me, he smiled and he pulled me close to him,He smiled he was lying down on the bed he picked me up

" if it helps you calm down, you can sleep on my chest" I did so as I slept I felt his big hands caress my stomach you may be wondering what was the nightmare here it is

Whydid you leave me there rather than kill me?!"

"I could ask you the same."

, that set him off. i barely managed to flinch back before Adam clutched at his throat, squeezing far tighter than he ever had with the others.


wouldkill me, for the very crime of his creation. Nothing he had ever experienced in this short life brought him more pleasure than seeing the fear in my eyes, the color draining from my face.

And nothing had ever brought him more arousal than to see this foul 

thingwrithe under his grip.

In tHe e meantime Adam was using one hand to keep his my throat pinned against the wall, and the other to deliberately tear away at his layered clothing; he planned to utterly destroy me in every sense of the word: my pride, his body, 

especiallymy sanity. He would tear all of it away, and destroy it right in front of him.

That destruction, of course, began with forcing me into so vulnerable and humiliating of a position that he would be left with no other choice than to hate himself.

i'd had enough time to breathe. Adam clamped his hand around my still softly gasping my throat again - only intent being to heavily 

restrict, but not removehis air now - and cast his gaze onto my face. Fear. 

Good. Something about the expression of terror on my face specifically made him feel amazing, and he fully planned to make use of it.
More tearing at his clothes. i tried to remove Adam's hand, and the man felt his blood boil.
With a quick forward motion he had viciously slammed the back of my head against the wall.
"If you even 

thinkabout trying that again, I'll snap your neck, 

Frankenstein." He harshly growled, sneering at my name. Once satisfied that his point had been made, Adam continued.
In his time on this earth, Adam had never seen another person stripped completely; or even partially for that matter. my pale body was forcibly laid bare for him, and he felt a rush of excitement when i had the gall to attempt to cover myself slightly.
He groaned again as he hurriedly muddled with his own garments, his cock already throbbing. As soon as the piece was out he was roughly forcing himself into me, aroused yet disgusted chills running down his spine as i released a choked cry of pain.
"No one's here to save you anymore Victor. You're at 

mymercy now."

He shoved into the hilt, and I nearly sobbed.


now, the nightmare continued

" now, Whenever there is a victim in movies, they would explain their Fates that's what I'm going to do to you now, I'm going to make you love me I'm going to make that pie straight up making me feel so much pleasure you can't say no this is my first time, I have took almost everything from you except your virginity'' he said It felt so real I was left standing there then I remembered there was such thing as consent I could just say no

"no" I whispered he looked up at me

" what did you just say?" he snapped

" I said no!"I snapped back at him

he started giggling a little

" you are tougher than you look" he said his yellow eyes looking at me

for his eyes always like this? Were they always this deep and hypnotic? Serialized how captivated I was and he said

" you forgot you used, when you are making me, you used the eyes of a mind controller!" it was true for both the dream world and the real world and then I woke up in a cold sweat, crying breathing rapidly, even screaming

"sh sh it's okay I'm here Daddy's got you" it was just a nightmare, I looked at him, and I kissed him, wait did he just call himself Daddy? What's going on

" wait did you just say you are daddy" I whispered is that half awake half asleep voice

" yes, do you want me to call myself Daddy?" he said, I nodded and fell right back asleep this time I had a good dream in which he was drying my tears with his hair but that's when I remembered something

I did not make him to chase me, but now I run.

I did not make him to help me, but now he brings me food.

(“Live and be miserable,” I’ve heard.)

I did not make him to torment me, but I tremble at the faintest rustle.

I did not make him to love me, but love me he must, when we go farther north and the nights are colder, and I wake to rough fingers tracing my cheeks, my lips; when I protest but find myself admiring my handiwork when he recites Goethe and lulls me back to sleep.

Adam recites Goethe

One night when I could not sleep Adam came in I smile

" you haven't been able to sleep in a week, I am worried about you so, tonight I am going to tell you poems written by Goethe they are your favorites" he said I make myself feel comfy

"How fair doth Nature

Appear again!
How bright the sunbeams!

How smiles the plain!

The flow'rs are bursting

From Eva'Ry bough,
And thousand voices

Each bush yields now.

And joy and gladness

Fill Eva'Ry breast!
Oh earth!--oh sunlight!

Oh rapture bl est!

Oh love! oh loved one!

As golden bright,
As clouds of morning

On yonder height!

Thou bless est gladly

The smiling field,--
The world in fragrant

Va pour conceal'd.

Oh maiden, maiden,

How love I thee!
Thine eye, how gleams it!

How Love'st thou me!

The blithe lark lover

Sweet song and air,
The morning flow'Rte

He av'n's incense fair,

As I now love thee

With fond desire,
For thou dost give me

Youth, joy, and fire,

For new-born dances

And minstrelsy.
Be ever happy,

As thou Love'st me!'' he read out loud it wasn't too loud at all it was deep soothing and even Translate like he was trying to put me into a some sort of Trance and it was working,It felt so calm he noticed he continued with the next poem inside of the same deep and entrancing vice

"From the cot, where softly sleeping
⁠Lies my bosom's love, I go,
And with noiseless footstep creeping,
⁠Thread the dusty wood, when lo!
Bursts the moon through glade and greenwood,
⁠Soft the herald zephyrs play,
And the waving birches sprinkle
⁠Sweetest incense on my way.

How I revel in the coolness
⁠Of this beauteous summer night
Still dreaming here the foulness
⁠Of the panting soul's delight!
Words can paint not what my bliss is,
⁠Yet, kind heaven, I'd yield to thee
Nights a thousand, fair as this is,
⁠Would my love give one to me!" he started running his big fingers through my hair, I guess for him the badger to control my mind, but honestly I do not care, as a predominantly became more intrigued by him, some more deep he wanted to tell a story and I will allow it


Written at the time of Goethe's connection with Lily.]

HEART! my heart! what means this feeling?

What oppresseth thee so sore?
What strange life is o'er me stealing!

I acknowledge thee no more.
Fled is all that gave thee gladness,
Fled the cause of all thy sadness,

Fled thy peace, thine industry--

Ah, why suffer it to be?

Say, do beauty's graces youthful,

Does this form so fair and bright,
Does this gaze, so kind, so truthful,

Chain thee with unceasing might?
Would I tear me from her boldly,
Courage take, and fly her coldly,

Back to her. I'm forthwith led

By the path I seek to tread.

By a thread I ne'er can sever,

For 'tis 'twined with magic skill,

Doth the cruel maid for ever

Hold me fast against my will.

While those magic chains confine me,

To her will I must resign me.

Ah, the change in truth is great!

Love! kind love! release me straight!'' he had said there is no more denying, I was completely under his control

" sleep my beloved, sleep, sleep. I will keep you safe from everything that might hurt you" he whispered in my ear I slept it was amazing

Love won't tear us apart

Today me and Adam decided to look at some fanfiction we just did it for finises but oh boy here goes nothing

" this one right here looks like a good one!" Adam said pointing to a fanfiction titled 'A Fascinating Approach'

" for the hell of it why not, sounds like fun" I said clicking on it

He was absolutely gorgeous in his misery. Victor stood and watched Adam perform for him, all heaving breaths and choked moans as chafed wrists rubbed against coarse rope. Victor could just see the beginnings of a blood stain; Adam had successfully rubbed through the skin on his arms and ankles with his needy thrashing, and it sent a shiver up his spine. He could already taste the iron on his tongue, thick in his mouth and sweet from his monster’s sweat.

" already not enjoying this, maybe we should get it off our screen" I suggested Adam shook his head

Adam’s arms were skillfully bound to his ankles, face shoved into the ground. Gagged with one of Victor’s shirts, he huffed out harsh breaths at the mere idea of Victor watching him. It sent a power rush to Victor’s head, the idea that he had complete control over such a mighty being, something seemingly unstoppable willingly on his knees for him. Willingly spreading his legs for him, willingly letting him ruin him. It made Victor hungry, and the whip in his hand seemed to burn.

" in this fanfiction I got revenge for you time my arms and legs together and putting a t-shirt in my mouth!ha!" I laughed

" I'm starting to not like it I'm getting it off the screen" Adam said clicking off

luckily for us we found another

It was already one in the morning. The rain pattered dismally against the panes, and my candle was nearly burnt out, when, by the glimmer of the half-extinguished light, I saw the dull yellow eyes of the creature open.

Then we heard something, it's probably just the wind I thought, this and only this! But then someone entered

" stay away from my brother, and no one gets killed" a familiar voice said me and Adam turned to face it it was

" Elizabeth? How did you find us, why are you here?" I questioned Adam put his big arm around my chest to keep me safe

" listen sweetie, your brother is mine! I love him so stay away from him" Adam said

"s-Senpai Adam?"Adam looked at me and whispered

" I love you, my creator-" he got caught off Elizabeth had injected him with a sedative, he passed out and collapsed onto the floor I cried

" I love him, I would die for him look what you'vie done!" I said taking Adam close to me, I felt his pulse and then his heart beat, he was alive just unconscious, but I thought the best kind of Revenge, was to pretend he was dead with Adams eyes about ready to go closed completely he nodded at me

"What have you done? You murdered him!" I shouted at her it was a lie

''he is the murderer! '' Elizabeth shouted back

" give me that syringe................." I said, I like to start drama sometimes, all the color drained from Elizabeth's face

"what-Vic you can't be serious" she said, I took the syringe from her hand I knew where to inject it. That would put me to sleep like death on the palm of my hand it would hurt, however it would knock me out until Adam could wake up,, therefore I placed it into my left palm and pressed down on the button thing, I screamed in agony for a little, before fainting onto the floor right next to him, and it fell out of my hand, before I drifted into unconsciousness, I heard Elizabeth run out of the room and out of the house

-------------------------------------------( hours later)---------------------------------------------

" how did it feel, injecting that thing inside of yourself" Adam said getting me coffee

" it was agonizing, but that's how it would feel if I ever lost you" I said taking his beautiful black hair out of his face

" really?" Adam questioned I nodded my head He smiled, he is happy I am happy! He looked at me and gave me some flowers

snow lilies my favorite

" how long have you known that these are my favorite?" I questioned

" lucky guess!" he said I kissed him on the cheek meanwhile suggestively touching him, and then l remembered, I have used some animal parts, ergo I knew where he was hiding them I pet his head and his wolf ears pop out, now I could get him into heat, I started petting them

"mmmmmmmmmmmm uh mmmmmmmmmmmmm m-master" he said he made a loud moan after every breath

I'll love you forever

Creatures point of view

he had given me life, he was my creator. But he has abandoned me now he's here in my arms I had rescued him, he was going to destroy himself, I still love him 3 months it has been 3 months since I took him into live with me I am his loving boyfriend, he is stirring again, another nightmare this time, he was Talking

" please, don't go please please please, I can't , I can't live without you, please turn it let it end like this" he said reaching out before putting his hand on my chest and cry, I had watch some videos on YouTube, apparently mothers When the Children Cry, they bring them close to the chest, apparently the heartbeat makes them calm down, there for holding him like he was my baby I pulled her close to my chest he stopped crying, a good sign,

" it's okay, no one can hurt you" I said starting to gently Rock him, very slowly I saw a beautiful arm raise and to my amusement, I watched him to suck his thumb, like a little baby I was already filming a YouTube video for our Channel, yep I had to edit that out, definitely I turned off the camera after saying goodbye to the audience. I continue to rock him like a baby we're in our bed together, has he ever looked at this adorable? My very long hair gently touched his skin 

" my dearest Victor, it fills me with pride, to let you know I love you and I will love you forever, my angel You're the modern Prometheus both of you and he has dared to steal fire from the gods" I said when I heard

" there is a monster in there he has my brother!"It was Elizabeth no doubt about that! 

" oh here we go again" I said I knew the drill by then wake up Victor, inform him on everything, make him hide, go in front of everyone and act very violet and grab Elizabeth by her gentle neck maybe accidentally strangling her in the process so I did it I pulled her inside my big fingers tearing through her clothing she cried

" just know, you have brought this upon yourself! You're trying to ruin my peace, and happiness your brother is the only thing that keeps me alive now I don't mean to offend could you kindly fuck off" I said before I did not know what the f word means but now I know I wanted her to leave she must to leave me and my creator! Right here right now, however I decided to fuck with her mind I wanted her to feel pain I wanted her to feel my pain for once in my life something good actually happened, and she has to come along and ruin everything

" a girl looking like you can't be single, who is your lover?"I asked if I yet monsters voice tone

"h- her name is Justine" she said unable to collect herself, weaknesses that's good, I could use this to my advantage wait what was that hanging around her neck, is that golden crucifix, she thought I was some kind of demon!

"okay, Are you engaged to her, do not lie I will know if you do, understood?" I said lifting High into the air

" no, and I don't think I could ever get married to her" it was a lie I looked into her eyes, next Wednesday at 3 in the afternoon their wedding. I shook my head

" I know you're lying" I said dropping her to the floor definitely damaging her face but I did not care not one bit!

" because you don't want me and your brother to be married, and you're trying to ruin our wedding that I am going to be proposing to him very soon I shall be with you on your wedding-night.!” I screamed throwing her out, but I made sure she survived, I want back into where Victor was hiding, there he was on the floor sleeping like a baby inside of his mouth was his thumb, for the past few weeks this is how he has been falling asleep , I love him carrying him off to her bed, I covered him up placing his head on my chest so he could hear my heart and then he and I drifted into unconsciousness.

Just what I came here for

Victor's point of view( back to normal)

I woke up my boyfriend was holding me. I smiled getting a lot of hair out of his gentle face I went into the kitchen to fix my breakfast when I saw piano, it was nothing new We'vie had it for 3 weeks only it was playing itself

"UN-Dix-toris-quattro-cine-six-Sept-hit-Nerf" I Heard a Voice say as the piano it was probably my imagination but then I saw Adam

" nice piano skills!" he said I didn't even touch the piano I told him what I heard and then it happened again

"UN-Dix-toris-quattro-cine-six-Sept-hit-Nerf" Williams voice no doubt I will get Adam he looked at me

"what the hell?"We both said in unison

We held each other close we both close our eyes

" Adam..........................." William said

" what?!" he shouted pulling me closer 

" why did you kill me?" William said making himself visible touching Adam, my boyfriend!

Without thinking twice I took Williams ghost like arm and it took it away from the Adams chest and like some demon possessed me I bit Williams arm like some kind of animals, only I liked it the taste of his blood, it was like a drink so I drank it, William slowly disappeared I was up there with Adam Williams blood dripping down my cheeks

" Vic..................." Adam said, reaching his hand out for me, he looked concerned, I knew what I had done I knew it was my vampire urges, dammit it the bottle on the potion to lied to me it's supposed to prevent it a every year, I couldn't lie to him he helped me get up I promise to explain everything to him, in all due time when in reality it was going to be on the first night of our Union . Is miles it was my turn to go get some groceries I went out hunting Adam waited at home on my way there however I saw a familiar face, was DAT? No it couldn't be, the young man Robert said that I had met on the boat that I assumed took his own life his light was flickering, I was worried he collapsed onto his knees, upon seeing me he sprang up, and he rushed towards me And embraced me my basket was half full I stopped him so I could put down my basket, then I embraced him back, picking up the basket, and I guided him back into my house, and finally got the chance to introduce him to Adam, he took Robert strong liking to him at first Adam he and I are very close now that was five days ago it is Wednesday 10 a.m. Adam has to leave for a while he says he won't be back until 4, wonder why.

Suffer the consequences

Justine's POV

( a poem written by Justine to Elizabeth before her death)

the day of our Union

she's here with me, But sees me not

she loves, but cannot give
she seeks the mysteries of life
Without first knowing what it means

I lost my way so long ago
Too many sins to now confess
Though you still can touch me so
Through the pain and emptiness

I love the woman you are

Your heart is one that bellows

A bright, but distant star

How could I care for any other life?

With you my world begins anew

While I was chasing dreams across the night

I couldn't see, as now I see

My only dream is you

and it shall be like this till the day we die

but have you stand outside

waiting probably for your own demise

I hear a small sound arise

moving might not be wise

This will not be my first time I will rise

even though I know it's not wise

( end of poem)

I finished writing my poem I felt the need to rhyme with every sentence. more romantic that way

when in the distance I heard footsteps, I thought they were yours Elizabeth

I quite expected you to come into my Chambers, I turned to the door with a smile expecting your approach. But there was a figure a horrid monster!

" who are you?" I questioned dropping my hairbrush, he was humming 

" retribution will be mine!"

that did not answer my question, but he was at my throat the next second I only had time to scream before going limp

Elizabeth point of view

I heard her scream I ran into the room there Justine was lying there looking all dead fingerprints around her neck very was, the horrible Beast, is a thing of my nightmare, the thing that my brother is choosing to go on a date with and even one day marry my heart turns sick Within Me, the thing that goes by Adam, turned to look at me

" this is what I meant, I hope you're happy" he said before jumping out of the window , I will see that ugly creature again, I will find it and I will kill it my brother is bisexual along with me once I do kill a creature he and I will marry he will have no choice!