To the Introverts (2016)

To the Introverts

We inscribe discorded heart beats

to a mis-stepping metronome,

tongues; a foreign obscurity.

Intimate moments are shared with the ground,

eyes tracing pavement cracks

to find an exit on the lined map.

Nails hidden in clutching hands

cloaking the war-like bitten scene,

a conflict unwelcome to constant observers.

Our jumpers camouflage us;

a colour palette picked to fit the background.

Armed with phones we prepare to hide,

defence methods against idle chatter.

Screens replacing the urban terrain

like nocturnal beasts we smother the shadows.

We step cautiously to avoid

the landmines of familiar faces,

walking a silent path we avoid whispers;

murmurs which sow the seeds of fear.

We remain drunk on pessimism

and see their lips usher our names,

strangers: assassins with a single stare.

Our lips are plastered in an emotionless disguise.

Never to draw attention from the endless jury.

Never to trespass on extrovert land.

[Previously published in Rising Phoenix Review.]