Thoughts During A Storm

By Junerdy Reyes



darkness will reach you. You will get it not just once, but many times. This is the absolute truth about darkness.

within. Some take drastic measures to end this pain. However, this only causes more pain.    

get all the help and strength you can get, that

the wall in front of you will eventually move forward. Have hope too, hope is one of the most important things you can have. It is hope that keeps us driving through tough times. If you have no hope, you will succumb to your darkness. Remember this, you want to end the pain, not your life. It you are born into this life, then you're worth it and important. With each breath you take, it's a clear reminder that you have worth.

Love and Hate 

Love and hate will always be in conflict with each

Other until the end of time. This is the sad reality of

this world. This world is blessed and cursed in many ways. There

is happiness, beauty, companionship, and more wonderful things

There is pain, trauma, death, and so much more. It's the

necessary balance that we need. For if there is only hatt

there will be chaos and anarchy. you see hate will

Slowly grow inside of you. It will you use you as

a vessel to spread hate. However before it does this,

hate would have already consumed you. With hate comes

anger and pain. It's like a circle of total darkness

leading to self destruction and self sabotage. Hate is

not a strong word, it's a destructive word.

Even when used in the right capacity, it's still a

destructive word, as hate will spread even more.

It's a never ending cycle.

If there is just love, then we will be high on it

leading to no change. Because, we will be fooled and

Filled by love meaning that we will have no sense

of genuine direction. As love is not the only thing

that guides us. With so much love, we will be blinded. Our hearts alone cannot lead the world. There is a separate thing about love. Love itself is like a two

sided coin. It can be beautiful and it can be painful, it will still be called love. This will always be true about love. Hate

and love is the balance we need just like

darkness and light. Hate is produced by humans, love is produced by humans.


lonely, it's not brought up often compared to other

Subjects. Being lonely can stem from darkness and/or pain. Loneliness may also be one of the roots to

the problems in your life. However you put it

loneliness will cause pain. For when you are

lonely, you're just alone with your thoughts. nothing to laugh at, no one to talk to and no one to do things with. You will fall into a hole. That's what loneliness is, a hole that gets deeper

with each day that you're lonely. A hole tha

is muddy and dark. A hole that people may

know you're in, but you're so deep in it

that those people can't reach you. It's not

that they don't want to reach you. It's that

you won't allow them to, the mud that surrounds you, you throw it at them. You push them away like the mud. Sometimes, you just don't have

People in your life too, and that makes the struggle so much harder. No one to pull you out, but yourself.

My friend, you are important, it doesn't have to

be this way. You are not the mud that is in

your hole you're better than that, you're beautiful. Life is not meant to be lived alone, it's not natural.

There are strangers in this world that are ready to help

you, and want to help you. Why would a stranger

help you? It's simple, it's because they have a heart. Loneliness

must be dealt with kindness and love. You are not alone

in this world you're just alone in the lonely world that you

made, again you're not alone in this world. Come back to

this world, climb out your hole. All the help you need is

out there. To reach the top of a ladder, you have to

keep climbing. You must keep climbing

and you can't stop. A lonely life means a lonely heart, and you are meant to be loved. You're capable of getting it, but you must come out of the hole first. For once you are out of the hole, you will have one foot forward. You will be ready to face the issues in your life, the ones you're dealing with. Do not stay lonely, do not succumb to loneliness.



Love heals, love fixes. There are those who say they do not want it or need it. An absence of love in our lives equals an empty life, a life without an agenda. The form of love I'm talking

about self-love. This is the most essential form of love. If you have no self-love, then all the love you receive will also be empty. Think of it like a drug, the drug will deplete your dopamine, making you want to take more of said "drug." If you

have no self love, then you will depend on love

from others. You're dismissing that self love is needed first. Just like how dopamine is needed first to make you happy, not a drug. How can a heart accept love when you do not love yourself? Your heart is powered by you at its core. To really accept love, you must love yourself, my friend you must be going through some struggles to have no self love. Despite your struggles, I want you to know that you're beautiful inside and outside. No matter what you will remain beautiful. This war you're in with darkness, your demons, and the negativity

is a war you can win. you may

lose some battles, but it's still a war you

can win. You're stronger than you think, my

friend, you will always have the strength

to win. Within that strength is knowledge

Strength is self-motivation. Strength is

determination, Self love love will keep you moving.Forward light and love can defeat darkness. Shine so bright that the dark clouds will disperse. Then,the sun shall come again, you are the sunin your life. The truth is that there is beauty all around you. Look at yourself, you are the greatest beauty out of all.

Feel your heartbeat, do you feel it? you're capable of loving yourself. Keep feeling it, each beat accounts for something. The beats mean that you are worth it, beautiful in your

own way, and that you have value. Love

yourself, be kind to yourself.