The Upside down:

Table Of Contents

Last Breathe


I shiver at the cold feeling of the wind blowing on my pale skin. The sky is full of darkness and stormy clouds. I stare at the fire small that is in the center of us 3 It's about to go out. No, no, no, we need it for the night. I give a quick glare at my hands and my palms are filled with cuts and bruises from the event. I close my mouth that feels numb and lose my eyes to calm down my nerves. All I hear is heavy breathing from my girlfriend, muffled sobs from the goth girl next to me. Only 3 of us are the only ones whom survived, I would have to say rest in peace to the rest that used to live. I hug my knees into my chest, goosebumps growing on my skin, memories of what happened appear. Gosh, why? Why us? Why did we have to come here? Sun slowly crawls to me trying not to fall on her elbows and knees. I send her a weak smile before opening my arms for her to lay in. My body is very stiff, cause we haven't eaten in days. She whimpers at the cold wind giving her goosebumps before falling asleep in my embrace.

I guess your wondering what happened. That might take a while, but you came here. Let the horror story begin.........