The Odd Storyteller's Collection

Short Story I

On my silent walk in a forest nearby, I saw something dark green and soft between two bushes. It had been trapped there, dirty, filthy, and alone, tangled in the small sharp branches.

I thought it was just thrown away so I couldn’t resist to open it. The content of the backpack, because it was a green backpack, left me speechless.

It was a pair of scissors, razor blades, a rope and, what I thought looked like sleeping pills, or maybe pain killers. I wasn’t sure. It also contained endless of plastic bags, which I assumed would be used mixed with the other harmful supplements. Maybe would them be tied over the poor creature’s head while taking their own life.

I took the backpack with me, concerned that an animal or perhaps a child, would hurt themselves by mistake if I just left it to whomever to explore the gears in there.

I was going, slowly and quiet and without seeing where I was placing my feet. I just continued thinking about the whimsical, peculiar, green bag.

Suddenly, I was walking into something that was hanging in the tree right in front of me.

I screamed so loud I was damn sure I had made myself deaf forever.

However, I'm Nels, and this was unfortunately how I became mad.

Poem I

The barely visible moon

A misty, dark night

the extraneous light

is slowly coming to sight.

I'd look at it

with an interested mind

Only one of a kind,

Oh, I must be mentally blind.

I'll carefully hit

the bottom line

It's fully mine

The moon is now lit.

I cannot sit

here and define

What's up with what's mine

I fell asleep, this is it.

Short Story II

Once there was an elf, she was nice and kind, but only to those who needed it the most. She had light green hair and pale skin, purple eyes, and a bright smile.

Her favorite activity was to play the wooden flute. It had a magical power of revealing a creatures true motivation and feelings. 

Let me explain how it works!

When the little elf girl plays the flute in front of a person or creature, it lights up and is grey or silver colored; which means a person has a dark secret or simply feels unwell.

That’s how the elf girl, who by the way is called Norya, can know if someone is sad or needs comfort. She simply plays the flute and she will immediately know.

However, she can’t tell exactly why anyone has the emotion they have. She can’t reveal secrets that is trespassing on someone’s integrity. That’s not her place. If the wooden flute could do that, it would be dangerous and, well, just unfair.

All she wants is just being there for creatures who needs her. And she has the tool to know where to be. That’s all that matters.

Always with a smile and a kind voice of comfort.

Short story III

She looked at her.

She had always knew that this would happen.

Why wouldn’t they live happily ever after? She knew why. They actually already did. They just didn’t knew, what happy really means.

She looked at her significant other. A barely visible smile. She almost looked confused. Her wife was so cute. Something over the top, different from everyone else. She loved her. But how did she show it?

Miranda was old now and so was Samantha. It had gone so much time ever since that first time. Since every fight in school, which eventually was leading to a romance nobody ever could imagine. It was love and it was hate.

It just was.

Nothing had really changed. But it was supposed to change. They were supposed to marry each other. And they did. 

But what about the happily ever after? Nothing changed. Does this mean they’re already quite happy?

Do one has to have certain requirements to live happily ever after?

Poem II

The side of the story

the one we didn't want

to know

to see, to hear,

to be near!

The side of the story

was hidden

for many years

fallen apart

and it had brought me to tears!

We don't always want

to know the truth

dare to hear

we do it out of fear!

We don't always

know what's right

to know what's wrong

we just follow along.