The Internal Loop


I’m not writing this book to gain sympathy from anyone. I am simply writing it to 1) tell my story to help other survivors of trauma feel less alone, 2) to make an impact on this world and 3) because I don’t have a hand covering my mouth trying to silence me anymore… Because, yes, once I did have a hand trying to silence me. And the people who abused me told me to never tell. That’s why I’m now telling you!

This book is divided into two parts, the first part of memoirs and poetry and the second part with my own philosophical teachings I have developed when I needed to heal and needed these techniques the most. So this is both a memoir and poetry book with my personal story and an introduction to my philosophies in the psychological and spiritual fields, which certainly can help others too!

I won’t write anyone’s real name in this book, any real city or location, or something else that can make the people I’m writing about to be found. I respect everyone's privacy, even my abusers.

This book is a collection of both poetry and memoirs, and that is because I use both memoir writing and poetry writing to tell my story. To give the full picture. Sometimes I give a clearer picture in a poem. Sometimes I prefer telling just what happened in a personal essay. It depends on what I need to tell, and also what topic I’m writing about. Some things can’t be said in a personal essay without giving me some bad thoughts about myself, and in these cases, I write a poem instead. And I can’t deny the fact that I’m a big fan of both poetry and memoirs, so why not combine them both?

And of course my philosophies as well. Why I choose to write a book with poetry, memoirs, and philosophies mixed together is because this is a self-healing project, but also because I think my story and my philosophies go hand in hand as well. I wouldn´t study the subjects of the behavioral sciences and psychology and develop my own methods and teachings if I didn´t have my own trauma and my own story to develop it for and from!

This foreword won’t be long, probably it will be the shortest foreword you’ve ever read. Because I want you to start this book now, and read it without me talking in this foreword for centuries…

But I guess here is where I should put a disclaimer. Read this book with caution if topics such as abuse, sexual assault, gaslighting, and other dark topics like those are triggering to you.

I hope you find this book helpful, and interesting, or maybe give you some insight into the mind of an Autistic person.


This book is dedicated to anyone who is healing from trauma and/or looking for their life purpose. This book is dedicated to any lost or forgotten soul from the present moment, from the past, or the future. This book is especially dedicated to you, the reader, who has chosen this book to read.

Furthermore, I want to thank a few people who have encouraged me in my writing. My parents and stepparents, my friends and siblings. Any relative or family member who believes in me and my progress. Anyone in my life who feel they fit into this description. I also want to thank the teachers and mentors I’ve had in life, especially my teacher ”E” from 9th grade. She really did a good job understanding my needs and did help to improve my writing skills (perhaps mostly in Swedish tho…).

I also want to dedicate this book to myself. Because this is my story, after all.


This book is not professionally written, and English is my second language. That means that it might be some grammatical errors between the lines. I don't have the budget in which I can hire a proofreader. Because of that, I have to apologize for any errors and I hope you can see past that and instead see what I'm trying to say.

Thank you for your understanding.

Part I

The poetry and memoirs

Memoir I - Abused

I felt so incredibly sad. I was thinking about old memories, old non-fiction tales which was floating in my mind. Not even tales, it was more like fragments of an ancient event, and it wasn't even that long time ago. But it felt like it was coming from another period.

The grip around my neck was sudden, just like the punch in my face. He had convinced me to make love with him, and I agreed even though I felt a bit awkward. Maybe he noticed I felt uncomfortable, I don't know, but the harsh grip and the sudden punch made my body completely frozen and I couldn't even move any longer. I stopped to move out of fear.

When my body reacted in that way he seemed to be even madder. Several more punches in my face and when my tears started to flow, his moves just became more aggressive. I just tried to hold back my tears and was taking whatever he made me do.

A year later he tried to contact me again. I had been struggling to sleep at night, had terrible flashbacks, and was reacting like a wild animal on certain moves that were similar to the incident a year ago.

I pushed the "block user"-button and decided to move on. Although he did apologize, it would never cure my fears.

Tonight was one of those nights again, and I got up to tell one fragment of my story. And I hope I won't regret it.

This was only one fragment of what kind of life I was living at the time.

Poem I - The Inner Feeling

The inner feeling

In which they are hidden

There’s no power of healing

The things that are forbidden

A little, tiny, very small

Peeking through the wall

Short, not very tall

The most whimsical of us all

Power we cannot see

The ghastly things are up for a walk

The prisoners are we

Suddenly we’re not able to talk

A dried fiend,

A false end,

At least it can make us understand

All the faces we won’t see

All the places in which we cannot be

For all, we can’t make ourselves free.

Memoir II - An angry child

Sometimes I was the one I wanted to be, and that felt awesome. I was creative and smart, joyful, beautiful with dark brown hair and smiley eyes. Sometimes I had a big heart, wonderful self-esteem, and talents others dreamt about having. I was the little sunshine. Sometimes.

I was Trix, for short, the bright child who was polite and eager to do what was right. But I was also Trix, a child with a dark secret. An unnamed condition, a horrible mistake and she was not yet aware of her even darker future.

I was sitting alone a few steps from the playground. Watched the other children carefully. Took a handful of some dry leaves and threw them at the ground in an angry manner. I was angry. A girl looked at me from the playground and she was standing up on the swings right in front of me. She grinned, but not in a friendly way. I looked down at the ground and I heard the other children laughing about something. I wasn't able to talk to them, even if I wanted to.

"Look, it's that girl who can't even speak", I heard one of the boys saying and pointing his finger toward me. I threw some more leaves and rocks at the ground, sitting in my pants with braces to hold them up because they were too big. I was a short little thing. I reached out my tongue and moved my whole body in the opposite direction from them.

"What did you say, you little freak? Oh, did you say something?", the awful boy yelled at me, loud enough for the teachers to notice, but they didn't do a damn thing.

I, Trixibelle Moore, was able to talk physically. I just didn't do it in any other place than in my own home. I refused to speak at school or in the schools arranged activities afterward, which I was forced to go to because my parents felt I had to "socialize" with other children. I just psychologically couldn't. I wanted to, sometimes, but I just couldn't. I was terrified every time my teachers were making attempts to get to me, to force me to speak in front of them or my classmates. Speaking was a terrible fear of mine.

But I was quite a good learner and I learned to write and read books. The writing was easier because then I could do it at my own pace. I could think for a long time before the message was read by anyone. Writing was my passion.

I lived in a small village in southern Sweden. Everyone talked about everyone and was gossiping about everything. Well, yes, everyone except me, of course. I kinda was the target of all the gossiping. But I didn't care too much. My self-esteem was like most other children. They couldn't reach it by participating in gossip about a nine-year-old who chose not to speak. It was a small village, and I guess a child like me was pretty rare. A different child. I guess that was why I was an interesting topic of gossip. Even the adults were talking, yes, the children were just small copies of the bigger picture.

"Trixibelle! Are you listening?"

I jumped up from the chair and looked up at my teacher.

"I expect an answer, young lady!" She said with a harsh pitch in her voice, and her glasses were very ugly from this angle, I noticed. An answer? From Trixiebelle? She could just dream about that.

"Well, I choose to ignore this behavior... because, well, we have a new student in class" she continued and I looked up.

In front of the blackboard, a small, blonde, green-eyed girl with round glasses, stood and looked deeply miserable. I smiled because I could see she was another freak. I smiled for the first time in school that day.

"You have to at least try to hurry up!"

She stared at me. I was holding my jacket, and couldn't move. The sun was burning my skin and the clothes felt weird and funny. My shoes were too big and my socks too thick.

"Hurry up!"

My teacher looked at me. She was annoyed. I was naturally slow in my moves, but honestly... I didn't want to go out with the other children. I didn't want to be either alone in a corner or treated like an animal at the zoo. I wanted to interact genuinely but at the same time, I didn't want to speak to anyone. What a weird feeling, I felt stuck between the need to feel like I was likable, and also to be left alone and just be.

I finally got out when it was about ten minutes left of the lunch break. I stared at the ground to avoid other people looking at me. 

Already as a child, I noticed how different I was. Who are you? I asked myself as eight years old. Why is everything a problem for me? Problems that other children - and adults - barely notice?

I felt confused and scared. 

"Am I a monster?" I asked my mom one day. She looked at me with both a surprised and terrified expression on her face.

"No, of course not, honey!" she replied. "Who told you that?"

She looked at me. I looked at her.

My brain told me that. I wanted to say that to her so bad, that my mind told me that. But I didn't dare. Not even my parents understood me in the way I wanted. Was it their fault? No, it certainly wasn’t. But yet, it was the truth.

Poem II - What begins with lies

It begins with lies

prepared with flaws

The spaced thoughts flies

what's left just dies.

The beginning

was, unfortunately, the end

I wouldn't spend

A thought

with no chance of winning.

The eternal pain

is gone by wishing

I can't complain

I'm held back with a chain.

Back to the start

the beginning of lies

But even if it dies

I will remember in my heart.

Broken and gone

Trashed and wrong

I won't wait too long

To hear the spaced thought's song.

I wish I could end

what begins with lies

Thoughts; they always flies

I don't want to spend

The eternity in hell,

all the partial smell

I can already tell

this won't end well.

Memoir III - The wrong girl

I tend to find myself in the wrong company.

We were making love, me and this wonderful, brilliant, but yet naive girl. She was wonderful and we had so much in common. But she slowly started to hate me. 

We kissed, we talked, we had sex - two insecure females with a tragic backstory - we were around each other all the time.

I liked her, even though I may not have fully loved her. She was my best friend for a few months. I taught her stuff. She hadn’t finished school, so she had a lot to ask. I was studying at the moment, and am still to this day I write this story, and I love reading books about science in my free time too.

But her behavior changed due to drugs and a disorder she had too. And slowly, she started to complain about my Autism diagnosis. I couldn’t understand how to behave in certain situations, and she took it out on me when she got mad. 

When one day I woke up from a dream, I thought she was only a part of that dream. But she wasn’t. But she removed herself from my life one day completely. My Autism was too much for her.

She left me, screaming that I was a horrible person and that was the greatest thing that could happen to me at this time.

Poem III - The Internal

The internal conclusion

of what’s happening inside

is confusion

and I’d be the dying bride

The confusion,

the names it throws at me

The conclusion,

the fact that is obvious to see.

I’m not me, but still not you,

I’m not free to be compared to what you do.

I’m not the one, and you cannot choose it

We cannot run, and you will lose it.

The conclusion will be.

The internal emotions,

for the sake of feeling

I despise it, why not put them on the ceiling?

I do wrong, I’m confused,

I’m just held, beaten and used.

The internal conclusion,

of what’s happening outside,

Is the inner confusion,

which I’m forced to hide.

Memoir IV - You belong to me!

Everything was turned against me. The entire world. I wasn't even a part of it nor my own body. My soul was a free spirit. It sounds good. But it wasn’t. It had nobody attached to it. Because that body was destroyed. 


Could I get away from this? No. If I didn’t fight back, it felt like I was giving consent. I didn’t want to give anything, I didn’t want this, so I was in a panic when I realized this was happening. Again. I physically tried to run away, do what I had to do to get away, to fight, to scream. He didn’t care at first, just did his thing, but now he was frustrated about me fighting back.


”Do you need the belt? Is that what you want?” He whispered, close to my face. My whole body went completely frozen when I heard that word. But soon enough I started to fight back again, trying to scream. He had his hand around my neck and was moving it up to my mouth. Placed it on my lips and whispered again.


”You need something, right?”

He took some cable ties, pushed me down to the mattress, and tied them around my wrists. I screamed so loud I hoped the neighbors might call the police. The grip around my neck was harder this time.

”You scream, and I’ll… You know I don’t feel anything. I’m cold as ice, you know. I know you like being helpless, just admit it. These may help you stay still in the right place and shut the fuck up. After all, you belong to me.”


I knew he was cold, I knew he didn’t feel anything of what he did. No bad feelings at all. I wasn’t scared, my soul had already left my body when he did what he did. 


I decided to close down my brain. He had already started to abuse me in all ways possible. I didn’t even react to the rape anymore. My body couldn’t feel anything, but at the same time, it could feel everything.


The next morning I found blood everywhere when I woke up. It wasn’t my period, because I didn’t get any periods due to medication. When I went to the bathroom I saw a big injury down there. I didn’t dare to go to the doctor to check it, and I decided to tell him.


”So what? Girls are so sensitive”

That was all how he responded to it. And I thought I was going to bleed to death. It might not have been that much blood, enough to die, but it was painful and it wasn’t right. Nobody should do that to another person.


He seemed to read my mind.

”Well”, he sighed. ”You belong to me”.


I didn’t agree with that. I didn’t agree on anything. But who cared about what I wanted? I reminded myself of my childhood and the golden moments which sometimes happened. I was in a children’s home taken away by the child protective services. But I liked that home. I made friends there and I liked the adults who took care of us. One summer we did everything a child loved; big road trips to the water, movies, going to the beach… I was trying to remind myself of that wonderful summer.


It’s easier to live if you collect golden moments from life. I tried to think that way, that morning, in that internal and physical pain. But soon the golden moments were over.

“You are smiling, why are you smiling? Tell me! Have you cheated on me?” He turned around and stared at me with eyes that I can’t describe as anything else than just crazy-looking.

“What? No!” I yelled, scared to be punished again. And I was right.

“You need this, you’ve just proven that you can’t do anything right if it goes just one day without it” he was shouting and I started to cry.

He was pulling me back to the mattress and tied my wrists behind my back. I was crying loudly. He took his belt and swung it towards my body. I felt immediate and intense pain in my back. Crying louder.

“Shut up, or I’ll kill you! Don’t make me angry, you stupid slut”

“B-but I haven’t…” I didn’t even finish the sentence before a new slap made it across my back.

“I-I s-swear…” I tried to explain that I haven’t cheated at all.

“Shut up, don’t make me hurt you even more!”

A couple of more bruises and I didn’t know what to even do with myself anymore. I couldn’t handle the pain any longer.


He stopped for a moment.

“I think that’s enough. For now”

I did dare to breathe again, but only for a short period. I knew this wouldn’t last for long.

We sat in the living room and watched a Disney movie. He held his arm around me and we were wrapped in a nice and warm blanket. That evening he also brought me flowers and made dinner for me. My favorite dish was all vegan homemade sushi. I smiled.

“Thank you, honey”

He smiled. How could this creature be both my abuser and the love of my life? Now, afterward, I certainly know he wasn’t the love of my life at all. But yet, when I was twenty and he was almost thirty-two years old, I thought he was. Many people ask me why I didn’t leave sooner. Or why I didn’t report the abuse to the police. This is the reason why. Because I truly thought I loved him. I was so brainwashed at the time and I was also gaslighted to some extent. I questioned my reality and sometimes I didn’t even know if what he did was right or wrong or even true anymore. The brain filtered some of the details and suddenly it wasn’t clear what had happened to me.

I could recap the moment of abuse and speak to him about it, but he always denied my memories. He had another version of the story and it always convinced me entirely.

“No darling, you are hallucinating. I didn’t do that. You must have had a bad dream” he just answered. I was confused because there were signs in the form of injuries on my body after the abuse. He didn’t even notice that or mention it. Now, afterward, I understand that he was lying and gaslighting me, but at the time he was very convincing. I almost forgot why I had a problem in the first place. Why do I always blow everything out of proportion? I asked myself. Why do I feel sad? I have nothing to be sad about!

And I believed it, for almost two years, before I was able to leave after that last thing that nearly got me killed.

Poem IV - I Wonder

I wonder

what you're going

to do

When my ghost

is in front of you.

I wonder

what you're going

to say

When my ghost

suddenly blocks your way.

I wonder

what you're going

to see

When the odd one

is over me.

I wonder

what you're going

to do

When my ghost

is in front of you.

I wonder

what you're going

to hear,

I wonder

what you're going

to see.

When you'll realize

the ghost isn't me.

Memoir V - A feel of belonging

The whole family was united for this trip to the beautiful, yet scary and foreign country my mother spent the first seventeen years of her life in. It was the country of India, and we were going there to see my grandparents because they still lived in Mumbai. During my entire childhood, I had very little contact with them, I barely knew them. I desperately wanted to make them proud, to feel a sense of belonging in my mother’s country. But I didn’t.

“Hello, Trixibelle! How do you do?” my grandfather nodded and asked me with an enthusiastic glare in his eyes. I didn’t answer. I wanted to, but it was like with the children in school, I just couldn’t make myself do it. Even if I wanted to. Now in my adult life, I understand that I didn’t speak to people I didn’t know. And even though my grandparents were blood relatives, I didn’t know them. They were strangers, so therefore I did not speak.

“She hasn’t learned English yet?” my grandfather asked my mother.

“I don’t know…” my mother replied, “She’s very quiet. She doesn’t talk at all in school”

“That’s kinda strange, isn’t it?”

My father all of a sudden broke in the conversation:

“Well, children develop at different speeds. Give her some time” he said. I could sense the frustration in his voice, as if he wanted to believe it but didn’t. I’ve always been my father's daughter. Always been close to him. He did everything for me, and we did everything together. He was my best friend. But this was a subject that I felt bothered him quite a bit. He was probably just worried. But I took it as something that was a defect in me and my personality.

We walked inside my grandparents' apartment. It was late in the evening and I and my cousins were immediately put to bed in the spare room that was the new guest room. All of our parents borrowed the apartment above, from a family that my grandparents knew was on vacation and was kind enough to let us live there while staying in India.

“Good night, Trixibelle,” my grandmother whispered in my ear. I grinned and cuddled up in the bed, but didn’t answer more than that. My little body was exhausted after the flight. My grandmother sighed and her eyes were shiny in incipient tears and left the room. 

My cousin Christine, who was the same age as me, was changing her position in bed and looked directly into my eyes.

“Why didn’t you answer her Trix? Didn’t you see how sad she went when you didn’t talk with her? Haven’t you learned any English yet?” she said in Swedish and stared at me with eyes that didn’t really cover up her ill-mannered tone. Her eyes looked sad, but her voice had that annoying pitch. I hid under the blanket.

“Alrighty, goodnight then”

Christine turned her back to me in the twin-size bed. My other cousin Jackson laughed in his bed which was placed near the door on the opposite side of the room.

“You really are a little freak,” he said while I was still under my blanket. I fell asleep and didn’t give it much thought. I was used to being the freak, it was now part of my identity.

The next day we all sat around the table eating breakfast. The food tasted unfamiliar and I was not sure if I did like it or not. Some of the food texture felt funny on my tongue, and I was careful with every bite of it.

“Trix, this is called ‘chapati’ and it’s a type of Indian bread”

My mother pointed at the piece of bread and smiled at me. I tasted it very carefully and I nodded enthusiastically and after a little while, I decided that I liked the bread. 

“Mmmmmhmm! This is nice mama” I grinned and my mother looked at me kinda relieved.

“That’s good sweetheart, now, can you tell your grandma that you liked it? She would be very happy. I can tell you how to say it in English,” my mother asked me and I became pale, almost transparent as a ghost by just hearing that. I moved my little body in the opposite direction. I know how to say it in English, I could just not make myself do it! My mother placed her hand on my shoulder.

“It’s okay, we don’t have to do it, Trix. Maybe next time”

I didn’t hear her disappointment, she was disguising it well, but I could sense it. I finished my breakfast and I left the table and went outside. The air hit me like a lukewarm and compact wall and I sat down in the garden and collected small rocks with my little hands. One of them was pink and was shiny on one side and glittery on the other. I put it in my pocket. That rock will be my lucky charm! I told myself. I sat for a long time beside the little banana tree with my rocks in all different shapes and patterns, while my grandfather and mother looked at me from a distance. My grandfather shook his head and I could see that he was saying something I couldn’t hear to my mother. It did not matter, I was happy in my own little bubble of joy, with my rocks and the banana tree.

Poem V - The Moon

The barely visible moon

A misty, dark night

the extraneous light

is slowly coming to sight.

I'd look at it

with an interested mind

Only one of a kind,

Oh, I must be mentally blind.

I'll carefully hit

the bottom line

It's fully mine

The moon is now lit.

I cannot sit

here and define

What's up with what's mine

I fell asleep, this is it.

Memoir VI - And so we are here and now

This collection of personal essays is intended to tell my story, but it’s not intended to be like a novel in the sense of writing. Because the chapters are telling my story in a not very chronological way. It jumps from the past to the present, and from ten years ago to only like two years ago. Why? You might ask. That’s because this is how my mind goes, it reflects my memories. I remember things, jumping from one memory to another, from twelve years ago to one day ago. And I wanted that in my memoirs. Because that’s the only way I can tell my story.

But that doesn’t mean that this story doesn't make sense. Not at all. In fact, this is like talking to me face to face. Except that you read it. I will do my best to write in a way that will make it readable and understandable, even though my story isn’t chronological.

I was laying in bed, trying to focus on the bedtime story which I had chosen for this particular evening. It was a fascinating story of a man trying to climb a mountain in Japan, and on his journey, he was getting closer to an old Japanese man who told him amazing stories. But I couldn't really focus on the bedtime story. I listened with just a half ear, and my mind was trying to reject all the memories of the assault. I don’t want to think about that, not again, not now!

I was crawling around in the bed to avoid the demons in my head, and the sheets got sticky from all the sweat that came from just another panic attack. And so I stared at the ceiling, frozen like a cube of ice. He was in my mind, again.

What happened? I woke up the next morning with just a little sense of what happened last night and just a tiny grasp of reality. I could feel in my body just how it felt that night I was raped by the man with the fakest smile on his face. A fake smile I was mistaken for a genuine and friendly one. I was so wrong about him. So so wrong, and so so ashamed! My grief was taking a huge turn and now I just felt emotionally drained and angry. I threw my pillow across the room and started to cry.

I couldn’t eat, and I couldn't sleep. The emotions were on standby, but the memories were looping in my head. His arms around my body, holding me down on the mattress, pulled me closer to him while I tried to turn my body away from him. Earlier that evening he had pushed himself towards me against the wall and forced me to kiss him and touch him. I wasn’t interested at all. Now I was trapped in the bed under this man who was laying over me and forced me to make love, even though it wasn’t exactly love. It was a power dynamic from his side, and he used his genitals as weapons against my body. I cried and I moved from one side to another, but he just grabbed my wrists and was holding me down.

I remembered it all. Just in this moment. I was terrified that I would run into him on the street or in the grocery store or anywhere else. The angry eyes were stalking my mind. I was scared.

I turned around immediately.

“Trix, are you alright?”

The voice belonged to my best friend, Emily. I looked at her with a confused facial expression.

“What happened?” 

Emily was worried and it was clearly shown by her wrinkled eyebrows and wide-opened eyes.

“No need to worry… It was just another flashback”, I lied.

Well not exactly lied, it was a flashback. But I wasn’t really in a state not worth worrying about. I felt like an imposter in my own life. And I couldn’t really enjoy things I used to love. I was going to play the viola in church the next Sunday, but there wasn't really any meaning to do so anymore. I wasn’t even good at the viola, I was telling myself. Why did they want me to participate? Imposter. Stupid stupid imposter. You’re nothing at all.

“Come on, heads up, are we going to the cinema tonight?” Emily asked and I nodded in a very subtle movement, which caused Emily to ask me again about the cinema.

“Yes, I think so?” I said and forced myself to smile.

“You have a really negative attitude today” Emily pointed out and I looked down in my very damaged sneakers. Should I tell her about what happened? I was too disgusted about it to try to tell someone else. I felt nauseated only by rethinking any part of the evening.

“I need to go home”

Without waiting for an answer I turned around and left. Emily sighed and closed the door.

I was pushing people away from me. More and more and I suddenly became aware of that. I felt frustrated by the fact but too exhausted to do anything about it for the moment.

I was trying to focus on my school work. I studied Behavioral Science at University and I needed to focus. Although I had some special needs, my school had taken care of all of that. They had aids for people with Autism. It was, however, a private school and very expensive. But it was totally worth it for me. And I sat there for hours and tried to concentrate on my assignment, but my head was empty. I could only think about the abuse. About the traumatic event. I slammed the hardcover of the book against the table. I’m useless! I’m not worth anything! Every bad thought came into my mind and I started to scream internally. Just as I did the night I was raped.

Poem VI - Value

Anything for you

There is nothing

compared to you

The light

The dreams

In our eyes

There is nothing

of value

We were kissing

I held you


In the universe of


Anything for you


I do

It doesn't mean anything

In the end

the only of value

Were the feelings

My own


Which were never

truly responded

Memoir VII - The monsters in this world

I tell myself that I'm happy, that this is the way people like them - in other words 'men' - behave. I'm just a regular female person. I don't know how men work at all. But I know that I was mistreated, and I know that I basically let it happen to me. I have found out that I'm 'demisexual', which means that I'm basically asexual - meaning non-sexual - until I meet someone I experience a connection to. I don't feel regular attraction to any gender, but I can feel attraction to a person when I have fallen in love with their personality.

I think that's a beautiful thing, but it's also something that puts me up for dangerous situations. Because men don't get that I don't want to be with them in a sexual way until we have connected properly emotionally and we have a bond. That is why I was assaulted so many times.

I partially blame myself. Why can't I just enjoy sex with a random man? Or woman for that matter... If I'd said yes, I wouldn't have been sad and so broken. Yes, I hear how stupid it all sounds. It wasn't my fault at all. I mean, I shouldn't say yes if I don't want to just to please him. And it still isn't my fault. Men just are different. And that's not my burden to carry. Not all men, but a big portion of them are violent because of how society is raising little boys to become monsters. Like him. Like all of those, I spent time with.

I’m not one of those women yelling “all men!”, but I can’t help to realize that I’m now whispering “many men”. Because many men are behaving like monsters, at least in my standard of what a monster really is. Not all, but many. I have good men in my family, good friends who are men. I’m in a relationship with a man. So I’m certainly not hating them. But I've come to realize that I’m scared of many men out there. Most of them actually. I’ve been hurt so badly, so is it really my fault that I’m scared? Some people are fast to say that I’m judgemental. But who’s fault is that? Isn't that all the monster’s fault who makes it worse for all the good men out there? Not the woman who’s getting hurt?

You should blame the monsters and not the survivors. Many ‘good’ men know that. That it’s the monsters who are destroying people's lives. We should be scared in this world. It’s only natural. If we weren’t, we would be doomed. And we would probably die.

I sat in my bed, looking at the beautiful man who’s sleeping peacefully beside me. He made some sounds in his sleep and started to reach his arms towards my side of the bed. I fell in his arms and started crying. He immediately woke up and pulled me closer to him.

“Another nightmare?” he asked, and I nodded and was crying like a little girl.

“It was horrible…”

He told me it was okay to cry if I needed it.

”It’s alright, baby, I’m here. It’s just me and you in this room, no monsters here…”

He was exactly what I needed at that moment. His words calmed me down immediately.

”It’s alright. I’m here”

And I slowly fell back to sleep.

I’m so lucky I found him. That night I was dreaming about a beautiful future with a home and our future children. It was an odd dream since I had never been dreaming of having children before. Not with anyone. Maybe because I didn’t think it was possible with all the trauma and the fact that I only pulled bad men into my life and my territory. Like a magnet.

Until now. I wasn’t worth it, was a recurring thought in my head. I shook my head as if I would try to shake the thought away. I tried to rationalize everything by thinking more light thoughts about myself. But I couldn’t really believe in them. I was so confused by all the hate that I had received, it was almost like being gaslighted. But not almost, it was gaslighting, when I was actually thinking about it. Because sometimes I began to doubt my own sanity. My ex-boyfriend rarely confirmed his actions.

”You must have had a bad dream” or ”Are you sure you remember that part correctly?” Was ongoing themes in his responses to my attempt to have a conversation about what he was doing. And he started to feel more and more trustworthy, and I started to feel more and more like an intruder in my own head. I was hurt so badly that I could no longer function in my new and normal relationship.

Poem VII - Don’t care to speak

I know I'm cold and weak

Cold, and I don't care to speak

I would like to fly

but not like a bird


No, that's not a lie.

Speak up!, you'd say,

do yourself a favor,

just in any way.

I know I'm cold and weak

wherefore I don't care to speak

It's almost

like playing hide and seek

If this game wouldn't be

in a total of an internal streak.

Of pain

that will gain

a serious amount of shame

Out of the blue

due to the two.

Do yourself a favor

do not play hide and seek

because in hide and seek

you're not supposed to speak

Memoir VIII - Something died within me that day

I finally had decided that I needed to report what happened to me to the police. With a voice drained in both anger and grief, I told the carer who helped me at home due to my Autism, about what happened the day before.

I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I told Emily too. I told everyone close to me. I won’t hold his secret! It’s not my shame to carry. I will tell the entire world because now I’m angry!

My carer studied me thoroughly after I’d finished my last sentence.

“So, do you want to.. report it?” she asked me because I hadn’t really started that fact yet. I had just told her what happened. But I immediately went silent.

“Trixibelle, I’m so sorry. This shouldn’t have happened. I can go with you to the police station if you want to report it!” she said.

After a few moments, I nodded slowly.

“Yes… I said. Yes, I want to do a police report. This is enough. I’ve had enough”

The following day we took a walk to the police station. There were not many people there, and I started to get nervous. My carer tried to calm me down.

“It's going to be alright, Trix,” she said.

My long, black hair was covering my eyes when I sat there with my head turned down. My carer sat right beside me and stroked my back with a gentle and calm movement in her right hand. 

When it was my turn to say what I was there for, the officer looked at me in a friendly manner. 

“So what are you here for?” she asked me.

“I want to do a police report,” I said with a low voice, barely noticeable.


She looked at her computer for a while and then she told us to sit down again because they wanted to talk to me in another room immediately.

They showed me to a small white room and the officers told me several times to be clearer with my words.

“You have to tell exactly what happened, you have to use exact descriptions of what he did”

So I tried. It was hard and I felt pain in my entire head and soul. My carer stroked me on my back when I started to cry.

“And who are you?” the officers asked my carer.

“I’m from the county, I’m her carer. She has Autism”


The two officers looked at each other.

“Well, that makes this case more serious,” one of them stated with a facial expression that expressed that she felt sorry for me. I didn’t want anyone to pity me. I felt a wave of intense anger I never felt before. But I didn’t make the officers aware of that of course. I just wanted to finish this and go home.

But no, they sent me to the hospital for an exam I didn’t want to go to, but I did because I thought they would help me. At the hospital, after a long while of waiting and with the police officers driving me there as if I was the problem, the doctor literally forced me to spread my legs open for the exam. I told her I didn’t feel comfortable with more than one in the room, or even doing it at all, but it felt useless to complain. I tried to close my legs, but she opened them again and finished the exam. It felt like another assault.

A few weeks later I got a letter in my mailbox that they dismissed the case. The guy who raped me said that I “enthusiastically participated” in the act so they couldn’t prove anything. Even though they documented bruises and internal injury at the hospital a few weeks earlier. On my second meeting with the police officers, they also told me that I sent out signals to the guy. I ripped the letter into pieces and I swore to God to never contact the police again ever, no matter what! Not even if my life was in danger.

So now I’m going, to tell the truth. I have until now just given anecdotal fragments of what happened that night, but know I’m going to tell the whole story. It hurts, but I refuse to be silenced. My story, as so many other survivors, is constantly silenced. Constantly taken away from us, and we are never the ones who get the support. Nobody believes us.

Do I sound angry? That’s because I am. I won’t protect AR anymore. I won’t write his full name, because I don’t want to get in legal trouble, but unlike the other people in my memoirs, I won’t make up a fake name for him. Like Emily or Christine, they are made up of fake names. AR is the real initials of my rapist. Why I do that is because I refuse to make up anything regarding him because that would give the impression that I belittle what happened by doing so. Like it was just something worth protecting! And it isn’t. I won’t sound neutral or professional in this. Why? Because I’m still angry, exactly as when I was a child. 

You can’t exactly sound professional and delicate while talking about rape. It’s a deeply traumatic and dehumanizing experience, so why would I?

My story began on May 24, 2020. It was the worst year of the pandemic, so I and my date AR decided that we shouldn’t go out for our first date, instead, it was better to meet at my apartment. I felt safe at home, and I was naive, so I thought at the time that this was safer than seeing him at his place. So he was showing up outside my house and he had a friendly smile and dark eyes that looked very kind and for a moment I was drowning in his beauty.

As soon as we entered my apartment he sat in the coach and he was telling me to sit next to him. I did just that. I didn't get long before he tried to kiss me, right into the middle of a conversation about our favorite musical artists. I remember feeling a bit confused because we were talking and he just interrupted everything in an awkward way. I immediately started to feel pushed into a corner and a red flag was waving at me in my head. But I didn't want to break anything. He looked so kind, maybe he was just socially weird, and therefore I really should look beside that and give him a chance. Oh boy, I was wrong!

Whenever it was any little pause or break in the conversation he tried to kiss me or lay himself over me. I told him no. Before we even met that evening I told him that I wasn't interested in just a one-night-stand or in casual sex and that I didn't want to make love with anyone until I knew them better. He said it was fine. Apparently, he lied because now he didn't respect my boundaries at all!

"Can't we just talk and get to know each other?" I sighed. "Why are you making things go so fast? I like you, but I don't want to do this stuff so early on..."
"Okay, I understand" he responded and smiled with the friendliest smile in the world. I smiled too.
After a little while, I went to the kitchen and he followed me to help me with the tea. All of a sudden, really out of the blue, he pushed me against the wall, took a grip around my neck, and started to kiss me. I went so shocked that I didn't do anything to make it stop. I felt betrayed and not respected at all, since I already had told him I didn't want to go further. When we got back to the coach he had a whole new attitude towards me. He was complaining I didn't take any initiative at all as if I hadn't told him earlier that I wasn't interested to do such stuff in the beginning and when we barely knew each other.

It's like the concept of having boundaries didn't exist for him. I was okay with some things, but not others. I thought I could choose what I wanted and not want to do. But no. Apparently I couldn't!

And then... of some reason I have suppressed, we appeared in the bedroom. Perhaps it was cozier there and I was okay with the cozy part. I had nothing against hugging him and just being in his arms. And I thought I made that clear from the beginning. One or two kisses could be alright too. That felt comfortable in the beginning, I told him.

Out of the blue, and with a very quick movement he was suddenly over me with his entire body in the bed. With all the weight from him, a human being that is bigger and stronger than me, I could literally don't move. Because he had placed his body over mine, and now he was also pulling down my underwear. I got flashbacks to my ex-boyfriend and his torture and I had just healed a little bit from that so almost in a panic, but with a very weak voice I told him:
"No, I don't know" and "No, I don't want to do it".

He didn't respond at all on that. With a fast move in his hands and a slightly annoyed facial expression, he pulled down my underwear. I started to panic.
"No..." I said with a rueful, quite pathetic voice.
He didn't listen at all. He was laying over me, throwing my panties on the floor and now he opened my legs and when I tried to stop him from doing that using my hands, he just grabbed my wrist and hindered me from protecting myself. He was over me, held me down, and penetrated me with his penis. I felt the immediate burning and excruciating pain between my legs. I almost stopped to breathe, I felt tears in my eyes but were holding them back. He used his genitals like a weapon against my body, it felt like a knife was cutting me wide open.

It felt like he used my body forever that evening. I was breathing rapidly fast and I was constantly holding my breath due to pain and I felt frozen and pain in my entire body. His motions were angry, rapid, and violent and my poor body was just taking it. I cried in silence while he enjoyed his power over me and also had some sexual pleasure at my expense.

After, what felt like many hours, but I guess it "only" lasted like one or one and a half hours, he stopped hurting me. He had just finished the sexual act and I just broke. I cried loudly and tears ran down my cheek. He looked mad, angry like I was the one who had done something completely wrong! His eyes were crazy and he stared at me for a while, then he got out of bed and out to the living room. I was still in shock and my body was frozen in fright. My legs were hurting and still placed wide open. I cried and cried and I hoped he had gone out of my apartment. After a few moments of laying completely frozen, I pulled myself out of bed and painstakingly put my pants on. I limped out to the living room and found that he looked completely normal again.

And finally, he went home. It didn't take long before he disappeared. I didn't know what to do and I didn't dare to recap in my brain what had just happened. I didn't dare to think about it for the next couple of hours.

Poem VIII - Pause Mode

The cabinet is half-open

Perhaps not open to its half,

Perhaps just somewhat opened;

Like a solid part

of what mostly seems insane

Opened enough for you to notice

I'm not here

Probably I'm in the goblet,

in which the souls of the dead creatures are


Created out of weakness

You'd said

Not in those words

But close enough my flaws

The defect of the soul;

Like it's sold to this stranger

The one - that one

Whom talking

She's singing - the voice is the hymn

of an insane

Fewer flaws

Wouldn't help me out


The mind is set on pause mode

The cabinet is closed

Very closed; barely unspeakable

You'll see

Every secret thing

The remains

Wisdom - thoughts worth repeating

Outstanding knowledge

What you'd do in a case of this sort

Unfortunate occurrences

They'd show their faces

even to the most fortunate!

Memoir IX - The kid in the basement

She was the kid that felt neglected by the ones who should have loved her the most. She was sitting in her bedroom, but it wasn’t really a bedroom, and she just heard the machines in the other room of the basement destroy the silence around her. It was a big engine that sounded awfully high in volume when someone in the world above was flushing the toilet. And she was just sitting there and felt like the loneliest creature in the world. She was separated from everyone. Nobody wanted her. At least that was her feeling at that moment.

It had gone a long time even for her to get a "room" in the basement. She didn't even have a bed for several months. So she stayed with her dad most of the time. When she didn't was at the care home for children and adolescents of course. Yes, she spent a lot of time in a care home in her teenage years, and in her opinion, it was the psychologist in the school who was to blame for that. She told that psychologist about the abuse. And ever since, her life had become even worse. She didn't belong anywhere. Not even in her head.

She was also mixed in ethnicity and that caused a little - or exceptionally big - identity crisis. She was Swedish and Luso-Indian because her parents were from different countries but somehow were able to meet each other. Sometimes she wished they never had. In her adult life, she started to learn Portuguese due to her heritage. It was like therapy for her. Like a way to cope with her identity and the fact that she didn't feel that she belonged in any country. Or any home even!

And who is she? She is Trixibelle Moore. Yes, that's her. Why didn't I just write that from the start? Well, I guess I just wanted to experiment with the mystery of only using a pronoun.


Oh no. Oh, dear. I did something again.

I went up on the stairs and looked her in the eyes and so we started to scream at each other. Our family was in such a dysfunction it was ridiculous somehow. But I threw a flower at the floor and ran out in the snow in just my socks. And he went after me, dragged me into the house, and threw me at the floor, just as I did with the flower. She yelled at me and he pushed me against the floor with his entire weight. He was about to move away from me, but suddenly she got upset again.

"Do something!" she yelled at him and he came back and just was holding me down with no mercy. I screamed and tried to bite him.

"You do not even dare!" he yelled in my face.

And no memory left to be told. Except I got my own so-called room in the basement after a while.

Poem IX - Queer Goth

I'm still the same

Quite whimsical

Still that curious thing

Still the same

Called by the name

Of a queer goth

Clearly the one

Quite disappointing

That whimsical thought

Distinctly dark and somber

Still the same

The one to blame

Wherefore I'm called by the name

Of a queer goth

It's me, you'd see, even before

Peeking through the door,

It's me you are looking for

I know who I am;

I'm aware of it all

Quite hopeless

Still not very amusing

Still the same

Called by the name

Of a queer goth.

Memoir X - The evil group

I had a group of friends, and also a group of enemies. Once, the enemies found me, they refused to leave. The enemies were the friends of my now ex-boyfriend as well as my own group of friends. But they were enemies in different ways. I'm now sitting here with the life I have now, and thinking back on those moments of anger and violence. When the group raped me with the help of my ex-boyfriend.

My ex convinced me, or rather forced me, to sell "services", you all know what I mean. But I never got anything for it, all went to my ex's pockets. I cried every time a group of men used and abused me. My ex was my pimp. He owned me and I was doing as I was told. I had to, for my own survival. He had my apartment keys and I lived in his apartment and he locked me in sometimes. Once in a closet. I was twenty years old and barely an adult. All those grown men around me, in the range of thirty to forty years old. They were my enemies. But I had to let them use me. My survival and not being killed depended on it.

When I tried to seek help from my own group of friends, they didn't believe me at all. Or they didn't care. That is why I now afterward classify even those people as my enemies too! You know the thing when bullies harm someone and the other students just watch without helping. It was just like that! They saw me being torn apart, but they didn't believe me. One of the most hurting memory is that my own cousin was part of that friend group and she just looked away when I told her, doing nothing at all.

I was developing a psychosis. Soon enough I was hospitalized due to all the trauma. My ex said that my parents thought I was a pain in the ass and thought I was useless. And for some reason, I believed him and didn't let them in the emergency room where I was kept. I now know that wasn't true. My parents have their flaws, but they would never say such things ever.

I tried to kill myself that night. I wanted everything to just stop. I didn't see any other way out. So I cut my wrists and ate a whole bottle of painkillers mixed with sleep medicine. I woke up a few days later with a tube down my throat and my nose. My body was paralyzed. I couldn't move. However, a few hours later the feel in my legs and the rest of my body came back. A few days later I could walk again. Just to be thrown in the room with him. Beaten with a stick and forced to continue the "services".

Poem X - Earth angel

A city of angels
Pillars falling apart
They live in the fallen realm
Their heart
Ain't here.
Longing for the beauty again.

Earth angel, my friend
Your longing is valid
Looking at the bright sky
Pillars of trust
You belong there
Even though
You must know
You also belong here.

Memoir XI - Finding a special gift

Just when I was looking for a change, the change came right into my face. But not in an immediate manner, but rather in a slow placed, but certain manner. My mom was ordering stuff online, and I had no idea that one of the items she ordered was going to change my life forever. A few days or weeks later, I can’t remember, a deck of oracle cards was shown in front of my face. My mom asked if I would like to use them with her to try them out. My mother had always been spiritual, but until that, I just thought it all was a bunch of nonsense. Until we used the oracle cards to find answers. I felt a warm and fuzzy feeling, very peculiar and odd. And so she did divination with the cards with some help of the guide book which was a part of the gift box in which they came in.

The odd thing was, that everything the cards said was so true. They were so accurate. It was like they knew me as I knew myself. Or perhaps even better. That was the moment I became spiritual. That moment was the journey towards a better life and a spiritual practice.

So I started to explore religions. I was raised Christian but had left it behind since the church despised my tattoos, piercings, dark clothing, gender identity, and sexual orientation. I was a member until I couldn’t take their hateful and arbitrary rules anymore. And in that moment of confusion, I picked up two kinds of books: one about Buddhism and one about Wicca. I took courses online and I explored them. I was a little bit familiar with Wicca since I started to study that religion in my teenager years. However, I always felt like I was doing something wrong since I was a Christian at the time. When I now had left Christianity, I picked up some books again, and after a while of choosing between Buddhism and Wicca, I finally came to the conclusion that I had always been a Wiccan witch.

I started to explore spirituality and the craft. I found a community on the internet and I felt seen and heard for the first time in forever. I started to heal. I still have some bits of Buddhism within me and agree with many Buddhist teachings, but I rather call myself a Wiccan who also chooses to follow some of the Buddhist teachings, because that feels the most genuine thing to do. I can be both, but I’m more Wiccan.

I started to think in a whole new way after my Christianity was gone. I found it more logical that there were many gods and goddesses and not just one god that was male. It just made more sense to be Wiccan, and with that my spirituality started to grow. And so also my abilities to use tarot and crystals, oils and herbs. I became a fully capable witch, and I was finally proud of myself for the first time in my life.

It felt like my spirituality saved me. Because I was at the edge of taking my own life all the time before the day when I and my mother for the first time used the oracle cards. Those cards I now have as a gift from her. I don’t use them, because they only speak to me, for some reason. But I have them, as a reminder, that I’m a spiritual woman who knows what she wants!

Poem XI - Words spelled in silence

Out of the blue

Able to think about blue eyes

And blue water

Able to hear

Words that were spelled in silence.

No matter what you can see

Listen to yourself

Towards the belief

Of the words

that was spelled in silence.

Out of the blue

Completely out of place

My character, the spirit slowly changing

Because of the words

that was spelled in silence.

Memoir XII - Mom! Dad! Where are you?

Now we're further back in the time. A few years after that trip to India. Actually, it was after my parent had their divorce and our second trip to Bombay.

When I was 13 years old I moved from my parents. The social services placed me in a children's care home. I called it a trash can. I didn't fit in with the others. I had parents that weren't "suitable", according to the people who cared for us in the care home.

But slowly, something happened. I started to find some rest in the days of the new structure and a new family-like life. People didn't beat me when I did something wrong, locked me in, or said I was a little brat or something of that kind. But I missed my siblings, I had got new ones since my mother met a new man after divorcing my father. I actually missed them a lot. I felt left behind. My siblings were all at home, and I was placed in that "trash can", as I referred to the care home.

Still to this day, I feel like a misfit in my family and my relatives don't even recognize my achievements at all.

I'm studying psychology, neuroscience, and the behavioral sciences, but nobody sees how hard I'm really working and how challenging it is for me as an autistic trying to do college stuff. I never even graduated high school, but still managed to get into a private school and work towards a degree. I already also finished my degree in social work and nobody cares! Why do I even do what I do?

The only reasonable thing is to do stuff for me. To take care of myself and myself only! The only thing I can depend on is myself. That's the wisdom I take from being taken away from my caregivers and being a misfit in my family.

Poem XII - Spirit

The spirit crystallizes itself

I'm looking forward to entering
its entire realm
A kingdom of wisdom
Not a realm of fear
Believe me; you belong here!

Magic, magic, magic
I love to see magic,
Magic from life; flow.
My spirit, my soul
All around me
I'm prepared to glow!

Memoir XIII - The Spiritual Philosopher starts thinking

I found myself in the middle of pain.

”Down on your knees”, he demanded. I didn´t want to do it, so I hesitated and instead of repeating his request he just pushed me down with both his hands; one around my neck and one pushing my back downwards. I was now standing on my knees, ready to be humiliated. He watched me for a few moments and then the first hit with the belt came across my back. I was biting my lip in pain.

”You need more than this, perhaps some anal sex would help!”
”What?” I immediately tried to stand up and run away but he put me back in place on my knees.

”Bend over”.

”Please don´t…” I cried.

”Do as you are told, you slut!”

Crying and hurt I did what he said. I bent over and waited for the pain to start. And I was right this time too. He took a grip around my waist and placed his penis where it certainly shouldn't be, and after a few moments, just to play with my mind, he penetrated me. I was screaming in pain and he took a grip around my neck again.

”Shut the fuck up and take your punishment!” he said with an angry and intense voice in my ear. I was again biting my lip in pain while he was repeatedly penetrating me and I couldn´t really do anything about it.

That evening I sat with a notebook and was writing my thoughts. I had intense pain from the mistreatment and I was sitting in a weird position because I was hurting. I always did write a lot to heal myself from the daily abuse. That was how I came up with a few philosophical thoughts, teachings, and theories which I to this day continue to develop. Now, about six years later when I am studying psychology and the behavioral sciences, I consider myself kind of knowledgeable in these fields and I can´t wait until I get my degree and can call myself a behavioral therapist. Besides my studies, and the more I learn about psychology and behavior analysis and its sciences, the more I develop my own methods and teachings and I have currently two things I’m working on in this field: one is a set of beliefs and theories or more of a way of seeing life, called ”The Luna Oculo Philosophy” and one is a method of helping people called ”Creative Applied Behavior Therapy/Techniques”, CABT for short. These thoughts that are the basis of these methods and beliefs were developed those evenings when I was hurt, and I developed them to help myself.

Now I realize that my techniques and philosophies can help others, but they were born from my own need to heal from trauma.

Throughout the rest of this book, I will share my philosophies and teachings. Remember that I’m in the writing of this book is a behavioral sciences student and not a scientist. Although my teachings are developed from established methods like Gestalt Therapy, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, I’m not claiming to be a scientist or psychologist, or a doctor. I am, however, writing this from the view of a life coach and as a soon-to-be behavioral therapist, and also a survivor of complex trauma myself.

So yes, welcome to part two of this book. Before we start with the philosophical thoughts tho, we have one last poem for this chapter.

Poem XIII - Him

He was covered in scars

but had enough teeth

he had difficulties sleeping

and very small feet.

He was kind as a flower

naive as a child

strong as three horses

but have never gone wild.

Cleverness was a skill he never had

he is somehow always in trouble

it starts to make him mad.

Humble and kind

isn't always enough tools

Before; he was the good spirit

now; he is just like us; fools.

He used to be strong

he used to do what was right

he is no longer as before

other people made him fight.

Now when he's gone

we know what we've done

it's always too late for this song

Only God knows what went wrong.

Part II

The philosophical thoughts

Introduction to the second part

In this part of the book, you can read about the teachings, philosophies, methods, and techniques I have developed. Both from other therapies and from my own heart (but probably mostly from my brain).

Please notice that I'm not a medical professional such as a doctor, psychologist or anything like that. I'm just a philosopher who has studied a lot of psychology as well as philosophy, mostly as a hobby, but also as part of my education. And I also like to think for myself and find solutions on my own. I do not claim to have a license and the philosophies in this book are not meant to be taken as medical advice!

I writing this to introduce you to a few of an autistic person's philosophies. I have developed them while healing from several traumatic events and also because my brain works differently and I think a lot. Some of my philosophies can seem obvious to some, and some may seem odd. It depends on you, how you interpret them. I'm also sure some philosophies are an entirely new concept and a new way to think for you. Either way, I think the world needs more room for philosophical thoughts. Because I consider myself a modern time thinker and I want to show that not all thoughts are just thoughts. Some thoughts need to be shared, and some thoughts need to help others.

I don’t claim to be someone who knows it all, but I still know something. Worth mentioning is that I’m a Wiccan and follow both the Wiccan teachings and also some of the Buddhist teachings. So naturally, my philosophies have some influences from the two, mixed together with my own personal thoughts.

As I said, I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, other than an expert on my own thoughts.

Welcome to the world of Luna Oculo!

Philosophy I - The Luna Oculo Philosophies were born: an overview

“Luna Oculo” means “Moon’s Eye” in Latin and refers to the third eye and the goddess of the moon. Why I came up with that name was because this is a highly spiritual approach to life, although atheists are still able to benefit from this. With that said, you don't need to follow a specific religion to find Luna Oculo useful. Neither do you need to have a religion. Just to get that out of the way. It's inspired by my own beliefs, but you don't have to share them of course.

I suggest you are at least somewhat spiritual to find this philosophy useful though. Even if you do not need any specific religion to approach it, you at least need to be generally open to the spiritual mindset. You can have a religion different than mine, or no religion, but you might need to be open-minded about thoughts about real-life magick, spirits and other spiritual stuff to appreciate the Luna Oculo.

What’s in this part of the book?

My theories, philosophies, and poetry were born in my own life experiences with abuse, hospitalization, self-harm, depression, and other horrible things. I learned more about myself and eventually, it developed into life strategies and some core beliefs that saved my life. In early 2020 I woke up from my old life and got somewhat “enlightened” and in this part of the book, I share both my collected philosophies on how to approach life and the methods I use to get better myself.

It can help people who are healing from trauma, people who want to find their life purpose among other things.

The Luna Oculo core beliefs are a few thoughts I came up with. Some are collected from other established systems such as the Asian philosophy of Yin and Yang, Buddhism or the Wiccan tradition, and some are just based on my own thoughts I ”came up with” myself - although I recognize that other people can have thought of the same things before me, it’s natural if we look at the fact that we are billions of people in this world! So I don’t claim to be the only one thinking this, nor do I have anything against if anyone takes my philosophies and customize them for their own personal benefit. It’s actually just what you should do! The purpose of the Luna Oculo is to give this approach a name and a structure so anyone can benefit from it. It also makes it easier to understand and to use if it has a name and a structure.

My theory of the world:

+ There are polar opposites for the world to function.

+ But that doesn’t make it an excuse to be evil or cruel towards yourself or others.

+ Always aim to be kind to everyone.

+ Live and let live; never push your beliefs onto others if they are not willing.

+ There is suffering in the world, but the world is also changeable.

+ Answers will be found if you aim to find them. You can read more about this in the chapter about your divine self and hidden answers.

+ Magick and witchcraft are part of humankind and have always been in one way or another. Luna Oculo is an approach to life that affirms witches and witchcraft. I have also come up with my own category of witchcraft called Minimalistic Witchcraft and Wise Moon's Magick (more about it later in this book).

+ The Law of Attraction is a fact, but you can however not draw bad events into your life by this fact. My version of LOA is a bit different and I will explain how in a later chapter.

+ The world can’t always be a fair place for everyone. Not everyone is made to fit into this world. We should, however, aim to make this world a safe place even for people who don’t fit in. Just because a person doesn’t fit in, it doesn’t mean the person doesn’t belong here!

The three core beliefs:

The three core beliefs of “The Luna Oculo Theories” are in a few words. Each one will have a dedicated chapter though, so you can read more about them later on.

The Polar Opposites philosophy

The world is built upon opposites. And those opposites are changeable. We must accept change and we must accept opposites. Without them, the world would collapse.

“The mind is your toolbox” philosophy

Your mind is programmable. In both negative and positive ways. Brainwashing is bad, but an example of how the mind is able to be built in certain ways. You are in charge of your toolbox, your mind. Why do I call the mind a toolbox? Because you access everything you know - your acts are tools - via your mind. You can fill your mind with wisdom. Your mind is you. This might seem obvious, but some people say that they “can’t change”. If they can’t change, they wouldn’t be a part of nature. Because nature is always changing.

I have developed my own worksheets, methods and theories around this philosophy, and they are developing to this day! I'm going to share those in this book too when we dive deeper into my actual thoughts and work.

The Witchcraft is natural philosophy

I have come up with my own set of beliefs and methods in witchcraft which I call "minimalistic witchcraft" and "wise moon's magick". Basically these talks about being able to do witchcraft in a minimal yet effective way and in a wise way during the full moon. I will describe more about each of these in later chapters.

This is just a short summary of some of the Luna Oculo philosophies, and I will go more in-depth on each of these and also introduce you to even more philosophies later on.

Philosophy II - My thoughts about the Law of Attraction

I don't think that the Law of Attraction is completely as some interpret it. It's more complex than everything positive or negative is coming your way if you think a certain way and because of that attract things into your life. Can you, with a comfortable understanding of human nature, look a victim of rape in the eyes and tell them that they attracted the event into their life? Or can you, with a steady place in universe, tell someone who has survived a natural disaster that they could have prevented it from happening? Most people can't. And that's because it's not true. If you can't comfortably say those things, then it can't be true.

So what is my approach to the Law of Attraction? Well, I think you absolutely can attract things and manifest things in your life, good or bad, but not disasters or accidents or crimes against you! You can attract certain good or bad things by how you think about life. That's actually something they in CBT - Cognitive Behavior Therapy. You can let your brain think that it is happy, and the brain won't know the difference between pretending and the actual "truth" - because it interprets all thoughts as truth. And if you then "trick" your brain, then you over time will be naturally happy and when you're happier you will get happy things drawn to you - because you're happy!

The same goes the other way around; if you think badly, then you might as well treat the world badly - and that will in the end affect you. However, bad things are happening to good people! You can't blame yourself for the things that happen to you that you have little or no control over. But you can take responsibility for what you do afterward. How you're practicing self-care and how you handle the situation. It's easier said than done, but it's not impossible.

Since I'm a Wiccan, I believe in the energies of the universe and I also believe you can manipulate it to benefit your needs. So I really do believe in some forms of LOA, I just don't agree with the extreme on either side of the aisle. Not that it is completely all or nothing, nor that it should be waved away as unreal. I believe in healthy thinking when it comes to LOA. You should think about it from a healthy mindset, and use it with a good purpose.

More about my own version of LOA, which I call The Law of Reaction or "LOA Light" can be found under philosophy number five. I also have an illustrated map of this concept I have come up with to better understand the thought.

Philosophy III - Does everyone need to fit in?

That is a question I have thought about. Fitting in and belonging are not the same thing at all to me. Yes, everyone belongs here, no doubt about that, but does everyone need to fit in? Think about it. By forcing people to fit in, we only going to harm their true nature. Some people are old souls, they cannot fit in. So we are just hurting them by forcing them. That doesn't mean they don't belong here of course. It's a very big difference.

I don't think we should make everyone fit in, but rather make everyone feel a sense of belonging. Also, we should expand the boxes, so eventually, all people can belong there, but not forcing them into little boxes. I hope it becomes clearer what I mean the more I write. I'm not saying that people should feel less than anyone else, or that people should alienate themselves. No, certainly not! But we should be more open-minded and accept that not all people can fit into little boxes.

All people that have been born into this world, do belong in this world. But not everyone can fit in as their authentic self. And that is okay.

So what does "fit in" mean?

Well, I think it means the norm. That not all people can be like the norm. Fit in like a "regular" person. I think that goes back to the opposite-theory or the Yin and Yang. We need opposites for the world to function. If we have people that fit it, we naturally need people who don't. And for the world to go forward, we actually need all the misfits and their thoughts and theories. Which "norm-person" can you think about have done something big in science? Or the arts? Or invented something spectacular? Yeah, I did think so! It's some of the misfits that often do those things, and many of them felt they don't fit into society! So naturally, they did belong here but didn't fit in.

Philosophy IV - Positive Psychology vs Toxic Positivity

Writing in progress.

Philosophy V - The Law of Reaction (LOA Light)

Writing in progress.

Philosophy VI - The Mind is Your Toolbox

Writing in progress.

Philosophy VII - Minimalistic Witchcraft

Writing in progress.

Philosophy VIII - Wise Moon's Magick

Writing in progress.

Philosophy IX - The Devine Self and Your Hidden Answers

Writing in progress.

Updates & book info

This ongoing book draft was updated most recently on August 21, 2022. I'm making changes and adding stuff all the time.

The goal is to have this book finished in 2023, the earlier the better!