The Goddess' Warrior

Chapter 1

Bellona's POV

Walking up to the forest edge, I am sure to keep my steps quiet and unnoticed, not the easiest task when the ground is littered with twigs and leaves. I can hear my heartbeat in my ears as I reach the edge, finally able to see the warriors’ train. I can see Jeremy and Kevin circling each other. My excitement rises as I watch the two men in front of me. Jeremy rolls his shoulders, bouncing on his toes, and shaking out his hands, never taking his eye away from Kevin. Watching Kevin, I notice his back muscles flexing and relaxing, his jaw tense, and his hands twitching in front of him. Suddenly, Jeremy steps forward and swings his right leg towards Kevin's ribs, Kevin's muscles tense as he jumps to dodge Jeremy’s attack. The smack and sound of a groan prove he was not quick enough. My fingers twitch and I can feel the energy just from watching the two men go back and forth, each attack resulting in my jumping from the anticipation. Suddenly, both men stop, I watch as their eyes fog over, after a few moments they both nod their heads and get back into their stances. I wonder what that was about? Jeremy lunges for Kevin. Kevin drops to his knees, causing Jeremy to fly to the end of the training ring where I am hiding. Just before Jeremy hits the ground, I can hear bones cracking. My eyes widen, and I let out a scream before turning on my heel, ready to run. 

Before I can even take a step, I am shoved to the ground by a large brown wolf. Raising my head, I roll to my left to dodge Jeremy. I jump up and take off before he can catch me. I dodge the many fallen trees that litter the forest floor. I can hear him catching up to me. I go to jump over another fallen tree when I land straight on my face. Jeremy grabs my shirt between his teeth and drags me back towards the training field. The twigs and rocks on the ground nip at my bare legs and feet, leaving behind minor cuts that I am sure will bruise.  

As we approach the training grounds, I spot my grandfather. I can feel the enormous smile on my face as I wiggle around. Free from Jeremy's grasp, I take off running towards my grandfather. 

"Grandpa!" I screamed as I jumped into his arms. 

"Ah! There's my little warrior! Sneaking away to the training grounds again I see." He says giving me a pointed look.

"Sorry Pawpaw... I just really love watching the warriors train." I mutter sheepishly, staring at the ground.

"Yes, well, you are supposed to train with the other 13 to 14-year-olds you know this." He points out.

"Come on, grandpa they are ignorant! Plus, I have already beat them all!" I cry. "I just don't understand why you don't let the instructors move me up to the 15 to 16-year-olds you kn-"

"Because I said so!" he cuts me off. "Now we are not having this conversation again. Understand?" he asks me with a look that says, 'Don't Push It'. But what can I say, I'm a pusher.

"NO! I don't understand I am ready for this and it's stupid to keep me behind!" I shout.

"Bellona Leighann! That is enough! I said no and that's final!" he bellows.

"Fine! But I'm not forgiving you for this! You are making a mistake!" I scream with conviction.

'How can he do this to me?! He knows I'm more than ready, and how much this means to me' 

'Calm down bell, he's just angry. Plus, you know he worries about you.' 

Figures my wolf, Hera always has an opinion.

'Really, Hera? He's been do-’ 

BELL DUCK!’ Ducking my head, I take on a fighting stance as a knife grazes my cheek. Growling, I take in my surroundings, waiting for the threat to present itself. Dropping to the ground, I watch another knife buzz over my head and wedge itself into a tree. Jumping back to my feet, I carefully scan the area where the two knives came from. My heartbeat is in my ears, my fingers are twitching, ready to take down whoever is toying with us. I feel a dull pain in my left side as I am thrown to the ground. I roll onto my back, pressing my heels into the attacker's chest, kicking with as much force as I can. Standing back on my feet and take in my attacker, male, 6ft, scruffy beard. Taking a deep breath, I pick up the ashy smell he carries. 

“What do you want, rouge?” Knowing he can hear the disgust at the word, I prepare myself for his attack. Growling, I notice his right foot move ever so slightly, He lunges. I step to my left, bringing my elbow down onto his back. Getting back into stance, I can see the fire in his eyes, his teeth clenched and white knuckles. I hear it before I see it, a knife clips my ear, splitting it at the top. My growl is murderous as I look at the filth in front of me. Lunging for me again, I grab his leg with both hands, squeezing, SNAP! Dropping his broken leg, I grab his throat, the fear in his eyes satisfies me. I extend my claws, grabbing his throat. I silence his pleas with a satisfying CRACK of his neck. 

"Rouges have trespassed our borders. Women and children to the pack house. Warriors report to the south wing of the pack house." 

one warrior sent through the mind link. Yeah, no shit sherlock.I roll my eyes and head towards the pack house.  

I can finally see the pack house after 20 minutes of fighting my way through rouges that tried to take me down. I ended up shifting to stay at an advantage against them. With my fur coated in blood and my lungs heaving for air, I close in on the pack house, where my grandfather and the other warriors are fighting off the last of the rouges. Then, I see it a large burgundy wolf, creeping in the shadows, watching everything unfold out of anyone's line of sight. In slow motion, as I shift back to my human form, he jumps, going straight for my grandfather's throat.


Chapter 2

Bellona's POV

Fear, uncontrollable fear that rattles you to your core. That is all I feel as I run towards the wolf threatening to end my grandfather's life. Then, all feeling in my body just leaves, I'm numb. It's like neither I nor my wolf has control. I can see the wolves I am taking down and the wounds they are inflicting on my body as I go, but I cannot feel any of it. I am getting closer to the wolf who is still airborne, lunging for my grandfather. Milliseconds, that is all it took for me to fight through the chaos.

He is right in front of me as I shift into my wolf, instantly feeling the pure rage coursing through my veins. So I jump. Blow after blow, I claw and bite at the wolf. I am almost positive I am pouring blood onto my fur, but all I feel is the untouched rage running through me. I duck my head as the wolf tries to jump at my throat. As his upper body lowers to be above mine, I throw myself upward, flipping him onto his back, just where I want him. I lunge for his throat, but suddenly I am struck from my side causing me to land on my back. I quickly jump to my feet, snarling at my new threat, ready to strike, only to find Jeremy, my grandfather's best friend, the pack's beta.

"WHAT THE HELL JEREMY?!" I scream through the mind link; I can see him visibly flinch from my tone. "I had him why the fuck would you interfere?!"

"Bell, you need to shift back." he calmly replies.

"Like HELL, I do! Where is that stupid rouge?! I'm finishing wh-"

"SHIFT BELLONA!" He demands while also cutting me off

Neither I nor my wolf take kindly to his tone or his command. After taking a moment to calm me and my wolf, I reluctantly go behind a nearby tree, shifting back into my human form. I grab a shirt and pair of shorts that are hidden there and throw them on. I take a step to head back to Jeremy but immediately feel immense pain throughout my body. I scream.


I collapse onto the forest floor; I see Jeremy and two other warriors run towards me.

"SHIT! Bellona, do not move! Your injuries are extremely severe!" I hear Jeremy plead with me while I am still trying to get up. But after hearing his pleas, I give up and felt dizzy. I can hear voices around me, but they are coming and going.

"How is she alive?!"

"Oh, goddess!"


Then nothing, complete silence. I can vaguely see figures of other people running towards me right before black spots invade my already blurred vision until all I see is darkness.

Chapter 3

Jeremy's POV

"AHHH! WHAT IN GODDESS NAME?!" I hear Bellona scream. That's not good.

Me and two other warriors starting running to where Bell went to shift and change. As we approach, I see her on the ground, the clothes she just put on soaked in blood. 

"SHIT! Bellona don't move your injuries are extremely severe!" I plead with her when I see she is still trying to move around. Thankfully, she listens to my pleas. She's extremely pale and her breathing is labored.

"I need a pack doctor! NOW!" I bellow. Many other warriors have already gathered around us to check on their fellow pack-mate. I can hear their collective gasps and comments between each other as I kneel next to Bellona.

"How is she alive?! There's so much blood..."

"Oh, Goddess!"

"DOCTOR! We need a doctor NOW!"

I'm currently watching her chest rise and fall to ensure she is still with us. Her heartbeat is extremely faint and her breathing is very shallow. Deciding not to wait for another second, I scoop Bell's unconscious body into my arms and make a run for the pack hospital.


"She is still extremely weak, but she is out of the woods. For now, her body just needs rest so it can heal"

"Thank you, doctor. I appreciate it." 

"Of course, Jeremy. We all love Bell around here, such a pure soul. I would not let her slip away that easily." He gives me a small smile and a wink while patting me on the shoulder, then he leaves me to be alone with Bell. With a sigh of relief, I decide to mind link our head warrior to see how it went with the last bit of rouges.

"Eli, what's the word with the rouges? Were you guys able to handle it and did you get any captured for questioning?"

"I'm sorry Beta but no... after you took off with Bellona... they all... well, they just retreated." the confusion is clear in his tone. For good reason, why would they just retreat like that?


"Go ahead, Jeremy."

"I have just been informed the rest of the rouges retreated after I left to bring Bellona to the pack hospital. Would you like to hold a meeting?"

"Considering the circumstances, I believe that would be best. Any idea why they just retreated or is that still unknown?"

"Still unknown, sir. I will set up a time for a meeting with the council and the surrounding pack's Alphas."

'Why on earth would they attack like that just to retreat? Any ideas, Jay?'

'No, not really. Unless they were after something.' 

'But what were they after, and did they get it? That's the real question.'


'What is it, Jay? Just say it.'

'What if it wasn't a matter of being after something but someONE?'

'pfft! Who the hell were they after then? Because they didn't get any of our people.'

'No, they didn't... but the only one they went after and injured...?' Oh, no... 


Chapter 4

Bellona's POV




Goddess, what the hell is that obnoxious noise?! 

I try to open my eyes, but to no avail, as they do not even twitch. UGH! 


Will someone shut that shit off!! 

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep 

I listen to the noise get faster as my heartbeat picks up, because of my anger. 

Wait... is that what I think it is? 

It gradually slows again, once again following the pace of my heart, as I realize it is a heart monitor. All at once, the memories of the attack come back, hitting me like a brick wall. My body jolts up, eyes wide, and heart-pounding as if someone just threw a bucket of ice water on me. I remove myself from the bed when Jeremy walks in. 

"Bell! What are you doing?! Lay back down." He pushes me back until I am lying back onto the bed. 

"No, Jeremy. I need to check on my grandfather and finish what I started with that rancid rouge." I can hear the coldness in my tone when I speak of the rouge. 

"No, you need to rest, your injures are severe. You can do all of that later." He gives me a pointed look, as if that would affect me or change my mind. 

"Jeremy, I'm fine. My injuries are not that bad, I am not even sore. So quit your bickering." I state giving him an eye-roll. 

"Well, obviously they don't hurt, you're jacked up on pain medicine Bell." Okay, this man has either lost his mind or does not remember the fact we are werewolves, and our healing abilities are amazing. 

"No Jer, see?" I unwrap the bandages that are covering my stomach, to reveal perfectly smooth, healed skin. I can hear Jeremy gasp. Wondering what caused this, I look up and see udder disbelief and shock clear in his eyes. Something is not right. My suspicion increases when he raises his head and looks me straight in the eye. 


20 minutes, that's how long Jeremy has been pacing the floor and quietly mumbling to himself. I am starting to think he has completely lost his mind. 

"Jeremy seriously, what is up with you?! We are werewolves we have amazing healing abilities. Obviously, I would be healed!" I exasperate, rolling my eyes at him. 

"No, Bell! You do not understand you were only out for an hour! No werewolf with the injuries you had would be healed! They would still be unconscious!" He continues pacing the room, running his hands over his face, looking distraught. 

"Jer, I have always healed like this! Ask my grandfather he knows! Quit freaking out for Goddess' sake, you're acting like a damn girl!" at this point I'm yelling at him and beyond annoyed. He stops in his tracks and looks at me, I notice his eyes going dark, meaning his wolf is trying to push forward. 

"You mean to tell me your grandfather had known about your healing?" 

"Well, yeah." I sigh "He knows everything about me" I point out while rolling my eyes. 

"He never told anyone?! Bellona, this is not fucking normal! How can he be so irresponsible?!" He shouts 

I can feel my wolf pushing forward. If there is one thing, we do not take kindly to its people talking bad about the people we love. We also dislike people telling us what to do. You see, I am a natural-born alpha, meaning I have alpha blood running through my veins. So anytime we have people command us or speak to us in a demeaning tone, we normally act out another reason we are normally in trouble. Jeremy knows of this, but it seems he has forgotten at this moment which will not end well for him. 

"Jeremy. I suggest you fix that tone of yours." I growl. 

"Are you kidding me, Bell?! Your grandfather hid this from everyone! It's idiotic!" he yells. 

That is all it took, I snapped. In a split second I had Jeremy pinned against the wall by his collar, canines barred. 

"You listen to me and listen close!" I demand, my tone cold. "You do NOT talk to me that way, and if I EVER hear you speak ill of my grandfather again, well, let's just say those will be the last words you ever say," I state with conviction. I can feel my alpha aura seeping out into the room as I speak. My wolf is on edge, wanting out to discipline the one who dares speak to us that way. Jeremy notices the internal battle I am having and instantly submits to my powerful aura. I release him, causing him to fall to the ground. I know they will punish me for allowing my aura out, but I could not care less at this moment. Without another word,

"To find my grandfather." I simply reply, but his next words stop me in my tracks. 

"You won't find him, Bell." I barely hear Jeremy whisper. My blood ran cold. My mind races and I can feel the dread starting to slowly creep its way through me. 

"What do you mean?" I barely heard myself ask, terrified to hear the answer. Thinking Jeremy did not hear me, I raise my head to see him staring at the ground. 

"Jeremy, what do you mean?" I ask again, only a little louder, knowing he can hear me. He does not move or make a sound. I ball my hands into fists. 

"Tell me!" I demand, but he still refuses to look at me or reply. My entire body shakes with anger and fear. I can feel my nails elongating, effectively digging into my palms. 

"TELL ME WHAT YOU MEAN JEREMY! NOW!" I roar, causing the entire room to shake. Slowly, Jeremy raises his head, his eyes meet mine and I can see the sadness and pain in them. 

"The rouge didn't miss." I almost did not hear it as he spoke so low. My heart stops and it is as if the entire world does with it. All I can do is stare, I cannot hear anything, and my body feels so cold. I am in a complete daze when my body shakes, and it becomes hard to breathe. 

I was too late. I could not save him. I-I failed. 

Then I fall back into the comforting darkness. Hoping this is all just a nightmare.


Chapter 5

Third Person POV

She looks down at her child with a sad smile, knowing her battle has just begun. 

"Don't worry, my child. You will make it through these challenging times. I know you will, but you must keep your strength and believe in yourself." she whispers, a small tear rolling down her angelic face. She never wanted this for her daughter, but fate has chosen her path. Giving her the road that will either give her the life she deserves or destroy her completely. 

"It's all up to you, my darling Bellona and Hera. But do not worry, I'll be seeing you soon." 


Bellona POV 

I wake up to the feeling of grass beneath me. Confused, I slowly sit up and realize I am in a field but not one that is in the pack, yet it seems so familiar and safe. It is utterly breathtaking. The sky is clear and the most beautiful blue, there are miles of blue wildflowers blanketing the ground, to my left there is a small pond, the water is so clear you can see everything throughout it. As I walk through the field, I notice a white wolf lying under a large oak tree, I slowly make my way towards the wolf. Once I am a few feet away, the wolf opens its eyes and I gasp. 

"Hera? But how?" 

'Yes, it is me, Bell, and we are inside your mind. You blacked out after speaking with Jeremy and now we are here.' 


"But why are we here? This has never happened before." 

'That I don't know, but I like it here it's peaceful.' I smile at that. 

"Me too," I reply, sitting down next to Hera under the oak tree. I do not know how long we sat there, but after a while, I hear the most angelic voice. 

"Don't worry, my child. You will make it through these challenging times. I know you will, but you must keep your strength and believe in yourself." I look to Hera and see that she is as confused as I am, but oddly enough, neither of us are alarmed by this voice. 

"It's all up to you, my darling Bellona and Hera. But do not worry, I'll be seeing you soon." Then the voice just disappears as if it was never there. 

"Hera? Do you have any idea what or who that was?" 

'I know as much as you do, Bell, but I guess we will find out soon by what the voice said.

"Yeah. I guess so." I slur as my eyelids become heavy. I cannot help but wonder who that voice belonged to as I sit there running my fingers through Hera's snow-white fur. I slowly felt myself drifting back to sleep all too soon, still not ready to leave this amazing place. I could not help but worry about what I was going to wake up to. 

Chapter 6

Jeremy's POV

After Bellona blacked out again, and I was sure she was okay, I headed to the Alpha's office to report what I have found. The walk from the East-wing to the North-wing is not exceedingly long, so it only took me about 10 minutes to reach the part of the pack house where the alpha's office is found. Taking a deep breath, I knock on the two large Oak wood doors, waiting for permission to enter. 

"Come in." I hear the alpha's deep voice reply. Opening the doors, I make my way inside the large office. I close the doors behind me and walk to his desk. 

"Ah, Jeremy, please have a seat. What can I help you with?" I slowly take a seat, still unsure of how to explain all of this to the Alpha. 

"Alpha, I'm not exactly sure how to explain this, but something is off about Bell." I start 

"What do you mean, Jeremy? Is she all right?" You can hear the concern for her in his tone. Everyone loves Bell she is one of a kind. 

"It's nothing like that Alpha. Well, I hope it is not at least. She was injured badly yesterday during the rouge attack, as you already know. But I'm more concerned about the findings I have discovered since she had awoken." 


"Alpha, after she woke up, she had shown me that all her injuries were fully healed. Claiming it was completely normal for a werewolf to heal at a fast rate." The Alpha is looking at me with confusion. 

"Yes, we heal at a fast rate. How is this concerning?" 

"She was only asleep for an hour Alpha," I see his eyes widen at my statement "She stated that she has always healed that quickly and that her grandfather has known this since she was a pup." 

"Jeremy, I need you to keep this to yourself. I'm not exactly sure if I am correct or not, but if I am, this information could put Bellona's life in danger." 

"Alpha, there's one more thing." he nods his head for me to continue, "I think the rouges were after Bell." Once again, his eyes widen. 

"I need you to call the elders and set up a private meeting at once, if my assumptions are correct Bell is in grave danger. I will let you know something as soon as I am sure."  

"Yes, Alpha." With that, I bow my head and walk out of his office. Praying the alpha's thoughts are wrong.

Chapter 7

Third Person POV

*3 days later*

The entire pack was on edge, not knowing what would become of their little spitfire, Bellona. As of now, the doctors were still unsure what exactly was keeping her from waking up, all they knew was that she was stuck in a coma. No one knew when or if she would wake up.  

The Alpha and Beta, Jeremy, had successfully arranged a meeting with the council and a meeting with all surrounding Alphas to discuss current events. 

"When will the council members be arriving?" the Alpha inquired his Beta. 

"We expect them to be here within the next 3 hours, Alpha." Jeremy bowed his head slightly, showing respect for his Alpha and leader. 

"Very good. Please ensure everything is in order and that all the information we have about the rouge attack and Bell's condition is ready for them to review." he nodded dismissing Jeremy.  

With a sigh, the alpha rubbed his temples, trying to relieve the ache from all the stress due to the current events. Why couldn't this just be a simple rouge attack? He thought to himself. Deciding it was best to help with the preparations for the councils' arrival, the Alpha gathered himself and went to see what still needed to be done. 


Meanwhile, Jeremy set off to finish the reports of the rouge attack and the information they had found out about Bellona for the council. He could not help but feel guilty at the fact she was still in a coma, possibly because of the things he said to her about her grandfather. Jeremy put his elbows on the table and put his head into his hands, unsure of what to do. If only I would have been more specific with her... she would not have gotten so worked up... He thought to himself, remembering the conversation he had with her. When Jeremy told Bellona that she would not find her grandfather, he did not mean for her to interpret it as if he was dead. No, Jeremy just meant that she would not have found him where he knew she was going to go look for him, which would have been outside of the hospital wing of the pack house. With another sigh, Jeremy stood and exited his office, deciding to go check on his dearest old friend. 

Walking into the hospital room, Jeremy's heart restrained at the sight in front of him. There was his best friend lying in a hospital looking so lifeless the only thing showing he was still there was the sound of the heart monitor and the rise and fall of his chest. Jeremy walked to the chair set next to the bed and sat down in the same place he had been for the past 2 days when he visited.  

"Will, I'm worried about Bell. She still hasn't woken up. The council is on their way here to talk about the rouge attack and Bellona's condition. I wish you would just wake up and explain why she heals that way, so we can all be at ease and not worried out of our minds. I hate seeing either of you like this. You're the strongest people I know and to see the both of you like this, well it breaks my heart, man." Jeremy put his heads in his hands, heaving a sigh to control his emotions. Once he had calmed down a bit, he leaned back in the chair and tried to think of a way to help both his best friend, Will and Bellona. 

Suddenly, he had an idea. With hope in his eyes and a smile on his face, he rushed off to the nurses' station.  

"Excuse me, ma'am? Who can I talk to about a change of room for a patient?" He asked the first nurse he saw. The nurse looked at him with a raised brow but did not ask questions. 

"That would be our coordinator, Miss Jenny. Go down this hall and her office will be the last one on the left." Jeremy thanked the woman and took off towards Miss Jenny's office, hoping he could convince her to go along with his idea, without having to involve the Alpha or use his Beta command. 

Jeremy reached Miss Jenny's office in a matter of minutes. Taking a deep breath, he knocked and waited for her to allow him entrance. After just a few moments, she responded to his knock. 

"Come in!" she yelled. Jeremy slowly opened the door and scanned the room till his eyes landed on a petite woman. She was beautiful, with light blue eyes, short curly blonde hair, and a cute button nose that fit her small face perfectly. Jeremy was standing there watching the woman fill out paperwork, admiring her appearance when her voice broke him out of his thoughts. 

"May I help you?" she spoke. Jeremy quickly shook his head. 

"Yes, ma'am sorry. I was wondering if I could ask permission to switch two patient's rooms?" After hearing this Miss Jenny stopped writing and, for the first time, looked up at the Beta with a raised brow and questioning look. 

"What would be the reasoning and who are the patients?" 

"Head warrior, William, and his granddaughter, Bellona. The reason being I think if we were to move them into the same room that it might help them in the healing process, as they are remarkably close and rely on each other for many things." Jeremy explained. Miss Jenny looked to be in thought while Jeremy sat there squirming in his seat, unsure of what she would say and hoping she would agree. After a few moments, Miss Jenny replied. 

"We don't normally allow this kind of thing because of lack of space in the rooms, it makes it harder for the staff to do their jobs." Jeremy stiffened and was feeling defeated until she continued, "However, we can give this a shot, since you are the Beta, and you can make it happen without even asking me. So, thank you for taking the proper channels and making my job much easier." She replied with a smile and sent Jeremy on his way to get the rooms arranged. 

Chapter 8

Jeremy's POV 


"How far out were they when they called you Jeremy?"  

"15 minutes, sir."  

"Alright, we have about 5 minutes before they pull up. Let us stand out front in case they are early." He suggests.  

"Sounds good, Alpha. Never a bad idea to be prepared." I reply with a nod, walking with him to the front of the pack house. Not even a minute after we walked out to wait for the council to arrive, 3 large black SUVs pulled up in front of us. The council members had officially arrived.  

The council consists of 5 members, all of them highly tested and ranked, 3 of them are elders while the other 2 are a bit younger but still older than most werewolves. When a werewolf becomes a council member, they are sworn in with a blood and soul oath, binding them till death. This also means they usually outlive the average werewolf, because of the oath. No one can explain or understand why the oath causes this, but for some odd reason, it does.  

The door of the lead SUV was the first to open, the other 2 following. Alpha Brandon and I silently waiting for all the council members to get out before properly greeting them.  

"Welcome to the Red Dawn Pack and thank you for coming on such short notice." Alpha Brandon greeted them both of us slightly, bowing our heads in respect for the wolves before us.  

"Of course, Alpha Brandon, we understand the importance of your... situation and set out immediately after receiving the call." The reply came from a much older gentleman. However, even with his age, you could see he was still strong, and his aura held significant power.  

"Well, why don't we get your things inside to your rooms. Would you like to get settled before we start our meeting?" Alpha Brandon asked while motioning everyone inside.  

"That won't be necessary these matters should be discussed at once." Came the impatient reply of one of the younger members.  

"Very well. I will have a few of my men set your things into your rooms, while we go-ahead to the meeting room and get started." My alpha replied with a tight smile, knowing nothing can be said about any disrespect shown to him by the council.

Looking over my shoulder, I could see a few other members of the council glaring daggers at the younger man who spoke disrespectfully to Alpha Brandon. Seems like someone is not very well-liked by his companions. I thought to myself, still walking in step with my Alpha towards the meeting room. 

Once we reached the meeting room, we all quickly made our way inside and sat down at the large wood table. Ready having the documents ready for the council to look over, I handed out the papers before returning to my seat next to Alpha Brandon. 

“I have ensured all the information we have regarding the rouge attack and Bellona’s condition are in these reports I have given to each of you.” I stated earning nods of understanding from everyone at the table. I also noticed Alpha Bandon looking at me with appreciation for what I had done.  

We all sat silently as the council members went over the reports separately, knowing they would discuss what they had read with everyone present to conclude about these findings. After about 25 minutes, all the council members were done reading the reports, and we began to try to come to a conclusion or reasoning for the rouge attacks and Bellona’s situation. 

“Well, Alpha Brandon, do you want my honest opinion?” Asked the oldest woman of the council 

“Yes, of course.” the older woman looked at the other council members around her before nodding her head slowly. 

“Miss Bellona needs further tests done before we can come to a solid conclusion.” she replied 

“Very well, what tests would you like done? I can get our doctors on it right away.” Brandon told her. The look on her face told me I would not like what she had to say. 

“No Alpha, we need to take Bellona with us. Back to the main council.”

Yeah, I knew I would not like it... 

Chapter 9

Bellona POV 


The past 3 times I have woken up I have still been in this wonderful place, but this time was different instead I have woken up in the field in front of the pack house. 

What am I doing out here and how the hell did I get here? 

As I look around, I hear lots of growling. Not wasting another second, I jump to my feet and start heading towards the sound to see if I can help. As I get closer, I hear voices of people arguing. Not wanting to give up the element of surprise, I hide in the shadows of the forest's edge as I make my way closer. 

“You're not taking her anywhere!” that sounded like the alpha. 

“Alpha Brandon, we do not need your permission to take Bellona. We are the council, and we are of a higher rank, therefore you have no say in this.” This time it was an older woman's voice 

Why is the council here and what do they want with me?

“This is still my pack and Bell is my pack member. She will not be a guinea pig for you!” I heard the alpha growl.  

“Good luck with that because no matter what you say or do, she's still coming with us. She's a threat and needs to be dealt with.” I heard a younger man reply even from my hiding place, I could tell by the sound of his voice he was wearing a smirk on his face. 

Having heard enough, I headed back towards the pack house to try to make sense of what I just heard. Suddenly I am pulled away into the woods by someone, I tried to scream but they put their hand over my mouth. I was about to fight back when they turned me around and I gasped. There right in front of me stood my grandfather. I felt tears forming into my eyes as I jumped into his arms, hugging him like my life depended on it. After a few moments, he pulled away and looked at me. 

“Bellona, I need you to listen to me. We have little time, and this is important, okay?” I could see the worry and sadness in his eyes when he spoke. 

“Okay, pawpaw, what's going on?”  

“Bell, you have to run. I know you are not a runner, but you must. What you just saw with the council has not happened, yet this is all in your head. What you have seen was the future and what is going to happen. When you wake up, I need to you run and keep running do not look back. Bellona, my little warrior, I never wanted this for you... I brought you here hoping to keep you safe and hoping you never had to learn what you really are... but I failed you,” I gave him a confused look. What does he mean, what I really am?

“Bell, I know you have questions, but we are short on time. You are not a regular werewolf, Bell. It's why I always kept you in with your age group in training and told no one about your healing abilities or your extreme speed. Bell the wolf you see now when you shift isn't your wolf's true color, I had a witch mask it before you ever shifted, that will be undone on your 18th birthday and you will see the true color of your wolf.” He sighed and I could see the wariness in his eyes, what else is there?! 

“Bell, your parents are alive. You are also a descendant of the first original wolves of the Goddess. I know this is a lot to take in, but Bell this last bit is the most important. 

When you wake up, I will not be there anymore Bell and I know you will not want to leave but for my sake please just run. Run until you can find somewhere far enough away to rest and then keep running. You must head west; you will know where to go once you get close enough.  

Bellona, my little warrior, I love you so much don’t you ever forget that, and I will always watch over you.” Both of us had tears sliding down our faces when he finished. I could not imagine a life without him, he is my best friend, my number one person, the only father I ever had, and to think of a world without him was excruciating. I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him for what would be the last time, sobbing into his shoulder, never wanting to let go. After a few moments, he spoke again. 

“Bell, its time baby girl, please remember what I told you and remain strong Bell. You are so much stronger than you think. I love you.” 

“I love you too, Pawpaw, and I will, I promise.” We were both still holding each other, crying when I felt myself slowly slip back into the darkness. Not fully prepared for what awaited me when I woke up again. 

'Bell wake up' Hera’s voice echoes through my mind as I try to bring myself to wake up. It feels as if there is a wall between me and the world.

'BELL WAKE UP NOW!' I am shoved into the forefront of my mind at her demand. Opening my eyes, I quickly scan the room, relaxing until my eyes land on the man slumped over my bed. 


Tears form in my eyes as I look at him, his body pale, and his once bright green eyes so lifeless. If you look at them too long, they will haunt you. I knew they always would haunt me. He used the last of his energy to warn me, to protect me. As the tears poured down my flushed cheeks, I remembered the promise I had made to him. Getting out of bed, I lean down, planting a kiss on his forehead, saying a prayer to the Moon Goddess to take care of him as I was never able to. 

Rolling my shoulders back and wiping the tears off my face, I rush to the window of the room and open it, without sparing a glance back, I jump and take off running to the forest headed West, never looking back, knowing if I did, I could not continue forward.