The Ballad of Angel and Starlight

Angel and the Starlight

Angel and Starlight resting side by side

Never touching, never holding what they hide

Star burst and sunset are bringers of the tide

A lovely time for a master work lovely and inside

Deeply loved the link between the Starlight and his bride

Angel is a beauty to behold and Starlight full of pride

Of all the things that wait love is often blind

It's no matter it's no fuss for the Angel side by side

With the prideful Starlight and his smile warm and wide

All good things come to those who wait for the time

When all good things must come to be a steady stream

And they both gleam

As the Angel and the Starlight lay close and dream

Writer in the Wings

The Prince and Princess to be wed

But the Author found all this quite boring

So with a flick of the wrist and a scratch on the parchment

The Author fell into his story

The Author produced a great mirror

And the couple shrank back in fear

For he showed them the truth of the pen and the page

And his mind that guided the faux age

The web the Author had spun

Found him thrown in the dark dungeon

Wars were fought and wars were won

And the Author questioned what he had done

The Prince was fighting his battles

The Princess' mind was quite addled

She fell for the Author and his sweet silver-tongue

The Author's love burned like the sun

His love for her was true

But he did not know what to do

The Prince returned from his fight

And the Author did nothing but write

The Prince disappeared from the novel

The Author did not know his trouble

His love was enough to astound

But his world had fallen around him

The Author's last words were to his Queen

Although he was not too keen

He had to make things right

And end this sullen night

He said "The Prince will be returning

And this will end your yearning

I'll fix this world and all its things

I'll be your writer in the wings."

A Little Bit Rare

A scream sounds through the night

One heart bleeds at the sight

A crying one in pain

But it is not in vain

A comfort 

A care

A little bit rare

Two asleep in the morning 

Both loving the pouring 

Of rain on the porch 

Each loathing the scorch

A summer

A pair

A little bit rare

Two halves of a whole 

The start of a new goal

A year has passed 

The year is vast

A beauty 

So fair 

A little bit rare

We have lasted this long 

We will last till the song 

Has reached its last verse

And forget all the worst

A pleasure 

A treasure 

Out of thin air

A little bit rare

Cold steel

I walked in the dark

Finding solace in the shadow

The gravel underfoot

In the middle of the meadow

The cold steel ran from the forest to the hill

The morning was cool

The dark was still

And the train was coming from the tunnel

I pressed my face to the cold steel

The vibration was all I could feel

I didn't notice the horn

Just the pain forlorn

Another day, or another life

Another bout of unknown strife

A darkened room 

The light should never see such doom

The cold steel pressed in palm

An indent pressed in skull

A final curtain call

No more time to stall

Dark and the Light

Dark and the light 

Always dancing about the night

Pinpricks of light and the darkness abates

Lunar landscape of perilous beauty 

Until the sun does its duty

Light and the dark

So the story goes 

Light too harsh

And dark too deep

Dancing in endless symmetry

Dark and the light 

No matter the time

One makes the other a beauty to find

Shadow in sunlight or moonlight glow

Love is all they ever know

Light and the dark

Never separate, never apart 

Bound together with the greatest of ease

And always a pleasure to be

Distant Shore

The ship pitched forward on the angry black sea

Warned by the guiding beam punching through the fog

But too little too late

The might of nature and night's dark hand

Made sure the mighty ship would never sail again

And on the rocks caught a bloody hand

Tired, mouth full of sand

There the sailor stayed until the light of dawn

When suddenly he heard a siren song

Swimming toward the song so pure 

The sailor found the maiden that lures

Him down to the depths of the briny deep

But this maiden was not cruel

Around his neck she placed a jewel

And the sailor was made into

A creature that suited her very being

Sometimes you can hear them sing

If you listen to the sea

Songs of love and midnight reverie

Love Potion

A witch and a healer made a potion

Each contributed a portion

One part to balance the other

A potion to sway a potential lover

To the pot the witch added bitters

The quiet moments where love withers

Balanced by the healers sweetness

The calm of warm embrace and peacefulness

The give and take of these odd two

Helped the potion change its hue

The witch adds and the brew goes dark

The healer’s changes all are stark

Back and forth this process goes

Dark and light the whole brew flows

Witch and healer are at odds

They are not perfect, they are not gods

A bit too far the stench is acrid 

Then balanced again by the sweet additives

Until finally the scarlet hue glows brightly

The potion is balanced rightly

Witch and healer see their brew

The magic flows around the room

The potions finished, the work is done

Love is balance and love is won

Mirror Mirror

The author woke up and took a hot shower. As he was drying off he had a strange need to look at himself in the mirror, he stared into his own eyes. A minute or two into staring at his face, it blurred to just shades of tan and brown. He snapped out of it about five minutes into this zoning out.

The next day, the same thing happened, but for ten minutes this time. Just staring at the author staring back from the reversed world. Everything looks a bit different on the other side of the mirror, and standing there, strangest of all, yourself. 

Perfect Rose

The tempest blows the perfect rose far away from safety, a bitter memory finds its way into the air and sea, the lovely look of sunshine give way to midnight reverie, a whisper found inside the largest tree gives the night it's poise, all comes to the simple rose's perfect simple petals, an ancient gift, a solemn kiss, and a gardener's gall.


Rest now my weary bones

A time now has been set

Rest now my weary tongue

The worry is now done

Rest now my raging fire

A great passion I have felt

Rest now all broken souls

A shadow has been lifted

Rest now my loving heart

Only for a moment

Rest now my bride to be

You are everything I see

Rest now dear Angel

For you have done great things

Rest now the Starlight

Warmth has come to pass

Rest now my world

Light and Love abound

This is Not a Poem.

This is just an arrangement of words. A grand amalgam of letters and syllables and meaning that means nothing.

This is not a poem.

Poems tell of dreams and their wonderful and terrible stories, of life and strife and death and birth and brilliant light and beautiful darkness, of how the moonlight filters softly through the tree's leaves in the dead of night, of how the starlight reflects off the still water only to be admired by the lonely fisherman and the catch he seeks.

This is not a poem.

A poem has rhythm and rhyme or tells a story. Or mentions the blue of the sky, or the grey of the clouds because a poem has meaning beyond the reach of just the language. A lover's kiss, a killer's wrath, a villain's laugh, a hero's battle.

This is not a poem.

Tick Tock

Tick Tock the clock is stopped

The light leaks into the chill night

Moonlight dances in the air

Stars swirl in the blackness piercing the veil

Eyes close, and breath slows

Warmth carries you softly to sleep

Rest now your work is done

May your worries melt away

Goodnight to the day

Sweet dreams to your stress

Sleep tight in the warmth of your bed

Lullay, my friend

Time Heals All Wounds

Time heals all wounds

But this man bleeds starlight

An ancient being unbound

Deep within the night sky


A shooting star

A broken wish

A love that's plagued by mystery


Time heals all wounds

But the starlight is a gift

Solid protection strong as steel

Even before the song


A drop of blood

A tear cried anew

A laugh at the dark


Time heals all wounds

But what of the future

The angel kiss ends the pain

And forever seals the pact


A vow most powerful

A passionate kiss

A possible end


Time heals all wounds

But an end this could be

Only see the possibility

That storm clouds linger still


A few too many

A selfish action

A possible end


Time heals all wounds

Angel or queen

The answer is there

Resting in its place


A vexing problem

A timid timing

A long held dream


Time heals all wounds

And ends all pain

If only we would listen

To a masterpiece of design


A man loved

A woman loved

A loving God

What Little I Know

What little I know of life and its questions

Of death and its perceptions

Of the black and the dark

Of the white and the light

Of angels and demons and long concealed feelings

Of time and it's stark progressions


What little I know of love and its wonders

Of pain as it plunders a soul from without

Of night buried in rays of moonlight and covered by sparkles of stars

Of rain and the wind blowing and pounding everything wet

Of a memory of all of the best days to come

Of beginnings from dust

Of endings to dust

Oh what little I know