Tale of the Demon Hero

Author's Note: Please don't try to plagiarize, illegally copy this story (and its terminologies which are mentioned in the following/previous chapters) or even try to distribute a soft copy. If you do, I hope that Karma find you. WARNING: All characters appearing in this work are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. This story may contain strong profanities so readers’ discretion is highly advised.


Long ago, far beyond the horizon, was an island that mysteriously sprang up after the "Great Earthquake". This mysterious island was said to be guarded by the "Seven Mythical Beasts". The Seven Mythical Beasts of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Shadow and Time provide "elemental magic" that gives life and prosperity in the entire island. After knowing what the island can give, greedy humans decided to explore the ocean just to find it. But, after years of searching, these foreign explorers went back to their country empty-handed.

But a man never gave up, continued his journey beyond the vast ocean and found the mysterious island. The "Seven Mythical Beasts" tried to deceive the man to leave the island but the man proposed a deal. In exchange of letting him alive, he will take care of the island and promised that he will never let anyone invade or find it again.

The "Seven Mythical Beasts" were hesitant at first to trust the words of a human but they finally decided to agree with the deal in one condition, he will do everything to help them prevent the "Great Collision of the Two Worlds" Prophecy from happening or they will bring catastrophe as a punishment on the entire island. The man agreed and the deal was made. After that the "Seven Mythical Beasts" were nowhere to be found.

A decade later, this mysterious island now called "Alementalia" prospered and the man who became the "First Founding Father of Alementalia" and his Council founded the "Main Island" and "Four Villages" that presents the "First Four Alementalian magic": Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. The Villages are divided according to the "Alementalian magic" its people can control.

First, is "Aethyria" or "The Village of the Mysterious Mountain Hikers." Element: Earth. Aethyria is located at the North Region of the Main Island. A village surrounded by huge mountain ranges covered with rich, endless, green forests. Aethyria is known for its famous mining sites and animal sanctuaries. "Aethyrians" are mostly working as "Mountain Hikers", "Earth Miners" and "Forest Guardians."


Second is "Fireiya" or "The Village of Red Blacksmiths. Element: Fire. "Fireiya" is located at the South region of the Main Island. A village surrounded by big and active volcanoes, known for their famous Blacksmiths in forging metal weapons and have the best arsenals in the Main Island. Fireiyans are mostly working as "Blacksmiths" and "Shop Owners".

Third is "Iytheria" or "The Village of the Brave Sky Warriors" Element: Air. "Iytheria" is located at the East Region of the Main Island. A hidden village surrounded by huge windmills used to generate electricity in the entire village and power up hydroelectric water dams in the Main Island. Iytherians are mostly working as "Sky Soldiers" to preserve peace and order in the village.

Lastly, "Wathyria" or "The Village of Mischievous Mafias. Element: Water. "Wathyria" is located at the West Region of the Main Island, a popular island village surrounded by the vast, blue ocean. Wathyria is also known for its best trade ports and delicious seafood dishes. "Wathyrians" are mostly working as "Fishermen", "Fishmonger" some of them as "Mafias for hire".

The "Main Island" is found in the center of Alementalia. It acts as the capital city of the entire Kingdom of Alementalia. The Imperial Court Head Quarters or The 'Head Quarters' is found in the "Main Island." It is a heavily guarded, castle like fortress that has a court room and underground prison rooms. Criminals are brought and locked up in their designated underground prison room during their court trials. There are also dangerous, unknown and wild creatures or beasts that were brought, locked up and killed inside those underground prison for creating havoc around Alementalia.