Chapter I: Scouting the area

Branndea currently was over at her friend Ravyn's house them talking about boys and the rumored new singers and musician that may have moved into town. "Like who do them outsiders even think they are? Moving into my town without my explicit permission for them to do so?! I am very well known even by the people in charge of the town and the town mayor or governor didn’t run this by me at all!!" Branndea was complaining. Ravyn gave a nod taking her cellphone out of her pocket. "Totally agree how rude on their part we have to sabotage the mayor! Do we wanna meet up with the others and see if we can find out where the new singers and whatnot live?" Branndea nod watching Ravyn text them all. "Tell them we are both at your house. I have a nasty feeling my house is being surveyed or something. I keep feeling like im being watched. Like more so then usual I mean." Ravyn's eyebrows furrowed but still was texting not looking away from her phone. Ainslie was In wolf form in the edge of Branndea's woods looking for any sign of her. She turned back to human after eating some rodent now watching as Sonndra appeared. "Well did you spot her or not?" Ainslie shook her head with a scowl. "That bitch is already onto us I think. She must have somehow sneaked off. Where do you think she even went? She could be anywhere everyone in town knows her!" Sonndra had them break in a window and look around the house before going back outside to the woods. "I think I know where she went follow me." Branndea sighed five minutes or more passing Ravyn still on her phone. "Im still here you know I don’t deserve to be ignored!" Ravyn's head snapped up her quickly putting away her phone. "Sorry I just wanted to make sure they all could come. Why don’t you watch for their car while were waiting?" Branndea raised an eyebrow folding her arms making Ravyn most likely instantly regret her words. "Excuse me? You go that’s your job!" Branndea watched Ravyn leave the room. Sonndra and Ainslie now snuck onto Ravyn's property noticing quite a bit of cars pulling in the driveway. "Wow looks like somebodys having a party, I think Branndea is by herself I can pick up the smell of her blood from miles away!" Sonndra said her eyes getting redder now Ainslie noticing. "Are we both here for the same reason? We want to sabotage Branndea's status by breaking up her click. Right? It almost feels like to me your just here to get to Branndea and kill her." Sonndra smiled starting to head over to the window that leads to where she thinks Branndea is. "You go get Mazey and tell her to bring her spellbook. I'll wait here." "Whatever just remember cousin we cannot become involved with anyone," Ainslie reminded her before turning into wolf form and starting to run away. Branndea slightly jumped noticing a certain enemy vampire coming through Ravyn's bedroom window Sonndra's eyes red and fangs showing as she hissed. "What the fuck do you think your doing here?! Can I not have a fricking break?!! You'd better buzz off or im gonna call the police!!!" Branndea threatened though she was now hiding beneath the blankets slightly only Sonndra has ever been the one to scare or intimidate her anyone else Branndea can take on any day. Not her. Sonndra let out an amused laugh now getting right on the bed Branndea's heart beginning to race. "Aww look the alpha of her click is now cowering like a baby! Not so tough now are you?!!" Branndea felt Sonndra yank the blankets off and felt her grab her neck. "I wanna sink my fangs right into you and finally end you once in for all. But I kinda like tormenting you day by day more. So im gonna leave you with one warning: soon you will notice your friends not being a trustworthy as you thought. You'd better give up your status as leader or I'll kill your best friend first!" Branndea's eyes slightly watered at Sonndra's threat once again the only person she ever gave a fuck about was her best friend Ravyn nobody else makes her cry. "Just leave me alone and let go my neck hurts." Sonndra leaned closer now taking a whiff of her hair but really it was the scent of her blood running through her vains she was smelling. "Where's your boyfriend these days?" Branndea's eyes widened as Sonndra let go and now got off the bed heading for the window. "Who Jerimiah? You stay away from him!" Sonndra just laughed now exiting through the window to go find Ainslie and Mazey. Ravyn now returned with Branndea's other three friends Fernlie, Kinisha and Shawniece. Fernlie instantly ran over and cuddled by Branndea now touching the slight bruise and nail marks Sonndra had left on her neck from how tight she had nearly choked her. "Aww no you got hurt makes me wanna cry I don’t wanna see you hurt I wanna watch cartoon with you!" Branndea half smiled but more like winced motioning Ravyn closer who did come over now. "Ravyn why don’t you take Fernlie out into your living room and set up some cartoon for her to watch ok," Branndea instruct. Ravyn nod Fernlie following Ravyn out the room. "Omg girl like what happened to your neck?!" Shawniece now let out Branndea watching as Shawniece sat on the bottom of the bed Kinisha now laying beside Branndea. "Give me the deets how did your date with Jerimiah go the other day? Was he as handsome and smart as he proposed or some loser?" Branndea sighed. "He's just average honestly. But he works out a lot so that’s a plus. That creepy vampire bitch had snuck in and threatened to kill me and I think shes gonna be after Jerimiah next! She will kill Ravyn if I don’t give up my status!!" Shawniece clutched her heart. "Omg wow." Kinisha rolled her eyes. "Branndea don’t let her get to you. We got your back. The whole town practically does, your 100% safe. But honestly why do you even let Fernlie in our squad?" Kinisha added as Ravyn came back in the room. Branndea shrugged. "I don’t honestly even know. A guess I feel bad for the poor thing. She's such a weirdo acting like a child 24/7. But anyway what I wanted to do was meet the new singers and musician in town. But instead lets just have a sleepover here. Tomorrow we can go see them losers."

Chapter 2: The Big Meetup

Branndea woke up seeing Kinisha was still laying in bed with her, Shawniece on the floor in a sleeping bag while Ravyn must have chose to sleep out in the living room in a sleeping bag by Fernlie who's probably on the couch. Branndea yawned and stretched reaching over and shaking her friend Kinisha awake who instantly let out "what happened?!" Branndea smiled shaking her head. "Nothing yet. But after we all get ready we are gonna go to the mayors office to get the singers addresses." Kinisha smiled back instantly getting up and stepping over Shawniece to leave the room must be to go alert Ravyn and Fernlie of their plans. Branndea now got her phone texting her boyfriend Jerimiah a quick morning photo of herself blowing him a kiss. He responded within seconds sending her back a picture of himself in only boxers shirtless flexing his muscles showing off his attractive eight pack abs Branndea drooling. Branndea now put her phone away and got up walking over and kneeling down to shake Shawniece awake. "Omg girl like what time is it?" Shawniece asked sleepily now yawning and stretching. Branndea now stood helping her friend up to her feet. "Time to get ready Shawniece pick out two outfits from Ravyn's drawer one for you and one for Fernlie you have first shower." Shawniece nod now instantly pawing through Ravyn's drawer. Branndea now exit the room going out in the living room finding Kinisha chatting with Ravyn but Fernlie was still asleep. "Morning Ravyn, im gonna let Shawniece and Fernlie borrow a change of your clothes, but Kinisha come with me, Ravyn wake Fernlie." With that Branndea led Kinisha back in the bedroom noticing Shawniece wasn’t there must be already taking the first shower the extra change of clothes for Fernlie on the bed. "What is it do I find a change of clothes in Ravyn's drawer or?" Branndea shook her head now digging in her bag for an outfit for herself to wear and the extra outfit she brought she now handed over to Kinisha who smiled wide. "Are you for real? I get to wear one of your outfits?! Shut up girl this is the best day ever!!" Branndea gave a nod. "Yeah, I like you your my second best friend." Kinisha let out a laugh at that just leading the way out the room now. Shawniece soon exit the bathroom Kinisha the next one to take a shower. Ravyn did successfully wake Fernlie who jumped up from the couch rushing over upon noticing Branndea. "Morning my friend I hope you had a fun dream of unicorns!" Branndea smiled. "Sure Fernlie, why don’t you head to Ravyn's room there's a change of clothes for you laying on the bed." Fernlie now gave Branndea a unexpected bearhug taking Branndea off guard her half hugging her back. "I love you Branndea your my best friend in the whole wide world!" Branndea mouthed help me to Ravyn and Shawniece who both now quickly pried Fernlie off her. "Ok that’s nice Fernlie but you listen now and do as I say go get the clothes," Branndea repeated watching as Fernlie now skipped down the hall towards Ravyn's room. "Omg the nerve of that girl to hug you as if she has the right give me a break," Shawniece exclaimed Branndea nodding. "Yeah, Shawniece why don’t you go start Ravyn's car ok we are all gonna ride in that today." Shawniece did now leave. Soon Fernlie came back out with the change of clothes and Kinisha exit the bathroom. "Go ahead and take your shower now Fernlie and Kinisha go outside and wait in the car with Shawniece," Branndea ordered Kinisha saying "kk" before leaving. "Can we get icecream at some point today I know a icecream shop nearby!" Fernlie mentioned now begging at Branndea's feet. "Pretty please with sugar on top?!" Branndea smiled and nod Fernlie shouting out a happy "Yay you’re the best!" before skipping happily to the bathroom to take her shower. "Ravyn, how did you sleep? Sorry I kinda took over your room and gave your clothes away and also am using your car," Branndea actually apologized. Ravyn gave a nod now stepping closer to her to whisper "my boyfriend Daniel proposed to me by text!" Branndea's eyes widened. "Woah already what did you even say?" "No of course, did you text Jerimiah yet?" Ravyn asked. "Yes we sent each other morning pics." Soon Fernlie exit the bathroom heading outside to wait in car once she was told to do so. "You go on ahead and take the next shower Branndea I'll wait with the others," Ravyn insist. "You sure?" "Yeah go ahead." So Branndea did leave to take her shower Ravyn now going outside to her car getting in the front seat noticing Fernlie was sitting in between Kinisha and Shawniece in the back all three texting. Ravyn sighed now just getting out her phone to text her boyfriend to pass the time. When Branndea was done showering and came out everyone but Ravyn was done texting watching as Branndea now got in the passengers seat. "Why do we even let you drive when you can literally text while driving getting us all killed?!" Branndea slightly yelled. Ravyn rolled her eyes just driving to the mayors office. They did get directions after Branndea gave the mayor a piece of her mind. First one they went to go see was the pop singer named Braidee. All five were of course expecting it to be a boy of course so when they were on the doorstep waiting after ringing the bell and knocking seeing a girl open the door all their eyes widened. "Why hello there the mayor had informed me I would be seeing a group of girls who wanted to meet me. So, are you all fans of my music or curious why I moved here?" Branndea slowly eyed the girl who did have an amazing fashion sense. "Obviously the second we never even heard of you im Branndea, these are my four friends, Ravyn, Kinisha, Shawniece and Fernlie. We practically rule over this town and usually are informed if any newcomers arrive but its never a celebrity!" Braidee laughed gesturing them all to come in. "Come on in sit down. Its not like that lol I am a new singer not that famous yet. I just wanted a change of scenery." Branndea's eyes narrowed shaking her head. "Thanks, but no thanks. We have stuff to do and are too busy for chitchat. Do take care and here's my number!" Branndea said handing Braidee a slip with her number on it before her and her friends now got in the car. "Where to next queen?" Ravyn wondered. "Oh lets go check out that rapper Sedgely. He seems promising," Branndea comment. So they drove to his address and all five girls were drooling as he opened the door wearing a backwards playa hat and tight form fitting muscle shirt and baggy pants. "Why hello ladies, what brings you sexy things to my humble abode? I must say I bet you’re the leader your sexy as fuck," Sedgely predict now stroking Branndea's cheek with a grin. Ravyn was the one to shove his hand off Branndea's face. "We aren't here to flirt. We just came to see who you are and why you moved here, im Ravyn, the girl you like is my best friend Branndea and the others are Kinisha, Shawniece and Fernlie." Branndea gazed over at her friend who had her fists slightly clenched. "Uh yeah she's totally right so do you have a free cd you can give us so we can check out your tunes? In exchange I'll give you my number hottie," Branndea bribed with a wink. Sedgely laughed now temporarily leaving before returning handing Branndea a cd of his after he signed it. "There you go now where's your number cutie?" Branndea now handed him a slip of paper with her number on it. "Ok lets go team," Branndea said leading the way to the car. "Ok lets go to that electronic musician Oakly next," Branndea decided. "What even was that? You already have a boyfriend and he's Jerimiah!" Ravyn loudly reminded her Branndea rolling her eyes. "Please he's cute but this boy clearly has way better taste bet he's a biggie." Kinisha grinned along with Shawniece but Ravyn scowled and poor Fernlie was clueless as to the meaning of the word just humming to herself in the backseat. When they arrived at Oakly's the door was unlocked and once they entered saw he was playing music on a mixerboard. He now looked up as they all entered pausing the music to come over. "Oh hey didn’t really expect visitors so soon. What a pleasant surprise haha. And who might you five girls be?" Branndea smiled walking over and checking out his mixerboard him instantly going over to her. "Don’t touch anything please." Branndea raised an eyebrow now feeling his biceps with her hands and running fingers through his hair him slightly blushing as she also lift his shirt up to feel he has six pack abs. "Oh but why not? Have you any idea just what kind of girl I am? I am the queen b of this town my name is Branndea and you'll do well to remember that. My four friends here are Ravyn, Kinisha, Shawniece and Fernlie." Oakly gave a nod running fingers through his hair. "Mmmk I will definitely never forget that. Stop by my place anytime ok?" "Oh I definitely will do just that," Branndea said with a wink blowing him a kiss and now slipping a piece of paper with her number in his pocket purposely letting her hand slightly graze his lap as she did so before leading the way out his house to the car. "Unbelievable what would Jerimiah think if he saw you flirting with now two men and im assuming your gonna try and also flirt with the next guy too the country singer named Croydon?" Ravyn disapproved. "Omg like leave her alone Ravyn gosh your just jealous she gets all the guys and you barely get any of them," Shawniece now rudely comment Kinisha smiling at that while Fernlie frowned mumbling how mean it was to say that Ravyn's grip on the steering wheel tightening. Branndea and the rest were silent rest the way to Croydon's place. He instantly answered the door they barely had to knock and first thing Branndea noticed was he had animal mounts on the wall showing off what game he killed. "Ravyn take Fernlie to the car," Branndea command Ravyn silently doing so. "Howdy there, fetching looking ladies I got on my porch! Name is Croydon I make country music, like to hunt on my spare time and I like meeting new people! What can I call you gals?" Croydon asked. Branndea smiled pushing past him to now take a closer look inside the place to check out more of the animal mounts on his wall. "You seem like a very powerful hunter and gatherer, I like that. Seems not too many men can fend for themselves like that around here. Anyways I am Branndea the two girls who went to the car are my friends Ravyn and Fernlie and the two still standing here are my other friends Kinisha and Shawniece. Pleasure to meet you sir," Branndea finished now walking over to him and taking his cowboy hat off him to now try it on before handing it back to him. "I like that can you get me one?" Croydon smiled and nod. "My pleasure mam be right back make yourself at home." As soon as he left to go look for another cowboy hat Branndea turned towards her friends noticing Ravyn now reentered arms crossed. "Did you makeout with him yet?" Branndea shook her head. "No. I think I have to take things kinda slow with him. I had you take Fernlie outside cause I didn’t wanna let her see the decorations here I know she has a sensitive heart and is a vegetarian and animal lover so…" Branndea trailed off as they saw Croydon now coming back in the room now placing a cowgirl hat on her head. She smiled eyeing his belt that had a design of a bull on it. "Here let me give you my number if you need anything you give me a call," Croydon offered him and Branndea now exchanging slips of papers with their numbers on them. "Thanks so much we will have to keep in touch," Branndea told him before now leading her friends out to the car them heading back to Ravyn's place. Soon Kinisha, Shawniece and Fernlie all got in their own cars and drove to their homes but Branndea didn’t go to her house staying at Ravyn's again. Also Branndea plans to take Fernlie for icecream just not today….