First friend is Willow Lennox. They like drawing and reading and are pretty shy. 

Next friend is Mimi Rosepetal she's a bubbly flirt and likes befriending and hugging others.

After that comes Viviee Chonsel she's a goth who likes spooky things and hates pink is hostile to flirts also. So as you may imagine she doesn't get along well with Mimi who's too intimate for her.

Adriun Angelukun is a goth who's pretty brave he's good at all but talking he isn't all too friendly.

Naomi Rittenberry is a wild party-animal she does anything for attention basically.

Linden Kaneshiro likes making friends and hugging literally anyone he gets along very well with Mimi and does have a crush on her. 

Emerson Pankratz likes flirting with everyone then running away i know he's weird lol.

Sanford Gettinger likes to read and complain about PDA 24/7 he is perhaps a bit of a prude.

So i was thinking of describing their sexual orientations and looks but will just leave it to your imagination and see if you can think of it :) But yeah thats all for the first eight friends!


Candy Cane is hyper, a hopeless romantic and she eates candybars and sweets a lot.

Arctic Glacier is sorta goth not very good at talking they also carry around icecream to eat constantly. Oh yeah and Arctic sorta may have a crush on Candy but tries to hide it.

Bluey Berrys mopes about being sad a lot she may be emo to some but doesn't call herself that.

Lordie Flamegusher is a hair stylist, tattoo artist, and a car painter, so he's quite talented.

Then there's the siblings Limella and Grapeo Zooga. Limella likes gardening and Grapeo likes reading comics. These two are pretty close Grapeo likes to shield his sister from the cruel world.

Last but not least is Bumble Hive she is a beekeeper and even at times thinks she's a bee...


ok so thats it about describing the next seven friends! hope you enjoyed :)


Baxton Doom is a skilled gamer who can be friendly but very competitive and gets mad when he loses so can be a sore-sport but when you win 20+ game tournaments like him you'll understand


Mello Chello likes pranking people it drives some friends up the wall but Icee finds it amusing


Hailey Emara likes giving debates about various topics and definitely makes sure to do her research for the facts to back everything up!


Roylun Viktor seeks a girlfriend 24/7 he does flirt but sucks at it and and he don't take rejection very well either.


Icee Plummet is very childish and they like electronic dance music and will jam out to it all the time regardless if you don't like the music or tell them to shut it off they just turn it up louder lol




that will be all for the introducing of the characters. next time will be the official story! :D


Willow invited a few of their friends to explore a nearby abandoned mansion that’s in town rumored to be haunted. Right now Willow is in the passengers seat of their friend Mimi's car, their other friends Viviee and Adriun in the backseat. "Thanks so much for inviting me to come with you on this spooky adventure Will!" Mimi cheered. Willow smiled. "Well of course, thank you for coming you guys, it means a lot to me." "Does this place get very many visitors or explorers?" Adriun asked once they all parked outside a fence surrounding the abandoned mansion. Willow shrugged first to exit the car now leading their friends over to the main entrance through the fenced gate. "I honestly don't know. But I did make sure to get permission from the owner before we came exploring," Willow assured him Adriun just giving a nod. As if setting the mood and atmosphere perfectly a bat suddenly flew out a half broken window as the four friends neared the front door of the mansion. "Cool," Viviee comment contently. Mimi slightly shrieked as the four of them barely stepped through the door. "What?" Willow, Adriun and Viviee all comment gazing back at her. Mimi now frantically kept brushing off her clothes and running fingers through her hair. "I think I ran into a cobweb and i-" Mimi broke off as Viviee reached over and successfully picked the spiderwebs off her shaking her head with an eyeroll. "Give me a break if we find a spider I'm flinging it at you," Viviee may have teased or warned who knows. Mimi smiled pulling out a lollipop suddenly to start sucking on. All four friends stuck together the whole time trying to check every room in the place for any signs of ghosts or cool antiques. Adriun seemed to like how broken down the inside of the place looked, Viviee kept looking for more bats or spiderwebs so she could fling a spider at Mimi, Mimi was happily skipping ahead of them all now humming to herself while Willow just casually walked along using a ghost detector type app to look for any signs of ghosts. Adriun got bored and soon went outside for a smoke, leaving just Viviee and Mimi with Willow. Viviee found a spider and now flung it at Mimi who screamed Willow quickly the one to get it off her giving out a heavy sigh. "Must you two always do this? Can you get along for at least one of our trips out exploring? Honestly its ridiculous." Mimi smiled placing an arm around Willow and Viviee who slightly glared. "Yeah Will's right V, I'm sorry we can't get along. But it seems you’re the mean one always trying to throw things at me and I don't do anything bad to you," Mimi point out. "Why do you hate me so much?" Mimi added getting slightly teary eyed all of a sudden. Viviee now was one who sighed. "Listen, hate is a strong word, I just don't like how girly you get all afraid of some stupid web." Adriun thankfully now reentered Willow getting the feeling a fight was gonna arise if he hadn't came in just now. "Did I miss something?" He asked as Mimi went on about how shocked she is Viviee actually threw a spider at her. Willow shrugged. "Viviee threw a spider at Mimi and Mimi thinks Viviee hates her and yeah not much you missed, you know, just same as usual." Mimi suddenly turned and walked over to Adriun placing her arms around him feeling his leather jacket and his hair giggling. "You look nice today Adriun, is it a cologne or something you have on?" His eyes slightly widened. "Huh? No just the same style that I'm always in your perfume today is too strong Mimi FYI," he added as he pushed her off him only for her to instantly cling back to him now offering him a lollipop. "No thanks get off please," Adriun request Willow smiling at how well he's handling Mimi's obvious flirting and embracing. Mimi sighed but did let go now walking beside Willow who soon led the way out the abandoned mansion. Viviee and Adriun were first to get in the backseat of the car but as Willow went to enter it Mimi stopped them in their tracks tugging on their arm. Willow's eyebrows furrowed. "What is it Mimi?" Mimi suddenly cried in their shoulder Willow awkwardly patting their friend on the back. "Viviee hates me I just know it and I did nothing to deserve her wrath!" Mimi had sobbed. Willow sighed tightly hugging their best friend. "Its ok Mimi, she doesn't mean to make you sad. You know that’s just how she is. She and you never really got along very well but she doesn't by any means hate you I promise." Mimi smiled wide quickly hugging Willow back before skipping off to the car Willow getting in it as well now. Mimi dropped Viviee and Adriun off first and before dropping Willow off gave them another big hug. "Thanks for your kind words Will. I'm sorry I can be such a crybaby sometimes. Its just I want to be everyones friend. I don't like when others act mean and unfriendly I just want everyone to be friends and get along." "I know Mimi. It would sure be nice wouldn't it. Well I will let you know when our next hangout will be." "Ok bye Willow take care!" "Yeah you too." Willow had went to bed disappointed no ghost activity was in that mansion.


Todays hangout was at a local fair and this time Willow didn't just invite their friends Mimi, Viviee and Adriun but also Naomi and Linden. For most the rides Mimi rode with Linden them two seeming to have quite a lot of fun but Naomi kept literally bribing Adriun so he'd go on rides with her. "Let loose goth boy learn to have some fun!" she would say and tug on his arm getting him to go. Willow wandered most the park with Viviee who was quite quiet. Eventually Willow had them get a bite to eat sitting down at a table. "Is something troubling you Viviee, your quiet." Viviee shook her head and Willow suddenly noticed it wasn't just Viviee's makeup on her face but black rims around her eyes her must be not getting very much sleep lately. "Oh Viviee, do you suffer from no ability to fall asleep? Or is something or someone rather on your mind?" Viviee's head shot right up her snapping "im certainly not thinking of that girly crybaby if that’s what your trying to say!" Willow quickly shook their head. "Mimi? No, that’s not necessarily what I was getting at." Viviee massaged her temples shaking her head with a sigh. "You know, Naomi is just as annoying as her, but at least she doesn't freaking like get into that all pink unicorn peace shit like Mimi does." Willow watched as right now Mimi came skipping over holding hands with Linden Viviee raising an eyebrow at her. "What are you two gonna run off and get a room together already?" Mimi didn't reply just pulling out a lollipop to lick and Linden smiled walking over and giving Willow a hug. "Hey Willow I'm not sure I got a chance to properly say hello yet been partying it up with Mimi she's a blast!" Mimi laughed now giving Viviee a quick hug before coming over to also hug Willow. "How have you two been liking the fair? Having as much fun as me and Linden? I bet not! I love it he loves friends and hugs as much as I do!!" Mimi let out happily as she now gave Linden a long hug giggling as he pecked her on the cheek. "Your too cute Mimi." "Your more cuter Linden!" Viviee rolled her eyes standing up. "Well have fun you two I need to find a restroom." "Will come with me!" Viviee added as Willow was gonna sit there being a third wheel watching Mimi and Linden makeout all of a sudden. "Gladly!" Willow called out quickly chasing after Viviee running to catch up with her. When they entered a bathroom they heard what they know are moans and groans coming from inside one of the stalls. "Oh god Naomi and Adriun must be having sex disgusting!" Viviee yelled out in disgust Willow biting their lip as Viviee kicked open their stall door, revealing Naomi in just her undergarments and Adriun in his boxers his face smothered with lipstick from how many times Naomi kissed him. Willow slightly laughed at Adriun's horrified expression him rapidly getting his clothes back on but Naomi didn’t smiling. "I'm surprised that Mimi and Linden hadn’t made love yet actually their as in love as me and Adriun are." "I bet," Willow comment while Viviee just shook her head mumbling "slut" under her breath turning to go now getting slightly pinned against the wall by Naomi who first scold her for the name calling but now slowly eyed her. "Are you just jealous you cant get some action? Aww sweetie I can give you guys numbers all you had to do was ask." Viviee glared trying to get out of her grip but couldnt. "Come on lets go babe," Adriun said Naomi shaking her head. "No I want to get an answer out of her. What is it gonna be Viviee? What is your type of guy I can give you his number." "No I don’t want it im not interested in dating any of your so called guy friends you've probably slept with them all." Naomi smiled. "Well is it girls you want the numbers of? I have them too if you want." Adriun and Willow together pulled Naomi off Viviee who now let out "I'm not into dating period and certainly not into casual sex so fuck off!" With that Viviee left the bathroom. "She never did get to have a bathroom break like she wanted," Willow was commenting as they and Adriun were waiting for Naomi to get dressed so they can leave the bathroom. Adriun sighed. "I feel so stupid for falling into Naomi's trap. I should know better then to think she only wants me." Willow's eyebrows furrowed patting their friend on the back supportively. "No, I think you can tame her Adriun." Willow, Adriun and Naomi met up with both Mimi and Linden but theres no sign of Viviee anywhere it seems. "Guys I think I'll take Viviee home it was fun but I should find her and head home," Willow said now feeling their friends Mimi and Linden give them long hugs. "Good luck with your new relationships a guess," Willow also let out to Mimi and Linden as well as Adriun and Naomi before leaving. Willow did end up driving Viviee to her house. "V, don’t let what Naomi said get you down. Ok? She means well I think she just doesn’t understand what its like to be single." Viviee nod surprising Willow with a quick hug. "Sure yeah. I uh, gotta go see ya." Willow now just drove home.


Willow was at the mall with their six friends Candy, Arctic, Bluey, Lordie, Emerson and Sanford. Willow and Candy were out to get clothes, so was Sanford, Emerson so far got this cute kitten phone case, Lordie was mainly out to get hair dye and Bluey looks sad and lonely like usual but she actually talked a little to Sanford who's also lonely. So Willow thinks them two will hit it off by the time this mall trip ends. Candy kept trying outfits on seeming to want Arctic's opinion but Arctic kept spacing out blank faced so Willow had to be the one to compliment her outfits. At one point Willow pulled Arctic to the side to confront them on how they wouldn't give their input on how Candy looked in the outfits she tried on. "Oh well I just didn’t, I mean I, its not like I was, she was ok but like just not now." Willow smiled giving Arctic a hug. "Hey don’t sweat it, im really just teasing cause I know you like Candy-" "Shh!" Arctic yelled covering Willow's mouth as Candy now came over in another outfit. "Hey I swear it’s the last time ok just tell me what you think alright?" Arctic's eyes grew wide jaw about dropping cheeks flushed seeing Candy was in a low cut pretty dress. "Wow you I just wow," was all Arctic would say hiding behind Willow as Candy now laughed. "Wanna come with me to the sweets shop so I can get a chocolate bar and you can get some icecream?" Candy now asked Arctic suddenly tugging on their arm making them follow her out the current store Willow smiling at them. "Their adorable arent they?" Willow heard their friend Emerson say Willow turning to face him smiling and nodding. "I was the first one Arctic told about their secret crush on Candy but its like so obvious im sure Candy knew it for years." Emerson smiled suddenly showing Willow a bracelet with a heart on it. "Hey can you do me a favor? You look good today by the way Will but back to my request may you please find Lordie and tell him that I like him? I told him I like his hair already more then enough times and compliment his tattoos but don’t got the balls to ask him out so." Willow's eyebrows furrowed gently taking the bracelet from Emerson and nodding. "Well sure but one of these days you should really tell him. Oh look there he is now!" Willow let out seeing Lordie coming over Emerson yelling "nice talking to ya cuties!" before bolting out the store glancing back at Lordie over his shoulder as he did so. Lordie also glanced back eyebrows furrowing. "Whats wrong with Emerson today? I feel like he's been giving me like mixed signals today. He'll be friendly then just suddenly rudely avoid me. Did I do something wrong I'm unaware of Will?" Willow noticed Lordie eye the heart bracelet Willow now handing it over to him. "Lordie I have to tell you something-" Lordie now covered Willow's mouth smiling as he also put the bracelet on. "No don’t tell me is it a confession? I as a matter of fact was just coming to admit one to you as well! Truth is I kinda like you Willow, I actually always have." Willow slightly blushed eyes wide. "Wait what? I like you too but so does Emerson." "What?" Willow nod fighting back tears as they now said "yes so go see Emerson and go out with him you two would be perfect together!" Willow then just left Lordie chasing after them but pausing as Emerson came into view who also stopped in his tracks. "So you have a crush on me?" Lordie let out. "Yeah you have a crush on Willow?" Emerson returned adding "I kinda was eavesdropping sorry." Willow just snuck away as they spot their friends Bluey and Sanford walking by. "Hey may I come with you guys?" They just nod. "So, how was shopping for you two? Still talking up a storm or giving each other silent treatments?" Willow asked genuinely curious if their having fun. Bluey just shrugged while Sanford replied "we got some clothes and now are headed to find the bookstore." Willow smiled placing their arms around their two friends. "Well that’s just perfect I think I'll tag along I need a new book to read!" At one point in the bookshop while Bluey was a little ways away Sanford took Willow off to the side. "Hey listen Willow, I really like Bluey. I think we need each other to feel happier and whole. But im not sure how to-" Willow shook their head tugging on his arm and shoving him slightly towards Bluey who's eyes slightly widened. "Nope not this time you two have to help yourselves with your shy refusal to admit your feelings for each other." So Willow now slipped out the store letting them sort their love problems out on their own and noticed Emerson gave Lordie a kiss on the cheek Lordie pushing him slightly away at the sight of Willow who let out a long sigh. "Don’t stop on my account by all means kiss, I don’t wanna be anybodys killjoy. Im gonna find Candy and Arctic I think." With that Willow did find them exiting the sweetshop with chocolate icecream. Willow smiled. "Aww you two had compromised. Cute. Did you two bang yet?" Arctic now slightly choked on their icecream while Candy grinned ear to ear placing her arm around Arctic who was slightly blushing. "Nope not yet, but we plan to soon. Right Arctic?" Arctic shook their head burying their head in Candy's shoulder. "Aww well someday you'll be ready to," Candy mumbled though seeming a bit rejected. "But we are dating now though right?" Candy added making Arctic look her in the eyes. "Sure I-I'd l-love that and-" Candy interrupt Arctic with a kiss on the lips Arctic gasping now. "Um, I uh, when do we get outta here Willow?" Arctic asked mouthing out help me as Candy laughed tightly hugging Arctic. "Hey your ok. Wanna come to my place later and watch some horrorflicks? We can eat icecream!" Arctic and Candy did end up having a sleepover. Bluey and Sanford shared a kiss but they didn’t spend the night at each others houses. As for Lordie and Emerson, they did say they will date, but Lordie wants Willow to also date him. Willow agreed but insisted Lordie hang out with Emerson since Willow still has mixed feelings about dating so soon. So all in all it was a weird day for Willow. It seems their friends like coming to them for love advice. Wonder why? 


Willow on this fine day headed over to their two friends Limella and Grapeo's house and upon pulling in their driveway noticed two other cars besides theirs was in the driveway. Limella was gardening and Willow's other friend Bumble was helping. The two glanced over as they saw Willow get out of their door and head over. "Oh hello Willow, are you doing well today I hope?" Limella wondered handing Willow a flower suddenly Bumble smiling as a bumblebee came over to the flower. "Here you can have it," Willow offered handing the flower with the bee that’s hovering it over to Bumble who loves bees as she's a beekeeper. "Thanks so much," Bumble said appearing happy. "I have been doing quite alright actually. I hung out with a lot of my friends lately. I had went to explore an abandoned mansion with Mimi, Viviee and Adriun, then me and them three went to the fair with Linden and Naomi, Mimi and Linden are now dating I think along with Adriun and Naomi. Then more recently I went shopping at the mall with my friends Candy, Arctic, Bluey, Lordie, Emerson and Sanford. I believe Candy and Arctic are dating as well as Lordie and Emerson though Lordie prefers that I also date him but I have mixed feelings about that right now. Oh yeah and Bluey and Sanford may be dating too but its hard to say both don’t open up to each other very easily yet." Limella smiled asking if Willow likes Lordie while Bumble was shocked they all began dating at such short notice. "Yeah, I do like Lordie back, but, I don’t know, I don’t really wanna hop right into a relationship so quick I may regret it. I mean I do agree with you Bumble its quite surprising that their all suddenly dating all within like one day of meeting up." Bumble gave a nod glancing over at Limella who was now just going back to tending to her garden. Ok then. "Yes if I was to date someone it would have to be somebody I know very well that I'm close to. Me and Limella hang out a lot and I also like Grapeo and Baxton too. Just as friends of course, anyways wanna come inside Limella doesn’t," Bumble revealed. Willow slowly did follow Bumble inside glancing back at Limella who was focused on her garden. "Lets see if Limella's brother is playing games with Baxton still or if they paused it and are eating some lunch," Bumble said. Willow and Bumble found the two in Grapeo's bedroom Baxton in a chair playing videogames while Grapeo is laying on the bed glancing through a comic book eyeing Willow and Bumble as they now entered his room. "Greetings humanoids, just playing a game Grapeo quit cause he cant stand I always whoop his ass at gaming. Isnt that right Grapeo?" Baxton called over to him. Grapeo sighed flipping through his book. "I only let you win cause you’re a sore loser." "Whatever you say man all I know is I beat this whole game have any others huh?" Baxton asked finishing the last level and saving before shutting the game off entirely. Grapeo now sat up in bed putting his comic away him and Baxton walking over to Willow and Bumble. "I just wanted to stop by and see how everything is going with you and your sister Grapeo, a guess its just an added bonus I got to see both Bumble and Baxton as well," Willow stated Bumble smiling and nodding. "Yes. Me and Baxton have spent quite a lot of time here at Limella and Grapeo's house. Its so calming here and so relaxing sometimes I feel like I just wanna live here." "You can if you want we have spare guest rooms for the two of you," Grapeo point out. Bumble's eyes lit right up her giving Grapeo a hug now Baxton slightly pulling her away from him keeping his arm around her as he said "so guess that means we should go pack and stuff eh?" Suddenly Limella entered the room Bumble smiling and hugging her Limella smiling back. "What is it did Grapeo win a game?" "Not a chance he just invite me and Bumble to move in is all," Baxton informed her. Limella smiled wide giving Baxton a hug and her brother before giving Willow one. "Well I suppose you and Bumble should get going and go home and get as much stuff as you can Baxton. It'll be fun having-" Limella got interrupted as Baxton put his arms around her and gave her a kiss before doing the same to Bumble who visibly blushed unlike Limella who had on a blank face concealing her hidden reaction to the kiss. Limella now saw Baxton and Bumble to the door Willow close behind along with Grapeo who tapped their shoulder. Willow then paused turning to face Grapeo. "Yes what is it Grapeo? You don’t have a confession do you?" His eyebrows furrowed. "What? No." "Ok good. Some of my friends keep asking me for love advice like im no expert I don’t get it." Grapeo gave a nod. "Probably cause they know you’re a honest person they can trust. I just wanna see your opinion about something. Do you think I'll ever get a date? I mean, its pretty obvious Baxton is looking to start dating both Limella and Bumble, who both clearly like him. But im left wondering what im gonna do. Any ideas?" Willow grinned a crazy idea popping in their mind just now. "Hey, my friend Viviee is single. She's gonna take a while to get comfortable being in a relationship, but heres her number text or call her sometime." "Oh thanks Will," Grapeo replied after Willow gave him Viviee's cell number. Limella came walking over both Baxton and Bumble long gone heading to their homes to pack now. "Well I can let you two go. I just felt like checking up on you Is all." Limella smiled and nod. "Well it is greatly appreciated Willow. Thanks for being such a good friend to us." Willow drove home mind just racing so surprised all their friends are shacking up together nearly all are dating now!


Willow's friend Roylun on this random day called and shocker here wanted advice cause he recently got some nice pointers on how he can improve his lovelife by Willow's other friend Hailey and he has had some flings with girls but Roylun admit he actually has the most feelings for Hailey but is unsure she would like him but thinks she should. Its just Roylun once again not wanting to face rejection so Willow simply told him to come over and they will invite Hailey too and the three will sort this all out together. Roylun thanked Willow and now Willow is waiting for their two friends to show up. "I don't like flings and most girls either think im not as good as I say or they arent as good as they say. But I think with Hailey it would be better. She cannot be any more upfront and honest with her feelings," Roylun was going on and on him first one to get to Willow's house so Willow was in living room beside Roylun chatting with him on the couch. "Yes im sure Hailey would answer honestly. If she hadn't cared about you in the first place I don’t think she would have even offered to give you the pointers on how to pick up the girls you did." "That’s true," Roylun agreed. "So on a side note, whats this I hear about you going out with Lordie. Who is also with Emerson. Kinda surprised you'd agree to dating. You don’t seem like the type to just date out on a whim to me." Willow sighed nodding. "Yes I know I was just as shocked that I said yes. You see at first Emerson came to me wanting me to tell Lordie that he likes him but Lordie had told me he likes me so its some love triangle. Not much different then the love triangle that Limella and Bumble are now in if they both decide to officially date Baxton." "I suppose not." Soon Hailey arrived and Willow went down to greet her Roylun staying in the living room probably sweating all nervously reciting what he is gonna say to her or something. "Hello Willow, so tell me again exactly what made you wanna invite me over? Is Roylun upstairs did he put you up to this I bet he did I wanna see him," Hailey finished her the one to lead the way inside right straight up the stairs to the living room eyeing Roylun. He grinned standing up off the couch now coming over running his fingers through his hair. "You are so good at knowing what the right love lines and actions are to get more women to like me Hailey. You have taught me very valuable lessons and helped me improve my flirting skills and got me quite a few ladies but im looking for the one true love and I see her right in front of me. I want you Hailey. I am gonna get you. Lets do it. Be my lady my dear." Hailey half smirked pulling him in for a quick kiss. "Better but still needs practice. Sure. I'll give you a chance sir." "How did you learn so much might I ask?" Willow asked as Roylun briefly left to head to the bathroom. Hailey shrugged. "All I know I mostly had to find out for myself. Through my own experiences with dating men and from researching things. I wanted to help Roylun out he has struggled with this love thing for a very long time I think." Willow nod. So soon both Roylun and Hailey left but not before Roylun hugged Willow thanking them for helping him be with Hailey. "No problem, seems im everyones matchmaker lately." After they left Willow received a call from one of their other friends Icee them wanting Willow to stop over and visit. So Willow drove over there now. Icee was eating popcorn in a adorable bunny suit watching a cartoon Willow literally went all the way upstairs before Icee noticed. "Oh hello Willy how have you been?!" Icee asked running over and jumping right into Willow's arms. Willow smiled. Icee is the only one who calls Willow that so they do have a special connection for sure. "Hey Icee how are you doing lately?" Icee smiled heading back over to the couch patting the spot beside them. "Sit now. I want us to share popcorn and finish watching my cartoon then we will talk." Willow did as Icee asked, knowing very well that Icee has a tendency to behave like a child and throws temper tantrums if you dont do what they say. Icee leaned their head on Willow's shoulder and soon layed right down laying their head on Willow's lap. Willow smiled down at their special friend. "I really miss hanging out with you Icee. We used to be so close…" Willow trailed off as Icee suddenly was playing with the zipper on Willow's jacket. "I know. Then you went and made more friends! Well don’t worry two of your friends are mine too now and they are coming over to eat and have a party with us!!" Willow's eyebrows furrowed Willow gently reaching down and stroking Icee's cheek Icee catching their hand. "Will I wanted to be with you. But then I heard you ended up with Lordie. So I chose to be with Candy. Candy and Arctic are pretty cool but nothing like you Will. I want to live with you and you can read me bedtime stories and watch cartoons with me and play dollies with me and also we can play dressup and you can give me bubble baths and-" Willow covered Icee's mouth eyes watering as suddenly flashbacks of what they did way back when they were young came back into their mind. "Back in school even we were practically dating weren't we? I used to always come over and I would take care of you. I stuck up for you when the other kids in our class found you odd for being so childish. We were inseparable. But its ok times have changed. I'm with Lordie and you can be with Candy yes." Icee now suddenly shut the cartoon off and stood with crossed arms Willow finding themselves gulping. But then Candy and Arctic came. Willow smiled seeing the two holding hands and Candy gave Arctic a peck on the cheek before hugging and kissing Icee. Arctic now motioned Willow to follow them into a separate room. Willow did. "Willow, I love Candy. Really I do. But she can be a little too overwhelming like she really wants us to do it. But like im not ready for that. Please like I need help or something I don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna break up with her. But if she don’t give me space I may." Willow gave a nod patting Arctic on the back. "Listen Arctic, I am gonna have a chat with Candy. Ok? Something tells me Icee wont wanna do it right away with her either. Candy will be mostly romantic with you after I talk to her." "Thanks," Arctic said following Willow out the room. "Candy may I have a word with you?" Candy turned and nod following Willow into another room Icee now deciding to talk to Arctic to pass time. "What is it Willow?" Candy asked. "Have you been nice to Arctic? I mean I know you have been but they just told me they get nervous how much you imply you wanna do it. Arctic and Icee arent ready for that." Candy gave a nod. "I know that I will wait for as long as they need but I will do it one day with them just not now. Anyways how is you and Emerson doing dating Lordie? Rumor is you guys don’t do it either and neither does Bluey or Sanford. Limella and Bumble may do It with Baxton and maybe Hailey and Roylun are making love now as well. Grapeo and Viviee arent quite a thing yet and lastly Mimi and Linden do it a lot along with Adriun and Naomi. Oh did you know Naomi is also dating your friend Mello but they arent ready to tell anybody yet? Oh wait my bad!" Willow's eyebrows furrowed. "No I'll have to see them sometime." Willow soon just left Candy and Arctic with Icee but later got a call that Icee still wants to hang out very soon despite being with Candy. "Ok Icee focus on her now." Icee groaned into the phone. "But I didn’t even wanna date! I shouldn’t have said yes!! You shouldnt be with Lordie either!!! This isnt fair!!!!" "Icee calm down. I told you we will hang out again. Go to bed." "Ok then bye!"


This marvelous morning Willow was getting prepared for a party down at one of the local bars. All nineteen of their friends were invited, though they plan on mainly seeing Adriun, Naomi and Mello along with checking up on Viviee and Grapeo. Mimi and Linden were at the bar this morning helping them setup for everything later. "Bluey and Sanford are showing but may not stay very long as they don’t like drinking. Neither do I but it was just a fun idea for a gettogether. Im not so sure that Limella or Bumble will be here long depends on Baxton perhaps. Also its possible that Icee and Arctic will wanna go home early but again maybe Candy will wanna stay then they may just have to as well. But you two along with Adriun, Naomi and Mello plan on staying long right along with most of the others?" Willow now asked Mimi and Linden who both smiled rapidly nodding. "Wouldn’t miss the party for the world! I am so excited to be getting everyone together finally!!" Mimi cheered out Linden pecking her cheek. "Yeah it'll be lots of fun!" So later when the party began Mimi and Linden began drinking early and dancing Willow smiling. At least them two will be having a blast it looks like. Candy came next with Arctic and Icee. Candy and Arctic joined Mimi and Linden at the bar table but Icee decided to just stay on the dance floor and party it up. Next Baxton came with Limella and Bumble he ended up buying himself a beer and offering them one but neither would accept any alcohol. Willow hadn't drank any yet and doesn’t plan to. "Thanks for coming guys," Willow let out to Icee, Baxton, Limella and Bumble all four steering clear from the bar remaining on the dance floor. "Sure thing Willy!" Icee cheered out before temporarily running over to where Candy and Arctic were at the bar. "Of course anything to see you friend," Limella kindly let out Bumble smiling and nodding. "Yes you should see the garden its grown even more since you last saw it!" "I bet it has, still playing videogames with Grapeo a lot?" Willow now asked Baxton who shrugged. "Oh here and there yeah. He is riding over with Viviee they should be here any minute." Willow nod now heading to the bar. "Thanks for coming to the party," Willow now said to Mimi, Linden, Candy and Arctic. "This will be so much fun lets dance!!!!" Candy now shout out pulling Arctic and Icee along as she ran to the dance floor. Now Grapeo came in with Viviee. Grapeo did come get a beer staying at the bar with Mimi and Linden while Viviee motioned Willow away from everyone. "What is it?" Willow asked as they did follow Viviee a great distance from everyone else. "Why did you set me up with Grapeo? Like without any warning him just randomly texting me wanting us to get together?You could have at least gave a me a little bit of a heads up that you were trying to be my matchmaker," Viviee now scolded with crossed arms. Willow sighed looking over as they saw Bluey and Sanford now entering the building. "Listen im sorry Viviee, can we talk about this later I have to go greet some more friends." "Sure whatever yeah," Viviee let out clearly still upset Willow now walking over to now greet both Bluey and Sanford who seemed tense. "Thank you so much for coming you two! Even though you two don’t like bars you still came that means a lot to me!" Willow exclaimed Sanford giving a half smile and Bluey just nodding. The two just found a table not wanting to drink or dance apparently. Roylun now came with Hailey them two coming right over to Willow. "Thanks for the invitation my good friend," Roylun thanked half hugging Willow who half hugged back. "Your definitely welcome. So how is you two's relationship holding up? Pretty strong?" Roylun grinned over at Hailey who smiled too nodding. "Oh yeah I think Roylun has what it takes to be my man." Roylun gave her a kiss. "Your so damn beautiful Hailey." Them two now head over to get drinks. Willow smiled as they saw Grapeo going over to Viviee and giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek. Viviee didn't push him away exactly but she was staring over at Willow still upset apparently. Lordie and Emerson now came them two both giving Willow a hug. "Looking charming as ever Will," Emerson now compliment before heading over to the bar to let Willow and Lordie have a private moment together. After all they haven't hung out as much as they should. "Where's your friend Adriun with Naomi and that Mello chick?" Lordie wondered echoing what Willow was about to voice out loud. Willow sighed just tightly holding onto Lordie who now kissed them. "I don’t know but they better show I need the full scoop on Naomi's secret love triangle she has," Willow comment Lordie smiling pointing at the door literally all their friends inside the bar was glancing over at. Naomi and Mello looked intimidatingly sexy for some reason and Adriun was such a handsome looking stud today! "You'd better go get the scoop, I'll go check on Emerson at the bar love you," Lordie let out pecking Willow's cheek before indeed heading to the bar to have a drink or two with Emerson. Willow definitely now took the chance to be the first to go over and greet Adriun first. Willow honestly hasn’t hung out with Mello in a long time and Naomi is just awfully intimidating with her seductive eyes and amused grin. "Glad you three could make it," Willow state now half hugging Adriun before half hugging Naomi who laughed. "You should feel glad I'm with Mello so you two get an excuse to catch up on whatever friend stuff you two left off at. Be back Adriun come lets get a few drinks," Naomi instruct grabbing him by his arm and taking him with her. "Hey Mello," Willow greet attempting to half hug her but she now pulled them in for a full hug Willow getting an odd sensation as Mello felt the entire edges of Willow's body. Willow let out a shaky breath into Mello's ear Mello smiling as Willow admit "not even Lordie touches me like that." Mello laughed stepping back now. "That’s exactly why I did it. Should I tell everyone how close me and you were way back before loads of things changed and complicated our fun?" Mello let out adding "I was your first," in their ear. Willow felt their heartbeat accelerate and cheeks heat up at the reminder of Willow's distant wild past. "It was a tie between you and Icee way back. But Icee was always more like a sibling whom I connected to in a lot of ways accept with you it was… I want to…" Mello shushed them as both Naomi and Adriun came back over. "Later," Mello mumbled so only Willow heard. "So, how did your patching up past friendships go?" Adriun was one to ask as Naomi was suddenly giving Willow quite the long stare as if already expecting something took place between them and Mello. "It went fine im gonna go see Lordie," Willow declared sneaking away quickly without being confronted. As predicted Candy went home early with Arctic and Icee and Sanford went home early with Bluey too. Next to leave was Baxton with Limella and Bumble who both had hugged Willow goodbye before they left. It was Roylun and Hailey who said their goodbyes before leaving after that. "Well im gonna just head home you can go home with Willow tonight you two lovebirds have some catching up to do," Emerson soon was saying Lordie glancing over at him in surprise. "Oh are you sure?" Emerson gave a nod waving goodbye to everybody before indeed now leaving. Willow felt Lordie wrap his arms around them kissing their cheek Willow not only noticing Mello glancing over but also Viviee. "Well I'm getting tired wanna come with me or stay here?" Grapeo asked Viviee who just shook her head him taking that as a sign she wants to stay. "Ok then see you later," he said before leaving the bar. "Dang what a terrific party but I think im all pooped out what do you think babe?" Linden asked Mimi who smiled and nod pulling a lollipop seemingly out of thin air to start sucking on gazing seductively up at Linden who was slightly blushing. "Oh yeah baby I think its time we head over to my place talk to you later Willow!" Mimi added hugging Willow before taking Linden's hand and guiding him out the bar him still in a daze from the lollipop thing. Now its just Willow, Lordie, Viviee, Adriun, Naomi and Mello. "Thanks for coming to hang out tonight," Willow said to their friends. "Of course anytime bb," Lordie let out kissing them this time on the lips Mello taking this chance to give Naomi a kiss on her lips Adriun at the same time kissing Naomi on her cheek. Viviee rolled her eyes. "Will can I come home with you and Lordie tonight I really need to have a chat with you!" Viviee said somewhat loudly apparently for added emphasis. Either that or to get everyone to stop kissing which worked they all stopped. "Sure V," Willow gave in Mello suddenly whispering something into Naomi's ear both of them grinning over now. "Well I cant speak for these two but im getting kinda tired and I am known to get grumpy when sleepy so I have to go," Adriun spoke up now coming over surprising Willow with a long hug him whispering "stay away from Mello she's bad" in their ear before he grabbed Naomi's hand guiding her along not even letting her say goodbye to Willow. Mello stayed behind only long enough to give Willow a hug whispering "your mine" in their ear Willow blushing watching Mello quickly run to chase after Adriun and Naomi. So now both Lordie and Viviee helped Willow pick up the mess in the bar their party made before Willow drove them to their house, Lordie in front Viviee in back. Once at home Willow felt slightly disappointed as Lordie said he cant stay awake him crashing on the living room sofa. "My sleepy boy sleep tight my dreamer," Willow whispered kissing his cheek before standing up facing Viviee. "Ok follow me we can talk in my room then you can sleep in the guest room," Willow decided leading the way to their bedroom. Barely one step inside the room and Viviee instantly continued their conversation right where they had left off. "Believe me Willow I don’t mean to sound ungrateful I mean It was nice of you to try to set me and Grapeo up with each other so we werent alone. But he literally makes out with drawings of anime girls not real women. He's a fruitcake to say the least and I definitely don’t really see our relationship progressing or getting anywhere." Willow frowned. "Well, can you at least give him two more weeks? He deserves a chance he's a good guy V and-" Willow broke off as Viviee suddenly kissed them while also pushing them on the bed. Willow's heart raced and cheeks got red having Viviee right on top of them. "V I mmm," Willow broke off as Viviee now began removing her and Willow's clothes. "I have only ever been attracted to you Willow. No joke. And I want you to give me a chance. To give us a chance." As Willow felt Viviee take control making love with them all night Willow honestly enjoyed it.