Snow White, Rose Red, and a Bear

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Andrade Swash

Christensen Caps Regularnce upon a time long ago, in the middle of winter, when the flakes of snow were falling like feathers from the sky, a Queen walked in the garden of roses as the snow fell. The door leading into the garden was made of black ebony where one saw a stone wall going around the garden to protect the Queen. This made a safe place where she could be with red roses, her favorite. The Queen picked the red rose pricking her finger with one of the thornes, and three drops of blood fell upon the snow. The red drops looked pretty upon the white snow, and she thought to herself, “Would I have had two children as white as snow, with lips as red as blood, and hair as black as the wood of the door. Another one with hair like her King, with pale skin, bright red eyes like the rose.”

Soon after that she had two little daughters, one was as white as snow, her lips were as red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony, and she was therefore called little Snow-White. The other daughter had blond hair like the King and the Queen, her skin was pale with pale pink lips, and bright red eyes, she was Rose-Red. When the babies was born, the Kingdoms were filled with joyous celebration for the whole week, with villagers giving the King and Queen gifts for the new members of the Kingdom.

The Queen hires a lot of new maids to help her take care of the twins. This let in an evil witch who wanted the throne for herself,so she makes herself acquainted with the Queen and quickly becomes the Queen’s number one trusted servened. After a month the witch learns all the ins and out of the castle. Al the same time when all the foods were made, she made herself a secured place under the castle, where she brewed a potion which would make everyone in the castle listen to her every order, excepted for the Queen- she had different plans for her.

The next day the witch had all the servants under her spell, and she was let into the King’s throne room. She had already made a love spell for the King so she can take the Queen’s place with ease. She entered into the King's throne room with tea to help the King get better from his sickness, but what he didn't know was that the tea was laced with the love potion. The King was sitting on his throne talking to an adviser of the Kingdom, when she bowed to the King handing the tea to the King telling him it will help him get rid of the cold. He happily drinks the tea, she smiled and went on her way .She knew how long it would take the spell to kick in by night.

She waits for the King and Queen to go to bed, and the babies were in the next room. The witch went into the room with the babies and shook the bed of Rose-Red, which made her cry. She slipped into a dark corner, knowing that the Queen would get up to tend to her crying children. The Queen came into the room to calm down Rose-Red, touching her face gently smiling down at her. Rose-Red slowly fell back to sleep. The Queen turned her back not knowing the witch was there with a dagger, that she had hidden in her maid dress. Silently, the witch rushed to the Queen with her back turned to the witch who was ambushing her. Quickly coming up behind the Queen, the witch put her hand over the mouth of the queen. With a gasp of shock from the royal, the witch pulled out her dagger, and slit the throat of the queen without restraint.. The Queen could not fight back her blood began to pour then gush, running quickly down her chest, soaking. her white nightgown. The blood spills as thick viscous fluid, pooled on the stained ground, as the Queen bled out. Still alive she coughed up blood as she reached out to one of the guards for help. They do nothing , and the witch commands them to be on their way. The guard with a blank face, walks away, not even giving the dying Queen a second look. With fear in her eyes she looks at the evil witch realizing the person she trusted to help her, was the one that would bring her an inevitable demise. The Queen pleaded for the witch to spare her, but the witch’s response was to drop the Queens’ soon lifeless body. The witch then continued to plunge the dagger deeper into her heart with the blood spraying on to the walls and floor, each time the dagger when into her. The Queen's body moved a little each time until the Queen became a lifeless body, color was slightly gone now, and all life that once was is now gone.

The witch then ordered a servant to clean up the mess and to bury the corpse. The servant nods ,taking the dead Queen and burying her by a rose tree, which bore white and red roses that day. The witch then cleaned up going to the King waking him up; he looks her in the eyes about to shout to get her out, but then the spell kicked in and he fell madly in love with her as he looked at her. She had all the pictures of the deceased Queen taken off the wall, by the servants, and had pictures of her put up. She sent the pictures of the Queen to an old house where all the pictures of other rulers go to and with them she sent away Rose-Red, one of the twins, who looked too much like the deceased Queen. She didn't want someone who looked like the old Queen around her because of guilt and jealousy as a reminder. Then she gave Snow-White to a servant in the castle. Turning there room in to her’s for all her new dresses and this is where she put one of many magic looking-glass.

Just within a few days he remarried to the witch, Who was now the new Queen she had brought her thing in to the castle like her magic mirror. The mirror all was told her she was the fairest of the land which made her happy. She rapted her self in expensive fabric and jewels to make herself exquisite. The King being so in love with her he had stop eating, drinking or doing anything that would keep his health, this lead on in tell the King was on his deathbed. He told the avister that she would rule the Kingdom when he die, as say this while looking at her with loving eye. She give him a smile, as he draws his last breath now she has the hold Kingdom to herself.

After many year after the passing of King, she made the hole Kingdom know that she was the most beautiful woman, but proud and haughty, and she could not bear that anyone else should surpass her in beauty. Meany know she killed anyone who were more beautiful then her. Every day she would go to her looKing-glass, and when she stood in front of it and looked at herself in it, and said, “looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall, who in this land is the fairest and most beautiful of all.” The looking-glass answered, “thou, o Queen, art the fairest and most beautiful of all.” Then she was satisfied, for she knew that the looking-glass spoke the truth. But when the looking-glass told her there was another she would have her guards go and find them. Then she would order then to take the girl into the deep forest to have them killed. Once that was done she goes back to the looking-glass asKing again “looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall, who in this land is the fairest and most beautiful of all.” The looking-glass answered, “thou, o Queen, art the fairest and most beautiful of all.”

As Snow-White was growing up, the evil Queen made her at a early age begin cleaning the rooms, and giving her the hardest work. With each year that Snow-White got older the more the Queen would be curl to her. Snow-White kept to herself, doing the work that the Queen give her without question it. Some days the Queen would make a mess for her to clean up “you stupid girl you missed this clean this up NOW!” pushing Snow-White down, she would just nodding and say “yes, your highness” cleaning the mess that some what ended up on her because of the Queen pushing her. There were a few days where the Queen would even hit Snow-White just because she could giving her bruises and scratches.

Even though Snow-White took all the pushing and pain from the Queen. Snow-White had no clue who she was related to the late King and Queen. At the end of the day it was a lot for Snow-White to take so some time she would cry with in her pile of hay that was covered with a blanket, a single pellow and smaller blanket that couldn't keep her wear during the winter. The evil Queen made it so Snow-White sleep in the stables with the houses, there was a small fire place there she would some time sleep by in the winter to keep herself warm.

Just like how the Queen would grow meaner and colder to Snow-White year after year. Snow-White who was now 18 end up to be grew more and more beautiful than the Queen herself. Then one day the Queen asked her looKing-glass, “looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall, who in this land is the fairest of all.”

It answered, “thou art fairer than all who are here, lady Queen. But more beautiful still is Snow-White, as I ween.”

The Queen was shocked, green with envy and jealousy of Snow-White. From that hour, Snow-White had returned for getting herbs for the marcit, but whenever the Queen would looked at Snow-White, her heart heaved in her breast, she hated the girl so much. The jealousy, envy, and with pride grew higher and higher in her heart like a weed, she wanted Snow-White to be gone for her sight and not alive any more. The Queen wanted to be the only one who was the fairest and most beautiful of all. She called a huntsman a new person who worked for her she told him “I older take the Snow-White away into the forest. I will no longer have her in my sight. You can tell her I would like fresh flowers by the fourest then kill her, and bring me back her a token from her like heart or something like that to show me you have done so and make sure you kill her slowly that now go.”

The huntsman bows down to the Queen “your wish is my command”

He does what he was obeyed, and took her away but when he had drawn his knife holding it above Snow-White about to stab her back towards him, not knowing what the huntsman was about to do picking flowers on the ground she looked innocent like a child he could not do it. Before he could put the knife away Snow-White looked behind her terrified seeing the huntsman with a knife above her. She began to scream for her life, tears start to running down her pale skin she weep as the huntsman stands there with a knife. The huntsman drops his knife to the ground

He said, “dear Snow-White, I am sorry the Queen told me to kill you but I can not” he falls to his knees huntsman had pity for her and felt shame for trying to kill a young girl. Snow-White looks at the huntsman he yells at her “run away far into the wild forest, and never come back again, If you fear for you life”

Snow-White got up and quickly run for her life the huntsman sat there watching thinking about what he was going to do. Then he hears a call from help from a different a girl grabbing his knife, the huntsman got up going to help seeing a wolf and a girl in a little red riding hood. He attacks the wolf killing it and talking its heart for the Queen, so Snow-White is safe from the Queen.

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Some were dark forest Snow-White runs in tell she runs into a dwarf whose beard is stuck in the tree. Snow-White looks at him, the glares back at her “well are you going to help me or not” he say in a ungrateful tone. She goes over to him trying pull him down but his beard was so tangled in to the branch. She sees his hatchet taking it and cutting some of his beard to get him down.

“There you go you free from the tree branch now” Snow-White say with a smile

The dwarf look at her with anger and yells at her “YOU CUT MY BEAUTIFUL BEARD YOU STUPID GIRL” then he walks away ungrateful for the help only worried about his beard.

Snow-White falls onto her knees starting to cry curling up into a ball. Than a girl who was the same age her skin was pale with pale pink lips, and bright red eyes she look at Snow-White “hello do you need help” Snow-White looks at her sniffling and nods yes, with that the girl reaches her hand out to help Snow-White up. Snow-White takes her hand with a quited voice “thanks, umm what you name miss?” The girl looked at Snow-White and smile’s standing next to her now “I am Rose-Red”

Snow-White smiles then turns to her to shake her hand “well I am Snow-White”

Rose-Red shakes her hand “nice to meet you, your welcome to stay with me. But I have to go get some fish” Snow-White nod “I can help you if you like” Rose-Red smiles then starts to walk waving Snow-White follow her.

Snow-White and Rose-Red went to catch a dish of fish. As they came near the brook they saw something like a large grasshopper jumping towards the water, as if it were going to leap in. They ran to it and found it was the dwarf. “Where are you going?’ said Rose-Red ‘you surely don’t want to go into the water?” “I am not such a fool!’ cried the dwarf ‘don’t you see that the accursed fish wants to pull me in?” The little man had been sitting there fishing, and unluckily the wind had tangled up his beard with the fishing-line. a moment later a big fish made a bite and the feeble creature had not strength to pull it out. the fish kept the upper hand and pulled the dwarf towards him. He held on to all the reeds and rushes, but it was of little good, for he was forced to follow the movements of the fish, and was in urgent danger of being dragged into the water.


The girls came just in time, they held him fast and tried to free his beard from the line, but all in vain, beard and line were entangled fast together. There was nothing to do but to bring out the scissors and cut the beard, whereby a small part of it was lost. When the dwarf saw that he screamed out. “Is that civil, you toadstool, to disfigure a man’s face? Was it not enough to clip off the end of my beard? Now you have cut off the best part of it. I cannot let myself be seen by my people. I wish you had been made to run the soles off your shoes!” Then he took out a sack of pearls which lay in the rushes, and without another word he dragged it away and disappeared behind a stone.


Rose-Red looks at Snow-White shrugging her shoulders then walking over a spot here a rock was holding string. Rose-Red ask Snow-White for help witch she gladly helped her new friend pulling on the string, then both pull up a net like bag that had a bit of fish flopping around in it. Rose-Red pick up the bag “this should be good for the night, lets go now”

Rose-Red say hello to a girl named goldilocks with golden hair and a light blue dress. She skips along the path the other way as we go deeper into the dark forest they made it to a lonely cottage. In front of the cottage was a garden wherein stood a rose trees, which bore white and red roses. Rose-Red opens the door looking at Snow-White saying her “lets go inside now it's close to being dark” Inside the little cottage was so neat that it was a pleasure to look inside it. There was once a poor old widow lady it's in a rocking chair knitting next to the fire. She looks over to Snow-White and Rose-Red “hello dear, I also see your back Rose-Red with someone who looks kind like you but with dark hair. You can call me Mammy,” they both look at eachother seeing that they were the same height, same size, and same face structure. Mammy talks there is a pitcher of two babies that the late Queen had who looks kinda like you guys too. The two girls go and sits next to the old lady they both ask her at the same time “when was that” Mammy thinks for a second “umm 18 years ago “they both look at each other as they were thus sitting comfortably together, someone knocked at the door as if he wished to be let in. Mammy said “Quick, Rose-red, open the door, it must be a traveller who is seeking shelter.” Rose-red went and pushed back the bolt, thinking that it was a poor man, but it was not. It was a bear that stretched his broad, black head within the door.

Rose-red screamed and sprang back, the lamb bleated, the dove fluttered, and Snow-white hid herself behind her both hiding now under the big bed. But the bear began to speak and said “Do not be afraid, I will do you no harm! I am cold, and only want to warm myself a little beside you.” “Poor bear” said Mammy, “lie down by the fire, only take care that you do not burn your coat.” Then Mammy ask “Snow-white, Rose-red, come out, the bear will do you no harm, he means well.” So they both came out, and by-and-by the lamb and dove came nearer, and were not afraid of him.

The bear said “Help me, children, knock the dirt out of my coat a little” so they brought the broom and swept the bear’s hide clean; and he stretched himself by the fire and growled contentedly and comfortably. It was not long before they grew quite at home, and played tricks with their clumsy guest. They tugged his hair with their hands, put their feet upon his back and rolled him about, or they took a hazel-switch and beat him, and when he growled they laughed. But the bear took it all in good part, only when they were too rough he called out “Leave me alive, children”

Bear came every evening at the same time, laid himself down by the hearth, and let Snow-White and Rose-Red amuse themselves with him as much as they liked, and they got so used to him that the doors were never fastened until their black friend had arrived. Snow-White and Red-Rose become family with the bear, in which he over time was protector of Snow-White, Rose-Red and the Mammy.

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The evil Queen smiles as the huntsman walked in with a box, she opens seeing a heart believing that he had brought her was Snow-White’s heart. Telling the huntsman he can go giving him gold she had promise him, then she had the Cooks cook the heart after a bit of time they have brought her the heart in which she devours it.

Thinking she had eaten Snow-White’s heart, but she could not stop think that she was again the first and most beautiful of all, and she went to her looking-glass and said, “looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall, who in this land is the fairest and most beautiful of all.” And the glass answered, “oh, Queen, thou art fairest of all I see, but over the hills, deep in the forest where Red-Rose and a big bear dwell, Snow-White is still alive and well, and none is so fair as she.” Then she was astounded, for she knew that the looking-glass never spoke falsely, and she knew that the huntsman had betrayed her, and that little Snow-White was still alive. She looks at the looking-glass who heart she had eaten “The Big Bad Wolf’s heart is the one you had eaten dear Queen”

So she thought and thought again how she might kill her, for so long as she was not the fairest in the whole land, envy let her have no rest. And when she had at last thought of something to do, she painted her face, and dressed herself like an old pedlar-woman, and no one could have known her. In this disguise she went over to the town close to the frost.

It happened that soon afterwards the Bear left Mammy sent Snow-White and Rose-Red to the town to buy needles and thread, and laces and ribbons. The road led them across a heath upon which huge pieces of rock lay strewn about. There they noticed a large bird hovering in the air, flying slowly round and round above them; it sank lower and lower, and at last settled near a rock not far away. Immediately they heard a loud, piteous cry. They ran up and saw with horror that the eagle had seized their old acquaintance the dwarf, and was going to carry him off.

Snow-White and Rose-Red, full of pity, at once took tight hold of the little man, and pulled against the eagle so long that at last he let his booty go. As soon as the dwarf had recovered from his first fright he cried with his shrill voice: ‘Could you not have done it more carefully! You dragged at my brown coat so that it is all torn and full of holes, you clumsy creatures!’ Then he took up a sack full of precious stones, and slipped away again under the rock into his hole. The girls, who by this time were used to his ingratitude, went on their way and did their business in town.

Rose-Red told Snow-White to stay put while she goes and gets buy needles and thread, and laces and ribbons. Snow-White whiles by the water fountain for Rose-Red to come back. Suddenly a little Gingerbread boy runs in front of her as a little old woman and a little old man ran after him, shouting after him “Stop! Stop, my little Gingerbread Boy!” The Gingerbread Boy looked back and laughed and called out “Run! Run! Run! Catch me if you can! You can’t catch me! I’m the Gingerbread Boy, I am! I am!” And they couldn’t catch him, but they still followed him trying to get to him.

Snow-White looks into the fountain as a old lady comes up behind her. “ Dear child I have pretty things to sell, very cheap, very cheap for a pretty little thing like you” Little snow-white looked at her smiling at her “good-day my good woman, what have you to sell?” the old lady smiles for what Snow-White say “I have good things, pretty things’ she answered ‘stay-laces of all colors”and she pulled out one which was woven of bright-colored silk. “This lace is very cheap: it only costs €5, which is a bargain, because you won’t find it below $10 in any town” Snow-White looks at the different bright colored silked that the old lady had.

The old lady looks at Snow-White seeing that her corseted was not properly tightened “Oh dear child’ said the old woman ‘what a fright you look, come, I will lace you properly for once.” Snow-white had no suspicion, but stood before her, and let herself be laced with the new laces. But the old woman laced so quickly and so tightly that snow-white lost her breath and fell down as if dead. “Now I am the most beautiful” said the evil Queen to herself, and ran away.

Not long afterwards Rose-Red came back to the founted where Snow-White was laying on the ground but how shocked that she neither stirred, nor moved, and seemed to be dead. She lifted her up, and, as she saw that she was laced too tightly, she cut the laces, then Snow-White began to breathe a little, and after a while came to life again. When the Rose-Red heard what had happened she said “the old pedlar-woman was no one else than the wicked Queen, don’t worry and as long I’m with you she will not get to you”

Rose-Red helps Snow-White up then hugging each other tightly letting go after a bit Snow-White looking at Rose-Red then speaking “let's go home now and give the needles and thread, and laces and ribbons to Mammy” Rose-Red nods holding a basket then holding Snow-White's hand. Nothing could bring this two aparted, they both agreed that night they would be sister in till the end. They curl up next to Mr. Bear all three of them falling asleep. All in the world felt at peace for all three of them as they slept the night away

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During that night the wicked Queen when she had reached home went in front of the glass and asked, “looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall, who in this land is the fairest and most beautiful of all.” And it answered as before.

“oh, Queen, thou art fairest of all I see, but over the hills, deep in the forest where Red-Rose and a big bear dwell, Snow-White is still alive and well, and none is so fair as she.”

When she heard that, all her blood rushed to her heart with fear, for she saw plainly that little Snow-White was again alive. But now, she said. “I will think of something that shall really put an end to her” And by the help of witchcraft, which she understood, she made a poisonous comb. Then she disguised herself and took the shape of another old woman.

So she went over to the dark deep forest, knocked at the door, and cried, “good things to sell, cheap, cheap.” Little Snow-White looked out and said “go away, I cannot let anyone come in” since no one was home Mammy told her to stay inside, the Queen thinks “I suppose you can look” said the old woman, and pulled the poisonous comb out and held it up. It pleased the girl so well that she let herself be beguiled, and opened the door. When they had made a bargain the old woman said, “now I will comb you properly for once.” Poor little Snow-White had no suspicion, and let the old woman do as she pleased, but hardly had she put the comb in her hair than the poison in it took effect, and the girl fell down senseless. You paragon of beauty, said the wicked woman, you are done for now, and she went away.

But fortunately it was almost evening, when the Rose-Red, Mammy, And the Bear came home. When they saw Snow-White lying as if dead upon the ground they at once suspected the step-mother, and they looked and found the poisoned comb. Scarcely had they taken it out when Snow-White came to herself, and told them what had happened. Then they warned her once more to be upon her guard and to not open the door to no one.

The next day Snow-White and Rose-Red, when into the forest for some firewood, for the night. On their way home they surprised the dwarf, who had emptied out his bag of precious stones in a clean spot, and had not thought that anyone would come there so late. The evening sun shone upon the brilliant stones. They glittered and sparkled with all colours so beautifully that the children stood still and stared at them. “Why do you stand gaping there?” cried the dwarf, and his ashen-grey face became copper-red with rage. He was still cursing when a loud growling was heard, and a black bear came trotting towards them out of the forest. The dwarf sprang up in a fright, but he could not reach his cave, for the bear was already close. Then in the dread of his heart he cried. “Dear Mr Bear, spare me, I will give you all my treasures. look, the beautiful jewels lying there! Grant me my life. what do you want with such a slender little fellow as I? you would not feel me between your teeth. Come, take these two wicked girls, they are tender morsels for you, fat as young quails. for mercy’s sake eat them!” The bear took no heed of his words, but gave the wicked creature a single blow with his paw, and he did not move again.

The girls had run away, but the bear called to them. “Snow-white and Rose-red, do not be afraid. wait, I will come with you.” Then they recognized his voice and waited, and when he came up to them and the girls hug the big bear. He looks at the girls “lets go to Mammy’s”

As all three of them walked as they go along they see three little pig with piles of sticks, hay, and brick. As they build houses out of them each one making their own. The group thought all at the same time looking at the pigs, surly the two pigs who are building with the sticks and hay know that if a big bad wolf were to come he could huff and puff and blow their houses down. Snow-White, Red-Rose, and the Bear all shrug their shoulders and go on there way home.

The queen, at home, went in front of the glass and said, “looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall, who in this land is the fairest and most beautiful of all.” Then it answered as before.

“oh, Queen, thou art fairest of all I see, but over the hills, deep in the forest where Red-Rose and a big bear dwell, Snow-White is still alive and well, and none is so fair as she.”

When she heard the glass speak thus she trembled and shook with rage. Snow-white shall die, she cried, even if it costs me my life. Thereupon she went into a quite secret, lonely room, where no one ever came, and there she made a very poisonous apple. Outside it looked pretty, white with a red cheek, so that everyone who saw it longed for it, but whoever ate a piece of it must surely die.

When the apple was ready she painted her face, and dressed herself up as a farmer’s wife. so she went over into the forest once again, this time she saw everyone outside. She saw Rose-Red who looked like the decide Queen, Snow-White, Mammy and the Bear. The Bear and Mammy said one morning to Snow-White and Rose-Red “Now we must go away, and cannot come back in till tomorrow.” “Where are you going, then, dear bear and Mammy?” asked Snow-White. “We must go into the the next town over, but we will be back as then you know”

Snow-white was quite sorry at their departure, Mammy and the Bear was hurrying out, Mammy on the Bears back, he ran away quickly, and was soon out of sight behind the trees. The girls pick up some sticks heading inside. . Then the evil Queen disguised as a farmer wife knocked at the door. Snow-white put her head out of the window and said, “We cannot let anyone in” Rose-Red was behidened her. “It is all the same to me’ answered the woman, “I shall soon get rid of my apples. There, I will give you two one”. “No, thanks you’ said Snow-White ‘I dare not take anything.” “Are you afraid of poison’ said the old woman jokly, ‘look, I will cut the apple in two pieces, you and your sister can have one” The apple on both sides were poison. Snow-White and Rose-Red looked at each other then at the two half of apple both longed for the fine apple, they watch as the woman ate another apple seeing that they were not poisoned. The girls couldn’t resist no longer, both taking a poisonous half. But hardly they had a bit of it in their mouth they both fell down dead on to the ground. Then the queen looked at them with a dreadful look, and laughed aloud and said “white as snow, red as blood, black as ebony-wood, this time your sister cannot wake you up again for she is now dead on the ground like you”

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So the evil Queen when home feeling happy with herself knowing Snow-White was no more, she goes to her looking-glass and she asked of the looking-glass one last time, “looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall, who in this land is the fairest and most beautiful of all.”  And it answered what the Queen was wanting to hear. “oh, Queen, in this land thou art fairest and most beautiful of all”

Then her envious heart had rest, so far as an envious heart can have rest.

When Mammy and the Bear came home in the evening the next day, they found Snow-White and Rose-Red lying upon the ground, both of the girls breathed no longer and looked to be dead. Mammy walks around to find two half of a apple both with bites in them, she touches one of the apple halfs. Then gets up going over to the cabinet, the looks at Snow-White with sadness “what are you doing” the Bear say looking at Mammy. Then she starts to mixes some herbs together, then adding a blue liquid to it.”im going to save them” Mammy say’s as a puff of smoke came out of it turning into a heart, splitting it into two bowl. She goes over to Snow-White tilting her head up then pouring the liquid into her mouth then doing the same to Rose-Red. After a bit both Snow-White and Rose-Red began to wake then they coughing up a part of the bitten apple. They ask what happen the Bear told them that the wicked Queen had poisoned them and that Mammy have saved them.

They look at Mammy then thanking her and hugging her, and Rose-Red ask “how did you know?” Mammy sighed then spoked “I am a good witch and only help people in need” she then sits down in her rocking chair. Mammy looked at everyone then she began to talk again “you know the Queen will not stop in tell your die Snow-White, I will help you and your sister take back the Kingdom, for you two are the rightful ruler of this Kingdom, if you two would want to become the rulers” Both Snow-White and Rose-Red look at each other then at Mammy. The Bear walked over to the girls saying “I will help you too”

Snow-White and Rose-Red nod at each other then looking at Mammy and the Bear. Snow-White and Rose-Red both talking at the same time “let’s take the kingdom together”

The evil Queen was having a celebration for killing Snow-White and her being the most beautiful women. Over the years the Queen had kicked out, killed or replace the people in the Kingdom. Making is so Snow-White, Rose-Red, Mammy, and the Bear could slipped throw the back door of the castle. They go into the main room making a grand entrance Snow-White and Rose-Red walking in together, Mammy and the Bear behind her. Everyone looks at them, the Queen glazers at them she speaks with disgusted “you and what army” with her rage showing she yells out for the guards to get them. the Bear hits every one coming to Snow-White side, Mammy send a wave knocking them down the ones coming on Rose-Red. The guards lay on the ground knocked out, “we have came to become the rightful ruler of the Kingdom, for we are the deceased King daughter’s” Snow-White and Rose-Red say this together.

All the other people look at the Queen then to Snow-White, Rose-Red, Mammy and the Bear to see what they would do. They walked frowered Mammy began to speak “this two girls are the children of the deceased King and Queen, in wish this witch took their place’ Mammy points at the evil Queen ‘she even killed the old Queen”. All the people in the room are looking at the evil witch and begin to sworondeding her. She threaten the group “you touch me and I will curse you all” the crowded backed away a little bit. They made it so they could she can walked away to the window, the Evil Queen goes over to the window “I will be back and have my revenge” she threatens as she doesn't see the Bear running at her. In witch with on hit pushes her down the window, with a splaced sound could be heard from outside.

With the death of the evil Queen the Bear turns into a human and a prince, it turned out that the witch had curse him for he had been betrothed to Snow-White when she was a baby. When he came to see Snow-White the evil Queen turn him into a Bear so he could not tell his father what had happened. After a few day Snow-White was married to him where they went to his Kingdom as King and Queen. She go to meet his parents who were the Bell and the Beast they were overjoyed to have their son back and a new daughter in law. Rose-Red became the Queen that their parents once did the Kingdom feeling with joy once more, both Snow-White and Rose-Rose Kingdom become allies.

And they all live happily ever after.