Chapter I

America mumbled to himself,Walking the hall of the UN HQ. He was thrilled that work was over, He hated being around all of the other countries. He walked out the door of the building before bumping into Russia, He fell back and his sunglasses fell off in the process. Russia’s eyes widened and he caught him last second. Thankfully no one else was in the hall when America freaked out about his glasses. Russia picked them up and handed them to him. America thanked him on the brink of tears. Russia smiled and nodded,Before continuing whatever it was he was doing. Most likely a meeting about Politsiya. America let out a sigh of relief before walking home. Once he got home in peace the peace was broken by the disturbing noise of Texas, One of his eldest sons screaming at the top of his lungs; “YEE YEE!” This noise was soon followed by most of the southern states saying it as well. America grumbled before going upstairs and into his room, Which thankfully for him was soundproof. He collapsed into his bed with a tired groan

America fell asleep for a few hours before being rudely awoken by a knock on his door. He sat up and stretched before opening it. Standing there was California,She must have gotten burnt again,She looked down shamefully. America let out an exhausted sigh and walked her to the bathroom, Getting out medical supplies. He wrapped up her burns, California flinching and whimpering the whole time. “Stop setting yourself on fire please?” He said softly, Really tired of it happening. Texas opened the door and stood there for a second before squinting his eyes. “Again’?” He asked curiously before yelling loudly, “YA’LL GOTTA’ STOP MAKING CALI COOK” America put the medical stuff away and went back to his room, Of course ordering his kids Mcdonalds because that's all they would eat and laying back down. It was then that Russia called him, Which was strange but Ame answered anyway.

Amerika?” Russia questioned in a heavy accent.

“Yes? What is it?” America said softly,But also tiredly.

“ Well,I was wondering if you wanted um..Hang out?” Russia replied

“ I'd Love to Russia b-” He said before Russia cut him off

“Sweet! I’ll be over in a jiffy” Russia hang up.

America sat there for a minute before his eyes widened with realization, He shot up and called Texas out of wherever he was. Texas came out of Alabama’s room and looked at him. “Ye? What is it pop’?” “someones coming over,I need you to tell your siblings to stay in your rooms unless called out.” Texas nodded, “Okey pop’” He then headed off to tell everyone. 

America rushed to clean his room, Kitchen/bar and living room. It wasn't too late after that Russia knocked on the front door. America rushed over and opened it,smiling a tiny bit. “Ah- H-hey Russ.” Russia smiled at him. “Hey Amerika, Thanks for letting me come over.” America nodded weakly after Russia had said that. He let Russia in, But Russia looked astonished by the house’s size. Yes he had 21 republic-children of his own, But 21 was nothing compared to 50 state-children. Ame led him to his room, which was in the middle of a long hallway. The door had a small american flag on it, America turned the knob of the door, letting Russia inside.

His room was pretty big. It had a double bed in one corner, A table with a couch, a TV and a closet.  America practically dragged Russia to the couch and sat down. “So why did you wanna hang out?” He asked curiously Russia quickly responded with, “We haven't spoken since we were young,Amerika.” 

America nodded a bit before yawning,Still tired. Russia smiled. “And...I also came here to ask you something.” America looked at him curiously asking,”What is it?” 

Russia blushed,”I was wondering if..You wanted to go on a date?” America looked away,Scared suddenly. His thoughts were hard to read,But he looked back at Russia and nodded. “Y-Yeah that’d be okay.” Russia nodded before looking down. “ I can go now,You seem tired. I’ll talk to you later,Okay?” He got up and went home,shutting America’s door behind him. America,Acting by instinct, called Canada.