Sanguis Rapax

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The stories I heard when I was young made me want to become someone that would help this world, but as I grew up I learned that that was a foolish dream. This is my story about why I became the vigilante Sanguis Rapax.

Fifty four years ago the first “evolved” human was seen in the world. She was known as Sora. She helped many people out, but when more people became “evolved” some of them didn't help, they ruined the world That Sora tried so hard to fix. This sparked the age of Heroes and Villains.

Chapter 1

I was ten when I “evolved”. I was happy of course who wouldn't after it was a dream of mine to help people, But no one knew that every kid in their third year of elementary school would also “evolve”. I was never very popular in school so when I evolved I thought I would finally have a friend but I didn't. My power was looked at as a villain one. You see, my power is the ability to copy other people's ability but there is a serious condition where I have to have at least a drop of blood. The more blood I consume of the thing the more of their abilities I get and if they don't have an ability I get their vitality and strength. Now you might be wondering how I found out the ability I named Blood Predator. Well it started on the day when I went back to school after getting my ability and nothing changed after all in fact it got worse because all I knew was I was a little stronger so when the other kids started to show off I just sat at my desk saying nothing just like usual turns out the kids with their ego boost didn't like that so they started to pick on me and of cruise the teacher didn’t do after all she couldn't what could she do the kids can easily lift one hundred pounds so she was scared just like me. So on the day I told my mom she took me to some dumb self defence class learnd how to protect myself but just didn’t have the confdince to stand up for myself so I had My mom to sign me up for martial arts clases trunks out I have Quite the talent for a martial arts so I learned many martial arts but still lacked confidence to stand up for myself sound silly I know but damn was it hard to get confidnce. I finally got the tiny bit of confidence to stand up for myself in eighth grade and they did not like that their playtoy was getting confidence so they tried to make me lose the slight confidence I had. They had told me to meet up with them during lunch behind the school. What I thought would be a beating wasn’t they had i knife so I figured they were going to stab me but they wanted me to kill the class mouse because it would not want me to stand out but it did the exact obsite they made kill the mouse which did kill my confidence after all i couldn't do anything and that made me feel like a puppet that feeling didn’t last long because when I looked at their faces expecting a evil grin it instead looked like they saw a ghost. That's when I looked in the direction of the mouse I saw it’s blood slowly gravitate towards me which freaked me out but when I looked at my hands the blood that was on the skin seeped in my skin which freaked me out and made me pass out. When I awoke the nurse asked me what happened and I told her everything but she looked confused because there wasn't any blood or a dead mouse when they found me. Turns out the kids left me there which I couldn't blame them. They had just seen blood go into a kid they were bullying so of course they would run and tell no one. After they called my mom and I got up I realized I felt a little stronger which was weird. I get stronger depending on what it is and how much blood I consume and if I kill the thing or not. The next day during school was the first time in years that it was silent. I loved it. It was fun to be able to read and experiment with my ability. I had found out I can explain some blood through my balm and control it which is kinda creepy. After a couple of days I was walking home when I saw some getting mugged so I went to try and help of curse hiding my face but when I did try I was instead punched and beat I was afraid to use my ability to being called a villain and I didn’t want the to become a result so I just gave in to being beat. When I woke up it was night so I had to hurry home so mom wouldn't worry on the way home. I had kept using my ability which did put strain on my body. I was home in ten minutes. When I got home my mom questioned where I was. I lied saying I was training my ability and that's why I was bruised and bloody. Thankfully she believed it and just told me not to push myself so much next time. When I got into my room I propped the small window open to get a breath of fresh air but then just as quickly closed because there is not much clean air in the slums of this city. I continued to train my ability by making ome inch diameter but i just call them blood beads. They helped me learn that the blood I command comes back to me at a very slow place and takes a lot of stamina to produce and throw without touching it to train manipulating the blood. When I woke in the morning I still felt very tired from overusing my ability. My mom had made my breakfast for me ,a piece of toast, it's better than nothing. When I got to school it was the same as usual: Getting called a villain. At least no one has the guts to do anything to me any more. While in class I just kept playing with my blood beads and as the day went on I eventually fell asleep. At the end of the school day my teacher woke me up and when I got up I felt something in my sweatshirt pocket. When I took it out it met me at 800 blood st. which was wired because Blood St. is only a ten minute walk from here so I ended up going. When I arrived at The Building on Blood St. It looked run down but I rang the doorbell and a girl my age answered the door and said “What do you need” I just said I got a note saying to come here. When I mentioned that she asked to see the latter I handed it to but then I saw on the back something that looked like a phantom. When I went Inside I was greeted by a gay who was six and a half feet tall. He said “you must be Ashiro, welcome to the Phantom company.” I questioned why I got a note saying to come here and he said nothing but jesterd me to follow him. We kept walking for a minute in silence, then we arrived at the door. The door was a little bigger than a normal door but what was wired about it was on the door it said “Phantom’s room” That the tall guy that guided me opened the door and said ”Go ahead and go in and meet the master”