Chapter 1


“Majesty, we are prepared for the haul”


Ego slowly pivoted her head towards the voice, a sinister smile slowly creeped across her face exposing her mouth of white teeth with the exception of two perfectly razored fangs alongside an excitable twinkle which reached her hazelnut and golden eyes.


As Ego arose from her kneeling position, her long silver locks cascaded down her back, gracefully tumbling over her shiny, smooth and golden caramel skin. Her cheek bones perfectly aligned to expose her cat shaped eyes, her lips full, and her jawline feminine and delicate. A black round beauty spot above the left side of her lip only solidified that she was indeed, beautiful. Her black sheer gown made from the finest silks, exposed her voluptuous breasts and highlighted her taut curves. With each graceful stride she took down the long hallway adorned with “trophies” and pictures of the previous hauls. It was evident for all to see that Ego was a stunningly beautiful woman, her long legs strutted with confidence as she made her way down the hall, her silver locks, swaying delicately behind her. Ego smiled coyly as she met the eyes of 2 of her servants, their white and gold gowns extended to the bottom of their feet, each carrying a woven basket of rich fruits and vegetables and as ego made eye contact with them, they respectfully courtesed in honour of their majesty.


As ego smiled fondly at her previous achievements etched in huge golden frames along with side of the cascading hallway , suddenly her hand below her was lifted and filled with the white and rich chocolate coloured fur of her loyal beast, Missy. Missy’s golden eyes adoringly looked up to her masters, excited to be joining her on the haul. Missy was a large dog like beast, with eyes as golden as the sun, a large snout with a sense of smell that would put a bloodhound to shame.

Her large dome shaped head was roughly the same size as an adult male tiger, a chocolate coloured love heart shaped sat beside her right eye, her body was marked with various war wounds and scars from previous hunts and hauls. Along her spine were 5 spiked horns and attached to the bottom of her swishing tail was a ball of spikes.

It was evident that the beast was a seasoned ruthless hunter nevertheless, she gracefully kept by her masters left side whilst her strides kept perfectly in line with her master.

Missy’s mouth opened to expose a slobbering jaw full of razor sharp teeth and softly let out a purred growl as ego tenderly petted her head as they continued to make their way down the hall.


As ego strode down the long white hall, her black sheer dress slowly dropped to the floor exposing her naked breasts, her hard brown nipple still attempting to delicately cling on to its modesty as the dress eventually fell to the floor.

As her naked golden skin glistened in the light, a black liquid slowly seeped outwards from her nipples, groin and back, swirling purposefully across her body, which then began to harden into a shiny black armour built to protect her vital organs but leave parts of her womanly body exposed like her pierced naval, parts thighs and the bottom of her buttocks


The black like liquid then slowly seeped over her mouth, her golden hazelnut eyes nonchalantly altering to a dull white glow, purposely accentuating her beautiful cat shaped eyes. As ego reach the end of the hall and turned right, her eyes fixated upon Naxim, a 10 feet tall, griffin type beast, her stunningly beautiful blue feathers beamed from the suns light reflecting off her chest, her golden yellow piercing eyes fiercely back into her masters awaiting to be mounted. Her black aviary wings gently billowing in the wind behind her. Naxim bowed adroitly to allow ego to mount her, ego confidently hoisted herself up onto Naxim’s back. The sun beamed brightly upon the wide marbled porch beneath the magnificent beasts black razor sharp talons.


Ego’s smile was as radiant as the second suns brightest glare as she flew amongst the highest clouds and the crispest winds. The wind gently tussled waves of egos long white hair against her cheek as Naxim soured gracefully over green tumbling hills scattered with various herds of sheep and cows and over the odd stream and river.


A dull tremble began to awaken on egos left shoulder as her white glowing eyes scaled over the hills to search for her prey. A black sharperened finger slowly creeps from beneath Ego’s shoulder, it felt orgasmic as the finger began to uncoil, slowly penetrating through the shoulder ever so delicately, feminine and armoured identically to her master, the hand raised through the flesh still clenched and slowly unearthed a closed 3rd eye placed precisely within the palm area. The 3rd eye slowly blinked open and glowed a dazzling white eye indistinguishable to her masters. Ego smiled adoringly to her left shoulder, her white eyes met with instincts. Instinct then tenderly outstretched her hand towards her masters face, holding her jaw benevolently to direct Ego’s face towards the west.


“There” a serpent voice slithered into Ego’s mind, ego’s glowing white eyes nonchalantly swayed towards to her right hand side and landed upon their target.


As Naxim began to thrust forwards towards the west, ego glanced backwards for one final sweep at her fleet of beasts following loyally behind her mount, the sky had almost turned black with her beasts awaiting their masters command to land the 50 black steel cages, built with only one trap door at the top with a 10ft by 10ft square radius. The cages had been heavily used in previous hauls as they were clearly worn in with the rust and black paint evidently peeling off on most of the bars conjoining together. The cages were flown by four flying beasts each gripping on to a handle located at each corner of the cage. The beasts were 20ft tall and built with skin like rhinos, with heavy set aviary like wings which shot heavy guts of air with each flap of their wings.

Their lips curled into snarls, showing their ferocious huge fangs which were dripping with saliva and their yellow piercing eyes glimmering with excitement.

Her demon hounds were carried by the same type of rhino winged beasts, each demon hound wearing a black liquid type body armour similar to their master . The seasoned hunting hounds were well adversed to these types of hunts and were briefed on the specific targets prior to reaching their destination.

The demon hounds eyes gleamed red beneath their black shiny armour but their slobbering jaws full of razored teeth were fully on show and terrifying to gaze upon, they were about the same size of a female tiger and weighing an impressive ton of solid muscle but were as lithe as nimble as cheetah.


Ego smiled excitedly as her eyes met with the view of a village of at least 200 people. Beyond the small village the kingdom slowly flooded into view and as instinct rolled her eye back to command the mounts to land, Ego grinned manically exposing her perfect whitened teeth as Naxim glided gracefully down throughout the clouds as they had now located their target, the Artillia kingdom.


Growls, snarls and grunts from all of the beasts mixed with creaking noises from the steel cages being lowered to the ground, deafened the screams of the villagers at the forefront of the kingdom. Each of the 50 cages were placed next to each other systematically so that it created a large steel wall around the front of the village so that means of escape would be very limited for the villagers.

The winged beasts carrying the demon hounds loyally followed the lead of the dropping the demon hounds beside the cages before landing and awaiting the command from their master.


Naxim swooped down from the clouds, her beautiful black wings billowing through the wind towards the entrance of the village which had a stone built houses scattered amongst a few trees, north of the village lay a heavily wooded area which had now been blocked with the view of the steel cages. Ego outstretched her arms before falling backwards off the back of Naxim.

As she gracefully backflipped down towards the ground her beasts bowed their heads as their master landed elegantly on one knee.

Ego arose to expose that her liquid armour on her face had now manifested over her mouth, as her actions would not require any justification.


Ego looked up to see one of the villagers, a medium sized middle aged man, his face frozen in perpetual fear, his blue eyes widened in shock at the sight before him.

“She’s her”… he barely had time to finish screaming out before the glimmer of a silver blade sliced through his neck as though it had just cut through butter.

The mans expression was still etched upon his face as his head glided through the air, before his lifeless body fell to its knees.

Ego swung her sword around continuously slicing off limbs, heads and cutting through the men and women as she twirled and whirled around through the scattering villagers, pushing them running and screaming towards the kingdom.

Missy appeared by her masters side, her eyes steadily looking towards the villagers, teeth glared yet she did not join in the carnage nor did the other beasts as they sat and loitered amongst the cages yearning for the bloodshed that awaited them.


Ego smoothed down her sword dripping with blood calmly as she allowed the villagers of men, women and children to scramble towards the iron gates of the kingdom, approximately a mile give or take ahead of them. ego’s gleaming white eyes swept around at the lifeless bodies scattered around her, unearthing the armour covering her mouth slowly to uncover her sadistic smile.

Blood of the villagers trickled down her her face, dripped over her black liquid armour which barely covered her breasts, and continued further along towards her exposed navel which in turn flowed down her toned thighs. The warm sensation of the blood excited ego which initiated her armour to glow more radiantly.


Instinct then reappeared and gazed adoringly into egos eyes, pleased to be amongst the carnage beside her master.


A warm, flat, elongated tongue wrapped its self around Ego’s shin, excitedly lapping up the blood that had been etched across her lower body moments before.

The owner of the tongue, missy grunted and snorted excitedly as she could taste the fear of the villagers within the blood further exasperating her longing to be emerged within the frantic screams of the villagers etched before them.


Ego patted the top of missy’s large head, directing her beast to cease excitedly licking her thighs to which missy obeyed immediately.

Ego’s white beaming eyes did not leave the sight of the villagers frantically dashing towards the iron gates before her as the kingdom had not yet allowed the villagers to seek refuge amongst the walls.


The winged rhino beasts had already peeled back the trap doors to the crates, each beast atop of the steel cage on each of the four corners. The beasts which had carried the demon hounds already landed besides the cages, their yellow eyes firmly gazing ahead of them observing the villagers frantically scrambling to escape.


Young children screamed hysterically, tears running down their faces, blood splattered amongst their wool woven clothes as their mothers carried them, joining their mothers screams in unison. Unable to comprehend what their eyes were seeing, older children ran wildly besides any adult they could find as it was hard to distinguish who their parents were amongst the chaos. Yet the frenzied crowd continued to dash towards the iron gates with the hope of escaping the nightmare behind them.


The iron gates were in reach for the few hundred villagers that had been fortunate enough to escape the harrowing, brutality that had laid before them only moments before, the gates were now only a few hundred yards away but had not yet been risen by the guards. The chaos had all happened too quickly and none of the guards had been prepared for the slaughter they had witnessed as they stared on in awe.

Ten of the kingdoms guards dressed in full bodied silver armour, aligned alongside the wall atop of the gate. Their eyes fixated on the steel cages beyond the walls with gigantic beasts eerily staring back at them, still not moving.


“Open the gates!!” Screamed the commander atop of his lungs, as if on que a high pitched roar echoed out and rolled throughout the kingdom.

The noise had sounded as if it had come from one of the beasts but as the commanders eyes fell to the ground and rested upon the woman with long white hair, her black shiny armour barely covering her body , drenched in the blood of his people, a cold chill had him realise that the noise was indeed coming from the woman rather than a beast.

A deafening sound of pounding towards the wall came from the hundreds of armoured demon hounds, too many to count hurling towards the gates, their razored claws tearing up turfs of the ground with each stride, their red eyes gleaming from under the armour, each fixated on their individual targets. Their slobbering jaws howling and snarling in excitement.


Desperate screams from the villagers erupted as they attempted to run inwards towards the kingdom as the iron gates lifted slowly above their heads.


An armoured hound latched on to a young boy, gripping him by back as he struggled fruitlessly to escape its jaws. He yelled out in pain but it was to be in vain as the rest of the beasts had began to descend upon the rest of the helpless villagers.

The boy looked around frantically for anyone to help him escape the beast, he clenched his eyes tightly as he felt the beast lift him, butterflies filled his stomach in anticipation as it had began to turn back towards the iron cages he had been fleeing from moments earlier. The beasts razored claws furiously pounded against the ground with its prize firmly gripped between its jaws, its hot sticky breath left behind a sticky residue with each breath it took, the journey back to the cage took the beast mere moments before it leapt upon the top of the cage with the young boy helplessly hanging from its jaws only before it released him from its grip inside the trap door. The beast briefly glanced back before effortlessly leaping down the foot drop to the ground before galloping back towards the kingdom to collect more prey.


The young boy landed on the red,cushioned bottom of the cage, his left side of his face meeting the softened flooring, yet the screams of his fellow villagers in agony and terror raged on around him and rang throughout both of his ears. As he slowly peeled himself up and gripped onto the cold steel bars to regain his balance, it was difficult not to peel his green eyes off the horrifying sight before him.


Ego remained at a standstill amongst the lifeless bodies scattered around her, steadily gazing ahead towards the gates, her eyes boring into the backs of the villagers as she scoffed at their futile attempt to escape. The demon hounds hurled past her in pursuit of the villagers. A group of the hounds had already captured several of the children that had not managed to make it towards the gates, gripped either by the back of their delicate necks or backs within their deadly jaws. Powerless to escape, all the children could do was wail with the hope that someone, anyone would rescue them.

The hounds with the captured children would bound back to the cage and drop them alongside the other bewildered prisoners.


The commander of the iron gates was well aware at this point from observing the massacre of the villagers below him, that the beasts were strategically picking off the some helpless villagers before they could eventually make their way in through the gates.

The commanders ice blue eyes beneath his feathered silver helmet, glanced towards the ten men armoured with bows and flamed arrows he had aligned and spread out along the tops of the walls, he appreciated that they would not be enough to fend off the malevolent beasts projecting towards them at ferocious speed with their teeth bared, their red eyes gleaming with hysteria.

“Shit” he snarled, as the small assemble of ravenous beasts had circled and instigated feasting on a couple of helpless men at the back of the crowd, tearing and ripping at their flesh, mercilessly gnawing on their limbs.

Their snarls and growls enthusiastically matched their victims volumes of terrified shrieks which only encouraged the crowd to push forward through the gates in a frenzied panic.


“Prepare to launch the flamed arrows!!”


Ego raised her left eyebrow in disbelief as she watched the ten flamed arrows approach her from above, she sighed heavily and then shook her head slowly. As the arrows advanced closer towards her, Instinct abruptly awoke, her white eye fixated on the arrows, outstretched her hand towards them, then effortlessly swept her hand to right causing the arrows to distinguish with immediate effect and fall around the base of ego’s and missy’s feet. Egos eyes casually lifted from the floor and rested towards the wall were the armoured soldiers gawked back, their faces gazing on in a mixture of wonder and dismay.

Ego sharply lifted her right arm and pointed towards the commander whom was desperately screeching at his men to continue firing arrows at their target.

Missy took her command from her master and obliged eagerly, bounding indignantly forwards towards the wall with tufts of grass being ripped from the earth beneath her razored paws.

Missy avoided a majority of the arrows targeting her, weaving from the left and right as her eyes remained permanently fixated on the commander.

An arrow suddenly pierced her left shoulder yet she did not flinch and remained on track, her snarls becoming more ferocious as she leapt at the white brick wall, her razored claws used as grappling hooks as she scurried upwards taking shots of arrows to her face and body, bricks tumbling beneath her as she continued to climb. Her mouth nonchalantly opened to reveal her razored and salient teeth, slobbering as her yellow eyes filled with acrimony met with the set of brown eyes that peered from beneath the iron helmet back at her.

With one leap missy landed on top of the helpless guard as she sank her fangs into his iron chest plate, crunching and snarling deeper into his flesh, her eyes did not leave her prey as she ripped the guards chest plate clean off in one vicious swipe to the left, blood, flesh and shreds of metal filled the air as the other guards rushed towards her, their gleaming swords raised at an attempt to hold off the terrifying beast hungrily awaiting for the guards to come at her.


Ego grinned as missy leapt from the wall, landing effortlessly on the bloodied ground beneath her as her muscles rippled with each purposeful stride. As she bound towards her master with her victim helplessly adjourned between her jaws, her spiked tail swishing excitedly behind her as she skidded to a halt and dropped her bloodied prize at the feet of ego.


Ego looked down at the crumbled heap in placed at her feet, her mouth fixed in a pleasant smile at the commander, his tear filled eyes pleading into hers.

Instinct tenderly stroked her masters face before suddenly reaching towards the commander extending her forearm forward then gripping the him with ease by throat, his gurgling displaying her effortless vitality.

Instinct then extended her arm so that the commander dangled a meter away from ego’s face, her white eyes bored into his.

Ego reached out and ripped the iron helmet from the commanders face revealing a suave looking man, his blue eyes frozen in fear unable to look away, his rose coloured lips drained from fear had turned them ash white coordinating with his skin tone.

“Pppp, please” he spluttered as he swayed in the air, his arms clasping desperately onto instincts arm, his legs dangling and his fruitless efforts to escape made no impact on the vice like grip around his throat.

Egos gaze steadily moved from his blue eyes down towards his mouth as she reached out with her right hand towards his lips, using her index finger and thumb to forcibly open his mouth and hold it in place. Her armour glowed purposefully as she heard his gurgles and muffled cries escape his throat.

Then, with her left hand she reached into his mouth and clinched his warm tongue between her fingers and began to pull slowly.

His screams of anguish echoing out around them as ego continued to pull out his tongue, her sadistic smile purposely creeping across her face as his blood seeped across her hand with each agonising tug.

All of a sudden, a sharp vibration seeped out from across egos left arm socket.

Aghast from where the sensation was coming from, ego looked down towards the ground frantically from left to right and noticed her left arm lying in a pool of blood.

Instinct continued to keep hold of the commander as he squirmed in the air, blood seeping from his mouth, gurgles attempting to escape from his throat.

Ego cocked her head to the left to find a group of five villager men, one of them armed with a razored axe dripping with her blood.

Egos mouth coiled into a panicked scream as she faced towards the group men of whom had just maimed her, her eyes wild and frantic as she screamed out in agony.

The men stood in awe as egos socket languidly produced a black liquid, seeping out as it began to transform itself into a long, barbed javelin.

With one swift sweep to the left, egos arm dextrously decapitated her targets. Their bodies falling into a crumbled heap on the floor, blood oozing from their necks onto the blades of grass beneath their lifeless bodies, soaking into their woven shirts.

Ego cackled as her left arm tingled to reform back into its previous form.

Instinct lowered the aghast commander to the floor and released her grip and she reverted back into position.

Without warning ego stepped towards the commander, gripping onto his left arm as he stumbled backwards, cackling as he struggled to regain his footing as they stepped quickly.

Ego continued to hold onto his arm and slowly lifted up her right leg, pulled it inwards towards her toned stomach and then forcibly kicked the commander in his stomach, propelling him backwards as his torn left arm remained in egos hand.

Ego continued to cackle as she slung the severed, bloodied arm into the jaws of missy whom caught the arm delightedly mid air as the shattered bones and torn flesh scattered around her mouth as she devoured the commanders former arm.


Ego strode wilfully forward through the iron gates as her demons hounds scattered past her, running up walls with victims in their jaws, or devouring helpless men and women as they frantically ran through the cobbled roads ahead.


Approaching swiftly from behind, a beautiful sound of galloping captured egos attention as her eyes earnestly fell upon her loyal steed, Nightmare as he sprinted towards her, his pitch black eyes fixated on his master, closing the black portal behind him and he slowed enough for ego to grip onto his black flamed mane as he galloped from out of the portal. He neighed as ego pulled herself onto his back and gripped onto his black studded reigns, his gallop resolute yet elegant as they rode along the cobbled path to catch up with the villagers whom had now become entwined with the residents of the Artillia kingdom.


Ego galloped ferociously into the human sea of chaos, splatters of blood flickered throughout the air as Ego’s sword swished and swayed through the backs of the screaming crowd.

The demon beasts became emerged within the anarchy, many of them scurrying down from the tops of buildings on each side of the cobbled street to descend upon their prey.

Ego glanced towards Missy giving her a judicious look before hastily yanking Nightmare’s reigns, to direct him into an alleyway towards their left whilst Missy advanced purposely to herd the crowd forwards.


The screams of the crowd lingered throughout the air obtrusively as Ego rode on throughout the streets of the kingdom. Nightmares hoofs pounded demonically against the cobbled pavement, as he emerged into the open area of the city. A marbled fountain adorned with serpent like creatures billowing the water through their mouths caught the attention of Ego as her eyes rested on the familiar monument.


Ego’s armour induced a dull black glow as the sound of Nightmares hooves galloping increasingly became dulled by the clatter of hundreds of hooves and neighing horses progressing towards them from beyond the Serpent fountain.

Instinct awoke as she seductively gestured for the mounted soldiers to come hither.


Ego charged throughout the maze of streets whilst Instinct effortlessly dismissed intended arrows at them with her magic.

Suddenly a robust gush of wind blew against Ego’s face, influencing her to jerk Nightmare towards the direction of the wind.

As the pursuit continued, Ego observed that the drawn gate that once had been a part of the wall to the west of the kingdom had been lacerated off forcibly.

Her smile shone brightly as she rode onwards through the gaping wall as the guards persistently followed.


Nightmare led the steadfast pursuit of mounted soldiers onwards with his somber flames licking against the ground in harmony with his gallop.

Observable from the west gate was a wooden bridge, across the bridge was a pathway which etched into a wooded area, the area had now been extended by a noticeable powerful force as the once compact Forrest was now made more sparse by fragments of destroyed trees.


Missy’s distinguishable grunts became more luminous as she bounded across the the fields towards Ego, an alarmed scream escaped from underneath the helmet of the debilitated soldier grasped between her constricted jaws. Missy shook the soldier like a rag doll then flung him dextrously into the air as she headed into the Forrest pathway alongside her master.


Ego outstretched both her arms as they rode through the Forrest, her eyes beamed white as she focused ahead.

The soldiers in pursuit had been vigorously firing arrows towards Ego and her mount as they chased her through the woods.

Tumultuous screams followed the horsemen into the woods as the giant cages now brimming with women, children and men rose above them.

The horsemen looked on helplessly as the victims wailed in their steel prisons taking them off into the unknown.

A soldier glanced down to find that his bow had become unbearably hot and dropped it from his grasp only to discover that his fellow men was evidently experiencing the same sensation as the sound of weapons, bows and eventually the saddles dropped to the ground taking the soldiers with them.


The captain of the horsemen met the hardened ground with detrimental impact as his shin shattered against his iron leggings, he tumbled across the ground as hooves fled past him, his fellow infantry had no mostly joined him on the ground as their horses galloped on.

The captain steadily arose to his feet with the help of his comrades, his leg was clearly broken as the intense pain seared throughout his body. The pain was soon overcome with fear as his gaze fell towards the herd of rampant horses, now bare of their former armour, their eyes glowing a fierce white that had matched their former assailants.


A ferocious, bellowing grunt filled the air as the horses had stopped in an organised union.

A black liquid oozed out from the air in the distance, taking shape and snaking around the stationary horses to create separate boxed compartments.

A monstrous scaled foot gripped onto the top of one of the compartments, its black shiny claw curling into the hooks atop of the cage. The captains face flooded with a feeble look as he witnessed the monstrous foot being uncloaked by invisibility to reveal a colossal sized dragon, each of its four legs gripping onto the hooks of the cages holding the horses.

As the cages began to lift into the air, the dragons mammoth wings blew a vigorous wind which scattered the men to fall backwards.


“Captain, the residents, our horses! What do we do?” Wailed one of the soldiers.

The captain grunted in frustration as he attempted to rise to his feet once again, he glanced around hastily to asses his surroundings and scout for any lingering threat.

His almond brown eyes fixated onto a white glimmer that flickered from the obscurity ahead of him.

He inched cautiously towards the white glint, his steps gingerly approaching the obscured woodland.


An owl hooted in the distance, he turned face turned sharply peering towards the noise as his eyes met with dozens of the white glint emerging from the darkness.

Snarls and growls arose louder, intentionally proceeding towards the disoriented soldiers.

The demon beasts languidly surrounded the men, creeping out from the darkness snapping their slobbering jaws towards them.

The captain inhaled deeply as he dejectedly glanced up at the night sky, laced with the cages of terrified and bewildered people as the beasts ruthlessly tore into his delicate flesh.


Copywritten 2019 Antionette smith