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I have been inspired by the vampire diaries series .the one who first inspired me to see the vampire diaries series was @maddiedontwearitout

also, I had my motivation to create this book by my sister MYRANDA her book I gt the idea from she was a great help to our me to her dook is so epic I think you should see her I don't know her name but still ill let you know soon after I get it thank you for listening.

You would think someone would create something new, of course, someone will but until then you stuck with a story you've grown to love, but this one has a twist to it. You all heard the strongest is a tribrid with all three right, yes but have you ever heard of a tribrid that was born with the four Elements

Earth, Fire, Water, Air, well your about to find out now, we're going to tell you how Emila was to be. At one point in time, there were only Hybrids to be known of, the most powerful known of was a tribrid the first ever created tribrid was mezel who went mad wanting to prove he was the most powerful one alive killing any supernatural he came across, some heard he despised any other like him but at the time there was no other like him so it was the ones called hybrids who he came across ripping them to pieces leaving there remaining to rot. The ones who created Mezel saw he had become corrupted-gathering the strongest hybrids left creating a force called The Bridgers Force, known as The Bridgers. The ones in the force were

Elliot, Malaka, Reor, Melina, and Oraline. Elliot was the strongest member, so they made him the leader of the force. Elliot was mixed with a witch and vampire along with Oraline but she was Alfa of the serain wolves mixed with a vampire. The force was sent out to imprison Mezel.

Tracking Mezel, Elliot and his team ofter months were able to catch him, ripping him to pieces taking his heart, and hiding it in the treks graveyard. Soon after Mezel's imprisonment, the Primers who were the ones that have created Mezel have broken there promise

(Ok So before the Bridgers were sent out the primer leader Dabiro promised not to create any more powerful supernaturals of any kind.

But of course, you already know they had to create something else beyond imagination, creating Malora caller of the Elements-, the Primers had thought if Malora was hidden from the world's eye that one day she would bring peace to the human's land and ours. but of course, the primers were dumb enough to keep a member that couldn't lie-Rojo which you will learn to know, had in his earlier years a spell cast on him enabling him to lie-which at the time; or both times wasn't a good idea. Back when Mezel was in training Rojo was his-well you could say best friends if you would call Mezel that. he used Rojo as bait to escape the tower; his home. Malora haveing Rojo spit out the past, telling her where it was, managing to escape and find Mezels heart, bringing him back with not the primers but befriends that was -cosset-alfa wolve, crone-witch, Noel-vampire.

The three reformed him but only the ones who had made Mezel can make him whole so without them, he will only be human. Malora learned to love mezel and soon they vowed their life together. The primers after months send the Bridgers to destroy mezel and restrain malora from her source of power and cast her to the land of humans since Rojo was the one that had this happening Dabiro gave him the honors to wipe malora's memory, Once they capture her. It's been weeks searching for and malora. Soon enough Elliot found mezel but the sense of him was powerless, there was power stronger but the power was not of malora.

Looking in malora's arms laid baby Emilia.)

(Yes, laying in my mother's arms was me)



"WHAT" Emilia yelled back down the deserted place to oraline.

As Emilia makes her way to oraline and Elliot she gives out a half-smile to them both.

Oraline's face was gruesome as she looked down at Emilia."Ora! please stop I'm 17 I'm not a little kid anymore," Emilia says crossing her arms."And I'm strong enough to handle myself,"

Emilia declares uncrossing her arms rising them on either side of her, in seconds the ground begins to quake, the air stirs violently whirling rapidly around Emilia, her eyes glow as flaring flames licked off her hair, droplets of water appearing out of the thin air string along with the wind circling lavishly around. Oralines face was unimpressed.

"Emilia we get it," Elliot ensures stepping forward. Emilia Allows her arms to drop as the quaking ground eases to a stop, the wind settles to a halt the droplets of water false to the ground vanishing from the eye's sight.


"I'm sure you do," Emilia says walking forward to Elliot raping her arms around his waist as they walk stickering."So ora,"

Emilia said looking over Elliot's shoulders at oraline. Glimpsing up at Emila ora opens her mouth then shuts it again.

Emilia starts so the conversion gets somewhere.

"look..ora"-Emilia stops as ora and Elliot falls to a halt turning to face her."I WANT TO SEE MY MOTHER," Emilia says in a glib voice. oraline glowers over Emilia with range, her eyes glow a liquid gold color."WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT," Ora roared in a snaring voice.

Emilia knew the truth wasn't going to come out by its self but by force, she doesn't even notice shes down clenching her hands down in the gravel, as the ground begins to quake with as much anger she had built up inside of her, head shooting upwards eyes glowing the same tone as Ora's, vampire teeth extending out and the backs of her wolves teeth does the same she grinds them together as now standing a honey nut fur-coated wolve.

In seconds oraline appears in a blue-eyed white fur-coated wolve. Emilia's fur flairs with flames as she swept her paw forward readying herself to charge at ora she snaps her jaw as loud as she can make it, as its obtaining a nasty sound

"ENOUGH!" wiping forward Elliot slams his fist down, sending a ring through Emilia's and oralines ears.

stumbling backward and howling in pain they crouch down, in moments Emilia and oraline both appear back in their human state. lifting off the ground back to their feet Emilia peers up to them both.


through clinching fist Emilia steps up to oraline with deep enmity rising across her face."Oh please Emilia most of us can't even produce, we're all family," oralines leer face expression saying it all. a vague look came running across Emilia's face.


Emilia yelling with a grimaced look.

"BOTH OF YOU STOP"holding his arms out separating the two apart, turning his had to look over at Emilia."ANOTHER TIME FOR ANOTHER Place, but this is neither the time nor the place to be talking about our families matter," Elliot says with a gruff voice."DAD...or Elliot-when is it going to be the time to talk of it...WHAT WHEN YOUR DEAD." Emilia's voice went flat.

"Oh, young Emilia you have much to learn" emerging from the shadows was Malaka a Vampirewolve.


(Sorry for my silence but if you are lost and need some fill-ins,oraline, and Elliot are on there way to the primers tower and this is only Emilia second time watching them go out to take down whatever there is the be taken down, also Emilia has recently just found out the truth of who she is. She and Elliot get along well so she's joyful around him, ora, on the other hand, is difficult to live with, not to mention both just as stubborn with a catch of evil charm, oraline is still young childish, and vary misread though looks, same with Emilia there just alike so thy both give shame for that-oh ya and also Elliot and ora might die due to some really strong hybrid group causing bad trouble past the border-lines, Yeah I Know but nothing they cant handle shoot if they can take down a tribrid then I think they can take down some hybrids over the borderlines.)

Thay all stop to look over at Makala looming in the night's sky

"Oh please don't stop your family's reunion because I'm here; please continue," Makala said giving a crone smile."Since when did we allow others to spy on us without showing them whos who,"

Emilia says.

Makala with the right ends of her lips curving up to her dimples says *Sorry* eyes blooming wide, head bob's back and forth on either side as she heads past us to the primers tower. Emilia's eyes rolling turn's to face Elliot and ora, standing out in a deserted land leading up to the primers tower.

Elliot begins to speak"Look your right, we should have told you kid but we didn't want you to be in all that mess of knowing that." Elliot says as the quiet followed giving an uncomfortable feeling to either ora and Emilia, they both blurting out words at the same time neither one of their voices overlapping the other making it sound as only one has spoken. they both looked up at each other giving a death star. starting again ora looks at Emilia with dark eyes.

"How did you found out"

Elliot turns to star over at ora to let it go; while they walk forward,

" Rojo told me, "Emilia said hastily. Elliot looking straight ahead as he rests his arm on Emilia's shoulder, Emilia feeling his body tense.

"so how much did you find out" Elliot utters out.

"enough to know my father and mother name's, "Emilia said.

This made Elliot's body tense even more."don't worried I know what happened... you're always going to be a dad to me, "Emilia says showing a vivid smile making Elliot smile"so we're in understanding" Elliot asked with a nervous tone. Emilia looks up with her face going dem." sure thing"

"also why are we even walking," she asked.

"I was thinking you would what to have time before our leaving"Elliot answered with a grin.

"Please I'd rather it be over with, "Emilia said with her eyebrows creasing inward.

"Oh then...see you there," Elliot said when ora groans.

In a blur with a dreadful speed, they vanished toward to tower.


The Elites chapter 1

Entering the tower's humongous doors only whispers were among the ears. The dark halls leading up to the table of the whispering members of the primers, the darkness inside giving a vampirish look to the whole place, Emilia liked its dark looks made her feel more into her natural nature. Moving ahead to the whispers increasing in volume, Elliot bends down to whisper in Emilia's ear.

"Remember don't speak unless spoken to"

Emilia nods in Elliot's direction while they walk up to the table.

"Please take a seat honcho family"Dabiro gestures to the end of the long black glass table, with matching leather chairs. Taking their seats, Emilia taking her seat beside Elliot on the right side of the table, and ora taking the seat that's looking like the second emperor.

Dabiro clears his throat."Oh...Emilia would you mind switching with ora, please," he said with a firm voice. Ora's face went dem with confusion, looking up at Dabiro. Emilia stands up puzzled.

"sure thing you're the...boss right," Emilia says scooting back the chair and looking down out the corners of her eyes.

"yes...I suppose I am, "Dabiro says.

Ora stood up walking over to the seat beside Elliot.

Emilia walks over to the seat facing Dabiro.

"Thank you, as you all heard there's a group of hybrids that have passed over the woods boarder-lines. crossing over to the human's side, obviously, these hybrids are really strong and that's stirring up trouble, Killing humans and publicly changing into their wolve forms."Dabiro explains.

"Ok so you need us to take down these savages, "Melina A vampire wolves said on the left side of the table down on Dabiros end alongside a doy around Emilia's age (well of course not if he's a vampire then maybe he's 90 years older than her)

Emilia couldn't help but notice new people sitting among her.

"That's precisely why I've asked for the younger ones to be here. Ever since the hybrid's crossover we've made it our mission to find these hybrid trouble makers and adequately properly restrain them. I and my comrades have recently passed over and happened to find one of them. listening to what they had to say wasn't pleasant. the one said they only wish to take what they want and become the most powerful force ever they call themselves The Silvers. I have learned that there very smart. they've said they knew who you and who we were and they have already learned from your force," Dabiro says intently, as whispers Rome over the ears of others.

"so you're making our younger one go in our place, "Melina says as she's clinching onto the boys next to her hands. (I take it that's her son) next to the son was the father Reor (OH how I never get out much; never new Mr&Mrs.Vince had a son)

"Mrs. Vince, I've never said the younger ones are going into your force, I'm; we're creating a new force, "Dabiro informed while silence filled the room, neither Ora nor Emilia liked that. rising out of her seat ora slam's her hand down on the glass table sending a crackling noise around the room.

Emilia snickers. As everyone looks down at the crack running down the center of the table. The men in black suits standing in the corners of the room Stepping forward ready to engage if anything would happen to Dabiro. turning to face the men ora speaks.

"OH WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO...Bit ME."Ora said as she glowers at them. Turning to face back over to Dabiro she opens her mouth."I mean what the hell is wrong with you...we've taken down the first Dame tribrid ever what makes you think we can't take down some filthy hybrids, "Oraline asked though a eureka look.

"please Mrs.Honcho, you must understand that those filthy hybrids your talking about, are stronger than this force combined with even my primers force. So please take that to mind..."Dabiro says with troubled eyes.

"Oh Please Dabiro if we can take down your sworn enemies and not to mention clean up your messes with the one who you created then I think we can handle this...take that to mind...or better yet don't....because if all I care you can go ahead and make another force if your want...but don't think you can ask for me to help you clean up, because I quit." ora snaps in a way that Emilia has grown to live with.

"Oh at least..." Dabiro starts but gets interrupted by Malaka.

"Oras right, I'm done here I have no means of being here...I've got no kids so..." she says as she scoots out of the chair and In a blur disappearing out the doors.

"Listen, they're right...I'm not going to allow my son to get hurt, by the means of this a problem that is of yours."Melina said.

"Mom I'm not going to get hurt...and I-I'm 18 old enough to make my ch-choices..." the son said with a stuttering tongue.

"Cale shut your trap... you're under my rules," Malina said with a tone that quieted Cale with a glum look. Reor the father clears his throat as he leans over to look at his wife.

"let it go," he said straitening back up.

"I WILL NOT CALE...YOU ARE MY SON AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME OR...ELSE," everyone went quiet as they see Melina's glowering eyes piercing over Cale leaving him in silents.

Emilia watched them go quiet. Growing bored of it she stands up. *HUH*..."Okay....sorry to break it to ya but you all are beginning to make me how about we get back to Dabiros part of us getting our force...Dabiro, please tell us how that's going to work...I'm listening," Emilia says flapping her hand for him to go on.

"AH...of course...Emilia, I have been thinking, "Dabiro stars then look at Emilia.

"Go on.....I'm listening,"

"Would you Emilia like to become the leader of Thee Elites Force?" Dabiro asked with a smile.

Pure shock ran across everyone's face beside's Emilia herself.

"Would I...I guess I was born to be something ."Emilia answers with a grin. she then catches sight of Rojo in the corner wall wearing the same suit as the others.

Elliot instantly stands up from the chair." I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU DABIRO...USING US AS YOUR CLEAN-UPS WAS ENOUGH...BUT TO USE MY DAUGHTER TO CLEAN UP YOUR MESSES AND DO YOUR DIRTY WORK IS PASSING THE BOUNDARIES TO THE MAXIUME"the tone of his yelling voice sends chills down everyone's even Emilia spine.

"Tectcaly she's not yours...I think she has learned that by someone I've known was going to tell her sooner or later."Dabiro said turning his head to look over at Rojo staining in the corner guiltily.

Elliot's heads were griping onto the edges of the table's rims. Grinding his teeth together as his knuckles turn white.

"What...did you...just...say, "Elliot demanded through gritted teeth.

Dabiro looks dead at him." Shes...Not you're...Child, "repeated Dabiro with a grin rising.


Instantly as words chant from his mouth


The glass tables shattering down toward Dabiro's direction. Emilia in seconds chanting words as Elliot's yelping in pain. The shattered shards fall dropping over Dabiros lap as the rest falls covering what's left of the unshattered glassed table. The ringing pain in Elliot's ears eases,

staggering up to his knees, eyes widened with disbelief. rushing over to Elliot Ora wraps her arms around him helping him fully to his feet steadying him as she glares down at Emilia. Elliots panting, His lip twisting up into a sneer looking up at Dabiro.

"Ahh...Emilia your already learning loyalty, "Dabiro says giving a glimmering smile.

Rolling her eyes Emilia looks at Dabiro."Oh, save that crap for someone else,"

"The reason I didn't let Elliot kill you is that I need find my mother."Emilia's Icey tone made Dabiros eyebrows rise. dusting the glass particles off his lap gets up out of his chair then turns walking behind opening a door from the back of the room. nudging his head for Emilia to follow. Then looking back at the others.

"Mrs&Mr.Honcho, you may join us," he said to them.

getting up Elliot and ora walk past him into his little room with Emilia looking over at them then follows. Dabiro still looking at the others.

"as for you all go home. This is over...But for Cale, I would love to see you soon."Dabiro said.

Melina looking up with disgust getting out of her chair runs towards Dabiro. With a hard swing, she swipes her arm slapping him across his face.

"Don't You ever come near me nor my son ever again...," She yells walking away pulling Cale out of his chair grabbing a hold of his arms, as she dragging him. Reor follows behind them leaving out the doors slamming them behind.

"that was...intriguing," Dabiro says turning to walk into the room with Elliot ora and Emilia sitting in the chairs waiting. sitting in his chair he looks up at Elliot lowering his head in a nod. as Elliot does the same.

"Ok Dabiro, don't think that we're going to remove the fact that you're trying to replace us...hmm," Ora says in a leering look.

looking over at her Dabiro nods.

"I certainly don't expect for you to remove that...but I do know we only need Emilia, "Dabiro explains as his hands lift to rest atop of the glass desk his golden bracelet clanking against it.

"what do you mean she's all you need, "Elliot demands to know through clenched teeth.his hands balling up into a fist, his knuckles turning white.

"ease down there honcho...I'm saying she's all we need if want to take down the she's the strongest known being ever made...but it's good if there's anything that goes wrong we'll be sure to inform you."Dabiro says.

reaching ora rests her hand over Elliots, she's looking up at Dabiro as she's liking the idea of having Emilia gone and Elliot to herself. Ora never like children, and she never agreed to take-in Emilia in the first place, it was only Elliot who wanted to raise her because he always wanted to have a kid but his body won't allow him to produce one. When Elliot was an infant his mother wanted to live with him forever so she had made a ceremonial ritual transforming him into a full-fledgling vampire.

Emilia was silent for a very long time seeing what Elliot and ora would say.

it wasn't surprising to hear that Elliot wasn't happy, also really not surprised with Ora's silence. Lifting her hands out of her lap she lays them to rest on top of the table. Opening her mouth to speak she shuts it seeing Elliot's eyes tearing up, this almost made her cry but instead,

only words fled out

(Don't Judge Me. you wouldn't have cared if your parent was crying if I can even say he's my parent. look he lied to me lied about who I am )

And just like that my mouth spitting out exactly what I was feeling. Turning over to face Elliot's watery eyes filling like his world is disintegrating before him, his only child he might ever have is being sucked into that disintegrating world.

"Elliot you have been a great father to me but I have to see my real mother."Emilia's eyes now tearing up with the guilt of hurting the person she loves. "and if that means leaving you forever then so be it, "Emilia says through a Dignified voice.

Elliot couldn't believe his ears.

All at the moment glass shatter from the glassed desk. Windows, cabinets, and even the lamp lightbulbs busting. As Elliots throwing his hands forward flinging Dabiro out of his chair. getting slammed violently against the back wall of the room.

"you've been taking things from people way too it's your turn to have something taken," Elliot says though a shaky voice eyes only showing hastiness and anger.

Still holding Dabiro in place Elliot whips his head toward Emilia. Their eyes lock and all Emilia sees is a scared father protecting what's his.

Ora's face lightening up as her lips curls into a wicked smile. eyes glowing in the knowledgeable

liquid golden. her teeth extend out baring long sharp fangs as she hisses in anger. Changing her form. Now stood on all four paws standing on the steady ground her snout wrinkles vibrating with growls. Drooling saliva oozing from between her teeth snapping her jaws at Dabiro.

Emilia's anger overpowers her."I AM NOT OWNED."Yelling with range Emilia's hands begins to shake out of control leaving her in shock. Her eye-lids flutter wildly only the white of her eyes in virtual sight. Her eye-balls rolling in the back of her head.


Elliot yells thrusting himself over toward her. Grabbing hold of her two shoulders as he shakes her, but it's too late. The tower's walls crackle the inside thunders, lamps falling the ceilings cracking chips of the ceiling falls downward letting dust fill the room's space. Moments after Elliots lost hold of Dabiro, Ora was now over him snapping her jaws. As Dabiros hands dig into Ora's neck his fingers enmeshing her white fur than with a firm hold he flings her into Elliot. They burst through the wall into the main room. Dabiro jumps to his feet then dashes over to Emilia's Unconscious state. Uplifting her in his two arms taking her off her feet as he vanishes out the little room then the mains room's doors. Leaving everyone to crumble in its ruins.

Dabiro running as fast as he could with Emilia in his arms he begins to notice the airs picking up, slowing him down as it increases. As it does it swept him from his feet leading him to tumble forwards. Emilia's body escaping his from grasps. Dabiro falling his body rolling, clinging his fingers into the gravels manages to stop himself in the mid-roll to turn back to where Emilia's laying in the gravel. lurching himself to her swoops her up in his arms, but then to yelping in pain drops her back to the graveled ground. He winces as he glances down at his arm.

Picking her up left a blemish burn marking on his arms. He glimpses back up to see Emilia's body blazing with flames."Remarkable"Dabiro manages to say. With the blazing flames flaring off of her body.

The gravel beneath her shaking limbs begins to crack open rumbling in a vibrated pattern sending the broken rubbles flying up in the air disintegrating away being swept in the winds circulating current. Her body twitches as its bouncing up of the cracking earth under her. The piles of the earth-splitting gravel extending gravely as its caving downwards, in a great crackling sound the grounds sending dust particles flying up being swept up. It's becoming very blurry for Dabiro to keep Emilia's body in-sight, seeing her body sliding in with the ground dipping inwards, dragging her down in its depths. Her flaring skin increases in blazing flames.The winds swirling with shards of ice particles. Dabiro stands on the edge of the ground where it's steeping inwards trying to figure out how to grad her without perishing in the deadly flames blazing off her flesh. As it blazes off her, Dabiro sees it gives her skin a brightening glow.

Suddenly the wind increases in size Dabiros's eyes widen blooming open as a surprising current lifts him from his feet blasting him back his body in the air hands and feet spread apart flung out in front of him as he's blasted away collapsing back to the ground.

For a split second, he thought his body was blown to pieces; his body went numb, but he staggers to his feet zipping back down to where Emilia's body lays sliding in the caving earth. leaning over her he sees her laying their the darkness making it hard for him to see her; outstretching his arms he picks her hot body that's now cooling down by the cooling breeze ou in the cold air, he stops to hear something; a noise that's so strange to him he was about to let her fall again but didn't want her to go back into her shocking stage. listening to her he hears the noise again." ugh..." was what he heard, he'd just heard Emilia snoring. looking down on her astonished forgetting she's half-human altogether." how odd these younger ones are sleeping where ever they lay their heads." he mutters as he's leaping across the deserted land kicking up wads of birth behind him as he goes.