Mortal Kombat High School

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

The day was hot in Japan. The biggiest fighting High School was was in the sacred grounds. Whare the first Mortal Kombat had started. Many great warriors have attempted to join, but could not. But not long ago, the School Distrect said that The school is no longer able to fight. So all fighting club's were shut down. But that did not stop the kid's from fighting from outside the campus. But that is a story from another time. A new transfer student came from China, wanted to join, and got accepted. The Campus was huge. Many cretures to humans were thare. But one paticular yellow car with Bruce Lee on it, had a new student. "Make shure to be good Liu Kang!" "OK uncle!" His uncle was the master Bo'Rai'Cho. But Liu Kang's dad, Bruce lee, died a year ago. Liu KAng was about to run off until. "Wait! Son!" Liu Kang turned around embarresed. "What dad?" Many students were looking at Liu Kang wierdly. "Here is a new phone!" "A Iphone 10?! Thank's dad!" Liu Kang then threw his SmartPhone in the car. "I already got evreything set up! OH-" *RINGGG* the school bell rang and rang. "Uh, sorry uncle, gotta go!" Liu Kang then ran off. But had hit someone when he was about to go through the door. "Who are you? Watch whare you are going pal!" Liu Kang said. The unknown studen took off his hat. "Hiya Mate! See thatch ya want a slit throught?" His outher friends laughed. "I'm Kabal!" "And I'm" "we don1't need introductions! all we need to do is do some puchi'n!" Then a rendom teacher was about to pass by. "you are some lucky duckie arn't you?" Then

Chapter II