Ming E find her sweet spot

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The Union and Ming’s options


Ming E got up after the session with her client, she quickly buttoned up her shirt and put on her short skirt and boots. She normally didn’t feel self-conscious after a session but with this client she did.


She looked around for the condom and she saw him reach to pick it up. She walked over to him and grabbed it quickly. ‘Let me put that away’ She felt sick there was nothing in it.


‘You didn’t use it?’


‘Don’t worry when I settle it with the receptionist, I’ll give you a bit more money for doing it without a rubber.’


Ming clenched her fists and moved towards him. Then she looked at him unclenched her fists and looked at him ‘you deliberately removed it? She hissed through slightly clenched teeth. I can’t believe you did that, you agreed to wear one I saw you put it on.’ As she said this she was walking towards the door.


He gripped her arm, and they were halfway out the door when he whispered ‘who are they going to believe you or me?’


‘Let me go,’ shouted Ming.


‘Leave her alone,’ said a women’s voice.


Ming wiped a stray tear from her eye and turned around and looked towards the voice. There stood a thin woman with glasses and a dress which hung loosely over her figure; across her shoulder was slung a shoulder bag.


Her boss came out ‘what’s all this about?’


Ming told him what had happened.


‘Did he pay the extra?’ asked her boss.


‘That’s not the point, you know I only do it with a rubber!’ shouted Ming.


‘What are you going to do about it, if you go to the police, they’ll come around here, I don’t want them around here and neither do you,’ said her boss. He looked at Ming frowned and slightly shook his head as he left.


‘They weren’t very helpful to me however I think it depends who you get hold’ said the thin lady with glasses. Then turning to Ming, she said ‘I normally don’t invite strangers to my flat; however, I think you might benefit from a drink and a chat.’


Ming followed the lady to her flat which was located nearby. She had to rush to keep up with the lady who was tall and who’s strides easily outpaced Ming’s. She dodged around the passers-by and quickly darted in front of the road sweeper to catch up. She managed to reach her slightly out of breath. The woman turned round when she heard Ming behind her. ‘I always forget that I walk that little bit faster’ with that she slowed and after a few minutes’ walk they reached her flat.


Ming noted that the flat was lined with books, which were stacked higgledy-piggledy. When they got into the living room, the lady turned around and said, ‘Sorry I am Anne,’ then a bit later, ‘Sorry about the lack of introduction. I am just not good at that kind of thing.’ She disappeared into the kitchen and Ming E heard her take down some containers. Anne reappeared and gestured for Ming to come into the kitchen.


Ming walked through the door a slight smell of food and coffee greeted her.


‘What’s your name?’



‘That’s got the introductions out of the way. I’ve got mint, blackcurrant, earl grey, or whisky. What’s your



They sat down at the table. Ming noted that the kitchen seemed to be in a slight state of disarray there were a clear food containers with a variety of different food stuffs; such as lentils, kidney beans and rice. There were also clear food containers arranged on the side without anything in them and a pile of plates stacked near the dishwasher. Anne said, ‘my team and I help people like you.’ Ming stood up. ‘I am not interested in redemption, you bible thumpers hang around…’


Anne laughed, ‘no we’re not religious.’


Ming sighed with relief ‘sorry, I just get approached on the regular. Who are you then?’


‘We’re the Campaign Union for Night Traders (From now on the Campaign Union for Night Traders will simply be known as The Union). We help sex workers either escape or move to a different part of the industry, one in which they feel more empowered. Also, we help them with sexual health check-ups and sessions on how to perform their work safely. We even have medical professionals who help us out.’


‘I always go for a sexual health check-up. What are the options within the industry?’


‘Do go for a check-up as soon as possible though, this time, won’t you?’


Ming nodded.


‘The union provides a place where sex workers can come without anyone judging their choices, it’s also non-religious, which is useful as it comes without the focus on what is morally right and it makes it something more practical. Personally, I think sex work is like most other work a large number of people hate what they do but do it out of necessity and feel trapped, some love what they do but mostly you just get screwed.’ She smiled at Ming who smiled back.


‘Ok I’ll tell you about the options there are a few of them but these are the most popular ones.’


At this, Anne removed three cards on one was written Creature comforts, the other had a woman with a whip, and on it was written Madame de Sade, and the third had Hot films written on it.


Ming stared at then and said, ‘I am really not sure.’


‘Would you like to know more about them?’ Anne pointed at the first card, ‘Creature comforts offers different services, fetish and massage-based services, as I understand it. Madame de Sade, I think you can tell by the whip what she offers, and Hot films is sexy films.’




‘Yes, porn, but where the organization’s head pays her actors fairly, and I hear she doesn’t get them to do anything they don’t want to. Remember there is also the option to get out of sex work.’


Ming considered for a moment then nodded. She looked at Anne. Anne was not like any of the girls that she’d meet in the parlour or other sex workers that she met.


‘How did you get involved in this?’


‘The sex industry? I am not at the moment; I was involved but I got out, I contract as a ghostwriter now, it’s great I didn’t even have to have an interview.’


At this she paused and sighed.


‘Well…my involvement is kind of a long story, but to cut a long story short. I was really short of money. I have a degree in criminology but never managed to get a job in the field. One day I got a notice from my landlord that I’d be chucked out of my flat if I didn’t pay the rent.’

She stared down at her hands and cleared her throat. 

‘Um I knew I would have trouble finding work; a friend suggested escorting so I joined up with an agency.’ Here she paused and sighed. ‘How naïve I was. I thought it would be just accompanying people; it wouldn’t be too bad. Some of the guys wanted company, some wanted someone to listen to them about their partners, and a few wanted more services. I hated it, but it paid the bills. One day, I had a client we started having sex; he starts telling me how strangulation makes the experience more pleasurable. I wasn’t keen, but he ignored me; his hand went around my neck, and he started strangling me. I told him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen to me. I managed to use a self-defence move and hit him around the face, then kneed him in the old crown jewels. He complained to the agency I was with; they didn’t listen to my side of the story; they just got rid of me. 

If I hadn’t been working for the union at the time and taken the self-defence course that was on offer, I might not be here to tell you this story today. I went to the union, and they managed to get me sponsorship to work with them, and they helped me find my ghost-writing work; both roles give me just about enough to live on’ Anne muttered ‘work hard, and you can get anywhere.’ Anne saw Ming looking at her; she seemed startled, like she’d not been aware of verbalising her thoughts.


As Ming left, she spied letters on the table near the door addressed to a Miss Anne Thrope. Anne took the letters swiftly away, ‘my parents didn’t really think things through when they named me,’ she said. Ming shrugged and left.


Over the next few weeks, Ming accepted clients at her own flat. When they entered she cringed and her face flushed a little when she let them in, she felt like they might be judging the slight damaged and damp wallpaper and the slightly musky smell that was present.


One day she went outside, and a neighbour came past. She turned to Ming and said, ‘have you ever heard the phrase don’t shit on your own doorstep.’ She said sharply, she didn’t wait for Ming to answer ‘don’t think we haven’t noticed the number of people visiting your flat.’


‘I am just popular I guess’ Ming replied.


The women pinched her lips ‘Don’t get smart with me, young lady, your type aren’t welcome around here.’ And as she was going away, Ming thought she heard the lady say ‘bloody foreigners’ under her breath.


Creature comfort’s tale


Matthew had arrived for his sensual massage; when he came, Creature comforts noted that he had his wedding ring on, some men felt self-conscious and removed it before they arrived, but she’d sometimes noted a hint of it, for example, that summer tan line. He was dressed in smart casual attire; with shirt and jeans, with designer stubble and slim physique.