I feel the blows im absorbing and its increasingly powered by a great amount of light. The light hands. He's Blasting his deadly light at me. I only step closer. Absouring the blows he offers me.

I laugh out loud seeing his expression.

Its complete horror.

That's me alright.

He stops blasting, An Stood there with his hands steaming with the smoke that came from his hands. 

He's scared.

Not even the most powerful 'beaming light hands' can kill me. 

"SAM. . .NO!" Yells Astrid.

I look at her with a smirk. 

Yes. . . A perfect way to win.

Suffer her loss.

My eyes widen as I keep the energy of death at point. Then I let loose. Only a little. The energy leaves from my hands and shoots out. Its shooting out as a shielding of blue.The energy waves shoot with great speed, she didn't even see it coming.

It struck her. Blasting her yards away. I see the horror in Sam's eyes. Then Anger. I let another smirk rise but it fades seeing Sam's grin. 

"Surprise brother." Sam says a little lower than a holler. He steps closer.


I grimace seeing kira. The illusion maker. 

That wasn't Astrid. It was Kira's illusion.

I Should of new she would of survived. There secret weapon. Huh. Then let me show them my secret weapon.

My Eyes squinted as I am focusing all my energy to one place.

"How impressing. Brother. You surprised me." I Grunt with me strengthening myself.

"But not That surprising." I Snear.

Then I released.

All that Energy i've maintained inside of me I released out of me. Its releasing it in a blowing burst. The circular blast leaves my body in a rush expanding wide. Supposed to have blast everything and everyone miles away. 

My eye twitch seeing I mistook my little brother. Perhaps. I see how they prevented my death blast.

With Brook. The Shielder. Her shield expands around all of them. She's stronger I see. They all are.

This time I grunt loud.

The cleverly is most surprising. I thought I killed her from the start as well. Seem only one explanation for the state im seeing. Lisen. The Reviver. She's betrayed me I see. Not that I hadn't seen that coming.

I watch as Sam commands the troops of his to attack. Not on my Watch. 

I feel the blow before I see it. Kevan. 'Lazer beam'.

I suddenly feel the power leave me. Kat.' ability Repeller'. She has the ability to repel any ones power or ability. She's also known as. . .My cousin.

And she's on my side. 

I see as she's still beside me. 'Laser beam' stops lasering me. the 'shilder' had her force field taken away. 

"Meet. . . 'Repeller'. My cosint. My secret weapon." I muse.

I see him really fuming with anger. 

"Drake.STOP THIS NOW!" Sam yells.

"I had a filling you'd come around." I say pressing.

"That's way I have a offer." I say grinning.

Tables turns little bro. . . Tables turn. I say in my head.

sam's head cocks to the side.

"Yeah. . . what would that offer contain of?" he asked with a glowering stare.

"For you to surrender. Give up. Let It be known that you've lost." I replied with a winning smile.

"Never." Is what I get from him.

"Never?" I ask more to myself then him.

"That's right. Never." He confirmed.

"In that case. . ."


I push with all my might. Its not budging.


I push more and more. 

The doors still not budging. *AH* Im swooped backwards. "No." I Screech out as i'm being thrown against the metal wall. Im bust throw it. 


"No. Caine. No!" I rasp in a out cry.

He's got a grin on his face. 

No. I leap back up thrusting myself toward him. But his hand is brought up. Oh no. Right in the mid-air I'm held there. His telekinesis is leading me to be stuck in the air with two struggling  hands swaddle in the air.

Then as if i'm a raotch of his he throats me back down. 

"Stay down unless your planning to be thrown again but tin times that force." Caine threatens.

I look up at him with leaking blood dribbling down my forehead.

I surrender cowardly with regret of loss.

He win's. He always has, and always will.