Lovely Blue Eyes

Lovely Blue Eyes

Life was very hard for seventeen-year-old Noah Song. In fact, he just ran out of the most violent home in which he grew up. His father was abusive toward him in every way: mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually. He’d endured all that abuse since he could even remember. So he naturally had no problem with running away from it all.

Desperate and determined to get away from his father, Noah ran as fast as his feet and legs could, not caring about anything but what a small, still voice inside him said. He was to run away and never look back. He knew who belonged to the voice, too, so that gave him all the more reason to take off. So Noah ran fast, he ran far, and he kept his eyes focused on the horizon. The feel of the wind blowing in his hair and biting at his cheeks gave him comfort and encouragement.

He must have run about five miles when he was ready to collapse out of exhaustion. Noah had never done more than a three-mile run before and had no intentions of conditioning himself further. When he stopped, for only a few brief moments, he felt as if his knees would buckle out from under him. He then realized he ran into a sandy brunette with very distinct but very lovely blue eyes. Before he knew it, the lips of this pretty stranger parted, and out came a word he never thought an unfamiliar person would speak first.


It was at this moment he knew he didn’t have to run anymore. The young woman was surprised at first to find he ran into her, but she recognized him from somewhere, and it seemed to please her. Her eyes showed love and kindness toward him, and Noah even found something stronger through them. She was filled with the Holy Spirit, and he sensed it. She then reached out to him, though he burst out in tears, and collapsed onto his knees right before her.

“Oh, God!” he cried, shutting his eyes tight in pain. “I surrender my life to you! Please, save me from the wretched life I’ve been forced to live! I only want to love you and be loved!”

The girl envisioned this moment a few weeks ago and knew he was her destiny because the Holy Spirit told her so, and she touched his shoulder with her left hand and his cheek with her right hand in sweet tenderness. He opened his eyes as she gazed into his with passion. Then she spoke kind words of comfort.

“It’s over. You’re safe, and you are most definitely loved.”

Tears of relief streamed down his face now as she gently pulled him up and into her arms.

“Welcome home, Noah.”

“Thanks,” he whispered in a quiet tone.

Her statement made Noah wrap his arms snugly around her, and he absolutely loved how she seemed to fit just perfectly against him, and so he closed his eyes. Everything seemed peaceful now, and when she pulled away, she showed him a building standing before them on his right.

“Shall we?”

Noah nodded in response, leaving no time to waste, and they walked into the building hand in hand. Like the small, still voice told him, he never did look back but moved on with his life instead. And all while he succeeded at life, never did she leave his side, that young lady with the lovely blue eyes.