Laments Of An Infamous God

Beyond The Box Of Pandora

Between the roads of 'Tomorrow' and 'Forever' not far from the Elysian Fields but also not too near

A young saint asked the God of Despair why he didn't like life on Earth after his spirit had returned to the Nether World

Why don’t you want to go back there? (The saint asked)

Because it was hell there. Worse than here (Despair replies)

The things that I witnessed, the tragedies I lived through, the sorrow I felt. There is no hope for humanity

I have no faith in humanity

A place where people kill

A place where people hate

A place where people betray themselves and each other

A place where people defy the gods

A place where people worship material things and themselves

Vain and disgusting


They even kill their families

They harm their own planet but yet they expect to survive

They expect to be happy. How the hell does that work? Tell me?

I choose to destroy them all. And you know they deserve it. So I’m not mean

I’m not the evil one

They are just cry babies (he smirkeths)

There is no light at the end of the tunnel 

There are no happy endings, your cup is half empty. It will get worse

It will always get worse

Don’t ever let anyone tell you things will get better

Don’t ever listen to those who say it will be okay

It's only downhill from here

Mankind never evolved

That's just a pretty lie they tell themselves

Deep inside they know the dung that they are

The walking plague

The scum of the Earth

Of course there is no redemption for them. Look how they choose to bide their time

Their 'limited' time

They reap what they sew

So let them suffer alone

When I was a young god, I made the mistake of saving Andromeda. And I was forever punished by the Higher Powers

No good deed goes unpunished

That’s when I learned 

The hard way

As if things couldn’t get any worse, I was locked in a box with my brothers and sisters. And then released into the world as a 'bad spirit’

My brothers and sisters were known by negative emotions. I was 'Despair'

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This is my story

No one cares about my story

But I'm going to tell it anyway

I was a young god with no name and no title. Everyone was only familiar with the popular gods

No one sang of me


My cousin was punished by the Sea God

Well not her

It was her mother's punishment but it was taken out on her

That's how cruel The Sea God is

Innocent Andromeda was chained to a rock and terrorized by a horrifying sea creature. Day in and day out

I could no longer stand it

"Is she not your stepdaughter, uncle? How could you punish her so?" I had said but nothing was done

I unchained her myself. I set her free

But Poseidon was not too happy with me

He cursed me. He cursed me double

And then Hades cursed me

I did not know I was not supposed to show mercy

I did not know I was one of the bad ones

I was judged before I even knew what I was

I was locked in a dark place. My uncle said my punishment would be worse than the one I had saved

My brothers and sisters were locked in with me

We were given names. We were to be the 'bad spirits' Strife, Malice, Rage, Chaos, Deceit, Famine, etc

I was Despair

We were never supposed to be released into the world

Until someone did

I was the worst of the worst

I'm the voice in your head that tells you, you won't feel better

I'm the voice who tells you, you're unloved, You're ugly. You're a failure. You're a loser. You're an embarrassment

I'm the laughter you hear when you fail at something

I'm the laughter you hear when you fall down

I'm the one who causes you to break down in public

I'm the one who pushes you to do bad things

I'm the little devil on your shoulder

In your ear

In your head

In your heart

I'm the one who whispers, when you harm yourself "Atta, boy\girl. Do it again"

I'm the one who tells you to keep going when you think you've gone too far in your wrongdoings

I'm the voice who mocks you when you're feeling insecure

The one who kicks you when you're down

When you are feeling positive, I remind you that your cup is half empty

I'm the one who turns off the light at the end of the tunnel

I remind you that things will only get worse

I'm the one who encourages you to pull the trigger

I tell you to give up. Give up all hope

I'm the voice that tells you to stay up all night

I'm known as 


The Bad Spirit

Negative Energy

The Black Cloud



The Bad Seed

The Heart Of Darkness

Debby Downer

Party Pooper

I'm the reason behind the sayings

"No more Mr. Nice Guy"

"How low can you go?"

"It can always be worse"

"Life sucks and then you die"

"No good deed goes unpunished"

"One step forward, two steps back"

When you're falling asleep and you feel that jerk and you jump awake, that's me whispering "There's no rest for the wicked"

When you wish upon a star, I remind you that it's dead. Like your dreams

I'm the voice you cannot silence

So keep crying, crybabies

And remember as you bawl your eyes out, I quench my thirst with your tears