Karate Rivals = Karate Lovers

my Girl left me

When my girl Taejitsu Minamoto decided to break up with for Johnny the yakuza scum I was fucking dumbing fucking founded.  She wanted to be with him because of looks and scar across his face, tattoos and his prowess with the katana where I was stuck with the sai.  One day I saw taejitsu in the hallway of the college dorm and wanted to say something but got too angry and flustered...... I wanted to tell her I love her.   

I tapped her on the shoulder and said that I loved her. She looked at me flirty and said then prove your prowess."

"Ok, I can make loved to you?" I asked her it was a long time since I made loved to her in the alley hind the Chinese restaurant. 

"I you know where to fiiiind me," she winked. "And me and Johnny are no more."


The alley where we made love in and I assumed Johnny too was John the front door of the dojo which was be hind the smelly restaurant.  We were carrying along with out a care in the world We were making out and caressing eachother Johnny came back to the picture

"What the fuck," he said. Pushing me around I thought he was going to kill me. That was when she broke it to her since she was dating our Sensei.

Oh fuck..... that was what Johnny could say. " that old bag of bones"

"He's kinder and gentler to me the you two idiots." She barked.

That was when I saw a twenty one year old Japanese mobster break down in tears. Are you going to Padam on the back and tell him everything was gonna be OK but I knew he was gonna start pushing me around anyone are even threaten me with a katana.  So I let him be to be stuck in his own juices so satisfied that he was in pain emotionally. I walked away as I was gonna walk away I didn't want to go to karate class because I was going to start looking at this old bag of bones it was fucking our girl. 

He grabbed me and started punching me around the face I thought for sure I was going to die until he just said he was going to kiss me I was wondering what is this crazy yakuza thinking.  Then he said that we just had each other to put up with so we may as we'll go have fun With eachother.  I decided was the right thing to do.  me and Johnny were involved in love and were in need of love as well so we in love with each other I thought.

He kissed me not roughly surprising but gently and tenderly as we caressed eachother in front of the dojo. I was a year younger then Johnny.  Suddenly Johnny didn't have that creepy vibe to them anymore. Our kisses got heavier and deeper I love his way he cares and the way his lips felt on mine and how he flipped his tongue in my mouth as we caressed eachother.

"Are you going to class tonight" 

"Well yeah"

We were both black belts, but he was a prodigy when it came to martial arts and was assistant instructor.   I was just second degree black belt.  

"Good" he said flirting as he bit my lip.  "come to my apartment after classes. I can teacher you about the katana, and we can have fun."

He said that with biting his own lip and then kissing me.

I couldn't wait to learn about the katana and be with Johnny.  That was also the night that I gave up on college because she was there and I'd rather be a yakuza's play thing.  I dare not tell my my very strict mom of 50 she would probably end up with a PTSD or a heart attack not that we got along.

The sensei in the class asked Johnny two demonstrate the katana to the juniors and when put the best profrmance of a life time it was enough for me to be wet and have my pants tented as we blew me a kiss and wink.  He said, " this one is for Joey."   

I didn't know how to be honoured or horny at the same time after the girl that fucked us in the preverbal asses.  I forgot her name after Johnny used that signature over bite of the yakuza and that side stare.  After that I went to up and kissed him deeply and gently. I didn't care if you were in the middle of class I wanted to kiss him he was so sexy. Especially when he was playing around with those swords he was sexy in a cocky sort of way. I couldn't wait for the class to be over so we can make out.   

"I like you boldness Joey" he said.

When class ended he decided to walk me hand and hand with his tattoos showing to scar homophobic people to his apartment which was behind another other awful smelling ethnic restaurant..... Tibetan. When we got un we can smell the foul smell.

I asked him how he could take the smell, he asked me what first fun or learn the katana.   

"Why can't we both!" I said.

"Your fucking serious,ok" he said.   

We striped down to our birth suits. Johnny rolled his shoulders and then did that sexy overboard again and I couldn't help but want to kiss him. He said let's learn the katana first. I Siri can kiss and learn at the same time. It turned out it was simple as that he taught the katana in between kisses. That when I put the sword back into the sheath and gently pushed him on the bed.

We kissed as he wrestled me down to the bad. I slipped his length in to me as we kissed and he grabbed ahold of me.

"You know that I am next in-line to be a boss of my clan."

The thought I was making love to a yakuza boss was almost too much to bear.  I thought that it would friends with benefits until he told that he was in love with me.  His exacted world were " I love you Joey. With all I got." He then kissed me sweetly and deeply. I can feel his tear drop on to his face as we made out.

"Johnny you're sexy... I love you."

" so this means where no longer rivals"


"Joey please keep this a secret." He said ruffling my spikes hair and we kissed. "I want the sensei to think we hate eachother."

This made me sad, as this was true the first time for me. Especially with another guy and let a lone a yakuza.

quit college

Johnny woke me up kissing and nibbling my ears.this is the first time that I giggled like a school girl. He asked me if I wanted to to live with him in and out Japan. 

"Johnny I do want that." I was Shute that the smell would wake me up. "I wanna quit college and be a martial artist like you. "

"Don't you think we should talk to your mom." He whispered.

"Oh Johnny yes."

I was afraid of my mom for the one reason i wasn't honest with her about the indenty I now carry or that I drop out of school, college.  She was those kinds that found it as away getting rid of children in a socially acceptable way.  When we walked there she was at the front step glaring at m e glaring stare. She outed me before I could say anything.

"Is this your boyfriend?!" She said

"Yes mom," I said.

"He is a bad influence on you." She complained. "He's yakuza, I can tell by is tattoos and the books of goth fujita and of doctor sags. I know."

"Alright mom maybe I want to be in martial arts for a living."

"Your dropping out of school for this retard, who is going to lead you no where. Wasn't it your dream to be a writer."

"Not anymore mom, money can solve things but it cannot bring me happiness."

We - Johnny and I went to the back yard to lay on the grass and listen to him read the romantic side of being a yakuza. One book I like was confessions of a yakuza which was a tear jerk to me. And I told Johnny that.   

"Your so sensitive Joey!" He went learned and kissed me on the mouth, when I heard my mom. Scream restraining order.  

I grow angry from this and decided to tell if she puts a restraining order on Johnny then she has to do the same on me.

"Fine, I will as well you freak" 

This hurt coming from my mother who was the one who birthed me. But I was no longer her son.   

I was dead to her.

Until looked out the window and still saw us making out shirtless and she scream "it's either the police or the fucking hospital you freaks of nature" this definitely a woman of greed and wealth and power. We decided to talk our books and run of to a park where she could mot find us.  

"I never seen such rage in my mom" I said to Johnny sobbing. "She is an angry person but never hateful. Or so I thought." Soon my grief turned to rage. But luckily I had Johnny to comfort me .

"Joey forget about her she ain't worth it."

" Johnny ...." I said as I kissed him so gently and tenderly.  "At least you accept me."

"I have been a misfit and outcast four most of my life. I wanted you to feel better about your self. Obviously you're one too." He walked me into the alley and we made out heavily. I love his skinny yet hard body against my tender soft skinny body.  At one but he felt me up and we were on the verge of making love. It was as if he knew my breaking point. 

"Let's conquer this at your apartment Johnny,"

"You mean our apartment" John said rubbing his nose on mine. " let's on eachother if you don't mind"

"I don't mind.

He kissed me and I bit his lip.

"You like doing that huh,"


"I like it." He said.

When were at the apartment he decided that as he thought me the katana that he was going to tell his back story. His mother was a fem yakuza who was in a relationship with a monk who she fell in love with, but she had to keep the pregnancy a secret both in yakuza and in real life.  He was more less born a yakuza. Bullied in school for being a quote bastard and monk boy and an it.

Soon he stopped teaching me the weapon and he said that he had the same problem with his mother at one point but get along just fine after that.  

He payed be me out the coach and kissed kissed my flesh and nipped at it. Again I was at my braking point. Soon my essence came spilling into his mouth. 

"Yummy" he said, and when to kiss my lips. It was along time since I tasted it since Taejitsu. I would taste my love juices off of her lips. But it was surprisingly better tasting with Johnny. Annoying guy could have a girl but it take a real man to love another of the same gender.

I never felt such authentic love from anyone.  

"Joey" Johnny said which way do you like it.

" I said that I didn't mind any position I said.  

"Your profile so flexible Joey and soft I want explore you every where."

"Really" I said. " with what"

My mouth and fingers he said. He kissed me and I did not that he had such a long tounge.

When we stopped kissing he made very clear that we are no long each other's dirty secret.

"Joey we only have eachother in this world and want you to come and rule my clan with me in Japan."

I could not Not believe that this skinny but hot guy wanted anything with my goody two shoes ass, let alone my heart. He want want a genuine loving relationship and to own his known karate school.  

"You can be instructor in that school" he said. "In Japan."

" I must warn you that I have a sister younger who adores me," I said. She might be coming to visit us against my 'moms Pi wishes."

"How nice, we will have to get dressed."

Yeah like soon" I said " she's here."

Thank god we had the same clothing size so I can easily fit in his go thing two. He looked hot with my AC/DC t shirt and he said that I looked striking.

I heard a faint whisper of a hello

" hi Amy so go to see you."

"It's good to see you Joey. " she said. "Mom just disowned me for coming her....fucker."

" doesn't surprise me" I said that bitch has not children left.  

"That roam ov bitch is a shithead," Johnny said kissing me. "You don't mind me kissing you in front of your sister."

"I don't honey."

"Great Joey-chan." He kissed me tenderly. Thank god my sister was not like the mom that bore us or she'd be every me and Johnny.  She was a sweet and tolerant young woman who was liberal about everything.

Soon I forgot she existed when we got hit Evan heaven with the kissing. 

" hello " she said waving.

I apologized and when to say that i am doing my third degree black belt test and I that I am going to break some block and boards.  

" yes sweet I am so proud of you," Johnny said kissing me on the forehead.

My heart swelled and that feel of that kiss. I was in paradise with him.

moonlight Japanese nights

After my sister left Johnny and I continued to make out. He took off his shirt and caressed my lips with his.  

"Takeoff your shirt Joey," he said.

"Ok," I said I was taking off mine.

"So hot your are Joey," johnny said. Li want to take you to Japan, where we could see the cherry blossoms and kiss under them.  Actually I would like to marry you there and spend my days with you."

"Oh Johnny," I said. " I love you too."

"Want to make love," Johnny asked

My answer can in a kiss.  He pinnned me down the coach and kissed me and then kissed my neck and and then teased my nipples.  

"Johnny," I moaned.

But he was too busy kissing and teasing me.  Then he stopped.  

"Johnny?" I said daised and confused.

"This your night I want to make it special" 

"You mean my third Dan test."

"Yes , I do mean that....." Johnny said. "I will be part of the exam panel."

He kissed me gently on the mouth. 

"We can have fun later....and it will be special." He just upped and left I never saw him again that day. When I got read for my black belt test he was already gone.  I though he was screwing a girl..... a big sin for me since we first got together.   

I was just walking into the dojo when I saw Johnny, he looked distressed.

"What's wrong Johnny, is everything ok, "

He looked me in the eye lovingly and touched my cheek bone with his thumb and was about to kiss me.

"I have something to tell you before we move on,"

"What do you mean Johnny,"

"A few things you should know about me is that one I am of the Tokugawa family by heritage and a I have multiple personalities from my time in school."

"Compared to my mom your beautiful to me, Johnny." I said " rich but human. What other personalities do you have"

"Angry teenager and a Japanese vampire! I am sorry Joey," 

"It's ok, Johnny"

"awww thank you Joey," he learned I and kissed me tenderly yet deeply. "At least someone on this planet loves me."

"Johnny we are in this together." I said continuing to kiss me in front of dojo.  Soon the sensei came said that we were drawing a crowd. Horny old man 

I thought annoyed.

That teacher was annoying both me and Johnny since he Taejitsu away from us.  Johnny and I were more then annoyed when he took her from either of us.  And now he was putting me and Johnny against each other, because he knew of our relationship. We where not going to let that happen.

We went into the closet and made love there quietly until it was time for my test. He a sweetness to his kissed and how he made love to me.

Soon he started to make love to me orally.... I wanted to let. Out a moan but I know I could not. He was sucking and nipping at my length. He was such a tease. Soon I moan his name. "Oh Johnny"

Then enraged that old bastard of our sensei when and fished us both out.

" get out! Get out!"

Johnny said that we were now in love and that he wasn't going to let anyone bother us.

His exact words were " screw you old man." 

"I will administer your test then I am leaving this freak show with tae," He barked.  "Johnny i entrust you with this place. Do you hear me."


We could tell that the old man was drunk of his rocker. He then said fucket it and left the place and my exam to Johnny.  

After my test which I pasted in Johnny's eyes.... We decided to move to the apartment up stares in above the dojo and since the sensei was gone. Where I don't know.  

"Wait!" Johnny said. " I am just going to get our stuff and we can move in. Then we can make all the love we want to."

"Do you mind the closet again johnny, there something romantic about make love in the supply closet."

"Ok Joey."

Soon he came back with all our stuff and clothing. I waited for him in front of the dojo.  

"Come up here Joey," 

"Ok Johnny."

Johnny was unpacking al our stuff and then he said those magical worlds that I have been painting for all night.

"Come on darling," Johnny said. We went to the supply room and started to make love,  As we kissed I could feel his hard length.  I turned around drew my paints down and proceed to grind again him as bumped in to me. Soon he was inside me. He ran is finger down my face and neck as he kissed me.


He was too busy making love to me in the darkness.

"Johnny," I said.

"Yes Joey,"

"I want to move with you to Japan and open up a school there."

"Yes, we don't have to keep it a secret anymore our love." He said. "I want to sell this dump."


We continue to kiss each other as he gently want in and out of me. I held his face next to mine as he made love to me .

"Special enough?" 

"More so than ever."

Soon the next day Johnny made plans for us to move to Japan and be married in the time of blossoms.  During this time he asked me to marry him. I couldn't turn such love down. He kissed me tenderly in the middle of the dojo and we slipped a ring on my ringer. It was a silver rose and very heavy. But I loved it.

I wouldn't get anywhere with the ladies I said to Johnny.  Until I meet you him I was going to be single and soul less and educated.....something my mom would have wanted but not for me.

"Johnny you have made my life full and rich."

"Joey I say the same." 

When we got enough money to go to Japan we where in a rough neighborhood, his crime family's territory. But with him I felt safe around there inexplicably.  

" I own all this!," he said trying to impress me. And it worked.   

He took me down and alley in the neighborhood and in the moon and street light I can see the beautiful features of his face and dipped scar.  I wanted to kiss him.

"Wait until We get to my place," he said ".......here we are."  he open the sliding door and lead me inside. I was amazed at how dingy but beautiful the place was. It smelled clean compared to the other places he lived in.  

We walked down a long narrow hallway, he opened another sliding door and I saw a traditional moon lit Japanese bedroom out side of it a nice garden.  

He took me and his me tenderly and deeply. Soon the kissing became the caressing of bodies and we started to spend the hole night making love.  

"Johnny I want you so badly,"

"I ache for You Joey. I ached for this moment both body and soul," he whispered. 

"Make love to me, Johnny." 

In the moonlight we made love sweetly, it was beautiful to be with love. My true love. As he kissed me he started to cry, I could feel his tears fall on my face. Soon my tears mixed with mine as we kissed we held eachother as if we were brittle gold. Not wanting to let go.

Unexpected betrayal

Johnny was a wonderful lover that night, but something about being Japan durning a full moon was just hight of all. The next night Johnny wanted me to come to his traditional gambling den that he operated.  But he thought it would be romantic him running the games and me taking the books and loaning out money. But it was so lonely, that I would go up to the gambling room and cuddle up to him.

Normally he'd allow this but there was talk of him not being manly enough being with me and that he was better off with a woman.  He agreed with the idiots.  

My heart broke I was working the books one night and Johnny did dare glance at me. I was starting cry to the point I had to leave. It didn't seem to that cared anymore.  

One night he was working and then one of the gamblers came up to him. If I did not no any better I thought I was a younger woman wearing traditional clothing of a man. She had a natural Monroe and looked like transgender. I asked him/her if she was a female Trans female.

"My name is jiru, by the way," he said. "I see that you are in need of some emotional love"

"My boyfriend just ghosted me," I said.  

"You mean your boss....," jiru said. "He's a dick! Do you mind coming with me to the back room with me"

He started to hit on me this jiru person as I was working the books. So I looked at my former love and say yes that I would accompany him in to the back room.

He kissed me on the lips and lead me to the back room.

"Joey I have been admiring you," he said touching my face. " it sadness me that your not loved."

Whipping a tear from my check he kissed me deeply yet shyly. He kissed me again and it was less shy.

"Do you want make love, I will not betray you Joey." He said.

I found out that through our loving that he was with the rival yakuza clan trying to muscle in on Johnny's territory. I asked him if he did or appreciated the martial arts.  

"Yes and yes"

"Your so beautiful I want to have you"

"O you want to see it and make love to it." I could not resisted this guy yet I just met him. I kissed and suckled of him tenderly as if it where a delicate Lilly pop. It was equally as sweet."

"Mmmmmmmm Joey," jiru said. "I wish you could live with love me all the time."

I stopped kissing his flesh and asked what in holy hell.

He came eye eye level with me..... "do you want to live with me" he kissed me, feeling electrical.

"Yes I do jiru," I said.   

We walked out the back way and started going deeper and deeper into the slums of Tokyo. There we made it do what a run down version of a castle....but smaller.  Like Johnny he leads me to his moon light room that had all sorts of martial arts weapons. We make love. First it was shy love making but that we started to get hot in heavy with it.  He was more of a Japanese traditionalist when it came to the yakuza and karate.  

"I have something to tell you I have what is dissociative identify disoerder, meaning I have two more personalities or maybe even a third

"My mom took the diagnosis with a grain of salt and said I was infected by devils from hell. She did not treat me to kindly and told me to get psycho ass out, and kicked me out no reason I could only do martial arts and the yakuza.  

" I have done something's that I am not proud of......"

"What jiru" I asked 

He said he was the real life Oren Ishii that he was responsible for murdering yakuza and non yakuza alike in a macabre way with samurai sword skills.

"Holy shit" I said as i was going to walk away.

"Please.... Joey!"


"I am only like you.... Human," jiru said. "Just wanted to be loved I had a sad sad life."

Then thoughts of my mom outcasting me for beng with Johnny and A wave of sympathy p, compassion came to him through me.   

"I am a good," he was about say but  I kissed him so passionately.   

" how are you going to...."

"Tell Johnny that I'd rather be with murderous martial artist.

"Just tell him just that,p"

The next night I went back to the gambling then who is my new found lover jiru.   

So I wrote a letter to Johnny that I was actually in love with someone else and that he wasn't putting out anything in the love department. I was very sad to have to write a letter that I wrote everything up but I want to love her and that our relationship. I had to sneak it in during his gambling hours and sneaking a new insert and take a few things. When I got older I need a laugh and I went t to the slums,Where are my lover zero is coming from the live we decided to move to different gambling den and he want to recruit me to the well his crime family. All the while you kiss me in between sentences or words it's very beautiful the way around is it real.

The next morning I woke up to find my new love jiru in my arms This is traditional clothing was very Wel or exposing his chest and his shoulders and he look beautiful you have the same kind of tattoo as Johnny But more fierce looking than anything it was a battle scene from my Japanese samurai battle. I was thinking it was sucking around but I didn't know. I just gently kissed him on the lips and told him that I love them.

It look like he was wearing lipstick or geisha rules on his lips but it didn't smear so this is a natural complexion he was so beautiful. Yet he seems so vulnerable as a yakuza I couldn't believe that I was with him at the time. I still had him in my arms he stirred it sleep woke up to see me and he was afraid he actually For a good morning kiss. During that time we made out tenderly kissing each other heavily but gentle I want to tease his nipples so badly he was so ; I thought he was my everything.

"Good morning Joey-san," he said.  "I love you much."

"Ohio jiru-chan," I said. I kissed him tenderly. How I wish I could run my fingers through his long hair. He was too much Of a concept that I was having on Noah's another human being. I found myself throwing my engagement ring that Johnny out in to do is overgrown garden.   

I've pinned him down and kissed him. He was asking me what I was doing and I said I was just trying to show some love to him. It was very obvious that this has turned him on. He then put me in his arms and kissed him deeply.  During witch time I putting my hands in his flowing hair and he got hard.

I let him into me as he quickly but gently thrusted into me.

To what extent

I was writing a letter to Johnny and angry about him being with a woman and betraying me when all I asked was of love in return.  Then I heard a familiar angelic voice and turned around and met jiru by the eye. He know what I was doing and he grabbed one of his katanas and unsheathed it and started to threaten me with horrific torture with it. He had a wild look in his eye in knew this was one of his multiple personalities emerging.  A protective personality.

"I know your in there jiru...calm down," even though I was going to face a gory death.  " I was writing an angry letter to my ex it's you who I love." I took the samurai sword away from him throw it away and pulled him closer. Our lips touched and caressed eachother.

"It's you who only have Joey," jiru said.  He said that he loved me in Japanese and continued to kiss me.  

"Can someone deal with the letter," I said.  

"No let me tell him in person and kill him,". Jiru said.  "I don't like it when yakuza cannot act like men but sissies." He kissed me deeply. Soon he was making love to me orally teasing me until I spilled my essence.  

"What are you going to do with Johnny,"

"My syndicate will take over his after I murder him sweetly,"

I couldn't bear the thought of Johnny being dead over some phantom woman.  I had to do something this.  

"So jiru you're an oyabun or boss."

"Yes my love"

" stay here will darling Joey!"


" I am going to deal with this kono yaro for you my love."

Alarm bell started to ring in my head that something was definitely wrong that I have actually met the real life Oren Ishii. And he was going to start to kill the one that I actually love the most. I couldn't placate him anymore as he was gone to kill Johnny and I was afraid I would lose Johnny Forever.   

I stayed poured as long as I could but then the anxiety got to me and I had to run out of jiru's House to see what was going to happen if I can put a stop to it. When I got there it was too late he was already there confronting Johnny. My heart sank as I knew that this was the last side of Johnny was going to see some beautiful but psychotic person.

" what are you doing" Johnny asked.

"To talk to with you with the aid of my katana!"

"You're just a fem boy"

"And you fuck girls,"

"Who are you"

"I am the real Oren Ishii, my name is jiru," he said. "Do you know whose making love to me."

"Not Joey"


I didn't have the guts to go in and try to stop everything but I had to. I was in a conference zone with myself emotionally between jiru and Johnny I didn't know who I was going to have to choose. I was going to call the police to say that someone was going to wack Johnny.  

I got my phone out and whispered to the police that the real Oren Ishii has shown her self. I told him the location of where less deadly and gruesome affair was going to take place and then I was the cause of it. I said I was willing to turn myself in for Johnny's murder.  

That's when I got enough courage to say that I want jiruto stop. I told him that I couldn't be with him if he was going to kill Johnny over a silly thing over a woman. Frustrated jiru is he was going to To make the first strike in a fight with you or anybody Johnny ended up coming up with a gun and shot jiru point blank between the eyes.  I heard the crank of the samurai sword being dropped and then the form of a human body hitting the floor jiru was dead. 


"Do you realize that you killed your biggest rival in the yakuza world,"

"Yes Joey," he barked. "Why did you follow him around like a love sick puppy"

"Because I thought you were with a woman," 

" I had those men outcasted from my syndicate and a price on their heads." He reassured me. "No body stops me with being with you. I missed you Joey!" 

" I missed you Johnny"

" you do know there are going to be a trust issue for sleeping with Oren." Johnny pointed out... " then maybe I might thank about marrying you."

"I would never touch a woman when I have you Joey. But it hurts me that you'd be with that psychotic sociopath but at least I got rid of him and his syndicate."

I wanted to kiss Johnny but he recoil from my touch. " trust issues"


" that stinking bastard was going to torture me with his katana until I died."

" your too king about that feminine looking jiru."

"Well he's dead."

It was right then and there that I thought that my love at the time my feminine looking beautiful love was going to Brainwash me and put me into his syndicate to go and kill my love of my life why I actually love of my life Johnny. It scared the living daylights out of me to know that he was going to do that to me through love and sex. I knew he was crazy and psycho but I knew he was beautiful in the inside but now he is dead I just saw Johnny left. Who is very much angry towards me and absurd. I didn't blame him and I wouldn't blame her he called off the wedding to begin with. I have done wrong why I betrayed him and betraying his existence on this planet.   

As far as jiru was Concerned I don't think the police would reward of yakuza boss to kill anymore they were looking for in the first place- Oren.

Adversity Castro and I love our relationship was harsh but I was getting easier as the days went on and he let me sleep with him. I wanted to be with him so bad but he was still a little leery. I didn't blame him on that one. I remember still having dreams about jiru or a hearing his angelic voice as he was going to call me and I was wrong to seduce me once more. But I had to keep these dreams don't myself for Johnny was going to lose his cool if you found out that I still had jiru in my heart and thoughts.

I woke up one night after those dreams and said that they're going to autopsy jiru and got him like a fish.  

"Yes that's what we all want at this moment to have him gutted my a doctor.  I ordered the autopsying of jiru,

I was to the point where is grief stricken I didn't care if I was still with Johnny but I always grew Strachan for hero who do not have a fighting chance against and water neighbourhood and was . girl I was sad and depression.  I want nothing more than for you to Cheryls sweet tarts and the car is so crazy... On my way oil. But when I saw it was on my friends clothing band T-shirts instead of anything else I knew I was in a safe place but my story does not end here. I am very saddened for jiru,.

thought I was in love

When it came to jiru the feminine yakuza I thought I was in love true-life. That is why I was so distraught over his death.  It was going to take some time dor me to be back with Johnny and that he wasn't cheating on me. But I couldn't go back to him just yet. I still thought he was with a girl. So I went seemed something now unnatural to me.....being with a women.

I stopped going Johnny's karate school with out an notice and found the love in the form of my new sensei and lover , kurai mushashi who was a beautiful woman.   

Kurai was beautiful in a classy evil sort of way.  She was said she liked younger yakuza guys. And I was hypnotized by her beauty and her technique. She taught shotokan karate and wanted wanted me to to stick to Sai instead of the katana.  

"You are to manly for the katana the, katana is for feminine martial artist and fem yakuza.

The first lesson I had with her was the first time I was with a woman 34 years old in two years old.  Age matter abite. 

She touched me my chest from my open uniform and she teased my nipples as well. She touched my naturally flat belly and told me to take of the pants. She was very feminine but had a raspy men's voice.

"Are you Trans,"

"No, let me show you," kurai said. "Do you want me to be your mistress. I also want to be in affair with a younger student and a yakuzas mistress."

"Mmmmmmm I like that, very much soo," I said. She sensually slipped of her karate uniform and told me to come to her. I went to the bed and I was being made love to fast and furious. She rode my manhood all the will she grabbed me by the head hair and kissed me while teasing my nipple with her finger.  I know she was 100 % female then.   

"You know that Johnny is my rival in the martial arts world," she said.

"Oh really"

"I can make you do things that Johnny couldn't make you do." She said sultry. "I can tell that you haven not been with a woman if great skill little yakuza."

She kissed me deeply and I returned the favour.

I pinned her down "what can you make me do physically that Johnny cannot."

"Multiple climaxes," kurai said. " I want you so Badly" 

She made loved to me and I did have multiple climaxes. She said that she thought I was I tough guy.  

"Well I am," i said. "You just make,me flushed with desire."

"Do you love me" 

"Yes kurai" 

We kissed and feel asleep in eachothers arms. The next morning she wanted me again.

I kissed her in the woman hood and deeply. She stroked my hair and said that she loved me.  

It got to the point where I thought Johnny would get worried or pissed off if I don't go back to him soon.

When I was with Johnny it wasn't the same as before.....we were more friends with benefits at this point and I writing love letters to my sensei. A sad concept.  


"Why don't you love me anymore," Johnny said.

"Because you screwing women."

"No.....I saw you writing to that bitch and I think your the doing the girls.  

"I would never betray you Joey. "


"Get the fuck out please"

And so I felt for kurai's for good it was obviously that Johnny thought I betrayed him....Maybe I did. And for that I was sorry.  I went back to the ritual cutting of my little finger and left it with a note saying that I was sorry beyond belief. 

When I go back to kurai's place she was concerned with the blood on my finger and my tears in the eyes.

"What have you done sweetie," 

"Johnny made me do it." I was about to pass out.  

"Let me fix that and get you strong again "

She feed me and let me rest as she pleasure me.  

She was a seductive one I will admit that. And she was all I had left.

"So your boyfriend made you cut of your pinkie,"

"Yes," i sobbed  "he wants nothing to do with me.

She ran my thin fingers Through my slicked back hair and kissed me at first gently and then Passionately.

She started to ride my flesh as I kissed her back.  

"Joey I like being in your arms," my mistress said.

"Same as you my loving sensei"

With where my pinkie was bandaged up and me.feeling stronger I was I able to enjoy her cuddling up to me.

"You have not mentioned your last name"


"That's a nice name." 

"Hai," she said kissing my my neck. "Promise me that you want go back to him.

"He's done you wrong."

"I cannot promise that sweet sensei."

"Please do" 

"That's going to be difficult. 

"I mean we were enemies at first until that scuffle turned unto a love making session.

"A part of me still loves him. "

She put her hand down my pants and started to tease me.

"Be with me, " she said


"I know all the ancient sutra and tantra. I can satisfy you."

She turned her eyes from my pants to my eyes and learned into to kiss me.

"How is your baby finger," 

"It still hurts." 

"But not as much"

"Physically no but emotionally it's still hurts."

"I want you to breaks some boards and blocks for me tomorrow to show you prowess," kurai said. "Let's see what you have to show and love me with."

"You want me show my skills in the bedroom too," I said.


This beautiful woman was asking me to make her night. It was unbelievable but if it would take my mind off of Johnny then fine.

"Ok" I made my my way between her legs and processed to thrust into her.  

"Do you want it.gentle or what. "

"Gentle and passionate,"

I slowly and gently thrusted it to her and run my mouth where I wanted to.  

She grabbed my hair and started to roll to my rhythm. 

I felt a warm essence all over me and I knew it was hers. I actually made a woman spill her essence I thought to my self.

"Mmmmmmm," she said. " you do know that Johnny pit a price on your head"

Hoe did she know.

She answered that she had fem.yakuza in her studio who mention the underworld gossip.

Then next morning she said she knew how to private Johnny.

I asked her how.

"I talk to him"


"Tell him that I can share you with him and maybe....."

"You mean a threesome."

She said three way relationship if Johnny ment that much to me.  

She ran her nose against mine.

I knew she genuinely loved me.

"I love Joey," she said as left for Johnny's. 

When she got home she was with Johnny. Johnny did not have hardened look on his facehe said that he called off the bounty and that he wanted to be with me.

"But I love my sensei as well she was kind yet sensual to me."

"I got you this wierd relationship will tie us together." He said kissing me. I bit his lip and he allowed it.  I guess he took nitxof out pinkie being missing.

"I am sorry Joey I am so sorry.,"

"It's okay," I said.