I Love You

Chapter I

| 9th Grade|

New school new rules

Kitty walked in the classroom with her hoodie over her head. she sat in an empty seat without a word. she started to read a book as the other students walked in. Two boys walked in and stopped as they saw Kitty. Kitty stood and left her book to go use the bathroom. The boys sat down in confusion. “Dude who was that?¨ asked one of them “The new girl I think”.  said Aidan.

A girl named Niki walked in and sat down. Wondering who was reading a book, she stood out of her seat and went to the desk with the book and read the title “The Serpent's Shadow” she sat back down in her seat at the back of the class. Several minutes later poe walked in and sat next to the desk that kitty chose “oh i guess now i sit next to someone. cool!” kitty walked back in with her hoodie still over her head she sat down in her seat and kept reading.  “Hey” poe slurted out wispering to the new girl. Without a word the girl tu.rned her head and faced the direction of poe. “Hello. . .” she wispered silently.

Katelin ran in and sat right next to Adrian “oh hi Adrian” uncomfortable Adrian scooted away and replied “h...hey………...katelin  you don't sit there” katelin sat next to kitty and and grabbed kitty’s chin pulling her face to looked at katelin. “!omg you're so pretty, not” she said then pulled off kitty's hoodie. Angela walked in and saw them and picked up katelin out of her seat then dropped her on the floor after that angela sat down. “Hey we have rules you know!” screeched katelin “and you were in my seat. Thats another rule, your know. The one that says sit in your assigned seat.” said angela.  

A few minutes later Mr. himochen walked in “”ok i will do the usual and call your names”  





“kathiren?” hesitant kitty replied “im... h...here” please call me kitty.

After class katelin pushed kitty against a wall and stared at her for a minute. She looked at kitty’s eyes and started to loosen her grip. kitty was starting to get annoyed so she put her hood back on and went to the lunchroom. Katelin wimper. After a long class Adrian walked up to kitty and stopped her in her tracks “hey your……. K...Kitty right?”

she looked behind him and walked away as katelin came running up “Adrian!! Can i talk to you?” kitty lowered her hood and walked away in annoyance. “Katelin i dont want to talk right now ok” “‘oh ok” katelin walked away and Aidan came to see kitty in the lunchroom “Hey kitty!” Aidan ran up to kitty.

Kitty said nothing. she walked quickly to the school yard. “Smooth” poe said sarcasticly as he walked to the lunch table. “Ha!” angela was walking with Niki and Emisha to a lunch table close to the door when kitty ran past them “huh!!” Angela squeaked “thats the new girl!” niki said. Right at that point and time  a tomato came crashing onto kittyś head. After lunch Adrian spotted kitty on the bleachers and katelin was , talking to her, he decided to go to class instead. “Hi there kitty, so i have to say your kinda quiet. Just saying, not to be rude tho. Hehe. i know you are shy but your like a bit of a loner” katelin walked away kitty stood up and walked past Katelin “ok then” katlin huffed as kitty walked to class. Adrian. was in the same class as kitty and the only seat was next to him. “I have no choice” she mumbled to herself. Kitty sat down in the sit next to Adrian and looked down at her book. “Hey Kitty?” Adrian wispered, Kitty looked up “Can i ask you something. . . . ?”

Chapter II

and perseverance!