He With Hanahaki Disease

Table Of Contents

Chapter I

"I love you!"

Fleur grew uncomfortable after confessing. His breathing quickened. Drops of sweat fall from his blonde hair. He had finally mustered up the courage to confess, so there's no point at backing down now.

"Stop deluding yourself, Fleur. I'm never gonna like someone like you." 

Fleur's heart felt like it was getting stabbed continuously by hearing those words. He felt cold tears start to stream in his face. His knees gave up on him and he was now sitting on the floor feeling defeated. He clutched his chest because of so much pain as a flood of tears gushed down his ashen cheeks.

"Wait. No! Come back," he cried as the man go away. "I'll stop liking you! Just... just don't go!"

I knew this wasn't a good idea! I knew it... but I still did it.

No, don't go. Don't leave me!

He couldn't form any words as gut-wrenching sobs tore through his chest. The man just walked away, not even a single glance at Fleur. He just left him. All alone.


Fleur's head quickly rose by the sudden noise. His golden amber eyes are wet with tears because of what he dreamt of. He immediately wiped his tears with his arms hoping no one saw it. When he looks at where the voice that woke him came from, he sees a manly figure in front of him. The hands of the man are tucked in his chest. He heard a chuckle come from his side and saw his friend Sorrel secretly laughing at him.

"Detention, Alcaraz." The teacher placed a detention slip in Fleur's desk. Sorrel stopped from laughing and Fleur scowled at him.

He took off the hood of his jacket and listened to their teacher. The sleepy boy combed his blonde hair and fixed himself in his chair. He tried his best not to fall asleep and focused in class. His face was sour the whole class because of the piece of paper he received.

The bell rang indicating the class is over. The moment the two boys were outside, Fleur kicked Sorrel's legs. Sorrel dropped his books and held his legs in pain. He hopped like a rabbit, thinking it could help ease the pain.

"I told you to wake me up if I slept in class," Fleur growled at the boy wincing in pain. "You've got the nerve to give me your homework and write you an essay, and you can't even wake me up."

"I'm sorry, Fleur! I was too focused in class. I didn't know you were already sleeping." Sorrel tried to stand straight and crouched down to pick up his things. Fleur stormed out and started walking. Sorrel shouted his name but the boy just ignored it. 

Fleur put his hood on and fixed his glasses in his face. He looked at the slip of paper in his hand, and his face immediately turned sour. I'm not going to hear the end of this from Mom.He placed the piece of paper in his bag and just sighed.

Fleur's parents are strict when it comes to grades. Although you can say that he is a genius, he doesn't like studying. He can learn anything if he wants to. Either teaching it to himself or learning it from others. However, there is a massive powerful undefeatable hindrance; his laziness, and it knows no boundaries. You can try to imagine it, but it will just leave you utterly dumbfounded.

Fleur doesn't do what bores him and studying is boring, and along with it are other many things. So basically, everything is boring.

Many assume that he's a boy who buries himself in a book all day, but, oh boy (or girl),you could've never been more wrong your whole life. 

He's a cheeky lazy ass, who would rather sleep in the library than study or read a book. He just put up with it because he doesn't want to hear his parents nag him about it. God knows how much he hates it when those happen, so he tries to focus once in a while and he can barelyeven maintain a passing grade.

He entered his next class and quickly walked his way to his seat. His laziness was kicking in, so he plopped himself in his seat and drifted his head to the desk. A girl sat beside him and called out to his name. He just answered a grunt and faced the girl. 

"Fern. Don't disturb my sleep," Fleur said. His words were almost incoherent and faced himself away. Fern's eyes just rolled at the boy and composed herself in her seat.

Fern's face has sharp features all over it that made her look intimidating (although her 5 foot height would disagree). 

She tries to hide some features of her face with her long wavy brunette hair, so she doesn't look like she's always searching for trouble. 

She has a petite body that boys lose their sanity for, but she's already taken, so the number of his suitors dropped significantly.

"Hey, Fleur. Wake up. The teacher is here." Fern nudged the boy. Fleur just grunted irritably, but forced himself to fix his composure. 

The pale snowy skin on his face hit the sunlight, and he hissed at the pain he felt in his eyes. His eyes are sensitive to sunlight, so he's not really a fan of sunny days. One of the more reasons he likes to stay in his room, and just sleeps the whole day.

"Good morning, class. Bring out the materials I asked you to provide today."

Fleur's shoulders were dropped as he took out his supplies. He faced his seatmate when he heard her gasp. I knew she wouldn't remember. Fleur just stared at the girl now panicking. She looked sideways to their classmates, and saw that all of them have their own. She started fidgeting around her seat. She continuously slaps herself mentally for not remembering.

"Hey, stop moving," Fleur said annoyed. "I have spare things here so stop being restless."

Fern's eyes went wide with her friend's kindness. She unconsciously hugged him, happy her friend got her back. 

Fern took the supplies from Fleur's desk to hers without Fleur's permission. The lazy boy just shook his head to the shameless girl.

"You're the best, Fleur."         

"Yeah, yeah. I'm the best when I provide you with something." Fern gasped at Fleur's accusation and hit the boy's arm. Fleur's body tingled with pain, and it course from his arm through his whole body. The boy had never felt more awake at that moment, and he never felt more angry.

"That's not true, you lazy jerk! How dare you question my loyalty to you?!" Fern said exaggeratedly. The hooded boy is still stroking his arm to ease the pain.

"It is true, you senile woman!" Oh shit. The girl beside her went quiet.

Fleur blurted out those words without much thought due to annoyance. He looked away, and nervously faced in front. Beside him he can feel Fern's eyes blazing. His legs trembled, and his face filled with sweat. He can feel the intense aura beside him that's ready to kill. Fleur didn't even attempt to look at the girl because he was worried he might piss his pants once he locked his eyes with hers.

Before Fern could do anything their teacher started explaining what to do to the class.

God, I'm so dead.


The bell rang for lunch. The both of them went out of the room together, but still not talking to each other. The moment they were out, Fern was greeted by her boyfriend outside the room. Fleur felt nauseated when the two of them kissed. The couple didn't mind him and held hands together. 

Clover and Fern look good together just standing there and smiling. The boy's height added to their chemistry. Clover is a basketball varsity in their school with a height of 5' 11''. He has sharp brown eyes that lure girls to him, but he only has an eye for his girlfriend, so it seems impossible that he'll entertain other girls.

"Stop being all cheesy around me. I might throw up," Fleur commented at the two.

"Do you hear something, babe? I don't think I do," Fern said. Obviously, she's still angry with what Fleur had said earlier. Clover's brows wrinkled. He looked at Fleur, his eyes looking for answers as to why his girlfriend is acting like that.

"Hey, don't be angry anymore." Fleur walked to Fern's side. He held the girl's arm while pouting. Fleur tried to act cute. "I didn't mean to call you senile."

Clover cackled with laughter after he heard what Fleur had said. It was too late before he realized that his girlfriend was looking at him the whole time. He stopped laughing. I'm in trouble.His happy face was immediately replaced by nervousness. The girl became enraged and bolted out.     

"This is your fault," Clover accused Fleur and scratched the back of his head.

"Why are you blaming me? You were the one who laughed," Fleur answered. The two of them hurried to catch up to Fern planning to ask for her forgiveness.

They reached the cafeteria and the two boys stood in the line to get food. When they were done, Fleur scanned the room and saw Fern sitting in front of Sorrel. Clover rapidly took off. The boy sat beside his girlfriend immediately asking for forgiveness. Fleur made his way through them and placed his food beside Sorrel and sat. 

"Hey, I'm sorry for earlier. Please forgive me." Sorrel offered Fleur a carton of chocolate milk. This is something they do every time someone does something that angered the other one. A carton of chocolate milk and all will be fine.

Sorrel gave Fleur his puppy look. His pitch black eyes wide. Sorrel's lips also slightly pouted. Fuck, who can resist that. 

Fleur accepted Sorrel's offer, as his mind went blank from what the boy had looked earlier. Sorrel just grinned while the latter reddened.

Sorrel is a handsome boy. You can say that he's the campus crush by the number of people who like him. He has this soft look in him that can literally melt you. His hair is red-brownish, and his eyes are round. It was the color of pitch black, and when you look at them, it's like staring into a dark bottomless pit. You can notice a dimple on his right cheek when he smiles. Which added to his handsomeness that all the girls and some boys in here go crazy for.

Including Fleur

Fern and Clover were staring at the two the whole time. They looked at Fleur like sending a message through their eyes. Just admit your damn feelings to him!

Fleur looked at the two dubiously and started eating his food. The couple just sighed at Fleur. Clover continued to pester his girlfriend with apologies for what he did earlier. Fern just continuously shrugged him off as she grew annoyed.


They were now leaving the cafeteria after they were done eating. Clover is still bothering his girlfriend. Fern just felt much more infuriated than earlier.

"Babe, I'm sorry. Forgive me already, please?" Clover said repeatedly. He must have said those words to Fern at least ten times.

"Okay, okay!" Fern shouted in agreement. She looked like she just lost a game, and her boyfriend just grinned at her. Clover's arms entangled with Fern's as we walked. Although the girl still acted like she was angry, you can notice her blush from what her boyfriend did.

"Hey, Clove. Let's go now," Sorrel shouted to Clover, and the boy kissed Fern in the cheeks and said goodbye. Fern's face is now a color red like this was the first time he did that. He waved his hands at Fern and she did the same. The girl fanned her face using her hands trying to come herself down.

"Calm yourself, lady." Fleur started walking. Fern followed closely behind still grinning like a fool.

"You're just envious, Fleur." Fern said. Fleur unconsciously rolled his eyes. "Just get yourself a boyfriend already! It's not that hard."

"Not for me Fern." Fleur explained. "I'm not even sure if I'm gay or not."

"That's because you only liked Sorrel for your whole life," Fern answered. "There are so many fish in the sea, Fleur. Don't just get stuck with one."

"Again," Fleur said now, getting annoyed. "It's not easy. Okay?"

Fleur's eyes flicker with anger for a moment but quickly calmed down. He doesn't like talking about this topic like it was so easy. It's not. At least for him.

"Hey, I'm sorry," Fern apologized. The girl didn't know what to say. She just sighed and looked at Fleur's eyes with her gray ones. "I just want to see you love someone and not continuously get hurt. I want to see the day when I can look at you, so in love with someone and them loving you just equally." Fern's face is now full of hope and worry for Fleur.

"I'm sorry too. I didn't mean to snap at you," Fleur explained while he held the girl's arms. "And I'm happy with what I have now, Fern." 

Fleur looked at the girl beside him and assured her, but Fern wasn't convinced. She can see sadness in Fleur's golden amber eyes even if he tries to hide it. 

Yes, he is momentarily happy when he's with them and Sorrel, but what happens when he's alone? Is he still happy without their company?Does he love himself like he loves the people around him? For now, as Fern can see, the answer is no.

The two of them departed as they reached the stairs. Fern gave Fleur a quick heartwarming hug. Fleur smiled as his girl best friend tried to comfort him. He also wanted to feel happy and love himself more. But it's hard for him. 

It's hard when you love someone for a very long period of time, you can barely even remember when was the last time you loved yourself more.

Fern walked away, but before he was out of Fleur's gaze she waved at the boy. Fleur smiled and waved back to the girl. He also started walking upstairs. His smile quickly faded over time and his steps grew lonely as he reached his class.


School is over and Fleur is walking through the hallway after an hour of what seemed endless detention. He put his hood on as soon as he stepped outside to protect his eyes from the sun. He also has a pair of sunglasses ready if the sun suddenly decides to give off too much light.

He reached the gate and saw Clover and Fern goofing around. Clover is tickling Fern and Fern's body bends like she was dancing every time Clover's hands attacked. 

All Fleur can hear is the giggle coming out from the two. He was revolted by the two cheesy couple. Jeez, is this what it's like to be in a relationship? One moment you're fighting then all of a sudden you're like... Fleur looked at the two completely gross out ...this.

"Don't get all jealous now, Fleur." Sorrel teased the boy when he saw how nauseated he was. Fleur looked at him indescribably and the both of them just laughed. 

The couple noticed their laughter and stopped at what they were doing. Fleur felt their meaningful gaze and stopped laughing. 

The four of them gathered today to visit Alice's, a cafe in Fleur's neighborhood. It was rare for all of them to be together these days, so the moment they were all free they planned to hang out. 

Fleur dusted his shirt and fixed his posture. "Let's go n-"

"Babe!!" The four of them looked back at the screeching sound they heard. All of a sudden Kalina, Sorrel's girlfriend, is already in his arms clinging like a koala.

Kalina is a self-proclaimed queen bee in their school. To uphold that proclamation he had Sorrel wrapped around her fingers. Sorrel's three friends don't even know how Sorrel came to like her aside from her looks. It's a mystery that forever will not be solved.

She's a tall woman fit for being a model. Her black long straight hair showed strips of brown whenever the sun hit it. She was about the same height with Fleur, but Fleur was taller by a few centimeters.          

"Let's go out today, hmm?" She acted cute to Sorrel and pouted while shaking his arm.

Fleur and Clover looked away as they felt sick at the sight while Fern acted like she was throwing up. Kalina glared at Fern when she saw how she was acting. She didn't pay her any attention and continued to bother Sorrel.

"He can't. We have plans already so stop bugging him, okay?" Fern butted in. She gave the girl in Sorrel's arms a fake smile. The smile was so forced she looked like she's gritting her teeth. Fern took Sorrel's other arm and grabbed the man away from her. 

"Excuse me, but I didn't ask you," Kalina answered frustratedly as she eyed Fern head-to-toe. "Babe! Are you seriously going out with them instead of me?!"

Fleur, Clover, and Fern's eyes go wide and their mouths slightly hang because of what Kalina had said. They looked at Sorrel angrily and gave a meaningful message through their eyes. 

You better teach your girl some manners or she'll not see the light of the day again. 

Sorrel managed to give a nervous smile to them and move his gaze to his girlfriend.

"But babe we already have plans," Sorrel said softly while he held Kalina's hands and looked Kalina in the eye, but his plea didn't work on the bad-mannered girl.

"Let go of me!" Kalina free herself from Sorrel's grasp as she walks away. Sorrel scratched the back of his head and looked at his friends.

"Don't you dare, Sorrel Luis. This is like, once in a blue moon for us," Fern warned him, but Sorrel gave her a guilty look.

"I'm sorry. I'm going to make it up to you all," Sorrel said as he gave them each an apologetic look. He bid his goodbyes and ran away to catch up to his girlfriend.

"Wow. What a friend he is," Clover said sarcastically as they looked at him run and go after his girlfriend.

"How can you call him a friend?! Who leaves their friend behind for that kind of woman!" Fern said furiously.

"Back me up here, Fleur. Are you just going to let your man be with that kind of woman?!"

"I don't know. As long as he's happy I'm fine with it," Fern said, but you can easily notice the hint of disappointment in his voice.

"Can't you see that he's having a hard time on her." Clover said as he put his hand around Fleur. "I'd rather you be with him than that control freak of a girl," 

I want that too.   

"Have a little faith in him. He knows himself best, and right now she's the one making him happy."

He didn't have the courage to say what he first thought. He doesn't want to be possessive of what's not his. He knows his limit and he knows when to stop. 

All he can do is watch him from afar. All he can do is love him secretly and not cross the line. Fleur is a selfless person who would rather get hurt than hurt others.

"Let's just go. There's no point talking about this."

Fleur started walking lost in his thoughts. The couple followed closely behind him giving him space to think. They both know it's not an easy topic for Fleur. He had liked the guy for more than 10 years and hid it from him since then. Yes, they push him to confess his feelings for him and that's because they don't like seeing him hurting.

The look he had when Sorrel announced he had a girlfriend was not the best sight for them. Fleur tried to hide it by smiling and congratulating Sorrel, but his eyes won't lie. 

His soft golden amber eyes light up every time even though sunlight doesn't reach it at all. It was like it had its own source, and at that time those eyes were suddenly dim in color. It was full of sorrow, dejection, and regret to the point that if you stare at it too long you can actually feel it too.

The couple thought that maybe if Fleur confessed, he would lose hope and give up, but with it is our 10-year friendship. Fleur couldn't bring himself to that, so he settled on what he could get. Just a friend on the sideline watching the man he loves happy and content.        

It was enough for him. 


It hadto be enough for him.


They reached their destination and the three of them were silent the whole time. They entered the cafe and sat. Fleur took their order and went to the counter, so they could leave early. Laziness was calling out to him.

"Can I have a cappuccino, latte, and espresso, please?" Fleur ordered as he put the hood out of his head combing his blonde hair and revealing his golden amber eyes. The boy in front of him only stared at him, amazed by what he's seeing.

"Is there something on my face?" Fleur asked as he grew uncomfortable by the boy's stare.

"Um. No, I'm sorry. Your eyes... They just looked..." The boy stopped as if he was hypnotized.

"They looked beautiful," the boy continued and shook his head as he tried to focus himself. "One cappuccino, latte, and espresso, right?"

Fleur was stunned by what he heard and couldn't answer the boy immediately. Their eyes locked into each other accidentally, and Fleur took a glimpse of the boy's calm emerald green eyes. 

Fleur quickly turned away his gaze and just nodded. He looked at the boy's tag pinned in his chest before the man in the counter went away to make his order.


His order came up and Fleur tried to pay for it but Sage didn't accept it. Fleur's brows creased in confusion by what the other boy was doing.

"It's on the house," Sage said as he smiled at him sweetly making his eyes shine.

"Um. Why?" Fleur asked suspiciously.

"It's not everyday I can see eyes like yours," Sage said and winked at Fleur. 

"I guess I have my parents to thank for that," Fleur tried to answer casually. The boy just laughed at Fleur's answer. Fleur also laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck because of uneasiness.

"Well, thank you for the compliment... umm... Sage," Fleur stuttered and grabbed the tray of coffee in front of Sage.

"It was nice meeting you... " Sage prolonged his last word as if expecting Fleur to say his name.

"Fleur," he said and smiled at the boy, "It's Fleur"

"It was nice meeting you, Fleur," Sage repeated

The shy non-social boy smiled and walked away from the counter. He went to their table and placed their coffee on their table. Fleur sat in front of the couple who's now whispering and giggling at each other. 

His brows crinkled wondering what the hell happened earlier. When he looked at the counter Sage was staring and beaming at him. He quickly averts his gaze and sips on his coffee. 

"Kalina wasn't like that before." Fern said out of the blue as she got her latte. Fleur's attention went to Fern as she said those words. Clover went uneasy by the mention of her name.

"You were friends before?" Clover asked his girlfriend.

"Hmm. She was a sweet girl before." Fern sadly hummed. You can feel sadness seep out of Fern's gray eyes as she reminisces her memories with the girl.

"Didn't the two of you have a thing before, Clove?" Fleur said. Clover's eyes went larger at what he said. When Fleur looked up at Clover, he recognized the look he was giving him. 


"Or it must not have been h-her," Fleur tried to save Clover, but Fern's suspiciousness didn't subside. "I'm not really sure."

"Huh? So who was it?" Fern asked Clover and the boy just stiffened.

"I'm just going to go to the bathroom." Fleur stood and started walking when he was stopped by Clover's hands. He looks like he needs help from his friend, but Fleur was trying to walk away from the awkward situation he made. 

I'm sorry, man. He said through his eyes as he put a hand in Clover's arm. He started walking away but the man in the hot seat still looked at him asking for help.

Fleur entered the bathroom when suddenly he felt something stuck in his chest. He ran to the sink and started to cough. He sensed something left his throat, but not quite sure what it was. He looked at the sink and he saw flower petals. 

Who toss flowers in the sink? He thought to himself. He just shrugged it off and rinsed his mouth with water. He stayed a few minutes in the bathroom wondering why the hell did he just cough for no apparent reason and went out after.

The boy was entirely unaware of the overwhelming news approaching him.

Which will cause him great pain and suffering.

Chapter II

"We don't wanna play with you!" A young girl shouted at the young boy in front of him. "Your eyes are scary!"

The boy cried himself, as each kid he wanted to play with left him. He sat on the dirty cement and continued crying. His snot now all over his face. 

A boy wearing sunglasses approached the dirty boy with different kinds of flowers in his hand. He crouched down to the boy sitting on the floor to view him better.

The yellow-haired boy stick out his hand and offered the flowers to the boy crying. The boy's red-brownish head looked up to him and the other child was stunned. He had never seen eyes that're as black as the crying boy.

"Is that for me?" The boy said while his face is still drenched in tears and snot. The boy in front of him nodded and brought out a hanky from one of his pockets and wiped the other boy's face.

"Why are you crying?" The boy asked curiously while he put his hanky back to his pockets.

"No one wants to play with me." The boy tried to stifle a cry as he looked down.

"Why?" He asked again.

"They're afraid of my eyes. They say I'm a monster." The boy cried again, and the yellow-haired boy panicked. He managed to sit beside him and hug him from the side.

"Don't cry. I'll play with you," the boy said innocently. The boy stopped crying and his face lit up for a moment, and then went back to being downhearted.

"My eyes will scare you too."

"You wanna know why I wear this," the boy said to the other one. The red-haired boy grew curious and nodded. The yellow-haired boy smiled and grabbed the hands of the other boy and dragged him to a shed. 

The boy took off his sunglasses and the black-eyed boy was astounded. The other boy's eyes were shining. It's sending off its own golden light. All the boy could see was the light of the other's eyes in the darkness provided by the shed.

They were both amazed by what they were seeing. The golden-eyed boy just stared at the pitch black eyes of the other. He felt like it was dragging him into a black bottomless pit the longer he stares. He didn't feel uncomfortable but he felt... delighted. It was the first time seeing someone that hates them because of their eyes than himself.

"They're beautiful," the black-eyed boy said, but he was feeling more than that. The boy's golden eyes were alluring for him.

"You too. Your eyes. They're beautiful," the boy said shyly and put his head down. The black-eyed child smiled sweetly from ear-to-ear from what he heard. The black-eyed boy held the other's hands, still smiling.

"Let's be friends!" He beamed at the golden-eyed boy, "I'm Sorrel Luis."

"I'm Fleur Latif."

Fleur jolted awake as he heard his phone's alarm. He was back in the real world after waking up from his dream. Why dream about that day?

It was the first time he met his first love. Sorrel Luis Wade. He didn't know what it was before. He just felt happy when he was with him, and he wanted to be always by his side. Growing up, he realized he had liked the boy ever since he first saw him.

Fleur pulled himself out of his bed, and as he stood, he saw a picture frame of him and a girl holding a dog. He just dropped it into his desk, the frame facing down. He started walking to his bathroom in a sour mood because of lack of sleep. 

He went downstairs after showering wearing a white shirt topped with his dark blue hoodie. He was also wearing ripped jeans that exposed his knee and partnered it with a white shoe. 

When he went to the dining he saw his parents seated. Fleur stared at them because usually they're at the hospital by now to work so this is really unusual for him. He scanned the whole room to find something unusual, and his eyes locked at the small piece of paper in front of the two. Fuck. How did they get that?

"Talk to your son," Fleur's father said and walked out leaving him and his mother. Not even sparing a glance at the boy. His mother just sighed and picked up the paper to the air.

"Can you explain this?" Her Mom said in a disappointed tone.

"It's written there. Just read it." He walked to the fridge and drank cold water.

"When will you stop rebelling, huh?" His Mom's voice gradually rose as words came out of her. "Can you take studying more seriously and stop acting like a child?"

Fleur became oblivious of his mother's words. He knows not to answer back for it will only worsen the situation. He continued his morning routine not minding his mother's continuous nagging. He was about to eat when something his mother said strike through him.

"What?! Are you planning to follow your sister's footsteps and not even finish college just to be with some guy she met online?!" He paused and his eyes went cold. His mother was quiet after saying those words, knowing that it was a sensitive topic for her son. Fleur stood up, grabbed the detention slip, and left his food uneaten.

"Fleur. I'm s-"         

"Just..." He closed his eyes trying to calm himself and trying not to scream at his mother out of respect. "Just stop talking."

Fleur grabs his bag and hurriedly gets out of the house before he says something bad. He put his hood on and walked with his head down to avoid sunlight hitting his eyes

It wasn't her fault! It was all yours! If you just gave us ,your children, the love and affection we need, this wouldn't have happened in the first place! If you hadn't made us feel like we're just trophies you need to be proud of, she wouldn't have left! If you didn't push her to be great at anything, I still would've had my sister!

He just screams his frustration at his head because he perfectly knows he could never say those exact words to his parents. 

I wish you didn't leave me, Faye. It's hard to go through this by myself. Tears accumulate on the boy's golden amber eyes. He lifted his head up and tried to contain his tears but he failed. He cried himself in the middle of the street, and just hugged his knees. 

After a few minutes of just staying there and collecting himself, he started walking again and decided to go to his best friend's house.

Sorrel just woke up and still felt sleepy but decided to start his day. He was tired by all the bags and make-ups Kalina bought and made him carry.

"Good morning, Rel." A sweet voice came out of a woman.

"Good morning, Mom." Sorrel replied back and kissed his mother's cheeks. He sat down on a chair and woke himself up before starting his morning routine.

"You came home late last night," his mother casually said to strike up a conversation to his son.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I couldn't tell you. I was with Kalina," Sorrel explained to his mother and she just smiled for her son's honesty.

"Next time, tell me, okay?" She placed their breakfast on the table and she kissed the top of Sorrel's head. The boy's face lightened because of her mother's gesture. He sipped his coffee and was about to eat when they heard a knock on their door.

"Who could that be this early in the morning?" The woman asked herself curiously. She was about to stand when her son halted her.

"I'm gonna take it," Sorrel said as he rose up from his seat and walked to where the door was. "Coming!" He stated as the knocking continued.

He opened the door and saw his best friend Sorrel with his hood on, eyes red and puffy in front of him. Fleur invited himself to the house and didn't wait for Sorrel's permission. The house was like his second home. Heck, he felt most at home here than his own house.

Fleur used to sleepover at Sorrel's when they were kids since his parents were not always around and practically lived in their hospital. He was left alone with Faye, but she constantly sneaks out every time she has the chance so he was left all alone in the house with the helpers.

"Hi, Auntie. Good morning!" Fleur beamed at Sally, Sorrel's mom, and tried to hide every ounce of sadness he just felt earlier.

"Good morning, Fleur. Did you eat?" The older woman offered.

"Not yet, Auntie. Make me one, please?" Fleur cheerfully asked, and Sally just smiled at how adorable the boy in front of him is acting.

"Ok, I'll make you one. Just sit beside Sorrel. I'll whip something up quick." The boy beamed and briefly hugged her before walking to his seat. He sat beside Sorrel who was staring at him the whole time.

"Did something happen?" Sorrel curiously asked because he felt something off from the boy the moment he came in.

"Nothing, in particular," Fleur said as he played with his fingers. "Just my folks being themselves."

Fleur tried to mask his feelings while smiling, but Sorrel knew what was going on. He knew about Fleur's parent's meticulousness when he visited their house one time. They were shouting to his sister about her grades and how disappointed they were. That was also the last time that he entered the said house.

"Is this about what happened yesterday?" Sorrel continued to ask Fleur about the sleeping incident yesterday. In some way, he blamed himself for what happened.

"It's not your fault so don't blame yourself," Fleur guaranteed Sorrel but the boy knew Fleur's just trying to hold it together. Sorrel knows him for too long; he easily notices this kind of thing about his childhood best friend. "Let's just not talk about it."

Sorrel stopped asking about it because of what the boy asked. He knows Fleur didn't need his pity for him but he himself. The only thing he can do is make sure his best friend doesn't have any more problems than his family and be by his side at all times.

Fleur's food came and he went back to being lively. They ate their food as Fleur and Sally conversed with each other. There was a light feeling in the atmosphere as there was constant laughter between the three. This was the kind of family Fleur had hoped he had all these years. Just laughter in the air and no constant pressuring your children to be the best. 

Maybe things would've been different if they were not my parents. He had thought of that once and never done it again. He's still thankful to his parents for having him and raising him. The pressure just gets so hard sometimes and when it happens his thoughts become hateful which he will feel sorry for once he calmed down.

"Mom! We're going!" Sorrel shouted to his Mom and his mom shouted a 'take care' from the kitchen. They left and shut the door behind them. Fleur put his hood on to protect his eyes from the light. Sorrel followed closely behind him and they were now walking side-by-side.

"So," Sorrel started. "You wanna tell me now what happened?"

Fleur just sighed and rolled his eyes. "Nothing happened, okay? Stop asking me."

"I've known you for too long, Fleur. I can easily say something was bothering you the moment you walked into the house."

Fleur groaned and dropped his shoulder in defeat at the boy's persistence. He doesn't want to open up his feelings to someone 'cause they make him seem vulnerable, but being with Sorrel makes him put all of his defenses down.

"Mom brought up Faye earlier." The boy's golden amber eyes went sad as he remembered her memories of her sister. "It just made me recall how it is to have someone by your side when my parents scold and pressure me."

Tears welled up from Fleur's eyes as he reminisced his memories of her sister. It took all of his strength to suppress the teardrop wanting to touch the skin of his cheeks.

"I just want to know why she left me. All alone." His voice broke that made him stop from saying anything for a while to compose himself. "She knows how hard it is. Why would he want that for me?"

"She wouldn't want that for you Fleur. She loves you. I saw that everyday," Sorrel tried to comfort Fleur but the void feeling he was having when her sister left was so overwhelming Sorrel's words didn't help.

"Doesn't change the fact that she left," he said as he stared at Sorrel's pitch black eyes with his golden amber ones. Sorrel felt his sadness and couldn't help but pity the boy. "Let's not talk about it anymore. The start of my day was not the best, I don't want my whole day to be awful too. I'm tired of it."

They walked side-by-side in silence and no one dared to break it. Even though Fleur felt awful, he was glad that he could rely on his best friend. It was one of the things that made him fall in love with Sorrel. He was the only one who he could open up to and share his feelings and he was glad to have the boy next to him.

As they both enter the school they hear girls gossiping about God-knows-what and boys boasting at each other. They went through the lockers and took the things needed for their classes. Sorrel went first because he needed to do something for his class first.

"Good morning to you two." Their heads turned around to Fern and greeted her back. Sorrel bid his two friends goodbye and hurriedly left the two alone.

"I forgot I was mad at him for what he did yesterday," Fern just gasped when she just remembered that she was upset by what Sorrel did yesterday.

"Well, that's new." Fleur's satire comment made Fern give her a dirty look.

"That's not important. I heard there's a new student in your homeroom, Fleur." Fleur looked at Fern because of the new information she was sharing.

"And what do I have to do with that information?" He answered sarcastically which earned him Fern's rolling eyes. She shrugged off Fleur's sarcastic remarks and went back to being excited.

"'Cause he's hot, as per the rumors say."

"And I should care why?" Fleur answered back again, which made Fern snarled at him.

"You should care because I'm finding you hot guys that would make you fall out of love from our friend." She said trying not to yell at me.

"God, Fern. Why didn't I think of that?" Fleur answered sarcastically again that gained him a smack in the head.

"Just check if he's your type or something," Fern said now annoyed. "You've liked Sorrel all your life, don't you think it's time to give it up?"

Fern's word hit the nail in the head and made Fleur quiet. 

"I don't want to give it up, Fern. I like liking him." Fern shook her head due to her friend's words.

"If you don't stop loving him you'll only get hurt, Fleur. There's just so much your heart can take." Fern held his hands and looked at him with concern. The bell rang and the two of them parted as classes were about to start.

Fern's words replayed in Fleur's mind whilst he walked to his first class. I know I will be only hurt by loving him but... He stopped walking in mid thought to find the right words ...it was like a disease that has no cure. I just couldn't even if I wanted to.

He entered the room and immediately sat on his seat, farthest from where sunlight could reach him. He sank his head onto his desk and just daydream. The teacher came but he remained at his position not caring about what he had to say and his glasses slowly coming off of his face.

"I think by now, you know we have a new student today. Huffman, come in."

A boy entered the room that made all the girls in the room gasp. Their eyes widened at the sight. His hands are in his pockets as he walks to the front. His white-hair bounced every time he took a step. His clear eyes shine and give off a peace and calm vibe, and you can easily notice the piercing in his ear which made the boy more ravishing.

"Introduce yourself."

"Hi. I'm Sage Jenson Huffman..." 

Fleur's brows wrinkled at the familiar name. He lifted his head just to not see the boy introducing himself in the front clearly. HIs glasses fell to his desk that made him temporarily blind. The new boy's eyes wandered across the room and an immediate raise of a head caught the boy's attention. 

Fleur rapidly took his glasses and put them on and saw a familiar face. His mouth hung and just stared at the familiar boy. Fleur's hood fell from his head revealing his blonde hair still shining in the dark. 

At that point in time, the person in front recognized him. 

The white-haired boy's green emerald eyes locked into Fleur's golden amber ones.

Sage's eyes widened in surprise, but it was immediately replaced by his lips slowly rising, forming a smirk at the sight of Fleur.

"...and I think I'll like my stay here."

Chapter III

Fleur was appalled at the sight of the white-haired boy in front introducing himself. The two of them still stared at each other's eyes as it both flicker in recognition.

"Well, choose where you wanna si-"

"Can I sit beside Fleur?" He cuts the teacher off. The boy looks ecstatic at what the older woman is going to answer him. All the girls in the room gave Fleur a glare, but he just shrugged it off. He was too lazy to even care.

"Oh. You two are already acquainted?" Their homeroom teacher said. She looked at Fleur a little shock that the shy boy was socializing. "Since you two know each other, show Mr. Huffman around, will you, Mr. Alcaraz?"

Sage joyfully made his way to Fleur not breaking eye contact. He stood in front of Fleur and waved his hand. Fleur averted his gaze and saw the whole room looking at him.

He quickly put his hood on and sank his head into the table, not giving any attention to Sage. Sage grinned at how Fleur is acting. He paved the way to his seat still gazing at the boy.

Fleur tried to sleep throughout the whole class, but he could sense Sage’s eyes watching all his move. In the end, he didn't sleep a wink so he just tried to focus in class. 

Although Fleur tried to focus, he found himself daydreaming about his sister, and what could have happened if she didn't leave.

If she was here, would I have been happier? We'll hang out like we used to do. We'll throw each other corny jokes until our stomachs burst out laughing. We would support each other. I still would've had someone to remind me that my family is not that bad at all because she was in it.

The boy released a smile unconsciously. Sage's stare at the boy became more intense as he saw Fleur's blood red lips rose.

He's really pretty. 

No, more than pretty. 


He's so gorgeous.

Fleur's daydreaming was discontinued when he noticed the room was awfully quiet. It was already empty. He stood up quickly, and his eyes locked on to the boy beside him. Sage also didn't move an inch from where he was earlier.

"Why didn't you tell me class was over?" He asked Sage curiously but the boy just beamed at him.

"I didn't notice too. I was busy looking at you," Sage said frankly which made Fleur crease his brows. "You should really smile more."

Fleur shrugged what the boy just said and swiftly got out of the room. Sage followed closely behind the boy. Fleur walked away from the room but he felt the boy's footsteps still after him. He angrily turned his head back and saw Sage flinch a little.

"Why are you following me?" He said with his brows furrowed. Sage scratched the back of his neck, like he was a dog getting scolded by its owner.

"I don't know where my next class is. Will you walk me?" Sage said bluntly that earned him a scowl from Fleur. 

Sage opened his bag and went through it. He pulled out a paper and gave it to the boy glaring at him. Fleur pulled his hands out of the pockets of his hoodie and took the paper. It’s Sage’s schedule.

“Go upstairs. Turn left. It’s the room after you pass the lab,” Fleur explained to the man and handed the paper back to him. Sage smiled and his emerald green eyes twinkled.

“Aren’t you going to walk me there?” Sage asked again and leaned on the boy. “I might get lost, you know.” He whispered through Fleur’s ears. Fleur flinched back at what the boy did.

"Meh. Don't have the energy to,” Fleur lazily said and walked away from the boy.

Sage locked his eyes on the boy's back as he grinned. He bit his lower lips trying not to smile more at the sight of Fleur. Interesting.

Time flew by and lunch came. Fleur just slept through his whole classes. Either that or he was daydreaming the whole time.

He walked right through the door to go out when a manly figure stood in front of him. Fleur had to look up the figure and saw Sage. Just beaming at him with all his mighty. Fleur's golden eyes flickered with curiosity, but immediately faded.

"Excuse me," Fleur whispered as he went through the boy in front of him. Sage smirked, amused at Fleur's actions. He followed the boy's footsteps and in no time, he was walking beside Fleur.

"Fleur," Sage called the boy walking with him. "Don't you remember me?"

"Nope. Who are you again?" Fleur blatantly said, clearly lying at the boy's face. Sage laughed at the boy's response. It made Fleur more interesting for him.

"You're funny," Sage said. "Let's date."

Fleur's brow furrowed at the boy. He stopped walking, making Sage stop too. He glanced at the boy. Fleur scanned him, trying to sense if he was lying to him.

"Finally, a reaction from you," Sage stated. He looked like he had accomplished a mission by seeing Fleur's confused face. The blonde-haired boy relaxed his face and walked again after shrugging the boy.

"Hey, Fleur," Sage called again. "Let me eat with you."

The boy was like a dog demanding a walk from his owner, only he was begging for Fleur to eat with him.

"Can't. I'm with my friends."

"But I don't know anyone here except you," Sage's face dropped and his expression changed. Fleur saw the sudden change in the boy. He thought to himself that if he was in Sage's shoe, what would happen? He would want the person he knows to be with them. 

Fleur tends to always do this. Putting himself in someone else's shoe, and thinking if what he's gonna do is what he would like if he was that person.

This made him the kindest and the most selfless person for anyone (although he can be an ass if you're close with him). It also made Fleur vulnerable from people's lies and tricks. Him being an anti-social helped a little, but it can only do much.

"Okay," Fleur answered. Sage's face went up and locked eyes with Fleur. "Since it's your first day."

Sage merrily marched to the cafeteria with Fleur on his side. He was delighted that Fleur accepted his invitation. No, that's not the right word. He was more like ecstaticto share lunch with the boy.

The both of them stood in line to get their food. After getting it, Fleur examined the whole room. When he saw his friends, he immediately paved his way and walked to them. The two boys sit making Fern, Clover, and Sorrel quiet.

"Psst. Fleur," Clover whispered to Fleur who started eating without explaining the white-haired boy sitting with them. All of them was confused at the new boy with them

"Ahh," Fleur exclaimed in realization. "Sage meet my friends. Fern, Clover, and Sorrel. Friends meet Sage." All of them greeted each other as Fleur introduced them. 

"I'm the new transferee." 

Fern's eyes widened at what the boy stated and looked at Fleur. Fleur mouthed a 'what' then continued on eating.

"So," Fern started. "How are you liking Midbourne so far?" Sage skimmed at the girl by her sudden question

"I like it." Sage moved his gaze to Fleur. His lips slowly forming a smirk. "I really do."

"How did you two meet?" Sorrel asked. His tone seems like he was questioning him for a crime.

"In the park." Sage

"In the cafe." Fleur

Sage and Fleur's eyes locked at each other when they talked at the same time. Sage sneered at the boy, not breaking eye-contact.

"Right, we met at the cafe yesterday," Fleur squinted his eyes at what Sage said that they met in the park. 

I guess he doesn't remember. Sage looked closely at Fleur. The boy was now talking to Sorrel, and he discerned a big change in his face. Huh? Something changed in his face.

"The cafe? We didn't see you there," Clover intervened.

"Of course you weren't. You two were too busy wooing each other." The couple stared at Fleur and their eyes rolled at the same time. Sage's lips formed a smile, and immediately turned into a soft chuckle.

"I was manning the counter. That's probably why you didn't see me," Sage answered Clover's question.

"Ohh? You work there?" Clover asked again.

"Yeah. My Mom wanted me to help her out."

Fleur's attention was peaked by what Sage had said.

"Wait, you're Alice's son?" Sage couldn't help but to smile when Fleur asked him. Probably in his mind he's thinking, 'Ooh now you're interested in me?'.

"Yeah." Sage nodded. "You know Mom?" Sage asked back.

"Hm. I go there every afternoon." Fleur explained. "Somehow me and Alice got close." 

"Well, I guess I need to thank you." Sage smiled at the boy widely. Fleur’s brows wrinkled at what the boy was saying.


"Work will not be boring anymore. I got someone to watch."

Fern stopped from sipping his drink and her eyes widened from realization at what it means. Clover’s food catapulted from everywhere when he dropped his spoon. His mouth hung and stared at Sage. Sorrel’s expression was unreadable. His pitch black eyes became darker which was impossible because his eyes are already dark, but somehow it did.

Lunch was finished already. The five of them stayed in silence after what Sage had said to Fleur. Meanwhile, Fern is already formulating a plan in her mind.

"What class do you have next?" Fern asked Sage as they all walked out the cafeteria.

"Philosophy. Why?" Sage’s brows crumpled at what Fern is asking him.

"We have the same class. I'll go with you.” Although the girl’s outside appearance is composed, her thoughts are celebrating. Sweet! My plan will work!

"Babe, aren't we going together?" The girl eyed his boyfriend.

"It's out of my way, baby.” Fern tiptoed and put her hands around his boyfriend’s neck, making the boy crouch down while his hands landed on his girlfriend’s waist. 

She kissed Clover’s cheeks as goodbye and whispered. “I need to talk to him about Fleur."

Clover pouted, but it was immediately replaced by a smile. Their lips met for a quick peck and they let go of each other. The three boys around them just averted their gazes as the two became lovey-dovey.

"Let's go." The five of them bid their goodbyes to each other. 

Clover overreacted as he stick his hands out to Fern like he was trying to reach him. Sorrel hit him in the head for how he's acting. Fleur let out a small laugh when Clover glared at Sorrel and hit him too.


Fern and Sage started walking but no one dared to talk for a little while.

"So, you like Fleur?" Fern broke the silence between them and looked at Sage. Sage’s gaze averted after a swift peek at the girl.

"Yes. Yes, I do." He confessed to the girl walking beside him. Sage smirked when he remembered Fleur’s little smile earlier in the homeroom.

"How?" Fern asked again. Sage looked at the girl and then gazed at the ceiling trying to find an answer in his head.

"For now, you can say love at first sight." Sage shamelessly said to the girl. The both of them laugh as they both feel the cringeness seep in to them because of what Sage had said

"Ooh, is that so?” Fern said, still laughing. “Well you should probably know he'll be the hardest to get."

"Why is that?" Sage’s brows meet each other.

"That boy is lovesick,” Fern grunted. She shook her head remembering how hopelessly in love her best friend is. “For now, let's say he still has feelings for his first love."

"Who?" Sage pried.

"Sorry, it's not my secret to share,” Fern gave the boy an apologetic look while she pats the boy’s shoulder. “but if you need anything, any information, on Fleur, you can count on me." 

"Why though? Do you not like him being in love with his first love."

"It's not that,” Fern sighed. “I just want Fleur to move on in his life. Liking his first love, it will only hurt him more.”

Sage saw concern and sincerity in Fern’s eyes. He wondered to himself, ‘Who’s the first love you’re hung up on, Fleur?’.

“I can assure you I'm on Team Sage." 

Sage’s bubble was burst when he heard what the girl had said. Sage gave a quick laugh to Fern and continued to walk. Fern stopped and faced a door then opened it. The two of them entered the room and exchanged meaningful look, and both nodded their heads in unison.


The hallway was noisy as each student got out of their respective rooms. Sage swiftly moves, bumping some students, to his locker. He saw a familiar face just right beside his locker. Sorrel.

"What are your intentions on Fleur?" Sorrel didn’t waste any time and bombed Sage with his question.

"What is it to you?" Sage didn’t even bat an eye to the boy and opened his new locker.

"I'm his friend. The locker gave a loud bang when Sorrel's hands stopped Sage from opening it. Sage’s nose flared while he closed his eyes, trying to calm himself. “I've seen people take advantage of him."

"Well, you can cross me out of your list then.” The two of them exchange intense look. “I'm not planning on taking advantage of him or anything."

"Then, what do you want from him?" Sorrel put his hands in his pocket and stared at Sage blankly.

"I'm chasing him."

"What?" Sorrel straightened and his face crumpled hearing those words. It was his first time learning that someone like Fleur. And strangely it made him nervous.

"I'm hitting on him,” Sage opened his locker again when Sorrel was lost in his thoughts. He closed it after taking some things. “To put it simply, I plan to be his boyfriend. Happy now?"

Sage’s word echoed in Sorrel’s mind. He was stunned by the boy's sudden confession of feelings for his best friend. No, he must be tricking Fleur. They only met yesterday. How can he be that in love with him?

Sorrel clenched his fist at the thought that someone's planning to take advantage of his friend. He didn't believe and trust anything the boy said earlier.

Sage’s bitter face rapidly relaxed, and turned into an amused one when he saw Fleur walking in their direction. His eyes dilated at the sight of the amber-eyed boy. 

"Hey, Fleur. You going to the cafe?" Sage said and beamed at the boy.

"Hmm." Fleur answered lifelessly.

"Let's go together." The boy linked his arms to Fleur. Fleur took a quick look at the boy's smiling face and gleaming emerald green eyes. He diverted his gaze and put his hood on.

"Do what you want."

The boy was overjoyed that File didn't refuse his offer. His lips are rising from ear-to-ear and his face shined as they walk out the hallway.

"Fleur! Wait!"

The two of them looked back at Sorrel's shout. He purposely went in between the Sage and Fleur and their arms that were linked before was now broken.

"I'm going with you." Sorrel said while staring at Fleur.

"Why? Don't you have a date today?" Fleur's brows furrowed at the boy.

"No, Kalina cancelled it. She said something about cheerleading." 

"Oh. I heard from Fern they have a meeting." Fern sent a text message to Fleur saying they can't go home together today. Same with Clover with his basketball team.

"Is that so?" Sorrel said. "Well, let's go now."

They started to walk. Sorrel and Sage stared at each other, the two on boths sides of Fleur. The atmosphere tensed up when the two boys fought each other with their eyes. Fleur didn't care at all, and didn't even notice the two boy's staring contest. He walked with his head down, secretly wishing an alone time with Sorrel.


“I’ll be back.” Sage said as soon as they arrive at the cafe

“You don’t need to. You have work,” Fleur said, trying to shoo the boy out so he can have an alone time with his first love.

“There’s not much people anyway."


“I’ll be back,” Sage cuts off Fleur then looks at Sorrel. He doesn't want to leave Fleur with Sorrel. He can feel something in the boy that makes him feel… threatened.

Sorrel and Fleur paved their way to their seat. Sage stared at the two of them then hurriedly went to the employees' room.

Sage hurried and opened his locker. He undressed, revealing his brawny body and six-pack abs. His defined biceps flexed as he moved to get his work uniform. 

“What spirit did possess you and I didn’t need to drag your ass for work?” A woman's voice came from Sage's right.

“Mom!" Sage shouted. "You didn’t tell me you know Fleur.”

Alice's brows arched. "How do you know him?"

"Long story, tell you another time." Sage grabbed his apron and wore it. He ready himself to go out when Alice’s hand found Sage’s shoulder.

“Jenson, don’t mess with that kid,” Alice warned. “He’s a good one. I’m gonna spank you if I hear you’re toying him.”

“Mom. I’m not, okay?” Sorrel rolled his eyes due to his Mom’s accusation. Alice let go of him and shoo the boy to get out of her sight and start working.

Sorrel raced to the counter and saw Fleur and Sorrel laughing at each other. Fleur’s face was bright and it was like it’s filled with different vibrant colors. Sage’s shoulders dropped at realization. So, it’s him?

Sage switch shift with their part-timer. Shortly after that, he examined the whole room. When there were no new people ordering, he took off and went to the two boys.

“Hey,” Sage greeted and put his palms on the table. The two boy’s eyes landed on Sage and their smiles faded.

“Oh, right.” Sorrel’s tongue clicked like he just remembered the boy was with them. "You're here."

“Of course.” Sage clenched his fists on the table, trying to calm himself. “My family owns this place.”

“Oh, is that so?”


Fleur looked at the two boys, brows furrowed. The tension was palpable as the two boys continued to glare at each other. Fleur isn’t dumb enough to not know that something happened between the two. What happened though?

“Now.” Sorrel broke the silence. “Will you please leave me and my friend alone. You have work to do, right?”

He sticks out his hands, showing the counter to Sage. Sorrel smiled forcefully at the boy. Sage’s eyes filled with anger and his nose flared.

“You—” A ring of a bell filled the room. There was someone on the counter waiting for Sage to take his order. 

Sage paved the way to the counter. He glared at Sorrel, but Sorrel paid the boy a scornful smile. Sorrel waved his hands and Sage just grew angrier.

“Why are the two of you fighting?” 

Sorrel turned his head at the boy and looked at him. He tried to find any reason why he's fighting with Sage, but in his surprise there was… none.

“I don’t know,” Sorrel said. “Some people just hate each other's guts.”Fleur’s eyes arched but didn’t ask further. 

Fleur sipped the coffee he ordered earlier and enjoyed the scene outside. The sound of water dropping filled the cafe. It started raining. 

Fleur put his hood down, not worrying a bit about the sun because the rain will protect his eyes from its harmful rays. Being with Sorrel in this kind of weather, only the two of us. It’s nice. Fleur’s attention was picked by Sorrel’s phone, ringing. Sorrel answered while his brows wrinkled.


Fleur’s shoulders slowly dropped. His eyes become droopy. He stared at the boy with such sad amber eyes. He had forgotten for a moment that Sorrel’s already tied with someone. He turned his face away, afraid that the boy might notice the sudden change from his expression.

“I’m in Alice’s… In Fleur’s neighborhood… You’ll go here?... Ok, text me when you’re here.”

“Is there something wrong?” Fleur asked when Sorrel's brows meet each other.

“No, she just sounded...” Sorrel looked down, worried. “Sad.”

Meanwhile, Sage looked at the two boys talked, jealousy creeping into him. The boy eyed the two curiously. What does he see in Sorrel anyway? I mean, yeah I admit he’s good looking, though not as good-looking as me. Is it his smile? His actions? The boy continued asking himself useless questions trying to find what did Fleur like in Sorrel.

After half an hour, Sorrel’s phone rang. He opened his phone and a message popped up.

Kalina 1 message received

I'm here

Sorrel scanned the whole room but didn't see the girl. His eyes went outside and the boy automatically stood up, got his things, and raced outside, leaving Fleur dumbfounded.

“Sorrel! Wait! It’s raining!” Fleur shouted. 

He stood up and got the umbrella in his bag. He quickly followed the boy. As soon as he opened the door he opened his umbrella, but the rain had already stopped. The boy scanned the place to find his best friend. He started to walk. And stopped. 

The boy jerked back, seeing the love of his life kissing Kalina. Drops of rain fell into their faces as they continued claiming each other's mouths. 

The sun rose out of nowhere, giving off light at the three. Fleur’s eyes didn’t even feel the sting the light gave him, as it threatened to let out what he’s feeling inside. He wanted to look away, but he couldn’t. 

He wanted to feel the pain. He wanted to remember this feeling. Maybe this could help him get over all of his fantasy. Maybe remembering this pain will knock some sense into him and get over the boy. Maybe—

“Don’t look.” 

Sage suddenly appeared behind Fleur. He pulled the boy’s body into his. He dragged the boy’s head into his chest, letting it rest. Fleur didn’t even care anymore. He wanted to cry. He wanted the emotions stirring up inside him to just explode, but he couldn’t. The boy has mastered suppressing his feelings that even crying makes it impossible for him to do.

They started to walk inside the cafe. Sage, still holding the boy close to him, put Fleur’s hood on. They went straight to the backroom so no one could see them. He sat the boy on a chair. 

He kneeled down and tried to look at the boy. Fleur’s eyes were drained in colors, his face blank. Sage hugged the boy without notice. He pat the boy’s back, gently caressing it.

“You can cry now.”

Hearing those words, tears flooded Fleur’s cheeks. He unconsciously hugged back the boy, and cried on his shoulder. Fleur didn’t know how Sage did it, but he couldn't stop himself from weeping. His hold of the boy weakened as hot torrents of grief course in his ashen cheeks, making the boy's shoulder wet. 

All the pain he had buried, suddenly came out. From his sister leaving him, his one and only love giving his heart to someone, his family’s constant reminder of how much a disappointment he was. All of it came out.

The sound of wailing and suffering echoed through the whole room. Sage just continued on comforting the boy, gently patting and caressing his back. Anger curled hot in his gut, like a fire slowly burning him inside out. The boy wanted to beat the shit out of Sorrel, but Fleur needed him now. He needed someone he can cry on to.

Fleur’s sobbing grew quietly after a while. His eyes red and puffy as he pulls back from Sage. Embarrassment quickly flooded through him and he felt his cheeks hot. He still let out small sobs even after stopping from crying. 

The boy's throat suddenly tightened. He thought he'd start crying again. But instead he started coughing.

Sage stood up, shock filled his face when Fleur started coughing. He stroked the boy’s back thinking it could help him, but the boy started coughing more violently. 

“Hey, Fleur! Are you alright?!” Sage said. He started panicking and hit the boy’s back. Fleur’s face reddened as his coughing got more intense. Something wants to come out from him. He doesn’t know what it is, but he can feel it, stuck in his throat. 

“S-Sage. W-what’s h-hap-penning?” The boy took all his strength to say those words. Sage panicked, cursed himself while scratching the back of his head. He doesn’t know what to do.

Cough! Cough!

Sage’s stopped from fidgeting. He looked at the floor. He noticed something. Something's there.He crouched down and picked it up. 

He couldn’t believe his eyes. 

It came out from Fleur. Different kinds of it. 

His eyes met Fleur and he was stunned at what he’s seeing. His knees gave up on him that made the boy sit on the floor filled with...


And it continuously came out from the broken hearted boy.