Halloween 2020

The weather on Saturday, October 31 was perfect for trick-or-treating. A lot of the time, the weather turns cold on Halloween, and the kids end up going out either in freezing weather, rain, snow, or a combination of the three. Halloween this year saw an evening with temperatures in the high 40’s, no precipitation, and lots of sun. It was also good to see that people in the Village of Shepherd were not deterred by the ongoing theat of Covid19. Lots of kids were out with their parents trick-or-treating. Ther residents passing out candy wore PPE styled masks, and even some of the trick-or-treaters did too. So, people adapted to the situation and found ways to make Halloween happen.

Halloween wasn’t the same four our family as it has been in the past. Our oldest two have grown passed the age for trick-or-treating, and my youngest hasn’t shown much interest in it. He isn’t a huge candy eater, either. When we were talking about the Boo Bash, an event held in Mount Pleasant each year, the first thing he remembered was some of the games we played with him after we got candy. Even the Boo Bash, which is normally held indoors and would attract huge crowds, was different. This year, it was held outside and families lined up in vehicles taking turns collecting candy. We didn’t attend, but I saw in a video that the first few cars arrived around 3 p.m., at least an hour before the event started.

Halloween has always been a favorite of mine. As a kid, I dressed up as many different things for Halloween: R2D2, a pirate, a spaceman, Raggedy Andy. I was lucky that I had a man who was crafty when it came to figuring out a costume. I think that the most interesting costumes each years are the ones that are homemade. Even if you take a bedsheet, cut out eyeholes, and go dressed as a ghost, people will at least see that you put effort into it. It also ensures that your costume will be unique. If you purchase your costume at the local store, there is a strong chance that there will be at least one other kid at your school with the same outfit. Walking around during Halloween, I counted five kids dressed in an inflatable dinosaur suit. This says that the costume was popular, but once you’ve seen a third person dressed up as a T-Rex, it stops feeling special.

One tradition I’ve missed the most is the parade of elementary school kids through the village. Under normal conditions, the students in K-5 would walk as a parade down main street, then loop around back towards school. Over the years, I’ve been able to photograph a few of these parades. This year, the parade was just inside the school, without participation from parents, thanks to Covid19.

On Friday, my oldest son, Josh, and I sat down to watch a “scary movie.” I suggested “Eli,” which is about a boy with a strange immune deficiency which makes the air poisonous to him. He is on the way to undergo a special treatment which will supposedly cure him, but things do not go as expected. It was my second viewing, and while it isn’t perfect I thought it was a decent movie. Josh seemed okay with it. It was a perfect blend of scares without too much gore or violence.

There was one other amazing thing that happened this year in Shepherd. A resident of Shepherd set up a display of carved pumpkin in their front yard. Over the last few years, their goal has been to carve thousands of pumpkins and then display them for Halloween. My sons and I have attended the community pumpkin carving activity which occurred just a few days before Halloween. One, year, my youngest son and I made it onto the frontpage of the local paper.

Now we are turning our attention towards the next set of holidays. Thanksgiving in November, and then Christmas in December. I am not sure how we will celebrate these holidays this year. Normally, we would travel to see family, but that’s not really practical during the pandemic. We might end up eating Thanksgiving dinner as a family. I’d like to hold out hope we might visit family for Christmas, but it’s still a tough call.

This is what “What Happened” is all about. I hope to provide a series of retrospectives on the events that occurred both on a personal, national, and global level. Between Covid19 and the election, i know that November 2020 will be very eventful. And, sometimes I’ll cover events or topics which may not directly relate to November, but I just happen to be thinking about.

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