Gnihzur: The Legendary Prokeral God Crow!

Chapter 1 - Doomsday Inauguration

Overlooking a vast expanse of egotistical terrestrial habitat long ago built by humankind was the peak of Mt. Destiny. At its summit, a gathering of bloodthirsty crows was present in a circular formation. Within the centre of these enlivened bodies was a mighty crow of great influence among its species; It sat cross-legged and dignified upon an unwavering rock, which superimposed its mettle. As the flapping of tousled wings settled down, a meander of dis-ease permeated until the mighty crow began to speak its mother’s tongue.

“My fellow crows… the Day of Reckoning is upon us.”

“What? Are you sure, Emperor? That time has already come?” Many distraught crows made known their startled appearances to the personified entity sitting on the unwavering rock. It wasn’t until it spoke again till they quieted down.

“Yes, my fellow crows, you’ve heard correctly. The ground feast is imminent; just as the prophecy foretold.”

“Emperor, could you be talking about the feast that All-Mother spoke of?”


“It is real? I thought that was a comforting myth told among the fledglings to assure our faith in All-Mother.”

“Yeah, me too.”

The surrounding bodies of crows whose appearances were similar to a dark mass of infestation blotting out the sky atop Mt. Destiny were once again riddled with disharmony among their particular phonetics. They questioned if the long-ago prophecy that was foretold by the prognosticators-of-prognosticators of their feathery clan was indeed coming to pass. Some accepted it with glee intent, others did not.

“The prophecy is finally coming to pass!”

“I’m so excited! My mouth is watering.” Numerous crows began salivating as they entertained the possibility of the Day of Reckoning. Thick drools trickled down the side of their protruding beaks until they moistened the dry surface of Mt. Destiny.

A particular crow among the group wasn’t as gullible as the rest of the gang. Being the voice of reason, it expressed, “Don’t get too excited just yet. This prophecy could be a fluke.”

“A fluke?” Some crows got upset after hearing what the other had to say. “All-Mother’s premonitions are never wrong. They are 100% certain. How could you even mention it being a fluke?”

“The future isn’t set in stone, dummy. Do you know how ridiculous you all sound?”

“Damn you, Yellow Belly for always being the sceptic. You’re the one who’s sounding ridiculous. You can’t apply logic to everything.”

“Yeah, Gar is right! Shut the hell up, Yellow Belly! We don’t want to hear your negative input right now.”

Yellow Belly retorted, “How am I being negative for sharing my point of view? It’s only logical to not put 100% of your faith in prophecies.”

“You’re beginning to sound just like those damn arrogant humans scurrying around down there like ignorant rodents.”

“Yeah, Yellow Belly. Shut your beak!”

Many of the crows started bashing a fellow crow based on its shared opinions on the Day of Reckoning. They became so noisy that a higher ranking crow who was perched on a log abreast of the Emperor Crow shouted, “Hold your tongues! Show some respect before the Emperor!”

“We’re sorry.”

Silence ensued shortly after the second in command spoke. Now, Emperor Crow could speak freely. “As I was saying my fellow crows… the ground feast is nigh. I had a direct conversation with All-Mother the other night.”

“A direct conversation with All-Mother?” The crows were surprised to hear this.

“All-Mother hasn’t made contact with any crow for a long time.”

The Emperor continued, “She was kind enough to inform me that our species are about to shift the earthly paradigm completely. No longer will we wait for our prey to die before we feast upon them! No longer will we lurk in the shadows and flee like aerial maggots! No longer will our intelligence be diminished by humans’ ignorance! No! We will take to the skies in droves and rain upon this world with mighty valour!”

“Yes! It’s about damn time!” The crows became very excited and riled up by their leader’s speech. Many of them were ready to take to the sky that very instant and fulfil the long-ago prophecy, except, Yellow Belly spoke again and interrupted them.

“That sounds very good, Lord Emperor. However, there is a major obstacle walking on the surface, the humans. How are we supposed to deal with them? I doubt they will just lie down, open their chests and allow us to feast on their stinking hearts.”

“That is a very good question, Yellow Belly.” Upon listening to what the sceptic in the clan had to say, the surrounding crows gave ear to the Emperor’s suggestions.

“You see my fellow crows. That will be the simplest task yet. The humans… will inevitably destroy themselves.” Many were dumbfounded to hear this, thus the Emperor opted to give them some verification. He flapped his left wing slightly until a bundle of blue feathers started rushing forth. They form a concentric ring, moreover produced a powerful glow that caused many of the surrounding crows atop Mt. Destiny to squint.

“Observe, my fellow crows.” [Whoosh!] As the Emperor directed everyone’s attention to the centre of the sapphire ring of radiant feathers, vivid images started to come into view. “This link is connected to Jeago’s feed. I’ve sent him on a secret mission. He’s currently spying on the world’s elite.”

Due to many of the lesser hierarch of crows being unable to understand human speech very well, the Emperor had to interpret what was going on at the conference. “The humans are plotting to annihilate themselves and us along with them. The governing bodies of the humans crave depopulation. They believe that the more the humans increase, the harder it will be for them to control them. Therefore, they are considering thinning down the flock, so to speak, in order to reign supreme.”

“What a crude thing to do to their own kind.” Commented a disturbed crow. “They disgust me.”

“Me as well!” “Me too!” “Those humans have no shame!”

Back at the world summit, the discussions among the world leaders weren’t going so well. Jeago stood his ground and continued to record everything using his telepathic blue feather camera.

The president of America was getting impatient with his oriental colleague. “We can’t condone your tardiness any longer, President Chin. How long are you going to hold out for?”

“I will resign my signature as long as I have breath in my body. I love my country and my people too much to agree to such a genocide act. I believe you should also withdraw your signature, President Klint.”

“Damn you!” [Boom!] President Klint slammed the table with the palm of his hand; obviously expressing his discontent with the opposition. “Don’t pretend to be such a saint, President Chin. Remember Operation Babies?”

“Huh?” President Chin expressed a bit of surprise when he heard this, but he still played it cool by sipping on his glass of water. “What might you be implying, President Klint?”

“Continue playing dumb. Our investigation unit is one of the best in the world. All of us sitting at this table knows about Operation Babies which was carried out in your country. Millions of newborns were injected with Almaconic Leukaemia. A very potent inoculation that hampers the 12-strand of DNA from awakening. This caused many defects in childbirth.”

President Chin didn’t deny a thing that President Klint spoke of, instead, he responded, “Yes, Operation Babies was carried out under my authorisation. However, that process was done low-key. What you and the others are proposing is using outright brute force to commit mass genocide. What will the public say?”

“To hell with the public!” President Klint's demeanour became more brutish. “We the government are the king of this world. Who cares about those weak bastards' opinions? They can’t contend with us. Our military and atomic arsenal are all we need to dominate them.”

“I agree. However, the kings are nothing without their subjects.”

“President Chin has a point.” Said another world representative. “I believe our approach to this is too outright and front centre. 

What will happen when the general public becomes knowledgeable of our plot? Too many of them will be a thorn in our ass. It is best we operate sneaky at first just until we get rid of most of them who might be capable of fighting back. So if they were to later find out the truth, it will be easier to handle them.”

“I agree with President Fernanda.” Another representative voiced their opinion. “The world population is around 45,000,000,000, not including the millions of stragglers out there who are unrecorded. I believe we should act swiftly and sneaky.”

President Klint inquired, “What is your suggestion, Prime Minister Noris?”

“I’ve employed a skilful group of scientists who have been working assiduously on a flesh-eating pathogen, one that I think might be able to spark a major uproar and quickly destabilize the masses. I was considering the release location to be South Africa this time around.”

“Why there, Prime Minister Noris?”

“Well, considering the given controversy surrounding the black’s strong resistance to the global pandemic that elapsed a decade ago. I believe this might be the perfect place to start. We can weaponize the media to promulgate fear and hatred. These emotions are the basics for disease to spread rapidly.”

“Not a bad idea. I like it.”

“What do you think about this, President Chin?”

“It is quite a stable plan above what President Klint was proposing earlier.” President Chin look asquint at President Klint who was softly grumbling. “My signature will definitely be brought forward on this one.”

“Good, then it is decided then.”

“I assume your scientists are working on the vaccine as well, Prime Minister Noris?”

“Of course. What do you take me for, an amateur? The vaccine manufacturing process is currently in its last stage of testing. I believe it should be up and ready in a few more days. ”

“So when will this pathogen be ready?” Asked President Klint

“In 3 weeks, give or take a couple of days.” Responded Prime Minister Noris.

“That’s sooner than I expected.” Commented President Chin. “Alright, I’ll let my people know about this.”

Someone among the group wasn’t so please with this idea. “Wait just a moment all of you. Don’t you think that sort of pathogen is very dangerous? I mean, I have family and some good friends all over the globe.”

Hearing their colleague’s genuine concerns, Prime Minister Noris responded, “Not to worry President Roku. We’ll make sure that all your loved ones are taken care of. The preliminary vaccines will be ready in just a few more days. Now, are we all good here?”

Someone else had something to say, “Just one more thing before we conclude our little meeting.”

“What is it, President Fernanda?”

With a sinister smile sitting on her face, President Fernanda responded to the inquiry, “Why don’t we make this coming war a bit more interesting…?”

“What do you have in mine…?” Every world leader sitting around the expansive table gave a keen ear to President Fernanda’s schemes.


[Blip! Blip! Blip!] Unknown to the elite members of the world summit, their entire conversation was being broadcasted live to a particular group of crows who had vested interests.

Atop Mt. Destiny, the crows who could understand bits of human language looked at their leader with worried eyes and spoke, “Ahm, Emperor, won’t that pathogen kill us all along with the humans?”

“Another good question.” The Emperor Crow subtly answered, “I’ve been knowledgeable of this development for quite some time now. The specific pathogen these humans spoke of is being concocted to solely target humans. Although, due to the specific Gain of Function research, the pathogen can mutate after release under certain conditions. They are many variables at play currently. However, we will only be focusing on the positive here. Imagine if all living thing on this loving blue planet was affected by the human virus? What then would the remaining humans have to eat? They need us animals alive for food and that will be their own downfall. Crah-ha-ha-ha!” Emperor Crow gave a burst of sinister laughter at the end of his speech. The others join in as well.

“Crah-ha-ha-ha! Crah-ha-ha-ha!”

Chapter 2 - World War Z

7 months later… [Boom! Boom! Boom!]

Various showers of explosive manmade projectiles began falling onto a quarantined city complex that was infested with flesh-eating humanoids. These creatures were the by-product of the successful release of the special pathogen set in motion by the world leaders several months ago. More than half of the world’s population had become zombie-like embodiments. The vaccines weren’t introduced to the sheltered public until all hell had broken loose. The city of Monsterdam had already been overrun.

[Boom! Boom! Boom!] The terrifying sounds produced by the blasts that barraged the dilapidated city caused many zombies who were further away from the impact to be attracted. These infected bodies had no relationship with fear as they rushed towards the blast apace. Some were much slower to be attracted.

[Creek!] At the farthest reach from the blast where an Armageddon of destruction had passed through long ago; a sense of silence permeated that area, so much so that the opening of a broken supermarket door caught the attention of a few zombies who were lurking close by. They quickly assuaged their sense of alertness as soon as they recognized that the creature that came through the supermarket door was just like them— an infected.

As the zombie teetered further away from the supermarket’s entrance, its rotten body and half-eaten face became more visible to a survivor who kept himself hidden behind a toppled military vehicle.

“Geez, disgusting.” The survivor scoffed at the grotesque figure that was staining his eyeballs with its maggoty feculence.

The survivor was a burly man in his early thirties. From his ragged attire, one could deduce that he hadn’t had a proper shower in weeks. His apparel was laden with blood as well as raw entrails that must have gotten on him after he bashed a few zombies’ heads in. Visible scratches were present all over his face and forearms. 

It was almost as if he previously had himself supine on a chopping board and a master chef failed to fillet him properly.

Unable to withstand the terrible funk that the nearby zombie was oozing, the burly man slowly picked up his bags filled with canned products and started sneaking his way around the toppled military vehicle. “Easy does it…” While he tried his best not to be spotted by the sporadic hoard of zombies in the vicinity, he failed to realize that the strap on his bag got hitched onto a protruding compartment of the vehicle. This slight mishap caused a can to fall onto the floor, creating a thud noise.

“???” The zombies were now alerted towards the survivor’s position. He had no choice but to start making a run for it.

“Dammit! This is just not my lucky day today! I decided to make this run for the food and now I’m being chased by a hungry hoard of flesh-eating monsters!”

As he continued to flee from his hungry pursuers, the man hollered out for help. However, his frightened shouts only served to attract more zombies towards his proximity. “Shit, there’s more of them coming up ahead.”

“ARRAAAH!” A zombie intercepted the man just after he jumped over a crawling corpse plastered on the side of the road. 

“You’re not going to eat me today!” [Boom!] The zombie almost chewed the man’s face off had it not been for his quick reflexes to use his bag to slap its head off. But in so doing, he lost all his canned goods in the process.

“Dammit! My loot!” Knowing that he would be attempting suicide if he turned back towards the hoard of zombies to retrieve his lost canned goods, the man decided to rush ahead. He dodged another hungry zombie that lurched at him. It had parts of its intestines exposed. Shortly after his evasion, the man realized that the zombie was a reanimated soldier who had a pistol strapped to its waist.

“That gun will be very useful. Come here you!” [Whoosh!] The man used the zombie’s intestines as a lasso to tug it towards him before slamming it into the side of a collapsed building. [Boom!] He quickly retrieved the gun from the holster, checked if it was loaded then began shooting at the zombies closest to him. [Bang! Bang! Bang!]

“Die, you stinking bastards!”

While the man continued to make a run for it, he came upon a street that still had functioning speakers situated at the lateral region of a pole. These were mainly used for emergency broadcasts. At first, he perceived a wave of static followed by vague echoes.

Directing his attention towards the speakers, the man thought to himself, “Those emergency speakers are still operational? I thought the military had already bombed this city into the Stone Age. I can hear a faint message trying to relay.”

Wondering what might be broadcasting over the speakers, the man tried to get closer to it. However, due to the large number of zombies situated in that area, he found it to be impossible to go any further. Thus he picked up a stone from the ground and toss it at the speaker, hoping that it would knock it into functioning properly, and lo and behold it did. Not only could he hear with clarity what was being broadcasted over the emergency speakers, but the zombies heard it too, which meant more of them started crowding that area.

“Attention! Attention to all survivors… I repeat, if there are any survivors out there, please make your way towards the barracks located in the city centre. We have food, vaccines and shelter. The government has finally sent reinforcement to our settlement. Keep on the lookout for military presence. They are…” [Thud!]

Before the rest of the message could be broadcast, the zombies surrounding the emergency speakers had already taken down the pole. Now that the static no longer attracted them, they directed their attention toward the man who kept fleeing.

“This place is swarming with those nasty bastards. I can’t even find a place to hide anymore. Reinforcement has come to the city, but the town centre is a good distance away from here. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it on foot, besides, I’m almost out of bullets.”

[Bang! Bang!] After emptying the last bullet in his gun, the man ran and ran until he found himself stuck in an alley. “A freaking dead end?” Among the increasing cacophony of zombies’ cries, the man heard a loud caw above him and looked up. He saw what resembled a 10-foot long crow.

“That’s one huge ass bird. Huh?” It was by pure luck that he directed his gaze above him because just a few metres above his head was a ladder waiting for him to climb. “I can’t reach it from this height.” Quickly scanning his environment, the man saw a dumpster close to the entrance of the alley along with incoming zombies.

“I better get to that dumpster first.” Making a rush towards the dumpster, the man picked up a long piece of wood along the way. He tossed it at the zombies which caused them to stumble back a bit so that he could get hold of the dumpster. He rushed with it back to the area where the leader was situated. Just a few metres behind him, the recovered zombies were giving chase.

“Damn these persistent bastards! They are right up my ass!” [Thud! Thud!] After placing the dumpster in place, the man quickly hopped up on it and dashed onto the ladder. He climbed the ladder as if he was sliding downhill.

“I made it up top.” Looking below him, he saw the zombies also forcing their way up the ladder. “These rotten corpses don’t know when to quit do they?” Seeming out of breath, the man picked up his legs and began running around the rooftop trying to find a route of escape. While doing this, he heard a peculiar crying sound.

“Is that a baby crying?” Investigating the cry, he made his way over to the other side of the roof. Hiding behind an AC unit, he discovered a little girl drenched in blood and brain matter, moreover, within her arms was a crying naked baby.

“Stay back!” The little girl pushed forward a rusted machete towards the man’s crotch. He had to take a few steps backwards and tried his best not to startle them.

“It’s ok little girl. I’m not one of them flesh-eating monsters. Look at me. See?”

“Huh?” Even after confirming that the man was indeed uninfected, the little girl was still very cautious and wouldn’t lower the machete. However, he had no time to waste due to the incoming hoard of zombies who were scaling the side of the building.

“Are you alone little girl? Where are your parents? Are they around here somewhere?”

“…”The little girl shook her head in response to his inquiry.

“My name is Murdock. What’s your name?”

“I…” Just as the little girl was about to give her answer, a flesh-craving zombie successfully made its way onto the rooftop.

“Dammit! There is no time for introductions.” Murdock became alerted by the zombie’s intruding presence. “Give me that machete little girl. Give it now!” He quickly grabbed the machete from the little girl’s hand and used it to chop the zombie’s head off. Blood spewed all over his face; also on the rooftop. “Dammit! I think some got in my mouth.”

While Murdock was busy spitting out blood, he wasn’t aware of the other zombie that was sneaking up behind him.

“Mister behind you!”

“Huh?” Murdock was alerted just in time to swing his machete around and impaled the grotesque zombie. It slithered further down the blade of the machete to get a bite of Murdock’s neck. “Piss off you ugly shithead!” [Boom!] He kicked the zombie off the roof before it could bite his neck. Looking down, he saw just how close the other zombies were to reaching the roof.

“They are coming up.” Murdock ran back to where the little girl was hiding with her baby brother. “Listen, it’s not safe here anymore. You got to come with me, ok? I’m not going to hurt you or the baby. Trust me. Give me the baby and hop onto my back.”

Murdock bent over to make it easy for the little girl to climb up, but she was still a bit hesitant. “We don’t have much time. Hurry! Come on! Come on!”

“OK…” The little girl eventually gave him the baby and climbed onto his back.

“Good.” By the time Murdock raised his head and looked to where he had climbed up on the roof, myriads of zombies had already made it up, moreover, rushing towards him in hungry dashes.

“KYAAH!” The little girl expressed a very frightened scream that almost exploded Murdock’s eardrums.

“Not so loud! You’re going to make me lose my balance! Dammit!” Murdock had to quickly suck up the damage dealt to his eardrums and swung his machete forwards. [Chop! Chop! Chop!] He slashed through several bodies of zombies as he tried to find safety.

Murdock checked the door leading to the roof but it was chained shut, probably by the little girl after she came up. He was forced to play tug of war with the zombies on the rooftop until a solution came to his head.

“Come and get me, you ugly bastards!” [Chop! Chop! Chop!] Murdock found it difficult to keep up with the swarm of zombies. Every time he chopped one of them, they tried to get at the baby within his grasp. 

“Is there really no way off this rooftop?” As Murdock thought of this, the little girl on his back pointed to an adjacent building complex.

“Over there, mister.”

“Huh?” Directing his eyes to where the little girl pointed, Murdock noticed a tall apartment complex not too far from the rooftop he was currently on. The roof of that building was taller, therefore, he couldn’t make the jump up there. However, he discovered an alternate route. There was an apartment in reach that had its windows and walls shattered.

“Hold on tight to me! I’m going to make a jump for it.” Murdock glanced back at the incoming hoard of zombies then dashed towards the edge of the rooftop with full speed. The little girl squeezed her eyes shut as she screamed.

[Thump!] Reaching the edge, Murdock jumped with all his leg strength. It propelled him along with his 2 human passengers towards the other building.

“Please make it! Please it!” A bit of fear tethered with hope played around Murdock’s emotional body as he envisioned himself making the jump successfully. [Boom!] His left leg landed on the very edge of the collapsed portion of the apartment complex.

“I made it.” Speaking too soon, Murdock felt the ground slipping away from beneath his feet. “Oh no! Oh no!” [Thud!] The surface beneath his leg shattered before he could put forth his right leg for better footing. To stall his fall, Murdock made use of his great reflexes to grab onto a severed cable wire that was hanging from the building.

“Hurry girl! Climb up and take the baby.” Murdock felt his arm muscles burning intensely. He could only hold on with one arm due to the baby engulfed in his other hand.

After climbing up, the little girl took her baby brother from Murdock’s tired arm and then lent him a helping hand, though little it might have been. “Mister are you ok?” 

“I’ll live and my name is not mister. Call me Murdock got that?”

“Alright, mister… I mean Murdock. My name is Alia and this is my little brother, Jovain.”

“Well, nice to make you 2 acquaintances, although the current circumstance isn’t all that ideal for introductions.”

“What’s the worry, we got away from the monsters didn’t we?” The moment Alia uttered these words, she glanced behind Murdock’s figure to see multitudes of zombies jumping from the roof of the adjacent building. They locked themselves onto each other as they jumped; forming a sustainable bridge for the other infected humans to cross over.

“Huh, what the hell…?” Murdock couldn’t believe the zombie ingenuity that he was witnessing, he took back the baby from Alia then began rushing towards the other end of the dystopic apartment complex. He made haste to get away from the persistent zombies who were rushing over the infected bridge.

“You got to be kidding me! How come these bastards are so creative?”

“They were once human weren’t they?”

“I supposed you’re right, Alia. But still, how are we supposed to shake those greedy bastards?”

“What about that over there?” Alia pointed to a thick metallic pipeline that extended from the apartment complex onto another building 42-metres away.

“I think that just might work. Come on Alia!” As he made a rush for the metallic pipeline, Murdock came across a sneaky zombie that lurched at Alia from behind some wooden rubble.

“Alia watch out!” [Whoosh!] Due to Alia being a couple of paces ahead of him, Murdock couldn’t get to her in time, instead, he tossed the machete forwards. It went directly into the Zombie’s oesophagus.

“KYAH!” Alia was frightened to see the impaled zombie still reaching out towards her.

“Come on, Alia!” Murdock grabbed her hand and directed her in front of him. He made her cross over the metallic pipeline first. When it was his time to cross over, his heart began beating through his chest erotically. “I can do this. I can do this. All I have to do is walk straight ahead and don’t look down.” The path below was very far away, if he fell, that would be the end of his zombie-killing career.

“GRAAAAHH!” The hoard of zombies caught up with Murdock shortly after he started crossing over the metallic pipeline. At first, they intensified their thrust across the pipeline, but upon realizing that the crowded zombies were always falling off, they decided to tread across the narrow path one by one. One after the other, zombies began balancing across the pipeline in repetitious succession.

“Holy shit! What is that?” Looking back, Murdock discovered that the zombies were quickly gaining on him.

From the other side of the pathway, Alia shouted, “Mister, hurry! The monsters are right behind you!”

“I know that! This is harder than it looks you know.” Murdock became slightly discouraged when he saw just how well the zombies were balancing across the pipeline. “How are those brainless bastards so freaking good at this? Were they acrobats before getting infected?”

[Bang! Bang! Bang!] Suddenly, many loud sounds of gunshots firing startled Murdock to a halt. Looking below him, he spotted a squadron of military personnel firing at the zombies that were chasing him across the metallic pipeline. They began falling in droves.

“Oh, I’m saved!” Murdock rejoiced too early. One of the zombies had escaped being blown to bits by the militia below. It lurched at Murdock’s back, causing him to almost fall off the metallic pipeline.

“No! Jovain!” Perceiving that her baby brother was in serious danger of falling to his doom, Alia ran back across the pipeline to where Murdock was barely hanging on. The zombie managed to bite a chunk out of his arm.

“Get off me, you bastard!”

[Bang! Bang! Bang!] An elite marksman placed a bullet between the zombie’s eyes. 

It fell to its doom with a part of Murdock’s flesh still stuck in its mouth. [Splatter!]

“Mister, give me your hand.” Alia helped Murdock to his feet, moreover, she checked to see if her baby brother was injured.

“Hey, you up there!” One of the military personnel spoke to Murdock and Alia from below. “Hurry across! We’ll meet you on the side!”

“Ok!” Responded Murdock. “Thank goodness we’re saved.” He was no longer afraid to tread across the narrow pipeline. After reaching the other building, he along with Alia and her baby brother made their way to the street level where they were met by a group of soldiers.

“You guys ok?”

Murdock secretly covered his injured arm and responded, “Yeah, we’re fine.”

“Alright then, hop on in. We’re bringing you back to base.”

Murdock went inside the military vehicle with Alia and her baby brother. They met some other survivors in the back. “Who knew there were this many survivors scattered across the city. There are even some old ones among them.”

“Alright men, we’re pulling out!”


“Bogeys dead ahead!”

“Step on it!”

The military vehicles directed their course back towards the town centre. Along the way, they came across a multitude of zombies who they shot down with their machine guns, moreover, ran over with their bulky tyres. [Vrm! Vrm!]

 Chapter 3 - The Feast!

…… The Town Hall

This particular area was heavily fortified with government troops and a strategically placed barricade. It was one of the most secure barracks in the entire city of Monsterdam. The various missiles that barraged the city earlier came from the powerful Howitzers set up all around this facility. The zombies knew well to not venture carelessly towards this area.

[Vrm! Vrm!] The military vessel that was transporting the city survivors came to a gradual stop near the west entrance of the barricade. The persons in charge of opening the gates allowed them entry.

Looking outside of his window, Murdock discovered many military presences as well as medical practitioners. Several tents were set up around the grounds to host the infected individuals who hadn’t fully turned yet. “We finally made it to a safe place that has a proper shelter, food and water. What do you think Alia?”

“Ahm…” Alia didn’t give an audible response, however, the glee in her eyes as she glanced outside the windows said it all.

As they exited the bus, Alia held tightly onto Murdock’s trousers while exuding a bit of fear. “Hey, you and your baby brother are going to be alright now. This place has food, vaccines and a safe place for you to stay.”

“But, I want to stay with you, Mister Murdock.”

Noticing the sincere concern in Alia’s eyes, Murdock told her, “Ok, let’s go together.”

Coming off the bus, every survivor was directed to a particular quarantine zone for safety checks.

“You 2, over here.” A soldier called over Murdock’s gang inside a secure tent for testing.

The doctors inside were very thorough, they made sure to check every nook and cranny of their patients. During his search, the male doctor discovered a fresh bite mark on Murdock’s left arm. “What is this?”

“It’s no big deal doc. I’ve already been vaccinated before the outbreak evolved this far.”

The doctor wasn’t so convinced by Murdock’s answer. “Well, we’ll inoculate you again just in case you’re lying. We can’t afford to have a crazy infected wreaking havoc inside these secure walls.”

Finished inoculating Murdock with the flesh-eating pathogen vaccine, the doctor directed his gaze towards Alia. “You’re next little girl. Let me take a look at that baby too.”

“Ahm…” Alia was hesitant to hand her baby brother over to science, thus she looked at Murdock for advice.

“It’s ok, Alia. You can trust these people.”


The female doctor took the baby from Alia’s grasp. While they were busy being looked after, Murdock sparked up a conversation with the male doctor.

“Hey, doc, quick question. You work for the government right, so you must have some intel about what caused this outbreak? Why have so many people worldwide transformed into disgusting zombies? Could we be experiencing another God pandemic?”

The doctor was reluctant to answer. “That’s classified information.”

“No shit. The government has yet to inform the public about what caused this major shit storm that we’re currently in. it’s been months now. Those bastards must be hiding something from us. Come on man, I need to know what’s going on with our world.”

“Hmm…” The doctors side-glanced each other for a brief period before speculating. “I heard that it was a worldwide terrorist attack. You know about that infamous Icesis group that has been the talk of the world for these past years?”

“How could I not? Everybody has heard of them.” Answered Murdock.

“My sources told me that this all started in South Africa where they engineered a liquid-based pathogen to wipe all humans from the face of the planet. They poisoned the irrigation systems along with all the world’s major sources of freshwater supply.”

Murdock was startled hearing this. “How did they even manage to accomplish such a feat? They must have a lot of friends in high places, am I right?” He tried to squeeze out more information but the doctors weren’t that foolish.

“That’s all I know. I can’t tell you anything else. Now put these on and go.” The doctor gave them fresh clothes to wear, afterwards, he toss their old garments in a trash can.

While getting dressed inside, something clicked in Murdock’s head. “Wait, something still doesn’t add up. Those vaccines that you’re injecting into everyone, how did your people synthesize an effective batch so quickly? If I were those terrorists, I’d imagine they’d make it very virulent and complex to create a vaccine within only a matter of weeks after the outbreak.” Cold sweat began to form on the doctors’ cheeks as they listened to Murdock’s assumptions. “Very weird indeed. Either your technologies are really advanced or this was all an elaborate scheme from the…”

“Mister…” Alia came along and interrupted Murdock. “I’m all dressed now. Can we go get something to eat?”

“Ok, we’ll go right now. I’m also starving.”

“This way.” The doctors followed Murdock, Alia and her little brother outside the tent. After they were far away, the male doctor called over a soldier who was stationed nearby and told him to keep a watchful on them, especially the big thick man.

Upon venturing further inside the secure compound, Alia and Murdock discovered that there were a lot more people there than they expected. After getting registered, they went straight ahead to the area that was serving food. While filling their tummies, they were completely unaware of the influential figure that was sitting 12 stories above them.

At the tallest peak of the heavily guarded building, inside a luxurious office, President Klint was pacing back and forth in front of numerous monitors which depicted a live stream of other worldwide leaders. His countenance was livid as he spoke:

“Prime Minister Noris, this is a catastrophe! Why the hell are the dead coming back to life?”

“Something must have gone wrong during the pathogen’s development. Maybe the research team overlook some important variables.”

“Well obviously dumbass!” President Klint’s angry saliva spewed all over the monitors. “As we speak, my team is doing their best to rescue survivors and keep this base secure. We’re waiting on a proper countermeasure to counteract this bloody apocalypse.”

Another world leader voiced their opinion. “Enough with your suggestions, Prime Minister Noris. We won’t be needing your assistance anymore. Your next advice might just doom us all.”

“We’re cutting you off, Prime Minister Noris.” Agreed another world leader.

“No, wait! Listen to what I have to say please!” Prime Minister Noris begged for a chance to speak. “I think we’ve found a way to neutralize the pathogen inside the infected who came back to life. It is liquid base similar to that of the vaccine, but with the newly added component, it will become a deadly weapon against the infected. Right now this virus is in the early stages of development but given a bit more time it should be ready for deployment.”

President Klint considered Prime Minister Noris’s proposal. “How long do you need?”

“Just a few more days and I promise that all will be ready. Trust me.”

“Alright, then I will give my official authorization to the board of… huh?” President Klint became distracted by something that he spotted outside his window. The others who were watching from the monitors, saw when he moved out of frame.

“President Klint, is something wrong over there?”

“I’m not sure yet. What might that be?” As President Klint walked closer and closer to the window, his eyes started noticing a growing black swarm of humungous birds descending from the sky. “Are those… crows?”

Pouring out of the sky was indeed a very large flock of crows. Emperor Crow was among the centre of them issuing his command. “My fellow crows! Commence, Operation Feast!”

“With great pleasure, Emperor!”

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this! Those damn humans are about to find out just who are the most powerful species on this planet.”

“Crows! Attack!”

[Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!]

“What the heck is going on here?” President Klint was dumbstruck with cumbersome trepidation; so scared that he couldn’t move a muscle to evade the incoming crow rushing directly at him.

[Boom!] As soon as the window exploded to bits, President Klint found his head melting inside the stomach acid of a large crow.

“What the hell was that explosion? Mr President are you ok?”

The guards dashed into the room and were met with a very grotesque imagery. They witnessed their president’s intestines being guzzled down by an oversize crow. So terrified they were that they pissed and shit themselves. “AHHH WE’RE GOING TO DIE!” And indeed they did. 

[Chomp! Chomp!] The two security guards that came into the room were devoured so quickly that they didn’t even taste their own deaths.

[Boom! Boom! Boom!]

Chaos ensued all over the barracks. In the presence of the raining storms of crows, myriads of humans were running around scared shitless. Only a handful of them was manly/womanly enough to fight back.

“Deploy the Howitzers! We can’t let these bastards, whatever they are overpower us!”

“The colonel is right. We have to fight back!”

“Everyone prepare for battle!”

The morale and battle spirits of the soldiers became extremely riled up. They were facing an unpredicted life and death situation, so it was expected of them to go all out and never hold back.

“We’re under attack by goddamn giant birds! Bring out the heavy artilleries!”

[Boom! Boom! Boom!]

The humans weren’t going to just bend over and take defeat up the ass. They started fighting back against the raining barrage of crows with everything they had, even the zombies joined the fight after the barricade crumbled under the chaos. However, they mostly attack the humans who were on the ground and within reach.

“Ah hell, now we have to deal with these flesh-eating bastards too!”

“What of the president's situation? Has he been safely evacuated?”

“We don’t know. We’ve lost contact with the top floor a while ago. I hope the president has already evacuated to safety.”

“Now is not the time to be focusing on others. Try to save yourselves first!”

“Right! Eat lead you flying mother…” [Boom! Boom! Boom!]

The battle wasn’t going so well outside. With the crows sending aerial attacks from above coupled with the ground assault from the zombies, the humans were being drastically overwhelmed.

Within the inner region of the compound, Murdock was dodging falling ceiling debris as he tried his best to make it to safety with Alia and her baby brother. [Boom!] Suddenly, a crow burst through the ceiling and landed before Murdock; he clung tightly to the crying baby in his arms as he tried to wrap his head around what was currently taking place around him.

“Holy shit that’s a huge bird! Could the virus have caused them to mutate this big?”

“Mister, I’m scared.” Alia clung tightly to Murdock’s backside.

“Don’t worry Alia. We’re not going to die today.” Although he said this with much hubris, Murdock was about to shit his pants in fear, he even unwillingly farted in Alia’s face.

[Caw!] The crow identified a succulent human child crying away in Murdock’s arms. To remedy its salivating hunger, it pushed forth its pointy beak towards the baby, but its entire head got blown off before it could get there. [Boom!]

“Are you ok?” A soldier arrived just in time to rescue Murdock and the other survivors. Judging his muscularity, he said, “You look like a man who can handle a weapon. Take this.” He gave Murdock a massive gun and told him to defend himself against the crows and zombies.

“Alia hold him.” To better handle the big gun he was handed, Murdock gave the baby over to Alia then told her to stay close. “We’re getting the hell out of here! This place is infested with hostile presence.”

[Bang! Bang! Bang!] Leading the way for Alia and some other survivors, Murdock shot through all the ground obstacles that presented themselves in his path. He didn’t bother trying to hit any of the crows that were out of his reach, instead, he focused mainly on the zombies, trying to clear a path so he and the others could get to a suitable vehicle nearby.

“There is no end to these bastards! It’s as if they were waiting close by for this specific chance to gain entry inside the stronghold.” Murdock struggled to get to a suitable vehicle. The ones that he ran passed so far amid the chaos were either trampled or on fire.

[Boom! Boom! Boom!] The soldiers weren’t making victory easy for the legion of crows. Using every powerful weapon they had in their arsenal, they executed a barraged of explosive attacks against their feathery oppressors.

One of the crows on the front line became pissed that his comrades were falling from the skies in deadly droves. “KAAAW! Those damn bombers are killing our flock in droves. Uri, take care of their weapon.”

“Just leave it to me!” [Caw! Caw!] Receiving the go-ahead from her commander, Uri, the feminine crow descended towards the military barracks. “I’ll get rid of those filthy weapons.” [Whoosh!] Uri spread her wings mightily across the battlefield. Soon, she detached her feathers and sent them into the ethers. What the soldiers started witnessing next was a shocking occurrence.

[Clung! Clung! Bang!]

“What the hell is happening now? Our weapons? They are…?”

The soldiers felt the grip of their weapons slipping away from their grasp, moreover, witnessed the metallic presence in the vicinity getting sucked into the sky; even some zombies who had some form of metal strapped around them and lead stuck inside their bodies were getting sucked up.

“Magnetic Pull!” Uri increased the attractive intensity of her gathering feathers. Her feathery sorcery was indeed potent. Heavy armoured tankers, Howitzers, knives, guns, cans, computers, buses along with an array of other metallic bodies were getting pulled into the huge sphere of crushed metals forming in the sky.

“That feathery thing in the sky is sucking up all of our weapons. What do we do now?” 

“There is only one thing to do… RUN!” [Thud! Thud! Thud!]

Numerous soldiers began rushing to safety after witnessing the supernatural capabilities being exuded by the crow army. Murdock tried holding onto his gun but he eventually had to let it go. Some of the soldiers realized that it was too late for them to escape and attempted a suicide attack.

“I’m not going to die with my tail between my legs. Suck on this you bird bitches!” Before a metallic container filled with explosives could be sucked into the sky, this soldier removed the pin from a grenade and placed it into the ammo crate. Seconds later, he along with the crate was getting sucked into the magnetic focal point present in the sky. Immediately after making contact, a huge explosion formed that decimated the entire sphere along with several dozens of crows.


“Huh!” Looking above him as he made his way towards the collapsed barricade exit, Murdock saw countless birds on fire falling from the sky as well as deadly metallic debris. “Everyone! Look out for those projectiles!” Murdock grabbed Alia’s hand and increased his dashing pace. By a slim brush of death, he missed getting impaled by burning metal.

“I didn’t crawl out of my mother’s vagina to experience this shit.” Successfully making it outside the barricade, Murdock ran towards a military tanker that fell out of the sky not too long ago. Surprisingly enough, it was in good shape and operational. He and the other handful of survivors dashed inside and drove as far away as they possibly could from the town centre. As they were leaving, an army of dead presences was on their way towards the town centre. I guess they were attracted by the explosive noises coupled with burning flesh.

…… Elsewhere in the country of Orientals.

[Boom!] A couple of guards barged into President Chin’s private office while he was having a discussion with the world leaders via satellite feed and shouted, “President Chin! We’re under attack!”

“What do you mean?” President Chin was startled to hear this. “We’re under attack? Has the infected broken through our impenetrable fortress?”

“No Mister President. They aren’t the ones who are attacking us.”

“Then what is?” The moment President Chin asked this question, a violent crow crashed through the sidewall. Its malefic presence caused President Chin to burp and fart simultaneously due to his heightened fear.

“Mr Present, follow me!” [Bang! Bang! Bang!] The security guards open fire at the crow that crashed into the office. Afterwards, they dragged their president to safety. “Sir, let’s get you to the bunker!”

“Yes! Yes! Hurry!” Frightened President Chin looked through the side windows of the so-called impenetrable facility as he was on his way to the bunker. What his eyes beheld was a catastrophic anomaly that he never would have expected in a million years. “Where did all those large birds come from?” 

[Boom! Boom! Boom!] On the grassy lawn within the borders of the protected facility, the greenery was hardly recognized anymore; only an increasing dye of blood stained the land in rich Chinese red. The crows were viciously slaughtering the human resistance; eating their head off, moreover, sucking their entrails out. Yet they still weren’t satisfied.

“I need more meat!” A greedy crow was unrelentingly chewing on the viscera of a dead human with such zeal that it didn’t notice the many snipers aimed at its head from 200-metres away atop a roof, or did it?

[Boom!] Milliseconds after the snipers fired their rounds at the greedy crow, they witnessed something spectacular. The crow vanished into thin air only to reappear instantly behind the small squadron of snipers.

“Will you satisfy me?” [Caw!] The greedy crow acquired the attention of the startled snipers; they were very surprised by its presence behind them. With the crow now being so close to them, they switched to their handguns and began firing countless shots. However, they found it difficult to land a single bullet on its swift feathers.

“This one is super fast! We can’t lock on to it at all!” [Bang! Bang! Bang!]

“Where the hell did these bird freaks come from?” [Bang! Bang!]

“We can’t get a clean shot!” [Bang! Bang!]

[Caw!] Getting tired of playing around with the elite snipers, the greedy crow made a bold swing with its wings and lopped all 6 of their heads off simultaneous. Without waiting for them to hit the ground, the crow hurriedly swallowed them. [Gulp!]

…… Elsewhere in Europe

“AHHHH!” Prime Minister Noris was screaming for his life as he along with a small group of scientists and military personnel rushed inside a secure room just in time to avoid being spotted by the squadron of crows. “This entire country has gone to shit! The entire atmosphere outside is blanketed with vicious birds!”

“What would you have us do, Prime Minister Noris?”

“Ready the goddamn warheads! Prepared to fire on all selected locations.” Prime Minister Noris marked a couple of spots on the huge monitor inside the control room.

One of his allies wasn’t so please with one of the areas that he selected because he had family members residing in that area. “Prime Minister there are still a lot of uninfected people living in those areas.”

“I don’t give a flying shit!” Prime Minister Noris had lost his dignified countenance as well as his rational mind. It seems as if he had drastically aged by a decade or two. “Do as I say; prepare the warheads for launch! Originally, we were going to use them as currier for our latest antigen to wipe out the infected zones, but I guess we’ll just have to use it on these damn birds instead. Now fire!”

“Yes sir!” The persons around the control panel pushed the activation buttons. [Beep! Beep! Beep!] “The warheads are now deploying.”

[Whoosh! Whoosh!] Across the entire country, many underground compartments began opening up. They sent out myriads of deadly warheads towards the areas that Prime Minister Noris marked on the monitor. As if in sync, many other world leaders who had nuclear capabilities released their warheads almost at the same time. From an outer world perspective, the dark corners of the earth became illuminated with thousands of deadly bright brilliance.

The nuclear warheads reached the height of their ascended course, now they were turning to go downwards to impact their designated targets.

Back at the collapsed Monsterdam city where Murdock and the hand full of survivors were fleeing, Alia noticed a strange occurrence outside and informed the others. “What are those things coming from the sky?”

“You mean the birds?”

“No, look further up there.”

“Huh.” Murdock stopped the vehicle on a vacant roadway; he and the others got outside to get a better look at what was blindingly illuminating the evening sky. “I have a bad feeling about those shooting stars.”

“What do you think they might be, mister?”

“If I had to guess, I’d say those shooting stars are nuclear missiles.”

“Nuclear missiles! Then we better escape then!”

An elderly lady among them who managed to escape a near-death experience during the bombing of Hiroshima knew just how deadly one of those nukes could be. “It’s no use. We can’t outrun them. Only God can help us all now.”

[Caw! Caw! Caw!] During their coordinated raid on the human settlements, the crows noticed multiple falling presences from the sky that was way more potent than they could ever be. They tried to flee the blast radius but there was nowhere left in the sky for them to seek shelter. Many of them sought advice from their respective leaders.

“Emperor! Those humans have released their world-ending atomic bombs all over the globe! We’re all dead meat when those things detonate! Emperor can you hear me! Emperor, please answer me!”

Within his own chain of thought, Emperor Crow knew that the current situation of nukes bombarding the planet was also a part of the long-ago prophecy, one that had been kept hidden from the majority of the younger crows. There was nothing he could do about it with his limited powers, thus he transmitted this message to all the surrounding crows, “Trust in All-Mother.”

“All-mother!” “All-mother!” “All-mother!” “All-mother!”

Being in sync, every crow around the world calmed the flapping of their wings and put all their fate in the renowned All-mother. Billions of their collective consciousness exuded a formidable strength of manifestation which paved the way for the one and only true All-Mother to act.

[Swoosh! Swoosh!] Zooming in on the frosty environment of the North Pole and the South Pole of planet earth, a multidimensional crow was present simultaneously in both regions. Its almighty presence measured over 20 metres in height. She was darker than any negative presence of night aside from her beak and eyes that radiated energies brighter than the sun. This was All-Mother, the primordial essence that all known crows worshipped. The first embodied Prokeral God Crow!

All-Mother was aware of the current predicament that her daughter, Gaia was facing currently. Earth was set for annihilation in only a matter of seconds, yet, this realization did nothing to dampen her serene and calm disposition. 

Deciding to take action, she began spreading her glorious wings.

[Whoosh!] All-Mother’s wings were vastly widespread, moreover, very intimidating. Millions of her feathers started to separate and multiplied rapidly until they canvased 90% of the earth’s atmosphere. These special multidimensional feathers were seen only by her godly sight. Seconds after deployment, time seemed to have stopped in the entire galaxy. For a split instant, the sun’s radiance dimmed to a darkened state and rekindled with more explosive brilliance!

With the entire galaxy’s time/space in the plume of her feathers, All-Mother roused her powerful throat chakra and uttered, “Narak-Hak, Narak-Shak, Narak-Tak, Narak-Narak, Akmi-Toga!”

[Boom!] A most powerful frequency was unleashed across the entire globe. Time in the earthly perspective restarted. Every living creature was impacted by what All-Mother had released.

[Thud!] Murdock and the others fell to their knees. “This sensation… what is this presence that I’m feeling?”

“I can’t breathe.”

“I’m paralyzed? What in God’s name is happening to us?”

While the humans were baffled, only the crows were aware of what was going on. “There is no mistaking it. This presence is the All-Mother of Crows!”

“The All-Mother! Do you mean she’s here? But why can’t we see her?”

“Emperor, do you have any idea why this is?”

Emperor Crow said the first thing that came to his mind, “The All-Mother is everywhere and everything.” Shortly after saying this, the many nukes that were frozen in mid-air suddenly vanished into thin air followed by a strange anomaly that even the crows weren’t expecting.

[Boom! Boom! Boom!] A dark energy source began shooting upwards out of the mouths of the surviving humans as well as the infected zombies. Every living creature on the planet was experiencing this phenomenon; the dogs, cats, ants, mice, birds, butterflies, etc.

The dark energies were being sucked into a multidimensional portal. This phenomenon lasted only for a brief 30 seconds. Afterwards, everything seemed to have returned to normal, however, the crows could feel the inevitable change permeating the atmosphere.

“All-Mother, she’s done it! My fellow crows, a new era has begun!”

[Caw! Caw! Caw!] 

All around the globe, the crows were celebrating in unity; basking in their victory. The era of human dominion over mother earth has shifted into the new paradigm of empowered crows.