Chapter 1 Waking up

It was the strangest thing. I found myself to be within a castle. White stones seemed to glow in the light of flames from torches lining the hallway. I looked out through a small window. The sun had risen to the midden of the sky so it must have been close to noon. A carpet of crimson red lead me down the hallway into a throne room where all the furniture was made from red cherry wood. “This castle is of royal blue and white. So I think this place must be the castle of good.” I heard myself say. Although, I could not really say for certain. As I walk through the doorway and into the throne room I heard a loud bell and then suddenly I wake up.

I look around and realize it was a dream. I’m still in my tree house with my sister Bell. She is fast asleep. Thankfully when I woke up I didn’t wake up my sister. The bell tower close to our small forest was still ringing loudly, and it seemed to drone on for ages.

We live in the forest, to find my our house you need to be in the third row of trees then go to then count ten trees on the left. Even if you were to look up you still wouldn't see the house for it was hidden up in the tree. The branches of the tree high up covered the house to make it unseen. the branches make it so our house is not see and so we do not get caught by the guards. Living in the forest was forbidden but er had nowhere else to go to.

There is a mark on it it is a heart with words that say “Family is everything, friends may leave but your family will always be there no matter what”

We're older now, I’m fifteen years old and my sister Bell is nine years old. I had to grow up fast so I could take care of my sister Bell when she was a baby.

I’m Rosie, and you're probably wondering where our parents are. Well, that I couldn't really answer. Our parents have been missing ever since an incident that happened back when I was seven years old and my sister was one. I have no idea if they are still alive or not, and I have the feeling I might never know. They are still missing to this day.

Our house burnt down the same day and I believe someone lit it on fire. Some people have different theories about my parents disappearance and the house burning down, but none of them ever seemed to be backed up by evidence. In the end, I still don't know where they are.

Now and then Bell will ask "Where are our parents?". I tell her I have no clue. For now I just want her to be happy because she is so very young.

Before my parents disappeared, around the time I was five, they told me of the crystal that is within me. They told me how my crystal is white, so I have swan wings that are white. It also gives me great powers.

My sister must have a blue crystal within her because her wings are blue. I’ve tried to teach her to fly but she can’t get it. Who knows, maybe she's still too young.

Bell is such fun to be around, she is a sweetheart to everyone and she loves to be with friends and family. Bell has lots of friends but a small family, which is me. But Bell is not shameful of being a crystal user, unlike me. She doesn't care if people try to make fun of her, she just looks at them with a mean stare and they look away. I'm so proud of her.

I look at the calendar and see that today is Sunday, the last day of summer. Tomorrow is the first day of school for the both of us, and I felt a little nervous to say the least. Bell will be in the fifth grade while I’m in High school a sophomore when school starts.

My sister and I are in separate schools, so when she gets out first she spends her time at after school activities until I get there to pick her up. Then we go home together, stopping by her friends house or the Park to hang out.

People at school are going to make fun of me because I have pink and blue hair with pink eyes and a unusual mark on my arm. Most people usually have blonde, strawberry blonde, dirty blonde, red, or brown hair in this , so I stand out like a sore thumb.

My sister has brown hair like my parents. She seems so much more like them, her ability to think on her feet was a lot better than mine was.

I lay on the floor of our tree house, looking out the window into the sky. Every day seems to be harder than the last, and these small moments in the morning are all I have to let it all out. I cry softly, trying my hardest not to wake up my little sister. She doesn't need a crying older sister on top of everything else. I miss my parents so much...

The other kids often laugh at me, pointing and saying that I belong in a circus. I know they're wrong because sometimes I feel like I’m meant for something bigger! I’m just not sure what that is... Yet.

But for now I need to wake up my sister so we can get ready for the day. 

“All right Bell, it's time to get up" I gently tell my sister, wiping the last of my tears away before she can see anything. "We have a really long day ahead of us, so come on! Up you get!"

Bell raises one eyelid, looking at me tiredly. Once she sees my ready face and the sunlight streaming into through the window, she groans and rolls over in an effort to ignore me.

"It's too early to get up..." She groans loudly, trying to snuggle herself back into her blanket. "I'm going back to sleep..."

I roll my eyes, a cheeky smile on my face as I look at her stubbornness. I spoiled her way too much in the past, huh?

"Oh no you don't" I laughed, before tugging her blanket off her. Her only response was to groan and then stay exactly in the same spot. I rolled my eyes again, taking a sterner tone with her. "I love you, you know that, but you are getting up now"

Bell finally turns over to me, and I nearly cheer in victory until I see her trying her standard puppy dog eyes at me. Not to mention she's whining like one.

I roll my eyes again, thinking on how I can get past this part without too much arguing.... Aha!

"If you get up now, I'll make you pancakes"

She drops the puppy eyes, and once again I feel like I have won, until she slightly frowns.

"Special ones?" She asks, sounding like some shrewd business woman. Wow, who thought a eight year old could be so difficult to deal with sometimes.

"I'll put chocolate chips in them" I decide, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Whipped cream as well? Ooh! And chocolate syrup!"

I let out a hearty laugh, laughing at all the things she wanted on her pancakes. But hey, she seems plenty awake to me.

"Alright, we have a deal" I said, holding out a hand to shake hands. Bell had no problem doing that, grinning widely with her bright white teeth at me. "Get dressed, I'll make the pancakes downstairs"

Once we are both dressed and fed, I realized I have to get another thing done with her. Another one that she likely will argue over, but I know I can't make a deal with food for this one.

"You know what I'm going to say, right?" I asked her, seeing her frown at me. Yep, she knew exactly what this conversation was about.


"We have to teach you how to fly Bell"

"Do we have to?" She whines again, and I sigh softly in response to her whine.

"Yes if you want to fly than we really have to.."

She looks at me with her puppy dog eyes, which I gently shook my head at. She couldn't get away with it two times in a row, even if it didn't work the first time. I can see her brain working, trying to find some sort of excuse for why she shouldn't fly today. It wasn't the first time she did this after all, so I stopped her quickly with a raised hand.

"There is nothing you could say to change my mind" I say as sternly as I can to her, regretting it slightly when I see her frown turn into a glum one. "But, we can go and see your friend afterwards to make up for it, how does that sound?"

"Sounds good!" She exclaimed excitedly, jumping off her chair to run and grab her bag. "I'll race you!"

"Oh no you don't!"

We train in relative silence until it is ten in the morning, before I finally called her down from the sky to go and visit her friend.

We approach our two friends, Bell's friend Acionna smiles widely and waves excitedly at Bell as they run to hug each other. While my friend Coraline simply laughs and runs to hug me instead.

Both Bell and Acionna immediately run off to play in the water off the beach nearby, while me and Coraline run behind them to try and catch up.

Oh, did I forget to mention they were both princesses? I did, didn't I? Not to mention they belong to the ocean kingdom, hence they're unusual names. Acionna was a goddess of the sea, and Coraline has the word Coral in her name. Makes sense to me.

Both me and Coraline exchanged pleasantries, asking the usual questions about how we have been, how our day has been. You know, usual stuff.

"So, was there a reason you guys came down here?" Coraline asks me cheekily, gently poking me in the shoulder like she sometimes does. "Or are we just that pleasant to be around?"

"Well, I was wondering if you could take care of Bell while I got some school supplies" I asked, awkwardly playing with my hands, only relaxing when I saw her nod her head at my request. "Thank you so much! I promise I won't be long!"

I hug Bell quickly, telling her to be good for the two princesses, and she promises.

I leave her in their capable hands, before beginning to make my way to the store in town. I don't get too far without some excitement however, someone knocking me down harshly onto the ground.

"Ow! Who on earth would-

"Hey Rosie!" A familiar voice greeted me cheekily, sitting on me while I was still face down in the dirt. It had to be Nina, my other best friend besides Caroline.

All of my friends were not really normal, but Nina was different in the fact she had told me she was a Ninja. A really good one at that, she was often a better ninja than a friend.

"What was that for?!" I ask her, a little upset at being knocked down. "And can you please get off me?!"

"Did you forget what I told you last time I saw you?" Nina asked me, helping me up. When I nod my head at forgetting her words from before, she sighs. "I told you to always watch your back, because you never know when someone is going to sneak up behind you"

"Literally nobody else would sneak up behind me though" I pointed out, dusting myself off. She only really laughed at me pointing that out, nodding her head as though she was agreeing with me.

"Yeah, yeah that's true" She chuckles loudly, before stopping when she saw me still dusting myself off. What? The ground was dusty right there! "So yeah, what are you doing?"

"Well, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to the store to get some school supplies for me and my sister" I told her, pointing at the store a couple of blocks away from me. "Want to come along?"

"Why not, I have nothing better to do" She says simply with a shrug, moving herself to walk alongside me.

Once me and Nina got everything, we both went to pick up Bell from the princess sisters. I thank the both of them before taking my sisters hand and leading her home. Nina helps me with bringing everything else to the treehouse, before she too thanked us and left to do something else.

After dinner, which was Bell's favourite meal ever (Macaroni and cheese), I read the book the ugly duckling to her. I only had to get halfway through the book, before her eyelids flutter shut and I can hear the soft murmurs of sleep come from her lips. I kiss her goodnight, before getting myself ready for bed right next to her.

"I wish summer could last forever" I wished absentmindedly, thinking about our happy days all through summer. "I wish I didn't have to go back to that awful school, with all of those awful people"

But alas, summer can't last forever

Chapter 2 School

I’m in the same dream except this time there are people I try to talk to them, but they can’t hear me or see me so I explore. I see the king he is with his adviser talking about kingdom stuff that I don't understand. Then I saw something I could not believe but it was they were there. I didn’t want to believe it. How could it be, I see my parents and they see me, They walk away from me as if I wasn’t supposed to be there and like they are hiding something. I decide to run to them trying to catch up with them. Then I hear the Bells go off in the town next to us and I wake up.

I couldn't believe what I saw in my dream. It couldn't be really….. could it. They did look older then when I was a kid. But how, why, my parents look so really. Like they were there, but it was a dream…. there's no why they were their. Maybe it's just my mind mess with me. Yeah that's it, I'm I just messing me.

I look over at my sister, she still asleep.

“I whispered to myself what a sleepyhead.”

I wake up Bell and tell her to get ready for school. she wakes up like there's something exciting is going to happen today.

“How come I can never get you to get up like this usually.” As I say sarcastically as I look at her.

She says with a big smile.“That's because I get to see all my friends I haven't seen in along time”

I said to her, shaking my head “it's only been three months.”

Bell said while still whining “yeah….. but that's three months to Long!”

I roll my eyes”Ok, will someone's not going to have marshmallow treats in their lunch today if they keep being overdramatic.”

Then she looks at me with puppy dog eyes and begins to wine some more.

“Please can I have the marshmallow treats!”

I look at her and smile.

“On one condition you have to beat me to the downstairs for breakfast.”

Me and Bella race downstairs. I let her win because I want her to smile.

“Ha beat your first!”she said happily.

We have breakfast and I make us lunch for the day. then we walk to Bell’s school. I meet her teacher Mr. Scary I tell Bell to have a great day at school and to wait for me after school with Nina.

I should have told you the Nina also like to keep an eyes on the kids who have to wait for the parents. Lucky Nina knows me so she is happy to watch Bell for me.

Then I begin to walk to my school hoping to get a head start on school so I can find a spot to sit.

I’m at school sitting on a branch by myself. People are looking at me because I look different. But after several years I've gotten used to it, doesn't mean I like it. Just something you get used to afterwhile of people making fun of you,staring at you, and after some time you get used to it.

both my friends don't go to the same school I do. Nina goes to a ninja School. Will Caroline goes to a school under the sea.

Then I see a boy he look like he has no feeling. He has the pail skin color but then I realize he has black hair.

Then I see the Dark One, He say have a good or bad day my son. He must be the Dark One son Blake Dark Jr.

No one dare to mess with him. But when they see me they make fun and laugh at me because I’m different and look different.

I look at him he is cute and maybe even hot but I don’t have a chance. Then I see him walk up to me and sits next to me.

Blake says ¨hi I’m Blake Dark¨

¨ hi I’m Rose¨

Blake nobs ¨ you know I´ve never hear that type of name before, i think is a cute name ¨

Rose feels herself get flustered. ¨thank you Blake Dark, no one has ever say that one before¨

Blake looked around watching other people ¨just Blake¨

Then I ask the world's most stupid question in the world. Why do you say Dark at the end of your name does that mean your Dark?¨

He looks at me then the bell rings my question was never answer because I ran off filling stupid.

I go to find my locker it take a little bit but I find my locker. Then I find my class it is avasery I look to the board and every one has assigned sit’s I find my it is close to the back of the room.

Then the bell rings again and Blake Jr. walks in he sits in the back of the class room close to me.

The teacher tells us her name is Miss, Bronte. Miss, Bronte pass out popsicle sticks and tell us to write our name now them. We give her the sticks and she mixes them. Then she pair them.

She call my name then my partners name it’s Blake , The teacher pass out paper and tell us to learn about our partners.

We don’t talk to each other we trade papers he handed me a note. Is says.

The bell rings we switch papers and he doesn't say anything to me.

It seem that Blake was in most of my classes, and everytime he was right next to me. He seem to be late to his classes, I made it to my three class he doesn't seem to be here yet. 

A guy with blond hair¨Hey look is Circus girl.’Ha, you would think she would go back to where she belongs in a cage at the circus.¨

His friend starts to talk ¨Ha I think you right.¨

Than Blake had walked in and was standing right behind them, he for some reason starts to yell at them.

¨Hay both of you _________‘Put in any bad world that you think will fits’ less you what someone talking bad about you in your face I advise you stop what you guys are doing or else.

They looked at him with fear in the eyes. scared to find out the or else. Terrified they run off like little children running for a monster that they saw and didn't what to get caught by it. They ran as fast as they could away for Josiah. I could tell that everyone was afraid of Josiah but for some reason I wasn't. Was it because we understand each other and that sense we are similar I guess bird of the feather stick together. 

He sits right beside me this time, Blake looks at me

¨hey, don´t worry about them okay¨ Blake looks at the board and doesn't say another world.

Then the bell rings and it is lunchtime I go to my locker and grab my lunch, me and Blake split ways going in different ways. My nerves were starting to get the best of me. As i started to walk to Blake locker.

Chapter 3: The note that started it all!

I was confused without about, the prince of darkness wants to talk to me. Of all people… why, for all I know he could have just give me the note to make me look like a fool. Right now i'm really considering not going, just go somewhere else.

My phone gose off its but of my best friends I wander what they want.

Nina never messages me good bye or bye at all in that matter. I think it's because is scared of letting go or something like that. I put the phone back into my pocket, remembering about Blake and what he did for me. Kinda like what Nina did. Standing up for me she say she did it because she feel people should not pray on the weak. Ever since then she just wants to fight anyone who bullies me.

But Blake on the other hand defend me, he never give me a reason why he did it either. What if he just trying to be nice, and maybe even try to be my friend. He as no friend not that i saw, but then again his last name is dark… he seems to be just like me in some ways. I didn't even realized i have gotten to his locker in tell now. There only so much time I have to make up my mind if i'm am going to stay. His locker was completely painted black, it seem that he really likes the color black. I look around not seeing him.

¨maybe I should go...¨ Then I heard his voice.

Chapter 3.5 Blake perspective

¨hey, sorry I was a little late, i'm glad you came¨ Rosie turn around as I say this. She still looks the same as she did when she was a kid, but Rosie completely changed since she didn't have her parents. I feel really bad since i couldn't be around her. My father wish me not to be around her, sheś grown into her looks. She doesn't look like a child anymore…

She smiles at me ¨so why did you ask me to come here¨ her voice calm and smooth.

I look Rosie in the eyes ¨I was hoping me and you could be friends, if you wanted to be friend.. Can we?¨

Her eye light up a little, she somehow turns shy as she talks ¨I.. Well… i would ummm¨ she took a deep breath and speaks quietly ¨i would like to be your friend, but may i ask why you want to be friends with me.

I move in to my locker opening it as I look for my lunch as I respond to her question. ¨well i've been in the same class since for a long time, you and I are not as different as it may seem.¨

Rosie lean against the locker ¨you really think so?¨

I look at closing my locker with two different lunches in my hand ¨let just call it a hunch¨

She looks at the two lunches in my hands ¨why do you have two lunches?¨

I begin to walk she follows ¨well one has food and the other has sweets, i thought maybe me and you could sit together and have lunch¨

Rose walks next to me ¨i mean we can, I usually sit outside since it nice out there¨

¨i like the way you think¨

I let Rosie lead the way to a amazing looking tree in the back of the school “this place looks amazing” the flower above just about to bloom.

Rosie sits on the ground and pats a spout for me to sit at right next to her.

“Thanks Blake, it is amazing especially at this time”

“Yeah, it is” I open up my lunch and Rosie dose the same thing.

We both start eating lunch, finishing it then I give her a cookie. The bell rings we both clean up, then I give her a piece of paper “here is my number rosie so if you want to talk to me more.”

We both meet up at the end of the day to say goodbye before we left for the day.

Chapter 4: The dream

After school I say goodbye to Blake for the day, I head to the school to get my sister and head home.

Bell runs up to me ¨Rosie, Rose!¨

I pick her up with one swoup with my arms ¨yes, sister¨

Bell smiles brightly and hugs me tightly ¨I had so much fun and i made new friend¨

¨did you really what are there names?¨ I look at Bell as i walk holding her in my arms.

Bell things for a second¨umm…I don't really remember their names¨

I giggle a little ¨that's okay, how about we go home, you can do homework as I make you dinner¨

Bell looks at me ¨one i don't have homework and two what will you be making?¨

I look her in the eyes ¨how does homemade pizza sound?¨

Bell smiles brightly ¨yay¨

I set her down as we walk getting to the tree house. Bell claims up the tree fast. I fouled her up the tree closing the little hachech once I get inside. I get out the dough that was in the fridge permaded beforehand. Rolling it out into a circle, then getting some tomato sauce. Putting it on a little bit, grabbing the cheese. Bell come over and starts to help with stuffing the cross with cheese. I grab the pepperoni slices and start putting them on making the pizza look like a smiley face. Then lastly i put it in the oven to bake.

Bell looks up at me with big eyes ¨how long will it take¨

¨ten mins Bell, we can watch a show while we wait?¨

Bell runs to the tv before i could say anything more holding the remote ¨lets watch powerpuff girls¨

She turns on the show as i watch her. Waiting for the pizza to go off, after a bit the oven goes off, i grab my oven mites taking out the pizza and cutting it up. I plate it calling Bell telling her it was time to eat. We eat our food all gone.

¨oh okay it time to go bed bell¨

Bell nods and gose upstart, I clean up the kitchen then follow her soon. Seeing her was already asleep, i change and then head in to my bed. Then i drift asleep as soon as i hit my bed still think about what happened to day and becoming friend with blake.

I’m in the in another castle but not in the one before with all the light and no darks anywhere. This time it is black and dark the stones did not glisen nor did it shine, it seemed to be holding darkness with in the brick. I was standing on what looked to be a red carpet, or a really dark red one. There were no windows to look out of as if this place was trying to hide something with in there walls. I look closer at one of the walls it seem it use to have windows but they had them closed.

In some place I can see in others there are no lighting, the torches far apart to make completely black spots where anyone can hide in them and not be seen. They seem to be pitch black , it looked so dark you could proble cut it with a sharp sword.

In this place the feeling of death all around everywhere you when. The feeling of being watched was heavy, i could feel my heart beating faster the feeling of dread slowly rising over my courage. The dread slowly swallowing my courage to want to walk down the hall. The fear that someone maybe hiding in the shadows waiting to drag me in to it. I try to look down the hallway trying to see what could be there. To see if i could even seen anyone, I could only see as far as the six torch then it looked like the dark somehow got even darker.

I gather what courage that I still had and begin to walk to the dark spot in front of me. As i walk into the darkness letting out a sigh of relief when I get in to it. Seeing the the dread and the fear that I have was just a trick. As i feel a hand goes around onto my mouth, another arm around my arms and waist pulling on me into another room. They were stronger than i am as i fight back trying to get the person to let go.

Chapter 5: A friend

¨hey stop im trying to help you¨

I hear his voice… Blake's voice. I stop fighting back my breathing kinda slowing down. He lifts his hand off my mouth

¨Rosie as long as you don't scream we will be fine okay¨

I look back at Blake just to see if its really him. Blake looks at me with his dark eyes.

¨where did you come from Blake¨

¨I could ask you the same thing¨

I turn around to look at Blake ¨where am I¨

Black look at her in amazing ¨so you didn't walk here… and you don't know where you are...¨

¨Blake where am I at?¨ my voice sounding kinda shaky

¨your in the black castle at my home¨

I look around ¨well I´m sorry for being here, i don't know how i got here but i did. So just tell me they way to get out and I will go¨

Blake sits down ¨it doesn't work like that, sorry¨

I look at him ¨what do you mean ¨it doesn't work like that´?¨

¨ your asleep, but your mind also can transport yourself into a different spot then were your body is. Something or someone is on your mind when you fall asleep.¨

He watches me with his dark eyes, I could feel my cheeks heating up as he looks at me. ¨umm so does that mean i'm stuck here in tell i wake up?¨

Blake nods ¨you can stay in here in tell you awake up¨

I could see that the room i was in was a bedroom with two floors filled with books ¨is this your bedr-¨

Blake cut me off ¨yes this is my room, but there are too floor as you can see. I don't want my dad to see you, and don't worry there is a seconded bed up there¨

I go to the bed and sit on the egea ¨so how did you know about that thing¨

Blake sighs ¨I myself do that at times, i've learned to keep my mind clear when I go to sleep¨

Rosie looks at Blake ¨do you think you can teach me¨

He stands up walking to the bookshelf grabbing a book, then heading over to me. He heading me the book ¨you can read this while I get some rest up stairs¨

I look at him ¨wait are you not going to be here with me?¨

He founded a little ¨i kinda need sleep, once I fall asleep time will fly by¨

“If you say so”

Blake opens up his wings flying up to the next floor, he looks at me “goodnight Rosie”

There he disappears. I wait to see if he would come back but after some time he doesn't. I look at the book and begin to read that book he give me.

I read half the book before I go boroed then suddenly. I woke up in my room not holding the book and the bell going off to get people to wake up.

Chapter 6: - Learning more

I take my phone off the charger then grabbing the paper a phone number on it then messaging Blake.

I go down start after a bit he didn’t message me, I start on making food for me and Bell. Then I walk her up telling her it's time to get up and to get ready for school.

“Hey Bell get up it’s time to get ready for school”

Bell got up right away coming down the starts to eat eggs with bacon and toast. My phone goes off as Bell goes back up stairs.

I go up the stairs where my sister is with her clothing on, she younse sleepy.

“Big sissey”

“Yes Bell”

“Can we go see Acionna and Coraline”

I smile at her “I will see if there are willing to come over okay?”

Bell nods her head “I’m going to watch TV while I wait for you”

I quickly put one pink shirt with a heart in the center, then black legging and a blue skirt to go with it, lastly black boots. This outfit is my favorite outfit i have because both of my friends go me it. Nina got me the black boots and leggings. Coraline got me the shirt and skirt since they match my hair.

There was a knock on the door I quickly run down the stairs to the door. I sign to my sister to hide learning some ASL for stuff like this. I go to the door and say “what's the password”

There was only quietness than two knocks with a pueses then three. I sigh it's only nina.

“Nina come in, bell you can come out now it safe”

Nina walks in Bell runs over to her.

“Hey cutie, Hey Rosie, hopefully you don't mind if i walk with you to school”

I grub both me and Bells backpack “yeah I don’t mind at all the more the merrier, but next time can you message me?”

Nina nod yes as she picks up Bell.

“Nina piggyback ride” Bell say with a happy voice.

All of us start to head out going to school.

Chapter 7- Saving Friends

Nina walked me all the way to my school, Blake was waiting for me in the front. He saw Nina, then he walked up to me and her. Nina gladed at Blake, he keeps a blank face.

Blake extends his hand to Nina “hello, I’m Black Dark”

Nina looks at him “im Nina, so you friends with my Rose?”

I try to speak then she shh me making so I couldn't talk.

Blake nods “are you okay with that”

She walks around him “as long as you don't hurt her then you don't have to worry about me”

He turns around “I would never do that”

She nods, then she runs and jumps onto the roof then runs off disapress from view.

Black looks at me “well she interesting”

I nods “yeah, she is. She also a ninja”

Blake sarcastically say “no I couldn't tell.”

I smile “so you here early”

He smiles “yeah I am. You say you wanted to have help with understanding with the one thing from last night”

I nods then he hands me a book from last night. “Thanks, I didn’t finished it”

He nods “I know, since we have classes together, do you know if I walk you to all of them.”

Me and Blake walk to class together, reading the book and talking to him about it. He answer all my questions that I have, we also did all our work. No one had bothered me since I was with Blake, we had lunch together. He give me strawberry short cake it was really sweet of him. We started to trade food and drinks too. After school I meet up with Nina, my sister, Coraline and Acionna.

Bell and my Sister were playing around as we walked.

I looked at Nina then Coraline. Nina looks at Coraline then smiles . “soo Rose”

I look at Nina “What is it Nina”

Nina stops suddenly in front of me looking me in the eyes “ That guy you were hanging out with his he like your boyfriend or do you like him?”

Coraline looks at me “what what Rosie you have a boyfriend and you didn't tell me”

I glare at both of them “we are just friends, i just met him okay”

They both started teasing me. And they both started to say the same thing at the same time.

“Awww Rosie has a boyfriend” They both giggles

“I don’t have a boyfriend” there teasing me getting to me.

Corline looks at Nina “so what his name”

Nina looks at Corline “his name is Blake and he is the prince”

I lean agents the tree “come on me and Blake are just friends, please. I don't even know him”

Corline nods “okay fine but if you start dating him you have to tell us deal”

I look at the Acionna and Bell as they play on the slide. “Deal”

Caroline goes to her sister and Bell. Suddenly there was a big flashing light it was blinding making so you couldn't see anything there was a ringing I couldn't tell if it was coming from my brain or something else was making the sound. I go on to the ground curling up trying to make the ringing stop. After a bit it when away I get off the ground looking around seeing that Caroline, Acionna, and Bell were on the ground not getting up. Nina looked at me seeing I was okay we both go to the others.

I get up quickly going to Be worried, I listen to see if she was breathing and she was just not waking up. I do the same thing Acionna while Nina was checking up on Caroline.

“Nina what do we do they are not awake like we are”

Nina was things “I think we need to go to my Dojo maybe my Senseia will know, can you carry Bell and Acionna”

I scoop up Bell then Acionna both fitting in one arm“Yeah I can carry them”

Nina picks up Caroline “just keep up with me okay”

I nods my wings open up “I can always keep up if i'm flying”

Nina starts to run with Caroline in her arms, I fly above her. We both say a lot of other were on the ground not awake like our friends.