Fan Friction

Chapter 1

Lucy had been obsessed with Jonas since she was ten years old. And now she was sixteen, and having discovered her writing talent a few years ago, she was putting her talents to good use and posting her creations online. 


A notification from Twitter broke Lucy’s train of thought. She pickled up her phone to see that Jonas had Tweeted.

Hi guys, Jonas here. Just letting you guys know that I’m doing a LIVE tour soon! More info very soon!

Lucy squealed with excitement. A live tour! There was no doubt that she would be purchasing tickets. And who knows, maybe she could meet Jonas there!

Lucy snapped herself out of her daydream and concentrated on the task at hand. She had to get this Jonas fanfiction just right. And she had to post soon; her ‘fans’ had been pestering her for the past week about posting a new update. Lucy laughed at the idea of her having fans. Jonas was supposed to be the one with the fans, not her!


“You OK, Luce?” Lucy’s dad asked, poking his head round the door.

Lucy nodded. “Just writing.”

“Well, dinner’s nearly ready, when you are.” He closed the door behind him.

Lucy shook her head, and returned to her laptop screen. She took a few minutes, just staring at her laptop screen, wondering what to type next. But then she had a thought. Maybe somehow, if she could get Jonas to notice her fanfictions, he’d notice her and agree to meet her!

It was a long shot, that’s for sure, but it was a chance she had to take.


Amber Williams was immensely excited at the prospect of Jonas doing a live tour. She called Jonas as soon as she heard the news.

“I just saw your Tweet,” gushed Amber. “Where are you going on your tour?”

“All over,” said Jonas. “I haven’t got the dates yet but as soon as I know, you’ll know.”

Amber was silent for a few moments. She knew she wanted Jonas to ask her to tag along, but she didn’t want to seem like she was imposing.

But then, after a few moments of silence, Jonas said, “Would you like to come along for the ride?”

Amber squealed silently - if that was even possible. “There’s nothing I would want more,” she gushed down the phone to Jonas.

“I’ll ask Daisy if she wants to come too.”

Amber was super excited at the prospect of seeing Daisy again.

“So, um, how’s Rachel?”

Jonas sighed. A year after their wedding, he and Rachel hadn’t been getting along the best lately. “She’s OK, I think.”

“What’s wrong, Jonas?”

Jonas shook his head. “Nothing, nothing. It’s just that I’m so excited for this tour.”

“Not as excited as I am. Listen, I have to leave for a babysitting job. I’ll call you later on.”

“OK. See you soon, Amber.”

“Bye!” She hung up.

Chapter 2

Once the tour dates had been announced on Twitter, Jonas called Amber to give her the good news.

planning for his tour, she told herself. She tried to forget about it as she walked to school, but she couldn’t.

All throughout the school day Lucy was dreaming up new concepts for Jonas stories. She tried to concentrate on the lessons in front of her, but her thoughts were elsewhere. It was dangerous territory; she was studying for her exams and really wanted to get good grades. But her obsession with Jonas clouded her judgement and invaded her every thought.

Lucy was relieved by the time the final bell rang. She told herself she would send another Tweet to Jonas, just to see if he would answer her.

When Lucy got home she thought carefully about what kind of Tweet she would send Jonas. She carefully penned it out:

Hi, Jonas. I’m Lucy and I’m a huge fan. Please could you take a look at my fanfictions I’ve written about you?

There, she thought, that should do it. Obviously Jonas had a choice whether to reply to her or not, but Lucy was sure that if he didn’t she’d have to resort to Plan B.

Whatever that was.


Jonas was indeed planning and getting ready for his tour. He hardly had a chance to check his socials, but somehow, he found the time.

He saw that a girl named Lucy had Tweeted him, asking him to read some of her fanfictions. Now, Jonas was a very busy man and didn’t normally have time to read fanfictions. And even if he did, he would feel extremely weird about having stories written about him.

Jonas mentally discarded the Tweet and didn’t think any more about it. Besides, he had bigger things to worry about, like announcing his tour dates.

Once the tour dates had been announced on Twitter, Jonas called Amber to give her the good news.

“Good news,” he said. “We’re coming to Braun!”

“Yay!” squealed Amber.

“But it doesn’t matter though, because you’re coming along throughout the whole tour.”

“I know, but I’m so excited to see you in my hometown,” said Amber.

“I’m looking forward to coming there,” said Jonas.

“What are you going to be doing on this tour?”

“A bit of comedy, a bit of singing, a bit of everything!”

“I love it when you sing,” Amber gushed, and then she blushed, thinking she’d embarrassed Jonas.

Jonas blushed too. “That’s good because I’m writing a few new songs for this tour.”

Amber silently and excitedly jumped up and down. 


“I’m here, Jonas. I’m so excited!”

“So am I. Well, I’ve got to go and continue my organising for the tour. See you later, Amber.” 

“Bye!” Amber hung up.

As Amber put her phone down, she couldn’t help but feel how lucky she was. The only thing missing in her life, she told herself, was a love of her own.

Maybe it would come, one day...

Chapter 3

“I don’t understand why you have to do this tour,” said Rachel.

“Rach, it’s for my fans, and my fans mean a lot to me.”

“More than me?”

“Of course not,” said Jonas, snaking his arms around Rachel’s waist and kissing her softly.

Rachel backed away. “Jonas, don’t you think we need some time to ourselves? Just you and me?”

Jonas didn’t say anything.

“It’s just that, since we got married, it’s almost like I haven’t seen you.” Rachel folded her arms.

“I’m sorry, Rach, it’s just that I’m very busy. My fans need me.”

Ineed you,” said Rachel.

“I know, and you know you’ll be there on the tour every step of the way.”

“But I want us to settle down in one place. I want to have children.”

Suddenly Jonas tensed up. This is the first time Rachel had mentioned the ‘C’ word and it really made Jonas feel uncomfortable.

He tried to change the subject, but Rachel was having none of it.

“Jonas, I need to be alone,” said Rachel suddenly.

Jonas watched Rachel walk into the bedroom of their first-floor apartment. He didn’t try to stop her.

Jonas needed someone to talk to. He knew there was only one person he could truly talk to about anything. Amber. He punched her number into his iPhone keypad.

“Hi, Jonas.” Amber sounded surprised.

“Hi, Amber, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

Jonas sighed. “Rachel and I just had a bit of an argument. She’s currently not talking to me.”

“Aww, I’m sorry, Jonas. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t think we’re going to last.”

Amber felt her stomach drop. All the time she had known Jonas, he had been with Rachel. She knew how much he loved her. She felt sorry for him.

“What were you arguing about, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Rachel said she wants to have children,” Jonas could barely say the word. “And I really don’t.”

“Why not?”

“My lifestyle wouldn’t allow it,” Jonas explained. “Too much touring and stuff.”

“I understand,” said Amber.

“Y-you do?” stammered Jonas.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s not for everyone.”

“Thank you for understanding, Amber.”

“You’re welcome. I have a babysitting job I’m gonna be late for. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye!”

“Bye, Amber.” Jonas hung up.

After he hung up, Jonas couldn’t stop thinking about Amber. She was a great girl, that was for sure.

Chapter 4

Lucy studied the dates for Jonas’ tour. She knew she had to convince her dad to take her to one of them, but she also knew that he had no idea how she felt about Jonas James. 

Lucy made her way downstairs, and sat on the sofa in the living room.

Lucy cleared her throat. “Dad,” she said. “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Dad looked up from his newspaper. “What is it?”

“Well, there’s this person I like. Jonas James.” Lucy’s voice trembled as she said his name. “And he’s doing a tour.”

Dad nodded to show he was still listening.

“So I was wondering if you could take me?” Lucy’s voice went up in a sing-song fashion.

Dad put his newspaper down. “How much are the tickets?”

“I-I’m not sure,” stammered Lucy.

“Well, I suppose I could…”

Lucy started to smile broadly.

“OK, we’ll go.”

Lucy squealed loudly. “Thank you, Dad. This means so much to me.” She raced back upstairs to Tweet Jonas the good news.


Jonas was almost finished packing for his tour. Rachel was coming with him, but she did so semi-reluctantly.

After loading his things onto the private jet, Jonas strapped himself into one of the seats. The first stop on the tour was Braun - Jonas’ manager, Frank, had done that on purpose, he was sure. Jonas was looking forward to seeing Amber again - even more so than he had done before, for some reason.

A few hours later the plane touched down in Braun. Amber was there to meet Jonas at the airport.

Amber flung her arms around Jonas as soon as he got off the plane. As always she felt her heart flutter as she did. “It’s so good to see you!” she exclaimed.

“It’s good to see you too!” said Jonas. 

After checking in they were driven to a hotel where Jonas would be staying. 

Soon it was time for Amber to leave. She was due to be on a babysitting job in thirty minutes.

“I’ll see you at the show tomorrow,” said Amber.

“Looking forward to that,” said Jonas, and he meant it

Chapter 5


This time she did actually get a reply. She guessed that Jonas had some time to himself. But the reply was nothing but the thumbs-up emoji. Lucy felt disappointed. But she also knew that she would be seeing him live soon, and she had a plan to make him take notice of her.


The day of the Braun show had arrived. Amber could hardly contain her excitement. She carefully picked out her outfit for the day. A red vest top and jeans. It was the height of summer and quite warm. She slipped on her sneakers and kissed her Mom goodbye. She left the house with a content smile on her face. Inside, however, her stomach was going crazy. Even after all the time she’d spent with Jonas, she was still immensely excited to be seeing him again.

Amber arrived at the theater and took her seat. She didn’t want to bother Jonas while he was getting ready for his show. She switched her phone to silent so there wouldn’t be any distractions.

The theater was packed out. Maybe Jonas has more fans than he thought, Amber thought to herself. It made her smile to think that there were other people who loved Jonas just as much as she did.

The show was amazing. Jonas did a lot of comedy, which had Amber practically rolling on the floor laughing. He also sang some of his new songs he’d been working on. Amber loved them all.

When the show was over, Amber headed backstage to hang out with Jonas. She knocked on his dressing room door. He answered not long after. Amber once again flung her arms around him, and her heart fluttered again.

“You were amazing,” she gushed.

“Thank you so much,” said Jonas.

“I  can’t wait for the rest of the tour. So, um, how are you and Rachel?”

Jonas sighed. “Still going through a rough patch. I don’t know if we’ll ever make things better.”

“I’m so sorry,” said Amber.

Jonas exited the dressing room and closed the door behind him. “I just can’t give her what she wants.”

“Listen, Jonas, it’s a very personal choice, the choice to have children. One that there’s no easy way out of if you get it wrong.”

“I know. I don’t want to feel trapped.”

“I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for both of you.”

“Thanks. You know, maybe we should hang out sometime, just you and me.” Where did that come from? Jonas thought to himself.

Amber’s stomach did a little flip. She tried to keep her composure. “Yeah,” she stammered. “That would be great.”

“Well, I’m gonna go get some much needed rest. See you tomorrow, Amber.”

Amber always felt a little sad when Jonas said goodbye to her, but she knew it wouldn’t be long before she saw him again. Jonas closed the door, and Amber made her way home

Chapter 6

This time they were headed to Placy Lake, USA. It was about two hours’ flight from Braun. Amber had never been there before. She was excited to be going somewhere new.

Amber had a free ticket to each show on the tour. She often chatted to the people sitting next to her, and today was no exception. 

“You a big fan of Jonas?” she asked the girl sitting next to her at the theater.

The girl nodded. “I just wish I could get him to notice me, though. I write fanfictions about him and have been Tweeting them to him, but he won’t reply.”

Amber looked around, as if she were about to spill a big secret, and said. “Maybe I could put a good word in for you. Stick with me.”

The girl gasped. “Wow, thanks! I’m Lucy, by the way.”

“I’m Amber, and I’ve been hanging out with Jonas for the past couple of years.”

“That’s incredible,” Lucy said. 

Amber nodded. “It has been. And I get to come to every date on the tour.”

“Did you hear that, Dad?” Lucy suddenly said to the middle-aged man sitting next to her. “Amber’s good friends with Jonas.”

“Well,” said Amber. “I just hang out with him in between shows.”

“That’s amazing,” Lucy said. She could hardly believe it. She cleared her throat. “Would you be able to sneak me backstage?”

Amber sighed. “I could try.”

Lucy clapped her hands quickly as excitement took hold. “Thank you, Amber. You’re amazing.”

Amber blushed. “I try. Hope you enjoy the show.”

“I’m sure I will,” said Lucy.


Amber managed to sneak Lucy backstage after the show. It was something she was used to, after all, she had done the same with Daisy. Amber felt she missed Daisy. She couldn’t wait till the tour stopped by her neck of the woods so she could see her.

“Wait here,” Amber said to Lucy. She knocked on Jonas’ dressing room door.

Jonas answered a few moments later. “Hi Amber,” he said. He was a little taken aback when he saw Lucy. “Who’s this?”

“This is Lucy,” Amber said. “She’s a huge fan.”

“Is this Daisy all over again?”

Amber nodded. “Pretty much.”

Jonas pulled Amber aside. “I can’t have too many fans tagging along on the tour!”

Amber laughed. “She’s cool. She’s written some fanfictions about you.”

And then the penny dropped for Jonas. Lucy was the girl sending him the fanfiction stories!

“Have you been Tweeting me recently?” Jonas asked Lucy.

Lucy nodded. “You remembered!”

“How could I forget?” said Jonas. “Your stories are… quite something…”

Lucy blushed. “I’m sorry if they’ve made you feel uncomfortable.”

“No, no, not at all,” said Jonas. “You keep writing them and I’ll keep reading them.”

Lucy blushed again, and giggled. “I will!”

“So,” Amber said, “can Lucy hang out with us?”

Jonas put his hands behind his head. He wasn’t sure. But then again… maybe having another fan around wouldn’t be so bad?

“OK, sure,” said Jonas, and Lucy squealed a little.

“By the way,” said Lucy. “Who’s Daisy?”

Chapter 7

The next stop on the tour was London, England, where Jonas was from. They would also be meeting Daisy there. Lucy was excited to meet Daisy. But perhaps not quite as much as Amber was. Amber hadn’t seen Daisy in about a year, and she missed her terribly.

The plane touched down in London and Lucy was amazed to see how different it was from the US. They got off the jet and checked into a hotel.

No sooner had they checked into the hotel were they on the way to Daisy’s house to pick her up, Daisy had been studying at college the entire year, so she could use the welcome break and maybe a little adventure too.

When Amber saw Daisy she ran up to her and flung her arms around her. “I’m so happy to see you!” she gushed.

“I’m happy to see you too!” said Daisy.  Then she turned to Lucy. “Who’s this?”

“This is Lucy,” said Amber. “We met her when we were in Placy Lake.”

“Where’s Placy Lake?” asked Daisy.

“A really small town in the US,” said Lucy. “Not much goes on there, it’s kinda boring.”

“Well, you’ll love London then,” said Daisy.

“How long have you lived here?” asked Lucy.

“All my life,” said Daisy.

“Why don’t you three girls get to know each other,” said Jonas. “I’m heading back to the hotel to get some rest.”

Amber thought that was a great idea.


Amber, Daisy and Lucy went to a little cafe on the high street. It was the perfect place to get to know each other.

“I’ve been a Jonas fan since I was ten years old,” said Lucy. 

“Pretty similar to me,” said Daisy. “I used to love his TV show, the first one he did.”

“I discovered him on YouTube,” said Amber.

“How’d you manage to, like, hang out with him?” asked Lucy.

“I did something really crazy.”

Lucy moved forward in her chair. “I’m listening.”

“I traveled half way round the world to find him. And I did. And he hasn’t been able to get rid of me since.”

Daisy and Lucy both laughed.

“Thanks for putting in a good word about me,” said Lucy.

“No problem,” said Amber. “Any fan of Jonas’ is a friend of mine.”

Lucy sighed. “I just love him so much.”

Suddenly Amber’s phone started to ring. She picked it up and examined the screen. It was Jonas.

“Hey, Jonas, what’s up?”

“I don’t know how to say this,” said Jonas, his voice trembling.

“What?” asked Amber.

“I’ve had another argument with Rachel. She’s stormed out of the hotel room. She says she’s going to stay at her mum’s house for a while. We’re over, Amber.”

Amber felt tears come to her eyes. “Is this about the same thing it was before?” she sniffed.

“Partly. And partly because she doesn’t want me to do this tour. She wanted me to spend more time with her. At least, she did till she stormed out.”

“Oh, Jonas, I’m so sorry,” Amber said, a tear falling down her cheek.

“What’s up?” Daisy mouthed.

“Could you come over to the hotel for a while, just for emotional support?” asked Jonas.

“Of course,” said Amber, looking at her two friends. She didn’t want to leave them, but Jonas needed her.

Amber hung up after saying goodbye. “Jonas and Rachel have broken up. I’m going over to the hotel to be with Jonas while he gathers his thoughts.” Amber got up from the table and walked away.

Daisy and Lucy exchanged looks. What was going on?

Chapter 8

“How have you been holding up?” asked Amber.

“I don’t know what to do,” sighed Jonas. He looked Amber in the eyes. “Have you been crying?”

Amber covered her face with her hands. “I feel a lot for you and Rachel.”

Jonas pulled Amber into a hug. “It’s gonna be OK,” he said.

“I should be the one saying that to you!” Amber laughed through her tears.

“Like I said, I just don’t know what to do.”

“Well, I’m here for you.” Amber subconsciously put her hand on Jonas’. He didn’t move away.

“Thank you, Amber. I need someone right now.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a good few minutes. Then Jonas moved in, kissing Amber. Again, she didn’t hold back.

“Wow,” Amber said, breaking away.

Jonas paused for a minute. Then he said, “I’m more confused than ever right now.”

“Don’t be confused, Jonas. I really like you. You know I do.”

Jonas kissed Amber again. “Thank you for being there for me.”

“Listen, I have to get back to Lucy and Daisy, but I’ll be back soon.” She kissed him once more, and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Amber felt nervous excitement bubbling up inside her. Had that really just happened? Had Jonas really just kissed her? Twice? She felt giddy with emotion.

She left with a warm glow setting in, and she smiled happily to herself.


It had been a week since Jonas kissed Amber and she still hadn’t told Daisy or Lucy. She didn’t want them to get jealous.

But she would have to say something at some point. She was wandering around with her head in the clouds and a content smile on her face, and Daisy and Lucy were wondering what was wrong.

Suddenly Amber’s phone began to buzz. She picked it up and examined the screen. It was Jonas. Amber’s heart leapt. She hadn’t heard from him properly since that day in his hotel room.

“H-Hi, Jonas,” Amber stammered.

“Did that really happen a week ago?”

Amber knew instantly what he was talking about. “Well, we both experienced it, so I’d say yes.”

“I’m so confused,” said Jonas.

“I am too. A little.”

Jonas said nothing for a few moments.

“Listen, Jonas. I really like you.”

“In all honesty,” Jonas sighed, “I really like you too, Amber.”

Amber’s stomach did a little flip.

“But I’m not sure I’m ready for another relationship yet,” said Jonas.

“I understand,” said Amber, though inside her heart sank.

“I still feel like we need to talk about things. Can you come over?”

“OK. But you can’t kiss me again and leave me hanging like that. Deal?”


Chapter 9

hoped would happen. And then she hoped he would ask her out.

Amber knocked on Jonas’ hotel room door and he let her in.

“OK, so what happened the other day?” asked Jonas.

“You’ve forgotten already?” said Amber, half-jokingly.

“No, I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.”

Amber nodded. “You kissed me. Twice. And then I kissed you.”

“Right. Why do I feel so confused?”

“Probably because you’re still grieving over your relationship with Rachel.”

“I’m not sure if I am,” said Jonas. “I mean, I miss her, don’t get me wrong, but I also feel kind of relieved.”

“Is this about the kids thing?”

Jonas nodded.

Amber took Jonas’ hands in hers, and she felt a shiver as she did. “Look. The choice whether to have children or not is your choice, and your choice alone. No one should make you feel pressured into anything.”

“What’s your stance on it?”


“I mean, do youwant to have children? In the future, I mean.”

Amber nodded again to show she understood. Then she sighed. “I mean, when you’re a babysitter, that’s pretty good birth control. If you know what I mean. Plus I don’t really like the idea of giving birth.”

They both laughed.

Jonas looked into Amber’s eyes. “I really do like you, Amber.”

Without thinking what she was doing, Amber moved closer to Jonas, and it wasn’t long before her lips met his again.

“I know we said we wouldn’t do that,” she said, breaking away.

“Did we?”

Amber shook her head, for she couldn’t quite remember what they had agreed, if anything. Then she kissed him again.

She gently ruffled his strawberry blonde hair with her hand. “I can’t let this go.”

Jonas took Amber’s hand in his. “Me neither.”

They kissed once more, and headed out of the hotel room hand in hand.


Amber didn’t know what she was going to tell Daisy and Lucy. She knew they would be jealous, but she also knew this was an opportunity not to be missed.

It was soon time to get on the plane and travel to the next stop on the tour. Amber planned to reveal all to her friends soon after they landed.

She waited till after Jonas’ show. They were all going to lunch at a nice restaurant, and this is where Amber planned to tell them the truth.

As they were sitting down at the table Amber took a deep breath. “As you know, I’ve been spending more and more time with Jonas lately, since his split from Rachel.”

Daisy and Lucy exchanged looks.

Jonas cleared his throat. “The truth is,” he said, “that Amber and I are now a couple.”

Amber looked down, embarrassed. She couldn’t meet her friends’ gazes.

Jonas put his hand on Amber’s and squeezed it gently.

“So… where does this leave us?” asked Daisy.

Amber bit her lip. “I honestly don’t know,” she said.

“You’re both very welcome to continue on the tour with us,” said Jonas, “but we understand if you feel uncomfortable.”

Daisy and Lucy looked at each other again. Amber still couldn’t meet their gazes.

A few moments of silence followed. Finally, Lucy cleared her throat. “Well, I think it’s great for the two of you, and I personally want to continue with the tour.”

Daisy nodded. “I second this.”

Amber breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you, both of you.”

“You have no idea what your support means to us,” said Jonas.

“Just no public displays of affection in front of us,” Daisy said half jokingly.

“I think we can manage that,” said Jonas.