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Nothing, but excellence extraordinary should touch it. The vitiating handle of mediocrity must never ever be allowed an audience. The purpose need always be ensconced on the high pedestal of what the brilliance of precious elements installs. When the enchantressweaves the mesmerizing magic of potentials, stupidities of patchy and parsimonious propensities shouldn’t extend witness. The potentials have the transcendental stamp of definitive immensity of worthiness and utmost utility. It has the sovereign seal and signature of the


Words Must Be Forgiven… Restrictive Competence of

Vocabulary-Dependent Expressions Must Be Excused.

We Are Talking Intimacy – The Language Of

Consciousnesses! May the


Lend Her

Magicality for Optimal Fruition of the Enterprise…


674592374560213. This probably is the number of romance novels already written so far in the long history of humanity. Where then is this stupid need to add another! You too may have read as many; you probably don’t even remember the count. Why should you waste time and energy on another? They presumably are all the same – a man, a woman, their attitudes, idiosyncrasies, conflicts, the unending platitudes of one-upmanship and game-gimmicks, situational twist and turn, milieu-specifics, abstractions of acceptances and absurdities of author-orchestrations of fantasies and imagination-engineering. You probably have read the classics, the recommended, the popular, the trending, et al. Why then this another addition; that too by a male; tragically a 52 year old?

Hmm…! The legitimacy of this inquisition is regal. The answer must be worth more than a kingdom. Life is too precious and ephemeral to waste on anything less than imperially ornate and genuinely creditable…

Somehow, any question, though valid on its own, is only a derivative emergence from the parentage of all questions – the core and singular question. This primeval and transcendental question is – What is worth? What makes anything worthy? Well; thousands of years, millions of men and women, billions of wise words and unending ideas, et al have not yet arrived at a singular indisputable answer. Why?

Yes; now we have come to the pre-stateof all questions – the one, which is the seed of all questions and therefore the probable singular answer. There can never be anything singular in human world of existences because,

Realitymay be what it is; it is always contextual and relativistic to subjective, personal consciousness of different men and women. Naturally, when

Realityis perceived differently by 7.5 billion people of our world, there is nothing singular – be it worth or utility.

Love, intimacy, man-woman relationship, couple-consciousness, togetherness, mutuality, et al have infinite shades because, Realityis perceived in infinite shades. It is because of the way our consciousness has been designed to have different cognition, depending upon personal and subjective elements of body-mind-milieu constitution. It is this acceptance; about

Reality, Consciousnessand

Cognition, which takes everything about intimacy, love and romance to a new level of worth and utility, which is truly majestic. When you can decipher the Seed-Realityof all probable shades of

Fruitionsof intimacy and love; you emerge as the true genius of everythingness of man-woman probabilities.

… won’t you love to be this genius and decode the parentage of all 674592374560213 shades of romance causalities so far and yet; become the Seedof another 674592374560213 in your lifetime? What then you are waiting for! Welcome…


At The Very Outset…

It is a huge facility and opportunity that more than 80 percent of romance readers are women. Why? Because, sanity and rationality has better potentials with feminine cognition, especially, when it comes to Realityof

Intimacy. Why? Ask evolution; ask the design of the ‘media’ of consciousness…

The author is sure; the essence of the intent of the content of this eBook shall blossom in the compassionate and assimilative cognitions of my worthy women readers. Why? Ask the cosmic construct, which has chosen the Realityto unravel its most munificently genuine elements, primarily this way…

This symphony of elemental intimacy is dedicated to the contemporary empowered women, their innate sense of sanity and ‘connect’, with the finality of reality…

Thanks For Your Magnanimity, The Story Begins Now...

Nothing works. No meaning; worth either. Rather, nothing else seems to exist…!

But then; nothingness, in its magnanimous holism and munificent entirety, is optimal, resplendently rewarding; if not perfect…

It is a Black Holesituation. Everything is pulled down to the

pointed-nessof the centrality of ultimate eventuality. The finality of nothingness is so colossally intense and formidable; it melts all

being-ness. All probabilities of diversities of Realityend and what possibly remains is; singularity of situation…

The mass, the gravitational force, the barycenter; leaves everything mesmerized and enslaved to the pointed-ness of finality. Nothing can escape it…! The Black Holefinality is the destiny. The randomization of entropic probabilities schematically settles for this ultimate-end. The Reality is so magically and beautifully

warped, nothing can escape it; nobody wants to…!

This enchantresshas the

Black Holecharisma. The mystical marvel of the mechanismic magicality of her finality is inescapable; who wants to…!

Consciousness is authoritative too. It’s a warrior; has to be, it must… Marvelously armed; with resolve, reason, purpose, prudence, evolved rationality, et al. Consciousness; in its evolved and poised optimality, is no drifting planet; it is a shining star of the galaxy. Consciousness has its own mega mass of reason, the gravitation of resolve and the potential to warpthe time-space fabric of Reality too; in its own inimitable ways.

But then, the finality is inescapable. Nothing works, when the enchantressenters the frame; her

black hole magicality begins to script the epilogue of eventuality…!

Rather, the Consciousness itself happily acquiesces to be the amicable accomplice of the enchantress. Her magical warpingensures; everything is in audience and perfect symmetry of the


The Consciousness; in genericstate, is just a malleable

media. The enchantresshas the design well at place and her mystical magic runs through the media; even if the consciousness has

specificityof cognition. The inventiveness and asymmetrical artistry of playfulness of the consciousness, in the theatre of worldly confusion and chaos itself, is the spectacle of the

enchantress. The unfathomable and inexplicable cognition of men and women to extricate something meaningfully and intuitively enjoyable, even amid the over-encompassing transient and mortal life-living realism is the ostensible orchestration of the enchantress.

The enchantressplays out her rainbowish

tricksand tantrums

in the circus of life and everyone is happily part of the show’s symmetry. Some may laugh, some may weep but all participate in this show. Truth; the Reality, also applauds along with the audience. Everyone is happy and thrilled! Entropy and randomizations seed the razzmatazz of probabilities. What is untrue and useless, even when the show of the circus is transient and ephemeral? The enchantresshas the authoritative magic wand; she can and does

warpthe Reality…!

Men and women are presumptuous protagonistsof infinite shades of cognitions that their consciousnesses may come up with, to lend handsomeness to the myriad expression of Reality. The richness, the opulence and diversity of the personal parentheses must add royalty to the show. When the

enchantressis at the reign, nothing mediocre must touch the empire of excellence.

Women and men must evolve to the brilliance; when the curtains are moved, stage is set and the show must begin. This mortal world of precarious eventualities, with entrenched propensities for wastefulness of all attainments, has joys and ecstasy like scratching an itch. It begins with euphoria, peaks as orgasmic gratification and always ends in gashed and wounded skin and; blood in hands. Those evolved women and men of brilliance, who have arrived before they begin, consciously remain invested in the singular utility and worth of intimacy of togetherness. Their journey is infinite extension and expansion of their arrival

… our woman and man; they now arrive. Their journey begins…

She has been around for a while, and he has not been oblivious of it. Rather, in his first passing look at her, he was not only not impressed, but somehow disapproving of her physicality. He felt, she looked awkward. Why, how? He wasn’t even interested; probably too preoccupied with his other investments of life-living. It was just a passing feeling, a normal registry of subconscious brain state; nothing very specific.

She probably has not even noticed him. They however exist in the same galaxy.

Probabilities have a pre-state. They do not happen in vacuum. But then, even vacuum has oscillations. Oscillations have the potential; all probabilities seek survival and sustenance from potentials. What then is this potential…?

Miracles happen in the pre-state. It is a womb of probabilities, not visible and perceivable to stupidly designed sensory capacities of men and women. When the fruition of probabilities happens, it presents itself as magicand marvel. Average consciousness has no choice but to accept it that way. Human world is therefore, full of

magicand there are always huge acceptance of it. Few men and women of genius however, have the evolved higher consciousness to unravel the marvel…

The galaxy of probabilities and its pre-stateis the colossal cosmic construct itself. The consciousness is innately designed to flourish in marvel and mysticism. Consciousness remains invested in its own beliefs and often finds

Cognitionas awkward and unimpressive. The


cognitionare entwined realities. When ‘

He’ is the Consciousness, ‘She’ is his Cognition; and when ‘She’is the Consciousness,

‘He’presents himself as her Cognition. Consciousnesses as

mediaof expressions of Reality are designed to align with complementing elements. Consciousness and Cognitions is the first couple of the world of Reality.

Both Heand

Shehave oscillations and; both are huge potentials. But then;

Black Holemiracle does not happen every Sunday…! The

pre-statehas the design; the

enchantresshas to make the last call. Eventualities must traverse the beautiful avenues of probabilities. The inventiveness and asymmetrical artistry of playfulness of the consciousnesses of man and woman must be allowed the innate liberty to have industrious latitude with probabilities.

There is a crisis in the company and after an emergency meeting, the CEO asks his people to pair up in five different teams and asks all five teams to come up with a solution. All teams, comprising two people, are asked to deliberate separately, without trying to know what others are doing. She is teamed up with him. The teams are to submit their plans after 48 hours.

First time in a month, after she has joined his office, he has the occasion to see her closely. Before leaving office for the day, all five teams are having coffee together. He can see her inches close to him. As part of the team, both sit together in a small sofa. He cannot resist a smile as he realizes, she is not awkward but has marked out features in her face, which manifests an asymmetrical look to her from a distance. He accepts, she probably did not fit exactly into his subconscious imagery of a woman and probably this made her look awkward to him in his first impression. However, she has an assuring presence. He immediately likes the way she naturally comforts everyone, helping with coffee and encouraging words.

She is calm, listening as he talks; keeps looking at him all the while. They disburse after few minutes and he requests her to come up to his office room so that they could talk a few minutes about the work at hand. She follows him.

What is a potential? How it builds up and expresses itself? Nothingness is the potential. It is the pre-stateof all probabilities. Once you happen, you actually negate rest of the probabilities.

Don’t Be, You Shall Beis the pre-state of potentials. This nothingness is a deep consciousness of unaffected innocence and simplicity. This nothingness is subconscious vacuum; of course with oscillations but not with

warpedinsinuation. This consciousness automatically aligns with generic cognition. The ‘He’ and ‘She’ must not be slaves of orbited-consciousnesses. They need be in

pre-stateand the probability is automatically potentialed. The oscillations work out their potentials…

‘I wanted to have a small talk on how we need to go about it but I feel, you look tired, we sure can start afresh tomorrow, we have enough time’, he says, as both settle in his office room.

She smiles, a labored one, assures him that she is okay and asks him to continue.

He is not sure. He takes deep look at her and he makes a decision. He leaves his seat, adjusts the air conditioner, drags a chair and sits close to her.

‘My mother has big eyes. When she is angry with me, she would never say a word to me. But, her eyes are like big window to her heart. I can always trace the clouds from the lining of her eyes. You have the same trouble. Or, probably my stupidity is seeing clouds in your eyes as my genius is obsessed with big eye communication.’

She cannot resist a smile, the true one; not labored.

‘Your mother is fortunate; she has you. I am not as good as you. Unfortunately, my mother has small eyes. But, they have clouds and they rain. I cannot help her clouds but just try to offer my big eyes to share her rains.’

‘Nobody can be good enough for mothers. In fact, an individual is too insufficient to shape up anything good. I simply try to make her feel, she is always the star and I am still the petty planet that survives because it orbits around her. You know, people should not be primary context of your sense of reward in life. Because, then you become a puppet of attitudinal strings of others. My mother; many others of her times, I have watched, owe their clouds and rains to these external strings. Relationships are connectsof consciousnesses; not

contexts. But, they were raised and evolved this way. You have to accept a reality also from other’s perspective. She is right on her own right.’

She understands what he is trying to convey. She even agrees with him. Rather, she finds it interesting the way he presented a reality with simple yet specific perspective. Her genius could sense, even in rather short time she has spent with him; he has something, which most men do not have – the compassionate acceptance of othersand the innate

willto lend them respectability.

In the next few minutes, he tells her how he sees the trouble and how he approaches the solution. She has been new to the company but she agrees to his approach and they decide to proceed on this premise when they meet next day in the office.

Next few hours are good for both as they know each other a bit. He drops her home, has a great time with her mother. They spend time making each other feel better. All three could feel; efforts are being made to drive the cloudsaway and forget about

rains. The Sun must shine, bright and smiling; for the probabilities to harvest a good crop.

Consciousness needs to be free. It also needs to see and accept fellow consciousness as independent. Two lives are good enough to be in best of amicability and empathy. The consciousnesses have enough space to avoid the occasion of any collision. But then, people have this subconscious inclination to restrict relationships into contexts. Consciousness itself has this entrenched propensity to enslave itself with attitudinal chains. It extends its enslaved cognition to other consciousnesses by associational contexts. People need to be free; consciousnesses need to be independent.

Love is not required in relationships. Rather, it is an expression of enslaved consciousnesses, which seek others to fall in linearity with their contextand associational positioning. Love is a rather restrictive and ingenious cognition of slave consciousness.

The free and independent consciousness does not seek others to be in any specific mould and context. They are simple, natural, uncomplicated, easygoing and not given to ingenuity. Such consciousnesses naturally and effortlessly connectwith others. The natural simplicity and innate innocence ensures the consciousness is not eclipsed by

attitudes. Relationships are unending journeys of evolving probabilities. They never take off or end abruptly as attitudesare biggest annihilators of any probability. Insinuation of inevitability of love kills probabilities. It is the worst attitude, emaciating a journey, before it even takes a sound start.

The ‘connect’ between two free consciousnesses seeks no context and association insinuations. The free consciousness has enough vacuum space for independent relationship; the vast space has enough oscillations of compassion and affection. The oscillations create infinite probabilities, without insisting on specificity of context and association. Free and evolved higher consciousness has elemental magnetism; it draws and connects, unlike attitudes, which pulls away and disconnects.

Essentially, when ‘He’ happens to be the free consciousness, ‘She’ automatically fits in as Hiscompassionate cognition. And, when ‘She’ is the free consciousness, ‘He’ fills in to be

Hergracefully elegant cognition. Relationships need never be slave to contexts and associations. Relationships must always be between two free consciousnesses. Such relationships are not benchmarked by abstractions of stupidity and hypocrisy of Love. They have good measure of palpable compassion. The oscillations do the rest…

He is a confident and secure man; innately attuned to compassionate acceptance of reality, knowledgeable; understands the requirement of accommodation and assimilation of others. He has big heart; keeps the space growing. He accepts fallibility; as growth energy for incessant evolution.

She has magicality of mystical proportions. Her elemental womanhood and fundamental innocence is not only intact, rather has blossomed into a numinous cadence of deep note symphony. She has had a tough life and it seems; it has made her perfect the musicality of her subconscious. The harmony of melody inside reflects and resonates brilliantly on her conscious persona. Symmetry and sobriety is stamped on everything she does. Very little she speaks but her body linguistics serenade the rhythm of her consciousness.

May be, her body compensates the deficit of her dependence on vocabulary. Everything about her physicality is slightly more pronounced than usual. Her eyes are unusually big, taking over her mulberry voice to do the required talking. Her lips stretch slightly more, reaching out on both ends of her cheeks. Her nose is also a little long, curved at the end, which in consonance with her big eyes gives her an ‘awkward’ look. Her long black tresses reach below her waist. Even in her body, everything looks inches or two extra than most women have. In entirety, her persona gets a feel of she being endowed with plentiful-ness of the nature. Probably, subconsciously, she allows her endowments to acquire carelessness, qualifying her to be perceived with mystical asymmetry.

Mediocrity of subconscious mind state expresses itself in conscious choices of reaching out for association of specific intent and content. Often, therefore, relationships between people happen but have linkages from one side only. Mediocrity reaches out, intents create nomenclatures and identity is accepted as reality. Often, therefore, friendship, even love is baptized and celebrated but the missing reciprocality and ‘mutuality’ ensures that it essentially is shadow of realism. Mediocrity kills most relationships and then, promptly ensures that the culpability is shifted to the same person, to whom it had rushed to reach and associate.

Sadly, the initiation of love’s journey hypothesizes the inevitability of two loversbut ends up one being victim and other as culpable. Love restricts itself to memories or photo frames and injured emotions continue their journeys in different pathways.

Excellence is all about endowment of the critical mass and energy of subconscious poise and sanity. Excellence warpsthe time-space fabric of the milieu around the person. This engenders the gravitational force, powerful enough to draw all entities. Mediocrity reaches out; excellence is ensconced and pulls people around in orbited causality. This causality itself is the everythingness of all contents of intents and associations. It keeps journeying, unendingly; in symbiotic space.

Attainments in life have definite mechanism. Some freebies apart, only eligibilities have success awaiting them. Often, tragically enough, most people feel, love itself is the best eligibility and it has everything that success would seek. Love is the worst hypocrisy of eligibility. It is the inventive cover up of the mediocrity of subconscious mind to hide its substandard qualifications. People usually say, ‘I love him/her so much, why he/she can’t love me too?’ As if they are saying, I am a billionaire and giving him/her all my moneys, still he/she is not selling his/her wares to me!

Thousands of years back, the geniuses of humanity said it very clearly, ‘Only similar and generic elements align and have a lasting relationships’. Personal excellence of evolved eligibilities of consciousness is the common generic element, which innately attracts and aligns with equally eligible one. Excellence does not have to seek. Only mediocrity seeks and expects the disproportionate reward it is not eligible for. Excellence of consciousness is a reward unto itself; it has no need to seek.

He has it; she can smell it. She presides over it; he relishes and respects it.

The felicitation ceremony is simple but a happy occasion. He had outlined the presentation, they had worked together on it; she presented it with amazing élan. All five teams had done great jobs but it was the uniqueness and novelty of the approach that won the first award. He was not sure; she didn’t even care but both were not surprised. Both the consciousnesses had worked together with singular cognition and the togethernessitself was their best reward. He was happy for her, as he made her receive the award from the CEO. She felt peace inside that he was happy for her.

… often, the subconscious artistry is playing up with probabilities of algorithmic craft and the conscious mind states get the feel of its registry much later. May be, it is the embedded trouble of differentiated languages that the two domains of subconscious and conscious mind states accept for communication. The conscious mind excels in humanly designed words and accepts its cognitive shades, aligning with the ambient milieus, from which they originate. It is the culturally aligned cognitive platform. The subconscious however is more attuned to neuro-chemical language of the plexus of sensory channels. Its cognitive roots are in experiential layers of entrenched familiarity. The dualism of cognitions and linguistics is the design of consciousness. For stupidity and mediocrity, it is warehouse of troubles. For the genius, it is the inventory of craftsmanship for infinite bliss.

The consciousness is a brilliant warrior. It has calamitous potentials, as with most brilliance. The discipline of reasoned rationality is a must for those, who are the habitual winner of all enterprises. A disciplined warrior never kills a probability. It rather lets it unravel its intent and carefully allow full blown expression to its tenacity, before executing a finality. He understands dualism; waiting its causality to play out its details and intent…

His conscious mind can clearly see and fix whereand

whenit has happened. He is however trying to put the

detailsin perspective. All along, he is trying to align his subconscious and conscious cognitions in linearity and symmetry. The picture is already emerging. He is not in denial but in reasoned awareness of the logicality of communication. He however, cannot understand; the

enchantresshas already

warpedthe reality and; the

black holemagicality has already oscillated the cognitions.

She had received the award, had her photo moment, showed up to her colleagues and had walked to him, bowing her head down and her eyes half closed. He had stood up, she was inches close, she tried to hand over the trophy to him; he did not take it. Instead, he joined his palms, touched her chin with eight fingers of his joined hands and gently lifted her face up. Like a flash, she opened her big eyes full and looked deeply at him… Everything happenedwithin ten seconds and immediately, he left her as the CEO called him up on the dais for the ceremonial pictures.

His conscious mind can clearly see and fix whereand

whenit had happened. This

three secondtime span he is trying to unravel for the last one hour. The touch of her chin, the big eyes looked up and something

happened. Her eyes are so big, it could never go unnoticed, whenever in the past 48 hours they met and worked together. That moment, was however, mystical. There was something; inexplicable yet very intense. The three secondconundrum he is trying to unravel but his cognition is failing him.

He distinctly remembers, he had left her within seconds of her big eyes looking up at him but, it is still so eked in his mind that it felt, as if he was still standing there inches close to her and only a part of him moved out to join the CEO. May be, it was his deep innate desire to continue with the bliss of the moment of touch, which made him feel, he was continuing there. He is rather perturbed he does not remember anything happening around him with clarity, after he moved out. Or, may be the impact of her big eyes looking up at him had not yet finished and it lingered with him, even as he moved out. One thing is definitive; something mystical had happened in the three secondstime-span, when he touched her and she looked up to him, with something undecipherable in her big wide open eyes.

What is bliss? It is a fraudon consciousness the cognition plays, with utmost homeostatic excellence and exuberance. When the

enchantress‘warps’ the reality, it tricks cognition into acceptance of

arriving, even when the journey of consciousness remains unending. Bliss curves the time-space fabric and it in turn creates orbited cognition. The consciousness may actually be moving but the warpedreality makes the journey cyclic and orbited. Naturally, bliss makes it feel; the time has stopped, the journey has been arrived and all causalities are concomitantly concentric. He is in perfect bliss. He however has the genius to see through the

fraud. He has stopped, his timehas stopped. But, his consciousness is a warrior; it cannot stop journeying.

Mediocrity has shallow roots in reality. The tumultuous gush of causalities and reactionary cognitions easily drift it. The genius has its roots deeply entrenched in reality. Its consciousness has this mastery of artistry to buoy up, rise over the flooding water and judiciously witness the oscillations of causalities and troughs of cognitions.

Most people are two persons within one body. They move between consciousnesses as per the independent causalities of the elements of their natureand

nurture – the elements as instincts and culture. Most of their lives, people behave and act in a way, which at one point of time is available for decision to their minds – an autonomous mix of their nature and nurture. This is mediocrity. Only an evolved consciousness can have the genius to be largely independentof both these elements. This enables them decide, what should ideally present as the decision-matrix for their minds. This facility of being the

conscious deciderof what should ideally present yourself with your

decision-matrixat any point of time in your life is the ultimate empowerment of consciousness.

He understands the causalities his elemental subconscious mind was throwing up, to be considered as a certainand

specificdecision-matrix. He does not stand in denial of it but, even this

decisionhas to be that of his higher consciousness mind states. His genius cannot entertain the entreaty of mystical insinuations. His intellectual disposition has the cognitive wherewithal to decipher the algorithmic assertions of subconscious as well as the heuristic hyphenations of conscious self.

The enchantresshas sure cast her mystical magicality and the

warpedreality has already aligned the causalities for institution of a

specific acceptance. The mechanism of miracle and marvel has already rolled out its mystical processes. The black holecentrality of finality has lined up all elements of probable causalities in singular linearity. The consciousness however, is a warrior. The

decision-matrixhas to wait at the doorstep of the consciousness, which has the genius of sincere reception but, with objectivity of level-headed logicality.

Her elegance and innocence is not innately predisposed to rigors of reasoned inquisition. If she is not accepting something, it is primarily because the question itself has taken her by storm. The very probability of an answer is tumultuous. It is late in the night and she cannot take her mind away from the question.

Something precarious happened within three seconds. He touched her chin and she looked up. Her big eyes amplified because she expected him to hug her. This came in a flash and within seconds he had to leave her. She stood there, shocked, unable to explain what on earth made her expect that he would hug her. She has been asking herself since then and even after hours, she has no definitive answer.

She is still thinking. She has barely known him for 48 hours; spent only 6-8 hours with him together. Before that three secondincident, he had not even come close enough. How can she expect him to hug her? There were people all around and everyone was looking at her. How could this idea even sneak into her mind that he would hug her. She knows; deep within, even admits; she would not feel bad had he hugged her.

Even after few hours of the three secondhappening, she can still feel the pleasantness lingering around her. There is a strange apprehension in her heart, whether he could see this all in her eyes? She stands before the mirror, checking her own big eyes, making sure whether they look any different? She is also nervous, can he read her uneasiness next day, when they meet in the office. Not for a moment, she considers that he might be in similar situation of conflict. Her innocence is too uncomplicated to reach out to a proposition beyond her own fallibility. Anyways, what he has to do with whatever is happening to her! Yet, he has muffled her consciousness; she feels light, elated.

There is a powerful, entrenched and concomitant ambience of mysticism which muffles everyone. From childhood, it subconsciously takes deep roots and throughout the life, the domain of unknowable keeps expanding. It has got to do with the infiniteness of the cosmic construct, of which everyone of us is an inseparable part, yet too insignificantly miniscule to decipher even a fragment of it. It is a passionately preserved feeling emanating out of the way realityexpresses itself through the

mediaof human consciousness, which is the happy breeding ground of all mysticisms.

Human consciousness is a genius of association building. Knowledge, more as available information, is somehow reasonable associational tool. However, the biggest domain of association-building is imagination. Human consciousness is worthy craftsman of infinite and expansive imagination. Lesser the domain of knowledge (known), wider and far intense the universe of imagination (unknown)! The genius has higher knowledge and all imaginations are optimally synced with knowledge. The mediocrity however happily banks on imagination, seldom caring to seek synergic linkages with knowledge.

Human consciousness is designed for associations; it is the life-line for survival intelligence and therefore, imaginative brilliance is continuously on the rise in complex contemporary world, where associational needs are manifold more than ever before. Less knowledge, more imagination is perfect recipe for mysticism to acquire brilliance of appetizing flavors. The unsatiating craving for perpetuity of bliss, especially in relationships, is calamitous breeding ground for mystical imaginations. Mediocrity thrives on this artistry.

Human consciousness and its mystical flavors of cognition have an invisible and intangible link – the multiverse of causalities. The causalities launch the initiation of associationbuilding by the human consciousness and as enough facts (knowledge) are not available to average person, the vacuum is filled with oscillations of imaginative ripples. Naturally enough, cognitions are thrilling theatre of magical scripts of mystical acceptances. The consciousness, cognition and causalities; all are expressions of intangibilities and therefore, mysticism has the galvanized mechanism and processes to unravel its rainbowish shades. The

cognitionof intimacy and

loveis always the worst offender of ignoring whatever little knowledge of facts may be available, to unleash the unfettered acceptances of mysticism and marvel. The associational causality of love seldom has sufficient semblance of

fact; it is the most pampered domain of mystical multiverse…

The three secondriddle sure has overwhelmed both him and her but, both have the genius to preside over it; not be in denial mode, yet, not be swayed away by its mystical gush. The mediocrity of minds may shop wild on the available currency of mystical munificence. The shops are full of luscious and appetizing merchandise of

soul mate, twin flames, kindred spirit, cosmic couple, et al. The long and deep antecedents of such purchases from childhood lure even mature people to add it to the shopping cart.

He has always been a reluctant buyer. She for sure is a smart customer. Both are journeying the mysticism but cannot accept the destination of auto-modeacceptance. All causalities need to be verified on the anvil of objective and logical rationality. Where is the rush to arrive? The journey itself is hugely satiating…!

Love never is a one-wayproposition. It never happens in singleness. Love is a twosome and pair reality; if not, it has no eligibility to qualify as love. The

three secondmagic can vary in time-length but, it shall happen, whenever, in couple causality. But then, the two separate elements of

mutualityhave no means to verify and present joint testimony! The trouble is – Can the unexplainable be explained? Can there be affirmation of unknowable? Can the two

luminositiesever face up and seek corroboration of uncertain?

This cannot ever be anything but a hypothesis. Love and intimacy causalities, as complex and conflicted expression of layered consciousness, cannot be anything else but oscillations of probabilities in the expanse of vacuum. All hypotheses need to be tested objectively and logically before acceptance as finality of love. No finality must ever be rushed. Love and intimacy therefore has a long and varied history of mishaps and consternation. The journey must never stop; arriving is an automatic reality if and only if the road is travelled together with higher consciousness and concomitant compassion.

Thankfully, it is Sunday. She wakes up late in the morning with this peaceful proposition that she shall have the whole day to settle herself and face him in the office next day as normal as it could be. The probabilities however never take a break. The causalities that prosper probabilities are dialectical; ever active to keep energizing the next level of cognitions. The consciousness does not even register; the script is progressing and the theatre of life unfolds its next play of probabilities. The blink in her mobile phone awaits the unleashing of level next.

‘Our CEO told me yesterday, together, you and me create a partnership of potential. I never believe him! If you permit, we can test this hypothesis by partnering today for creating lunch together in your kitchen. If your mother approves it, I can then accept what the CEO believes’, his message read.

She immediately wants to call, invite him and plan everything before he changes his plan as his message has arrived an hour back. Seconds later, she drops the idea. The lingering apprehension grips her. If she calls up, he would definitely sense her excitement, which she wishes to guard. Instead of messaging him back, she jumps out of bed, checks her refrigerator, rushes to supervise the kitchen and then enters her mother’s room. Fifteen minutes later, everything is fixed.

Next seven hours are like a dream for her. Together they pamper her mother, finalize the menu of the lunch of her mother’s choices. They shop together for the ingredients and share everything – be it peeling the potatoes, washing the vegetables, cooking dishes or cleaning the table after lunch – with dignity and simplicity. She can clearly see; he has very subtle artistry of comforting othersby taking care of even small details. He very naturally looks poised and in command of any situation. His tall body and deep voice present an aura of reassurance.

Late afternoon, when he leaves her, she has finally won. She successfully resists her desire to hug him. It is tough for her. A man with no rough edgesto his personality and well

roundedin his approach towards life-living is best qualified for a hug from a woman of equal elegance. She wins as she denies him this reward. He admits; his CEO was right, as her mother not only enjoyed the food but also felt elated about the day. Her mother however does not deny him the recompense. She showers him with blessings. He hugs her mother.

He is satisfied with the day’s outcome. He feels; he has almost unraveled what he came looking for. In the seven hours he spent with her, he intentionally walked her to different situations and aspects of life-living. He chose to step back and made her take the lead. At the bakery shop, while bargaining with vegetable vendor, ordering coffee at the roadside café, in the queue for billing at grocery store; everywhere he watched her disposition and movements closely. She had no idea what he was up to. She was at her natural best. It was the way she was and he being with her, there sure was a cadence in her expressions.

She has also taken enough notes of his personality. Late evening, as she sits alone, reflecting over the day, she is beginning to decipher, what makes her feel so innately connected to him; prompting her to hug him. She has almost decoded; what the intense yearning of the hugessentially speaks about her subconscious mind state. Both of them were as natural and simple to each other but both of them intentionally and successfully covered up the magic of the common

three seconds, which actually was the causalitybehind the day’s progression. It hardly matters. What matters is the success of the enterprise. She feels; she has the answers! He is satisfied; he has unraveled the mystery…

There is embedded and elemental designin the causalities of the cosmos. The codes of the design are embossed deep in the DNA of consciousness. The algorithms of the code, when play out in a closed and co-opted milieu, engender

contextof cognition. The design is over-encompassing and unputdownable. After all, it runs the universe; rather, it runs through the cosmos. Nothing can escape its code. The consciousness, the cognition and shades of reality; everything is algorithmic expression of the code. The magic, the mysticism and marvel emanate out of the intangible and imperceptible playing out of the design. Consciousnesses are the media of expressions of these intangible and imperceptible communications. The

three-secondmagic and mysticism, the man and woman, the inexplicable situations, the precarious emotions, et al are all part of the design. Only a handful has the genius to unravel and decipher it. The

enchantressand her

black holemagicality is too powerfully intimidating for mediocre.

It is like, you have a box half full of nuts and bolts of different sizes and you oscillate the box in a rhythmic pattern. After sometime, you open the box and there is a probability that a nut and bolt shall be there attached to each other. The designmakes it happen. We can say; the nut has the end size, which fits into the bolt with matching open circumference. We can also say; the bolt has the empty round space, which fits in the end of the nut. The reality is; there is a design between the

two, which makes the probability of fitment possible.

However, even the two– the nuts and bolts, with perfect accommodative precision for fitment, may never get attached. This

probabilityhappens when they are in a

box– close enough and in rebounding milieu, to have enough frequency of approaching each other. This probability is still weak; gets more accentuated only when the box the

twoare in – the close-co-opted milieu, is

oscillatedwith a definite rhythm. Humans are surely no nuts and bolts; though, most often, they behave like that. Their consciousnesses are too complex and their milieus are too complicated. But, the design probably makes little distinction. The probabilities of a union; an attachment, is always subject to symbiotically complementing consciousnesses, the situations of milieus, oscillations, frequencies of rebounding, rhythms, et al.

Consciousness is only a media. Man and woman are just the media of the larger design. The causalities are the true protagonistof all

reality, which a subjective consciousness perceives. The man and woman as media however are not merely objects. Their consciousnesses are individualistic expressions of their body-mind mechanisms and therefore, different men and women would react differently as per their personalized realities. Consciousness may be a media but every mediahas its

message. Love and intimacy therefore is always mystical.

The designshall always play its causalities between man and woman and they will also react to it. This is inescapable. However, different men and women as distinct

media;shall express it differently. The difference happens because each consciousness is somehow unique. Give a common script to ten different men and women as actors and they shall portray the character, as specified in common script, differently. However, none of the ten actors, men or women, would in any way go beyond the specific content and intent of the common script. Most men and women, as actors (media) of love and intimacy, seldom understand this dualism of media. They fail to see and accept that as media, there is a definitive freedom with the message but; there always is the restrictive space to maneuver. The design, the code, the script is the protagonist. Men and women are just the actors – some may be brilliant; most however are mediocre.

The genius of men and women can decipher the mysticism of the mediaof consciousness and therefore, it never accepts the veracity of an impulsive and precarious cognition, without processing it through the objectively logical mechanism of skepticism. Consciousness has the wherewithal to unravel the elements constituting a causality, which plays through the media to engender a

specificcognition. If he is testing the elements; if he is taking initiatives to decipher the causalities of this

three secondcognition; he is just being what he is – a genius of aware self.

She is also not unaware of what he is doing. She however has to take no initiative. She just has to be her elemental best and everything shall unravel itself before her. She however, has taken her share of initiatives. The probabilities are in better command of excellence. Mediocrity squanders them and stupidly plays the victim-martyr card.

Next five days in the office is the theatre where the cosmos of probability plays out its script. The man and the woman are now already aware of the script. The enchantress, as the brilliant and authoritative director, is in optimum preparedness of everything – the milieu, the oscillations, the stage, the luminosity, the melodies, et al. The audience has already got the feel of the inevitability of a spectacular show ahead. The question however, in lingering uncertainty is – who shall be the lead actor? He has the artistry; she is art unto itself.

Intents of consciousness must never be expressed through mediocrity of languages. Often; deep, genuine and truthful intents of intimacy and mutuality are not only wasted by mediocre, even poor choice and expression of words; rather, they communicate just the inverse reality to the receiver. Innately, when consciousness is brimming with deep, genuine and truthful intents of intimacy, the subconscious mind states line up buckets full of linear vocabulary; many of them are only genericto the intent; only a few are

specificto the eligibility of the situation. Naturally, the receiver of intent of intimacy feels precarious, miffed, even insulted. Better it is to let the bodies talk. The

enchantresshas her ways to make it happen…

In the five days in the office, they rarely talk. They are however in the same orbit; traversing close enough, to make each other notice the body languages. He can clearly receive the new inflectionin her gait. The

enchantresshas facilitative ease with women as they have innate elements for artistic communication of subconscious intents. He notices a complete change in her dress and appearance. As if, she is intent to show him her deep nature; her garments look worn out but very simple. As if, the office is just the extension of her home, her outfits are casual; she is wearing no makeup, the hairstyle is disheveled and she is wearing no jewelry. The sole embellishment on her person is the light blue nail polish shade. It is the same he had offered to buy and she had accepted, when they were shopping together.

This probably was her specific message to him; she has only he in her mind and it is the only luminosity in her life. He cannot miss the message. She comes to him, seeks his palm and gently slips a mint candy. She withdraws her hand slowly so that he could see her newly done shiny nails.

He realizes; she has begun to inhabit the space, where he has so far been the sole dweller. She would gently sneak into his room and drink from his water bottle. He would suddenly notice her presence and would find her inches close to him. She would come, quietly adjust his shirt collar, take his wallet from his coat, take out some small notes, wave them before his eyes and go away. He looks up to confront her big eyes but it is always half closed, looking away from him. She knows, he can read, what she does not want him to. He is no stupid. The enchantresshas scripted everything brilliant. She has already given a stellar performance. He has taken the cue. The consciousness is however battling not to respond the way the


At the end of the five days, she has successfully embossed the cognition; she has been in possession with, on his consciousness. The enchantressknows; he desperately wants to hold her hands and hug her tight, never to let her go away. He is resisting it; the warrior in him is on the brink. He is aware; he is giving in but he cannot move away from her. First time in his life, he is experiencing the unknowable; the inexplicable.

It’s a strange but pleasurable feeling. He senses; his consciousness has shifted out of his body and mind. As if, he is witnessing himself from a short distance. He feels weightlessness inside. The enchantresshas absorbed his cognition to the pointed-ness of the finality. He can feel the sense of external world shrinking down and zooming into a singular dot of her aura. But, the consciousness is a warrior. The

enchantresshas to wait. He cannot lose it to causalities. He cannot be restricted to a

script. He shall stage hisown show of brilliance.

Consciousness is a mediaof body and mind. The consciousness as media must be independent and objective but, the body and mind has its own agenda; as most

ownersof the media have. Consciousness as media must always independently and objectively accept all cognitions. For an empowered consciousness, all cognitions, which must lead to decision-making for actionable behavior, must come from within. The cognition must itself be the outcome of internal processing. Nothing tests the independence and objectivity of consciousness more than intimacy and love. It is the design of the

enchantress. Nothing can escape her black holefinality. Most lovers are mere puppets of the script of the

enchantress. The enchantressusually possesses either man or the woman to stage its script. The consciousnesses usually meekly surrender to the enchantress.

Intimacy and love are the genericcognition of innate consciousness. Most consciousnesses just happen to be the capitulated media of the generic cognition and play out the script of intimacy as instructed by the causalities. The generic cognition is common, embedded and coded in the body-mind mechanism of men and women. The

enchantressis the reigning queen of the empire of innate consciousness. The

enchantresspresides over the administration of generic cognitions.

Intimacy and love has causality outside the body and mind. It is always invested in an external agency. For the man, intimacy and love is invested in the woman and the vice versa. It is only very natural that when in love, both men and women feel their consciousnesses have shifted to the other. This is where the enchantressunleashes the

black holemagicality of pointed finality. The innate consciousness of a woman finds all causalities of intimacy and love invested in the man, whom she finds worthy of her

specialattention. The process is no different in men as for him too; all causalities are external to him. Naturally, lovers feel their consciousness has shifted to the


The causalities of intimacy and love are so powerful; deeply embedded in body-mind domain that it warpsthe cognitive reality of consciousness. The

barycenterof consciousness shifts and is completely taken up by the oscillations of the external causalities. The

enchantresshas everything well laid out. That is why the

enchantressis the undisputed reigning queen of the cosmos. The

black holemagicality and its inescapable finality are coded in reality. Nothing can be larger and more powerful than the


He is in no denial of the finality. But, his consciousness has evolved to stand as an independent and objective media. His cognitions can also be genericbut; his higher consciousness has the endowed genius to lend

specificityto those generic cognitions, which are lined up for decision-making of actionable behavior. He shall accept the

generic finalityof the

enchantressbut, the script he shall write and the stage he shall set for the epilogue. Only the genius has authoritative space of its own within the cosmos of Reality. The mediocre simply cannot but fit into the script of the enchantress.

The consciousness as a mediahas to be different; at least in its

specificity. The consciousness is emergent and evolving information processing of body and mind mechanisms, which is in constant and transient interaction with the milieus. It is only natural that even while the genericconsciousness of men and women may have considerable similarity, the

specificconsciousnesses of both have fine shades of exclusivity. The body-mind building blocks as well as elements of the milieus have distinctive structures and functions. The design is

specificallysuited for the mystical marvels of the magical


Like him, she too is not capitulating to the design of the enchantress; even while not in denial of the proposition, but her consciousness as a mediahas to communicate differently as her cognitions are shaded by the specificity of her body-mind-milieus. The causalities may be same for men and women but, a woman, true to her elements, shall process them differently, as compared to men.

She has demystified enough men in her life. A woman, true to her elements, always knows men much better than the men themselves. As is the design of the enchantress, male consciousness is far better galvanized for deep and inner expressions, when communicating with media of women. A woman is always exposed to deeper and more innate thoughts and emotions of men, as men excel in unraveling them to women. The enchantresshas her designs; most men are too stupid to even sense her

black holefinality, let alone escape it.

Moreover, a woman, especially modern working woman moves in a milieu where usually, there are more men than women. In contemporary milieus, it is still a male world and if a woman has her genius, she ends up knowing all shades of most men around her. Men, usually, in their mediocrity, would feel it sexy to expose most of their grey shades. A woman, true to her elements, is the silent inventory of the darker side of most men…

She has decoded enough men in her life. It came her way; she didn’t have to take recourse to her magicality for that. Her consciousness is prompting her to wrap it up and end her cognitive conflations. In a short time, she has found him to be something, she cannot imagine losing. It is sure, the enchantresshas not planned; she is already accepting him to be her

male edition. This is the penultimate stage of mutuality. The mediocrity of generic consciousnesses of average men and women call it twin flameor

soul mate. It is essentially a cognitive process of merger, assimilation and integration of two linear consciousnesses.

There is a process in the evolution of man-woman intimacy and mutuality. The man must begin to feel that she is his female editionand she at the same time is in reception of him as her

male edition. Somehow, this is the design of the enchantress. The two different consciousnesses as mediaof man and woman must have this common specific cognition at one point of time, even while they may stay in two ends of the universe. This quantum entanglement like phenomenon is design of the cosmos. This is script of the


It is not something, which comes in a flash, though its reception may feel like a sudden, powerful epiphany. Consciousness evolves over the years and the subconscious mind domain systematically stores relevant information about likes and dislikes (yes and no), futility and utility, good and bad, right and wrong, et al as memories. Every consciousness is unique (specific) in some ways, even when there is genericcommonality between all consciousnesses. The excellence shall have wider and deeper expanse of

specificity; the mediocre shall be happy showcasing the generic elements as huge possessions.

There is always a subconscious imagery of the complementing consciousness in all men and women. The moment a man feels, the woman, he is in connect with, is what he would have liked to be, had he been a women; he subconsciously investshis consciousness into her and she becomes assimilative part of his cognition. The same happens with a woman. For a woman, probably, not always; the imagery of her

male editionis far more specific and carved out. Therefore, a man has to be very pronounced and

specificin his qualities, for a woman; true to her elements, to accept him as what she would be like, had she been a male. Love, actually, in its holism, totality and finality, a union and merger of four consciousnesses – two real ones and two imageries. The man, the woman, his female edition and her male edition constitute the holism of love.

This may very well be the ultimate test of genuineness of merger and assimilation of man and woman in intimacy. Many a geniuses of humanity has said it, ‘Love cannot be one-sided; if it is; it cannot be love’. Consciousness is a quantumstate; cognitions are always super-positioned. The entanglement is cosmic design of reality. The man and woman, as media of consciousnesses, are microcosmic replication of the macrocosmic reality. The quantum fabric of

Realitynecessitates that both elements of male and female consciousnesses must have a singular cognition at

split-secondcommonality, for the love and mutuality to get installed as


The three secondtimeline is not the pointed-ness of entanglement; it is just the aftermath, which the two consciousnesses may take for cognitive percolation. Between a man and woman, the probability of intimacy is superpositioned. Like Reality, love collapses; it is observed as installed, only at the

black holepointed-ness of time and space. Love is epiphany moment of ephemeral cognition. Only the lingering flavor remains observable till few seconds later. The pointed-ness of

Realityhowever, is not the everythingness of love. It is rather just the initiation of a long, precarious and tumultuous journey. The consciousnesses keep evolving and love too journeys with the

twoever-evolving consciousnesses…

Often, as probably is the design of the enchantressitself; either of the

twohas it, the other is oblivious of it. That is probably why love never actually happens, even while men and women may feel they are deep into it. Love is merger and assimilation. It takes

twoto merge; it takes both to assimilate; it requires man and woman to be in incorporated consciousness and cognition. Love is the

pointed-nessof finality, where two elements have the inescapable option-less-ness to coalesce into

black holeinevitability.

She knows, deep inside her, there is an urge to merge with him. Her consciousness has perceptible signals that he is there and in acceptance of the union. Her elements have never ever failed her in deciphering what is building inside. The spring inside her, the blossoming of fragrances, the music in her emotions and symmetry in her thoughts are prompting her to confront him and bare herself before him. She has confronted herself enough to settle at her acceptance that all these have matching investments from him. She stands on the brink of finality. The only thing, which restraints her is the lingering question – ‘Is it too early?’

Her mother has the inkling of what is going inside her. She has been close to her. Her mother has witnessed her rise from feeble to the position of strength she is in now. The mother has the umbilical cord connect with her daughter. She knows; her daughter is brilliant enough to make right choices in her life; yet, she must do what she as a mother has to. Great words have macrocosmic generality; all specific intents can profitably pick up suitable utilities.

She says it with detached generality to her, ‘Personal goodness is no eligibility for reciprocation. If something good happens, it is happy occasion for gratitude. You are already in possession of the aroma of the goodness. Feel blessed and elated. We only do what is there for us to do. Invest in your brilliance to absorb the optimal beauty of the moment and remain compassionate about what may come next’.

She looks up, stares deep into her mother’s serene eyes. Both of them smile. It is the twin expression of feeling relieved of the secrecy both mother and daughter have. In a momentous decision, she takes her mother’s hands, picks up her wallet and moves out. Both land at an ice cream parlor. In the next two hours, the mother and daughter celebrate in as many ways the city allows. The enchantressis the happiest, though; both mother and daughter are equally happy for each other.

Sunday morning, she gets a message from him. She is not even aware that finality is playing out before her eyes in a way she could never have expected. She reads the message again, trying to find out some different meaning of it than what she understood reading first time. She ends up being more apprehensive. She has no choice; she has to follow what the enchantresshas destined.

The message reads – ‘I am applying for a new position. I need your help. Can you spare some time?’

Her first reaction is that of confusion. Where is the need to switch the job? He is doing so well and so well respected in his current job. Seconds later, she turns sad. She thinks, she has just begun to feel so happy with him in the office and he is planning to leave. Thoughts come like a flash to her. Suddenly, she lights up. Oh! He is planning to move me too with him to the new place and that is why he wants me to come over and discuss it. She is so sure of her place in his life now. She accepts; they are together applying for new job. She promptly replies to him that she will come over to his place after breakfast.

Two hours later, he makes her dump all her apprehensions. He opens the door of his apartment, takes her hand and takes her in. Holding her hand, he moves to kitchen and makes coffee for both. She asks him about the details of the new position but he says nothing. He is not leaving her hand and only smiling. On the dining table, he sits her next to him; takes out a small bowl. From a spoon, he feeds her.  

She nods in approval. He tells her, he has made this sweet dish especially for her as she is entering his home first time. He tells her, they will talk about the topic she has been invited for after they finish coffee. In the meanwhile, he takes her hand again and tours her to different rooms of the flat.

After the coffee is finished, they move to the living room and sit face to face on the carpet. He lines up cushions around her to make her comfortable. She receives the message clear. His intents have never gone unnoticed; she rather relishes them. He takes a deep breath, looks for a few seconds in her eyes and then, he starts. He hasn’t rehearsed anything. But he knows how he has to deliver what he has planned to. He is confident about himself; more about her, otherwise, he would not have even dared to think of, what he is about to do; not only hoping but sure to carry out successfully.

‘There is so much common between us’, he begins in low, sedate voice; not looking at her. ‘There may be many things uncommon too. As we journey together, we shall discover each other. However, one thing we began with and what has defined our togetherness so far is the commonality of innocence. This I am sure is the element, which creates our success together whenever we do things in partnership.’

She is about to say something in affirmation but stops as he inches close to her, takes her right hand in his left and closes it with his right hand on top of it. The oscillating sensation in her spine anyway melts her words. He continues…

‘Goodness is the most precarious probability. Probably, goodness is so holistic that it is not even available to an individual enterprise. When people are in assimilative partnership, the probabilities however, are emboldened. The partsadd up and together, the parts evolve, catalyzing each other to build up on the holism of goodness. The innocence of parts; somehow is the hugely facilitative and galvanizing element of this enterprise. Optimality has this tested mechanism and process; I think, you may agree on this.’

She probably cannot say anything but nod in affirmative. She is split and her thoughts are journeying in three different directions. One, she is thinking of her mother, who yesterday was telling her something about goodnessand now he is talking of the same. Second, she is trying to make out what he is leading her to. She is not sure. Third, she still has this lingering apprehension about his possible job change and as he is not talking about it, she is feeling unsettled. Her silence and prompt nod in affirmation is the most appropriate option for the present as it shall take her to what next he has to say. She is all ears.

Her big eyes are such open window of her mind; it speaks everything. He has read everything and therefore changes his plan a bit. He lifts her face and stares deep into it. He knows, in days to come, these twin wonders shall be his best treasures. She is oblivious of everything and widens her eyes more, in anticipation of what unexpected might come her way. He continues…

‘I am applying for a position I want most in my life but I also know very well that I am not good enough; or at best just okay, that too only in parts. I am applying for the most coveted position of being your husband.As currently, I am not fully qualified; I want you to consider me as

apprenticefor at least six months. If I evolve to be good enough, of course in partnership with you; you can induct me for the life-long job. If not, the…’

He cannot finish his sentence as she pulls out her hand, rises on her knees and grabs the collar of his shirt. She is a magic at her brilliant best…

‘No… No…! This is not possible. I am not taking any temporary thing. I appoint you right now and it is a full time permanent job for life,’ she says it, like a child who is irritated by a proposition. He tries to take her hand and make her calm but she is not taking anything. Her entire body is shaking and finally, she lets her fall on him. He has no choice to take her in his deep embrace. She hugs him tight too. She has waited for this moment; he had never imagined it would be like that. The fruitionof

finalityis so perfectly attuned to consummation of

nothingness; it stops the time and space. The enchantresshas ensured; as the

marriagehas happened, cosmos stands still to witness…

He lifts her up, even as she remains curled up in his clasp. He takes her to the bed room and they remain hugged for an hour on the bed. It takes a man good amount of time to adjust to the awkwardness of the familiarity of unfettered intimacy with a woman. Men usually are so stupidly sure about themselves; not the others, especially a woman. The woman probably is natural; innately in perfect acceptance of the intimacy with her man. By design, it is therefore the discretion of the woman to melt the discomfiture out of the intimacy enterprise. When the woman sets the choreography of ballet of body swing and sway in intimacy; the man has the rare occasion of life to feel arrogance, and; still be unapologetic about it.

She knows; it has happened! She is elated; the potential is already in her womb. He shall fatherthe probabilities and she shall

motherthe purpose. He shall

fatherher attainments and she shall

motherhis aspirations. Together, they shall raise, nurture and flourish the family of propitious prosperity. She is already a step ahead of the moment and in total absorption of the fruition of pointed-ness of merged assimilation.

He tries to say something. He is fulfilled too; already in celebration of the pulsating affluence he is holding close to his chest. Yet, he wants to tell her something his humility is prompting him to. She is not willing. Every time he tries to speak, she smothers his mouth with her soft stretched lips. He has lost the count of the kisses she has showered all over his face. He cannot help but lose his thoughts as she makes her body unleash such magic and marvel; he has never ever imagined could be a possibility for perceptional reception. Only the enchantressknows, when the

big banghappens, the cosmos of possibilities are created. The causalities begin to form; the elements rush in to align for creation of particles for Reality. The algorithms begin to take shape and consciousnesses enter the wonderland of novel, unforeseen and inexplicable cognitions…

… the big bang has happened; the marriageis being consummated, the potential is well seeded in the womb, the parentage is shaping up and; the luminosity and acoustics of the moment are still too pronounced to allow anything else. The talk between the


wifecan wait; it shall happen; as and when the enormity of the magnanimity of the moment shall attenuate.

An hour later, he manages to settle her for a talk. She is comfortable enough in his arms and he gently combs her long untied tresses, occasionally kissing her big closed eyes. As she lays absorbing his scent, shoving her face gently on his chest, he feels; it is the right time to say what he wished to.

‘My dream, you know; worthiness is not created overnight. It takes huge amount of persevered practice of sustained excellence to build up on goodness. You are so precious, so worthy of only the best and I know, I have nothing to match you; no preparation to have you in my life. That is why I wanted to have six month’s time to ready myself. It is now a challenge for both of us. I shall always need you to create the worth and utility that we shall need in our relationship.’

It is time for her to speak. It is always a woman’s prerogative to settle in sanity and system in a process. She gently moves slightly away, rolls him over and then moves up on top of him; her face just inches above his. The bridemoment she has imbibed fully and the

wifenow takes over. She shall seal the deal. The

husbandanyway has no choice. He is too joyously overwhelmed by the beautiful weight of his destiny on top of him.

‘Nothing has worth and value in life. There is no utility at one point of time, which one may not regret as worst futility at later stage of life. What has singular worth and lasting utility is what we are at, right now. It is our togetherness; this partnership of the intelligence of innocence, which is the sole goodness. As you said, we shall create all goodness together, in continued partnership. The husband and wife together and in innocent assimilation form the parentage of all goodness. My worth, your worth does not matter anymore. We are married now. I am now a whole new potential as you are now my complementing consciousness. You shall always find me to be the same. No attainment is beyond our integrated potential. The best has already happened to us; the journey ahead together shall only evolve it better.’

‘But my dear wife, you don’t know; your husband is a big stupid. How can you be sure that he would be any good in complementing the potentials and goodness?’

‘My stupid husband, I have big eyes. I can see. I am a woman and it naturally qualifies me to see loads of stupidities in people. I know, you are a good cook. How you know when the rice is cooked and ready? You don’t even have to look at it. From the aroma you can say. The cooked rice has specific scent. You can also decipher the difference between a raw consciousness and a well cooked one. The evolved and enlightened consciousness has a distinguishable and specific fragrance. This fragrance is embedded in its cognition. The cognition gets this essence of maturity from the long and persevered journey of consciousness into the multiverse of knowledge. It is not very tough to diagnose all these. A drop of blood tells a pathologist a million facts about a person’s wellness. A woman, especially a genius pathologistlike your dear wife knows it all.’

‘…hmm! So, the potential in our marriage is about a stupid chef partnering with a genius pathologist?’

‘No, it is just one tiny aspect of the colossal partnership. Yes; the element of complementing each other is always there. When I am the stupid, you fill in with the best of your genius and the vice versa. Marriage is the institution where both fallibility and genius have equal and compassionate acceptance. That is why twois a potential. Our marriage is the partnership of infinite elements; it has the potential much beyond that.’

‘Great. Point taken! So, finally, as we now stand as husband and wife, what is our new life together all about? What next…?’

‘I told you; nothing has worth and utility in life. Anything, even the most useless thing we do, together,has goodness and value. Nothing outside our

togethernesshas any meaning. The world outside is anyway too synthetic and polluted with toxic attitudes. Inside our common and mutual space, the whole world is so mesmerizing. You said it a few minutes ago; goodness is too holistic to be a possibility for an individual. You and I are now

oneand our ONE-ness itself has all worth and utility. Whatever we do together shall be good and whatever is lined up to be next; we shall make it good;


He is enjoying her so much. He just wants to keep this talk going forever. She is a natural. She is not even considering what she is saying. The innocence has merged so well and deep that everything is innately cookingperfectly. But then, the time has to present a context for the change of scene in the theatre of life.

Her phone rings up and her mother is asking; is she coming for lunch, should she wait?

‘Mom, you had told me, if something good happens, it is happy occasion for gratitude. The besthas just happened in my life. I am too insufficient to even perceive how gratitude can be made commensurate to the opulence of the occasion. In ten minutes time, I shall be with you, along with my prized bequest. Together, we shall arrive at it’.

The mother knows it all. She probably was even expecting it. She didn’t take a second to tell her daughter, what she shall remember forever…

‘Occasioning of goodness may arrive at a moment, which shall pass but; the gratitude must always remain eternal. You and your prized Bestyhave a long life to keep inventing and designing novel ways of gratitude-expression.

Togethernessis the only everlasting and uninterrupted goodness; the gratitude must also remain unremitting and ever-evolving.’

Can the enchantressplease come up on the stage and say her concluding remarks? Can she reveal what she makes out of this just accomplished


Oh! … Sorry! The enchantresshas moved away. We can understand. She has millions of men and women for whom she has to orchestrate the causalities. But; great that she has left a small note for us and it reads –

‘Love needs huge preparedness. It is a must for readiness. Men and women are given enough time for the preparations. When a man and woman are perfectly settled and in absolute poise of their evolved higher consciousnesses, then only they are Readyfor assimilation and integration of love. My magic works the optimum best only with


‘Love, in its pure and true manifestation, is never passionate but always compassionate. Love is a ‘well-poised’ consciousness positioning, an innate state of settled internal wellness; seldom in need of passionate and demonstrative expressions. Love’s expression is like systemic serenity of song and dance, staged within a person’s consciousness. True lovers shall consciously come to relish and feel at peace with hisor

herinnate song-dance positioning, without that person saying anything to you.

The higher consciousness, in compassionate possession of the settled wellness of love, shall be calm and composed like a deep oceanand blue

sky. Such a person shall be widely accommodative, assimilative and integrative towards everything, like an ocean and sky. I actually had to do nothing much as; Shewas the blue sky and

Hewas the deep ocean. This

marriagehas happened millions of years back. It is only occasionally replicated…’


Accept My Gratitude

Writing something is a daunting task as there is always a lurking apprehension of it not being of utility for some readers. I however feel at ease, because of my faith in magnanimity of readers. For an author, innocence of intent is the only possession about which he or she can be and must be sincere. The utility and worth is always at the end of the readers and their judgment must always be accepted with the same sincerity of innocence. I am happily sure; you shall forgive if my efforts could not be up to your expectations. Thank you so much for being with me and allowing me to share with you.

Wish you an empowered life; with the prosperity of the consciousness.



About The Author

People say, what conspire to make you what you finally become are always behind the veil of intangibility. Someone called it ‘Intangible-Affectors’. Inquisitiveness was the soil, I was born with and the seeds, these intangible-affectors planted in me made me somewhat analytical. My long stint in media, in different capacities as journalist, as brand professional and strategic planning, conspired too! However, I must say it with all innocence at my behest that the chief conspirators of my making have been the loads of beautiful and multi-dimensional people, who traversed along me, in my life journey so far. The mutuality and innocence of love and compassion always prevailed and magically worked as the catalyst in my learning and most importantly, unlearning from these people. Unconsciously, these amazing people also worked out to be the live theatres of my experiments with my life’s scripts. I, sharing with you as a writer, is essentially my very modest way to express my gratitude for all of them. In my stupidities is my innocence of love for all my beautifully worthy conspirators!


A Humble Request To Evolved Women Readers…

The sense and sensitivity towards the Reality of Other; this equally important somethingness, beyond the much-pampered ‘I’, is a product and function of higher consciousness. Love is no guarantee of a person’s goodness. Never look for how much a person loves you. However, a person’s goodness can be confirmed assurance of high quality of love’s righteousness and success. That is why always look for how good a person is, even if his or her love for you is uncertain. Only those succeed in love who are compassionatelyaware and affectionately accommodative of the idea and idealism of

Other. Love and intimacy is a conscious situation of compassion, not passion…

True and real intimacy and love can make people agreeable, harmonious, assimilative, cooperative and accommodative as the instinctive behavior and action shifts from individualisticwellness and satisfaction to

collectivewellness and joys. It is the magic of compassion towards the

Other. But this is just the first step. Lovers need to evolve together for good amount of time, for this instinct of individualism to shift to collective accommodation and become primary one. Tragically, no contemporary culture and modern learning systems facilitate this consciousness training. Naturally, intimacy and love needs loads of preparedness and readiness. People do not do it even after they plunge into intimacy.

Gradually, as commonality and mutuality grows and evolves in time and space, the two people in love even start having common singular perceptions and that finally makes them see and accept singular realism of all things in life. This is fruition of love and intimacy. There is a popular and hugely metaphoric saying about couple in intimacy and love. It says, ‘Finally, after long association and togetherness, the husband and wife end up being like brothers and sisters’. This symbolic gesture points at the fact that husband and wife may begin with workablecommonalities but prolonged togetherness makes the commonalities innate and visceral; as it usually is, between a brother and sister, born out of single womb…

Relationships are difficult, simply because we, our consciousnesses are also not simple mechanism. Human wellness and excellence has always been in understanding the complexities of life and living and when people readythemselves for love and intimate relationship, they need to be in high acceptance mode of the relativity of mind consciousnesses and cognitive diversities. Intimacy is this magical artistry to do so.

Someone said it, ‘I can find thousands ways to stand you wrong and myself right and you can find thousand plus logic to do the same. However, both of us can be right at the same time and still not find any reasonable wrong if we are in deep intimacy.’ What does this signify?

There can be as many interpretation of the statement as per different people’s perception. Realism, almost always stands as one shade of perception, in somehow competitive mode to other perceptions. Therefore realisms are seldom the same for two people. So, does this mean, when two people are in love, they can see and accept a singular realism as they have commonality of perceptions?

This sounds like a postulation based on emotional hypothesis with little logical back up! However, the core issue is not about having commonality of perceptions and therefore falling for a singular realism. Nobody should accept that love makes two people in intimacy see and accept a common perception. It may happen but is not the cardinal rule or theory of love.

Then, what the above-mentioned quote meant? How does it happen that two people can be both right at the same time and not see each other’s wrong, when in love, even when they still stand to have different perceptions about reality? This needs to be understood and that understanding makes us accept as how love should be accepted in our lives and why intimacy is so important life-living realism for all of us.

In many situations of life and living, there may be people with competing perceptions and ideas, still, they keep aside their differences and accept an accommodative and assimilative behavior and action, as only this can ensure not only their safety and survival but also that of the milieu. This then ensures wellness of all. This nurtured accommodative behavior is common for people working in mines, ships, factories and other professions where life is always at stake if cooperation and accommodation is not the primary instinct. The common goal of survival and safety makes individuals rise above all personal concerns and thus, the road to mutuality is paved.

Love facilitates this similar sense of cooperation and accommodation. The person in deep intimacy and love ceases to think individuallyand his or her first instinct becomes a mindset where

collectivewellness is the primary and common aim. Usually, we all think of individual safety and wellness. However, often, life-living wellness needs cooperation and accommodation in collective living. Love enhances the space of cooperation and accommodation in the collective domain of two lives in intimacy. We all know, even scientific research has confirmed; intimacy-deficit and sense of alienation can kill people. They hugely affect health and mental wellness.

But, it is hugely important that intimacy has to be driven by the evolved energy of compassionand not the instinctive and reactionary energy of


Therefore, even when two persons in love have competing perceptions and ideas about things, they do not bring it to the fore as their primary aim is collective wellness. The ‘He’ and ‘She’ in love accept that if ‘She’ is not well, ‘He’ too cannot feel happy and well and the vice-versa. This primary instinct for collective wellness is the magic of love. It is not possible for all humans. It is also not true that a person when in love shall suddenly begin to invest in collective and mutual sense of being. This happens only to those people who have already evolved to be compassionate, accommodative and assimilative about ‘Others’.

Love and intimacy relationships require this element of compassionate understanding of reality. This compassion does not come naturally as what comes innately is passion, which love relishes and buys in tones. What engenders compassion is knowledge of the reality of human body-mind mechanism.

Let us understand compassion, as it happens to be the sole basis of love’s success and worth.

The idea and notion of compassion, what we accept here is completely different and novel from what populist beliefs accept compassion as. The popular definition of compassion stands it in linearity with pity, sympathy, fellow feeling, tolerance, benevolence, sensitivity etc. What we propose here is that compassion is not about being caring, accommodative, assimilative, and affectionate. Compassion is not in partsbut in

holism. All these are of course the ‘effects’ or expressions of the situation of compassion in someone’s consciousness but compassion is not purely behavioral or actionable. It is far more broad, holistic and over-encompassing.

We have to accept the utility and fruition of Compassion as Higher Consciousness, which can and does see, accept and practice the ‘Holism of Reality’ that is always probabilistic and contextual. Compassion is a Cognitive Positionof an evolved and empowered Higher Consciousness, which is non-reactive, receptive, skeptical of ‘self’ itself and contemplative in all life-living situations, being in perpetual, deep and lateral acceptance that Reality is never singular and it is always good, right and healthy to be respectful to all different


Others) of Reality, constituting the Holism of Reality.

As a person internalizes this higher consciousness evolution of acceptance of Holism of Reality, he or she successfully makes compassion his or her first instinct and option-less attitude. The elements of pity, sympathy, fellow feeling, tolerance, benevolence, sensitivity, caring, accommodation, assimilation, and affection, etc shall automatically fall in place. In simple terms, compassion is not a fruit, it is not even a tree; it is rather the soil, which must remain fertile and objectively facilitative. This soil of compassion shall automatically and instinctively grow all trees and all fruits of best utilities and worth. The insanity of collective spaces may rob the fruits and cut the trees but the soil shall always remain there to grow more trees and fruits.

The greats of humanity have always reminded us that it may be accepted that different people of this world may have different and even competing goals and purposes but everyone must first have this Compassionate Higher Consciousness. They understood that Reality being contextual and relative, instinctively every person would be competitive and conflicted.

To be knowledgeable is to internalize in all layers of consciousness that Reality Is Always PROBABILISTIC; therefore life-living was, is and shall always be Conflicted, Confused and Chaotic. This arrives humanity to singular and definitively finite wisdom that there can be and is only one Intelligencefor all humans in all stages and situations of life-living. This singular intelligence is COMPASSION. All other subsidiary intelligence must fall in linearity and symmetry of the primary one…

Therefore, my dear women readers, when you think you are readyfor the acceptance of intimacy and love in your lives, look for this singular

intelligenceof compassion in the man, you wish to invest your goodness in. Naturally, you too first have to be ready with this same intelligence of compassion, which you would look for in your man. For this, we all have to

unlearnthe stupid and hypocritical mind training of investing in

passionand looking for worthiness in man’s


Thanks. All best…



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