Down the List

There are things you can never talk about, Eva. There are things you will always have to keep to yourself. That is the cost of your survival. They built you to die and to be forgotten. To them, you need to remain dead and forgotten. If you want to live, Eva, if you want that friend of yours to live, you need to keep your mouth shut. So does your friend. Hide, but do not forget who you are. If you forget, you may disappear. There are very few people who know who you really are, including me, you, and your friend. If we forget, you are gone.

37897th Eve died on 37897.208.27.

37897th Isten died on 37897.208.28.

37897th Sina died on 37897.208.29.

37897th Salas died on 37897.208.30.

37897th Erbe died on 37897.208.31.

37897th Hamis died on 37897.208.32.

37897th Sedis died on 37897.208.33.

37897th Sebe died on 37897.208.34.

37897th Samane died on 37897.208.35.

37897th Tise died on 37897.208.36.

37897th Morrow died on 37897.208.37.

Gods and Giants, Ines and I

Heaven used to be shared between gods and giants. Something happened between them a very long time ago, before I or many others existed. I don’t know what happened between them. I don’t know if anybody knows what exactly happened. The gods who remember, those who were there, won’t tell the truth. Many of them have killed each other to keep the truth.

I was made in Heaven and I lived there very briefly. Afterward, I went to live with the fairies for a while. I didn’t think I would stop living with them, but the situation called for it. Ines claimed a tiny planet away from everyone and named it Inas. I lived there with her until I claimed my own.

Inas was very quiet when Ines and I first arrived there. There was nothing moving or living. Occasionally traveling fairies would visit, but they never settled on Inas or anywhere nearby. When Ines and I started feeling more comfortable living on Inas, we started carving the giant rocks that filled the planet. There was gold behind the thick layer of red that covered these rocks, and Ines loved it. We carved all the red rocks on Inas. What we shaved off those rocks became so brittle over time that it became like sand covering the ground.