E Pluribus Short Story

Olivia Moyston

November 3, 2021


The streets of New York were just as busy as always, but the crowd behaved like ants. They walked at the same speed and in the same direction, in perfect parallel rows with equal spacing, all dressed in the color of their work. In our high-rise above the city, we watch, clothed in dark blue. We made the city this way. To us, this is perfect. To us, this is paradise.

Most people acclimated to the new rules rather quickly. They made sure to dress in their colors, brown for those in manual labor and shades of blue for more skilled workers. They walked with their group to their building, and they got to work, laboring until the sun went down. They attended the evening meetings in Times Square in their pristine parallels, listening to the speeches we give to help them make it through the transition to becoming One. They helped to make our city perfect. We are grateful for them.

Others, unfortunately, are not so easy to convert. They wish for the strife and hatred and laborious work required of the individual. They do not walk in the rows that exhibit our perfection. They do not wear the colors that showcase our unity. They wish to be “I” rather than “We” and they wish to be “Me” rather than “Us”. They care not for the will of the group or what would be best for us. They do not want to further our society but instead themselves. They seek the pleasure they think they experienced alone. They do not help the transition to becoming One. No matter.

We, in our dark blue robes, have a plan. We will wait until the next meeting, tonight, and we will purge the population of those who choose not to be One. We will eliminate those who do not show up, those who wear the wrong colors, those who disregard the lines. They will not have time to regret their choice to not benefit our city. They will not fear. We are humane.

At the meeting, it shall be announced that we are finally One. Though we all wear different colors, we work towards a single goal. It will be known that we are free to be together, to be us, to be we, to be One. Finally, the vision of our forefathers fulfilled. Together, we shall shout the final declaration, the only truth. E pluribus Unum. Out of many, One.