Demons of Humanity

Table Of Contents

Chapter I Uprising

The waters are calm, the breeze is slight, trees calmly dance, as these spectacular creations of the all-powerful bathe in nature's glory, evil continues to breed, in its domain.

In another world, flames erupt, the air is burning, screams and shrieks of the punished fill this void wicked. Its inhabitants, the ugliest beings of power to ever exist, began to conspire the greatest terror against the most beloved creation of the ultimate one. This land filled with demons, there stood one to lead the terror. Sitting on his throne, there was a demon with dark scaly skin, prominent yellow veins covered all over his body. staring down at the army of demons with burning eyes that rival the sun. The demon spoke in a demonic tongue:

"A dream since life will come to fruition, despair shall fill that disgusting world. We shall make a mark!"

Roars could be heard from the millions, billions, of demons in the underworld.

Right beside the demon who gave the speech stood a particularly unique-looking demon, staying silent with a dead stare at the army. The demon on the throne stood up with gusto and confidence and looked at the demon next to him.

"Are you ready boy?"

the demon nodded his head and put his hand on his chest, a light began to emit, and he slowly started to pull out a white cluster of energy from himself. He threw the cluster of energy to a sort of podium adjacent to the throne. Lighting up the podium, A large beam of energy was released, opening up a portal.

"With this, my soul has been sold, and the flowers shall blossom once again." the demon whispered under his breath.

Demons of all shapes, sizes, and strength roared, the giant podium was soon crowded with demons charging with excitement. in only 2 minutes the once calm rivers were rumbling with ferocity, the skies turned dark, and the playful laughs of innocent civilians quickly turned into cries of fear and pain. The portal erected from the depths of hell was summoned onto the earth, out the portal filled the skies with demonic-Dragonoid's multiple times the size of the biggest buildings. On land crawled, hovered, and ran, demons resembling the deformed and tainted versions of earthly animals. Dogs with several eyes, monkeys with 100 arms, and various unidentifiable monsters.

"oh god...What the FUCK is THAT!?" Yelled an old man in a hot spring

"M-mommy 𝘴𝘯𝘪𝘧𝘧 what is t-that?" a girl cried "I don't know sweetie..." the mother stood in awe as she held her daughter.

A large titan-like demon stomped on the walls defending the kingdom

"AHHHHHRGH!" a soldier cried

Everyone's eyes quickly registered that there was no hope in fighting back or hiding. the only thing they could do was run as the giant was relatively slow. Just as that thought came to mind demons charged through the kingdom. hundreds of thousands slaughtering everyone in sight.

The kingdom to the south was laid to waste in a matter of seconds, the millions in the kingdom became limited to hundreds, other kingdoms soon followed. To the north-west an already troubled kingdom became unrecognizable, and to its east, a peaceful kingdom which hasn't seen war since its establishment was next to collapse.

"Oh no, what in God's name has happened, my boy is in an entirely different kingdom right now..." tears began to roll down the man's eyes "first my beloved wife..." he collapsed and gritted his teeth. The man coming from the east kingdom was about to burst into tears, as he stared into the dark clouds, he could only imagine a miracle to save him now. As citizens were screaming and running in fear of their life the skies began to clear.

The dark clouds suddenly cleared in an instant and down came balls of light with wings. In hell, the demon sitting on the throne was looking into a crystal ball watching these events unfold. His eyes widened and a red aura began to emit from his body.

"Don't tell that's what I think it is... This old bastard not making this easy." as he began to focus, he noticed a significantly larger ball that began to take shape into an angel "W-what the!?".

The angel came down to the man in the east kingdom, out of nowhere an intense aura burst out of the man. The demon took notice of several other larger balls of light inhabiting several people. The man felt an unimaginable surge of power that he never felt before. His hair and eyes turned platinum white at the same moment he had no idea what was going on he felt the ability, the miracle that he wished for, and took advantage of it automatically. Seconds into this awakening he got up, his eyes became cold and determined. He got into a position to sprint back to his son.

𝘉𝘖𝘖𝘔 he lunged past every demon in his way, a loud burst from where he left was so powerful caused the nearby demons to burst within an instant. Any demon that was in his way would automatically explode because of how powerful and intense his pressure was. in 1 minute he managed to smash through the walls enveloping the kingdom.

"I must make it, I have to make it for Kai!" He said to motivate himself. He encountered the giant demon coming from the demolished southern kingdom. inc contrast to the other demons that were crushed by his pressure, the giant stood in his way. Subconsciously, he leaped to the giant's head, 1 open palm strike to its head filled with his energy made the titan burst in an instant.

"This power...with something like this I can make it" his eyes glowed a pure light, his body was enveloped with a greater aura.

𝘉𝘖𝘖𝘍 he stepped on-air and lunged to the west kingdom even faster than before, over the mountains separating the kingdoms and into the now-demolished land he called home.

"... C'mon...where" at super speeds annihilating every demon he encounters, he looks through the town he'd used to walk through, eventually coming to his home.

"stop..." he looks through the rubble of his home, he found the empty carcass of the house sitter taking care of his son, but his son nowhere to be found. he gritted his teeth.

"Dammit...shit...this isn't a god-damn miracle" he kept searching "how could this happen" he clenched his fist. Demons began to surround the man "When did this all go wrong!" he screamed at the top of his lungs and simultaneously increased his aura 10 fold. all the demons surrounding him burst, spilling blood everywhere.

The demon witnessing everything unfold became angrier with each passing second. "No...MY PLANS! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE RUINED" he continued to watch through his crystal ball. The angels coming down from the sky began reconstructing the destruction caused by the demon army. Several angels healed the critically injured, several blessed specific individuals with the power to defend themselves, several reconstructed and healed nature.


"I'm afraid id have to disagree with that request lord Nas" The demon on the throne, Nas looked in confusion.

"I Believe with the type of angels the supreme being has sent, we would most definitely lose all our forces. Especially with a man like him down there, blessed by one of the 3 top angels of the Heavens", He pointed at the man currently in the western kingdom.

The man, who began going berserk, was eliminating every demon from west to the east out of anger.

"Damn you all" he shouted, still crying.

"You took the only thing I loved in this world, so ill take you all!" His aura was so intense it took the form of whips, which killed every demon it came into contact with a single hit. As they kept charging at the man he merely continued to blast them away.

Nas gazed at the man through his crystal ball. As the man continued to demolish every demon thrown at him.

"Very well boy... if anything, tell the forces to retreat, that man has already taken over everything from the west to the middle, it's clear at this current situation we should preserve our forces."

"Yes lord Nas," he said in a very monotone and uninterested voice, though from the corner of his mouth a slight smile broke its way through his dead facial expression

The man Kept breaking through all the demons the got in his way until he noticed they began to flee.

"DONT RUN FROM ME!" he roared, this battle turned from a one-sided massacre from the demons into a war between the man and angels versus the demons.

As he kept fighting he got an aching pain which made him stop in his tracks.

"Dammit, I'm not done! curse this body-" the pain escalated and caused him to collapse, his vision got blurry as he saw the angels and demons in the sky and ground retreating.



The man woke up in a tent infirmary, he jolted up gasping heavily.

"W-what happened" a nurse and a combat medic were present in the tent tending to other victims and traumatized children. The nurse noticed the man and shouted.

"T-the hero! he's awake!" the doctor and other patients turned their heads towards the man. The doctor rushed to the man.

"Hero! are you alright? Do you feel any pain anywhere?" The man stared confused at the situation and why he was being referred to as a hero, but concerning the doctor's question, the man felt no pain whatsoever.

"W-what happened?"

"Oh of course sir hero, those, demons, or whatever left for some unknown reason as well as the beings summoned from the sky assisting us. After the hellish catastrophe, soldiers who were still alive gathered and looked for citizens that have been scattered or injured. surprisingly though there were very few who suffered injuries, but an extreme number who lost their lives. We are currently able to confirm, the western kingdom, Arcadees, and the eastern kingdom, Voua, have already begun reconstruction. The southern kingdom, Great Campi, is currently in economic turmoil and is in a great state of disarray due to the loss of their king."

"Oh..." replied the man "where are we right now?"

"We are currently near Trinity Lake sir" he replied.

"In the middle of all three kingdoms, alright. By the way, why are you calling me a hero?" he responded in an embarrassed tone.

"You 𝘢𝘳𝘦 the one responsible for killing all of those monsters, aren't you? when you started to fight back, those things began to retreat." he praised the man.

"O-oh," the man thought back to what he did, and he never tried to save anyone he only desired vengeance. He felt slightly bad about how he was being praised for something like that. "I am no hero doctor I-"

"Oh, but you are..."

The doctor and the man looked back to see the King or Arcadees.

"Your highness!" the doctor and the man responded at the same time to the King's presence.

"Hello hero, please do not underestimate your actions, you have obtained some sort of blessing from the gods allowing you to fight off those demons. If not for your bravery, we might all be 6-feet under"

"𝘮𝘮𝘮" the man looked uncomfortable.

"I have already announced to the public that there is a hero to protect us against those things if such a situation were to occur again. We have also temporarily allied with the Voua Kingdom and have discovered that there is a portal to the far southeast, so it is not a far-fetched idea to assume they may come again."

"Y-your highness! all without conversing with me first!?" He exclaimed.

"fear not, there is a handsome reward for your services. We also discovered that there was is a select number of individuals with the same power as you. Not on the same scale, necessarily, but still relatively similar to yours, so you won't be alone. Besides, wouldn't you desire revenge? I am aware that you were a father but your son, unfortunately, passed during the catastrophe."

"H-how long have I been unconscious for you to figure all of this out?" the man was annoyed that the king was going to use his son as a tool to lure him. what made him angrier though, was that it was working.

"It has been a week since the incident, so I had plenty of time to research you. So, sir hero, would you announce your cooperation with your kingdom, and avenge your son?"

The man stayed silent...

[A couple of hours later]

People of Arcadees gathered around in its capital to witness an announcement from the king himself, not a single smile was to be spotted on their face.

the king walked on a stage with guards surrounding him.

"Hello citizens of Arcadees, I am well aware of the situation we have found ourselves in, those demons attacked and took so much of us, but I am glad to be a bearer of good news" He announced to the public. The citizens became slightly interested in the news, some began to wonder if it was regarding the supposed 'hero'.

"I am here to confirm the hero's well-being and cooperation with us as promised, and with this, I shall guarantee, with the god's blessing, that we will overcome this obstacle and eliminate those demons!"

The depressed faces of the citizens began to glow, they found hope in the king's words.

𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘱 𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘱 𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘱

The man regarded as the hero stepped onto the podium.

"Please hero, introduce yourself to your people."

"Hello, my name is Vasko, and I will eliminate these demons," he said in a serious tone. The citizens cried for the hero's help. As the man stared out at the people he decided.

"You, everyone, shall be in my care!" He announced as the citizens cheered"

"With this, citizens of Arcadees and the world. We shall eliminate, the Demons of humanity!"