Dr. Smith was just putting the finishing touches on her last creation when the code red alarms started blaring through the building. They must've found out what happened somehow, even though she had done quite well keeping it a secret. It was too late to turn back now. She'd come too far to just run away.

On the table lied her creation. A beautiful baby boy... sort of. She had been studying this for years. The DNA she needed to make him somewhat human so he would grow as one and no one would suspect anything.

The company that she worked for had access to technology beyond human imagination. There were capsules full of liquids that held organs that were attached to IV's which kept them running. There is one large room full of human organs that the scientists would put inside of the androids.

Most androids didn't have organs because they didn't want them thinking for themselves. It was against the rules to use organs for androids that didn't need them which was exactly what Janice was doing.

Dr. Smith wrapped him in a blanket and gathered her tools that would provide them with evidence of her illegal activities. She fled the building as low key as possible and got into her car.

There were guards at the gate so she'd have her car searched. Quickly, Dr. Smith put the boy in a secret compartment she had built under her steering wheel. And of course, there was just enough space for him to fit and just in time.

"How's it going Janice?", the guard asked her.

"Hey Pete. I'm fine.", she tried to control her breathing.

"Well I've been alerted that I have to check everybody before they leave."

"Why? What happened?", Janice plastered a fake look of curiosity on her face.

He looked left and right, like he was making sure no one was watching, before leaning closer to her car. "Don't tell anyone I told you this but, I heard that one of the doctors was putting together some sorta illegal experiment, and without the boss's permission."

"Did they find out who.", Janice asked. She could feel her palms starting to sweat as she gripped the steering wheel. She desperately tried to look as normal as possible but her insides felt like they were being stirred like pasta inside of her.

"Nope. Not yet. But whoever it is'll be going to the slammer for a long time.", his strong New York accent almost made her wanna smile even at a time like this.

"Well hopefully they find out who.", Janice told him and he nodded.

The guard leaned back more into his normal position and pretended that nothing happened. "Have a nice day Janice."

He was so busy gossiping to her that he forgot to check her car. Janice drove until the building was out of view, then pulled over to check on the baby.

She opened the compartment and gently took the baby out. She removed the patch of metal that she put over his 'skin'. Hurriedly, Janice fixed the unfinished piece and replaced the metal with a patch that was the same color as him. On the patch was printed a strange symbol that was something like a sideways eight transforming into circuits.

Holding the baby in her hands, Janice held him to her heart, never wanting to let go. "I can't believe this is happening.", was all Janice could manage say as tears started to run down her face, but she continued anyways.

"You will always be my baby boy.", she said. She put the small note about his name on a sticky note and put it on his chest.

He responded by withering in her arms and making gurgling noises. Janice fled from the car when a Napen Industries truck came into view. The truck was right on her heels so she ran into the woods in hopes of getting away from them. Janice placed Jackson in a small but shallow hole.

"Elore will take you from here and you can grow up with your family. I love you so much Jackson.", she said before kissing his forehead.

Janice took off in the direction of the truck with her hands held in the air. A gunshot could be heard in the distance and the wailing of a baby nearby.

One of the guards headed off in the direction of the crying to be stopped by another guard. "It's probably just some campers with their kids. No need to alarm them with our presence.", he said. The other guard reluctantly turned back around and got into the truck and drove off.

Janice expected for Elore to show up from Cerberus because she put a tracker in the blanket so that he'd know where Jackson was. What Janice didn't know was that Elore was held up which caused him to be late.

Two campers, a couple, heard the crying and the gunshot. Margaret and Seth who already have twins, a two-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son named Jessica and Alexander Rosentino. The Rosentinos weren't suppose to find Jackson but they did.

"Did you hear that Seth?", Margaret asked.

"I think it's a baby.", he replied.

Seth jogged over to the scene to look for whatever was shot and Margaret went to the baby.

"Look Seth, it's a baby boy.", Margaret said as she bent down to read the

sticky note.

"Hi Jackson.", Margaret said to the baby as she smiled.