CountryHumans Luminous AU

Table Of Contents

Chapter I

Germany and Russia were searching for America. No one had seen or heard from her for a few weeks. Russia peeked into her room and found her curled up on her bed. He huffed and went to her before shaking her awake. He immediately regretted it when America sat up and revealed that she was shirtless. She payed no attention to it and rubbed her eyes. " What do you want?..." Russia looked away and spoke in a hushed tone, "Came to check on you.. Everyone's been worried."

Germany walked in and looked at America before turning red and walking right back out. America looked down. "Oh.." She quickly pulled the blanket over herself and sighed. "Okay, let me put on a shirt and i'll be right out. Before anyone else sees my bra.." Russia nodded quickly before leaving her room saying something in Russian.

Chapter II

America came out of her room and looked at Germany and Russia before letting out a breathe. "Okay, Now seriously what do you want?" Russia looked at Germany before looking back at America. "Ame, Were seriously here to makes sure your okay." America shook her head quickly. "You guys should really go. I'm perfectly fine." Russia cut America off quickly "Ame. I know something is up. You haven't even ordered Mcdonalds." America turned away. "Just go.." Germany left with no problem. But Russia stayed, He refused to go. America finally gave up and told him the truth, "Some childhood trauma keeps irritating me is all.." Russia got worried but didn't show it. America rolled her eyes and put on her shoes. She was actually really hungry so she might as well do something about it. Russia followed her.