Cassidy and Castor

Chapter I

The beginning and their thoughts

The night sky was dark blue. Cassidy thought blue was the color of anxiety. She felt angry, which made her feel even more sad. Then she thought about the entire journey she had been in for so long. The improvement she had been doing as the Queen of Avoránic. Even though she was thinking quite alot about planet Earth the first year after she arrived.

She was anything but brave when she became the Queen. She thought it was a joke, that day they revealed the result of the election. She was convinced they were trying to make fun of her. But then she realized it was nothing else but the truth. The government told her they've elected her as the queen.

"You can see all the aura's in the world. Nobody can hide from your sight. Of course a person with an ability of interpret the aura of all living creature would be useful. We had that in mind while taking the decision", one of the oracles said.

If she hadn't that gift – the gift of seeing things other people can't – would they still elect her? Probably not.

Castor was hard working, but too shy. His sister was the leader Avoránic needed at that point, and still needed these days. She was the most hard working at the time, but she worked in complete silence. Of course he felt left behind sometimes. That's a quite natural feeling. It's human nature. Cassidy and Castor – the only human beings alive at Avoránic. Sometimes he missed planet Earth. It's like he and his sister has switched places. Castor is the one who misses Earth now; the one who thinks about the silver coloured moon light and the fruits they won't be able to taste again. Cassidy had difficulties accepting her new life earlier, but now she seems have forgotten where she came from.

The Castle was light, perhaps a bit overwhelming. On the other hand everyone felt welcome. Everyone but Nels, Castor's best friend who betrayed them earlier this year. Castor was wondering if his suspicious thoughts about Nels acutally were true. He hoped to be the leader of Avoránic, but failed. He wasn't even meant to be anything else than a staff member of the Castle. Everyone knew he didn't fit the role of a leader. He was too weak. Leaving the Castle for working with the enemies was proof enough.

"The magicians". That's the phrase Cassidy used for her biological family. That's how she refers to them. They were somewhere. On another planet, perhaps they're all still alive. They will never know their twins are.

"You have to flee the country. You have to believe in your own courage. You have to gain knowledge, and you have to work hard", Sarphira said. The mother of the one with the incredible gift of seeing the truth and her brother who was named "beaver" in latin.

It was obvious who was the most loved child between Cassidy and Castor.

Chapter II

Queen Cassidy talks

What’s in there?

She reminded herself how it turned out the last time she was this curious about something. That time did her brother and herself - by mistake - released a terrible beast in the castle. But that was a long time ago. Ages. That time in life when everything was a challenge. Now she was leading Avoranic in the direction every oracle - and herself - wanted. She was happy with her life.

But, what’s inside that door?

She opened it only to find it was just another room in the castle she yet hadn’t explored. Same as the 499 other rooms and hallways. That’s what she expected at least.

”Ah, there you are! I have been looking all over for you!”

Castor was breathing heavily and sounded like a bear a hot afternoon while having a panic attack.

”Oh, I’m sorry my beloved brother… I might have forgotten our meeting…”

Cassidy looked at her very well polished shoes.

”That wasn’t very nice!”, Castor joked. But it was true. Cassidy was too all over the place in her mind right now.

A long period of time and they just looked into the empty and dusty room.

”Do you miss home? I get that feeling now and then. That you are.”

Castor looked at his sister and she got something that reminded him about brain fog. She just wasn’t there, her eyes was… distanced. Eventually she shakes her head.

”No, I do certainly not!”

They both knew she was lying.

”I mean… Sometimes I wonder what would had happen if we never came here. Sure, this place is more developed than Earth. Just look at the technology! But… Some things does not exist here, which I miss from earth. I miss the silver light of the full moon. The red light of the moon here on this planet is scary and gloomy. I miss the fruits too. Like oranges…”

Meanwhile Cassidy was floating away in her mind about everything she misses from earth, her brother had already disappeared. She didn’t even noticed he was slowly walking away from her. It was when Norya came and gave her a big hug she noticed the difference. Norya had blue hair which enclosed Cassidy completely. Cassidy had long, curly black hair which Norya always had been a bit envy about. The yellow, big, bright eyes that belonged to Norya looked nicely at Cassidy. Norya’s elf ears were waving in excitement.

”It sounds like a wonderful place. Earth. I would have been the luckiest if I had been able to see it with my own eyes. Do you really mean the moon light is silver colored? And not a red light as here? That sounds so cool!”

Norya had somehow made Cassidy feel more at home in the castle. It helped a lot to just talk about planet earth. They sat in the big garden and ate a madina - a fruit that was only growing in Avoranic, Cassidy’s kingdom. And they talked about Cassidy’s old life. The madina was nice and sweet, but reminded of a strange version of strawberries, in Cassidys opinion. Norya hadn’t seen a strawberry in her entire life, so she couldn’t really relate at all.